Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Nov 2006 beri I just want to die because living is of no use.I am sick and can no longer put up with the gay advances i get from my uncle.I will die soon.
06 Nov 2006 Kurtis Im 18 yr old guy and I have spent my entire life wanting to commit suicide. The only reason why I havent attempted to kill myself is because I dont want my parents to suffer through my loss. They are the only reason why I stay alive. My only joy in life comes when I smoke a joint and watch a movie or play my saxophone. I dont see myself having any future. I wish I could have someone to talk to other then my parents. I just need someone to talk to cause I cant seem to get out of my depression and I premuch drained my parents out. Every night I cry myself to sleep. There is no point in living anymore but i couldnt do that to my parents because they have already suffered alot because of me. I have no friends and it just seems to get harder and harder to get 1. I did have friends but it turns out all they really wanted was to play a bunch of pranks on me. I also broke up with my first girlfriend. The relationship was great intill I found out that she had planned a prank with 1 of my friends to go out with me, lead me on for a few months to get me attached then to break up just to see me suffer. My life just seems to be an endless cicle of problems that never get solved. I want to be a happy person but after 18 yrs of suicidal depression, going to several doctors and im no going on anti-depressents, i've almost lost all hope in life.
06 Nov 2006 curt Hi my name is curt,
Ive been bullied mainly since i joined high school mostly because i sound quite feminine so ppl think im gay im only 13 but before all this shit i was really hyper and happy, i was really outgoing now im not. But ive never told anyone this so this is my first step. Its the end of the holidays now and i used to be smart but ive lost all effort in everything... i dont care anymore i just spend the rest of my day in my room. I tried to commit suicide once before (O.D) but i was using non prescription and didnt have that many tablets so i was unsucessful but now ive started to slightly cut myself and i just dont know where to turn im alone. But if anyone wants to talk they can, just email me...
06 Nov 2006 husaine mayamid Hi im a paki! i cum frm pakistan origanaly but moved to england! I smell off cury i have no friends becoz they thinmk im a bomber! i find myslef think alot of sexual thoughts towards sadam husain, hus goin to be hung shourtly! How do i remove the stench of curry on me?? please help me i want to die!
05 Nov 2006 emily dendy Im 14 now and ive tried soooooo many times and it never works. I started when i was 11 cos i had been diaognosed with and illness that i would be stuck with for the rest of my fucking life, and that i cant have any kids!! it sucks. at first i hung myself, i surved (obviosly) next i cut my rists, ive the got the scares to prove it. ive tried and failed but ive learnt over the years that theres no point in tryin, yer waistin time, if i really wanted to go then i wood but theres just one part of me that still wants to live.
ive tried 5 times and i want to forget everytmie ive dun it.
04 Nov 2006 Life Sucks :( Im 11 and Ive been thinking about suicide cuz my parents are divorced and my dad drinks and smokes..he also got drunk one time when i was at his house. i cut my knuckles and also cut Xs on legs. My mom doesnt know i do it and life really seems to suck
04 Nov 2006 Emily I fell in love with a highschool boyfriend "Joe" at 14 as a freshman and he was a senior at 17 and hes put me through cheating with stripper/hookers, horrible fighting (physically towards the end), and mind games up the ass. To tell you the truth though the good times were great that's why I considered him my best friend and first love. We purchased a 4 bedroom 3 bath earlier in March before our birthdays in September my 18th and his 21st birthday. But moving there isolated us and he became an alchoholic. The beatings got worse and one day i decided to leave August 3rd, a month went by and I got a new boyfriend "sean" who seemed very supportive and the nicest guy. On September 6th Joe asked me to come over to hang out and watch movies, that is what we did until he hung himself in front of me while i tried to stop it. Being a bigger guy I couldn't stop it physically, I called the police as soon as i knew what he was doing, I pleaded him to stop and he said nothing to me at all, after he started to turn purple I ran outside and screamed for nieghbors and no one helped (if someone is pleading for help please rush, hysterical crying people aren't crazy, the quiet ones are :) . I am a very strong person and I don't think seeing him hanging there is what is killing me most, I think that what he wanted me to see (his suicide) and that my best friend is gone now is the problem. The next month I tried getting better but now I'm think I'm just suicidal and alone. Especially after "sean" is leaving me (utterly alone) and I have to move just after settling down again. I can't take this pain, I try talking to people & my mother just yells at me and tells me "sean's what i need" and I tried Sean but he thinks I'm nuts and he's never been through alot so I don't expect much. ~~~~~Anyways my point is I waited a hell of a long time already through the most displeasent times to find that I still have nothing, but see I have nothing now, maybe tomorrow will be different & I have a beautiful house again or even a new friend. See that's the difference if we commit suicide we will never know, taste, feel, see, experience things we may not know are coming towards us. I say wait, wait till you turn 14 or even 17 each year brings new shit & hey maybe you'll get lucky and it will be good shit :p

Write me if interested in anything... I have no life <3
03 Nov 2006 EmMa hi im emma (age 13) i cant take it any more pleaz help every 1 hates me i have no friens when i come home from sleepin all day at skool where every one teases e for bein different and willin 2 speak up i get straight on da pc or i go do drugs and shyt i hate it i dont give a flyin FUCK about life noone will go out wit i asked 1 guy out and he almost fuckin peed his pants 4 laughin god I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE (AND I HATE GOD DAMN THERIPISTS) HELP MEEEEEEE T__T email me wit help pleazzzzz and no god damn docters pleazzzzz ( ps im fuckin adicted wit myspace >_< damn it my life suxxxxxxxx
03 Nov 2006 k8y dont do it find someone who loves you for me it was my frends coz my parents dont give a fuck and think i do drugs but hay just live life to the full!!!!
03 Nov 2006 kate my name is kate and im a 14 yr old aussie... just dnt do it ppl life is worth living ive lernt that the hard way after waking up after taking 3 panadol with 1/2 a bottle of voka ive lernt just get some frends who love you and who dont judge tou and who just take you for who you are live life to the full its the only way to go wven if you fell like shit theres always something to keep you going ... my somthing was a guy called called eric he was always there no matter wat ppl sed... even after i got kickd off skool camp for drinking and after evry1 thort i was on cocain he was there ... always just there no matter wat
02 Nov 2006 Desperate Anonymos Girl I'm 13 and I just don't noe I want suggestions myself I've tried making my life happy I tried asking out ppl I tried so many things I worked hard and not to brag but I'm really smart but I can't stand it it's always my fault my parents don't make it any better I lost my best friend for nothing I can't deal with now what started out as trying to make myself happy has turned into preocupying myself so I don't think of these things now everything turns into slow plotting a slow daeth I can't go on It's really hard and as for heaven and hell I don't believe I gave up a long time ago I haven'thad hope in a real long time no guys like me anymore and I do my best not to show my low self esteem and as for cutting myself yea I used to that then I realized thats pointless drugs too though I'm still for drinking I wannna die Help
comments answers suggestions anything
my s/n is seenfromamirror
I've tried everything It's not working
02 Nov 2006 painful_deseption IM 16 have tried 3 seperate time i have tried it all and nothing works first i tried hanging myself but mom walked in.second time i slit my wrists but i unforchantally missed the viens and all i got was stitches my most recent attempt was shooting my self but dad found out and took my rifle away.
01 Nov 2006 Katie I am 18 yrs old and like most of the people here want to die. my life lately has been one blow after another. i feel like i have no friends and nothing to live for. i have never really tried suicide before. the thing i am most afraid of is whats next if i only knew i would end it all. so here i sit on my bed crying my eyes out because i just dont know what to do. i have so many people in my family but i feel like no one cares to relize whats happening. i am failing at college, i cant get a boyfriend because im fat and disgusting and i just dont want to live like this high school i was at the top of all my classes and now college is so hard on me i just dont know what to do with my life. i finally realized that all my "friends" are the fakest peole i ever met and i hate everyone of them. so yeah u all say to find someone u trust to talk about these things well guess what i dont have anyone that i trust. so i keep it all to myself and it just builds and builds until lately its become to much for me to handle. so please i just want someone who doesnt know me and cant jusdge my to help! because i have probably told my mom 100 times that i need to talk to a therapist but she doesnt take me seriously. i know this would devistate her if she knew i felt this way but how can i help that i feel my life isnt worth living anymore? i just had to get this off my chest and it feels good to know that someone knows how i feel even if i dont know u!
01 Nov 2006 Colette Okay... so ive made a posting before but i still have more things that i want to say... Yesterday i tried t kill myself again. I climbed to the roof of a tall building. I swung my legs over the side... But there were people down there... So i thought, what if i fall on one of then and fall them dead? Or what if i die in front of them and they get so down that they kill themselves as well... So i couldnt. But i am going to do it. I do want to fucking die!!! Just in a different way that doesnt impact other people so badly. Maybe i will get rattex or something like that. I dont know. Just know i am going to fucking do it becoz i am truely and totally worthless
28 Oct 2006 why god why? im abot to kill myself and im 14. life is a living parents dont give a rats ass about my and have been hurting me out/inside for as long as i can rememer. there is no one in my life who hasnt betrayed me. ive also turned my death into an experiment. whil in heaven im going to try and respond to this! also, when peple say tht suicide is a sin because ur choosin ur deth instead of god. MABEY suicide is gods chosen death for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Oct 2006 steve plz help mi some one the person i love is trying to over dose its driving mi to doing it as well please hellp i dont want her ( name is steve and i love this girl please help her to stop mi email is
thanx help before its to late its happenin now
27 Oct 2006 Phoenix I just wanted to make a correction to my previous statement regarding the mixture of ----. First of all it does not release a -------- gas, but instead releases a deadly gas that irritates the lungs, causing them to fill with fluid. In effect causing you to drown.

I imagine that a --- death is similar, whereas your body is deprived of oxygen by the destruction of the red blood cells... Either way you suffocate to death.

I don't know what I believe in as far as god goes, but since I last shared I went through a terrible depression and am feeling quite numb.

The endless drowning in emotional pain has subsided, I feel like I've been given an emotional novacain. I don't know if someone else read my plight and had me in their thoughts, or if just sharing helped to bleed the poison, or if my mind just had enough.

Anyway, I hope that whoever else is looking for answers can find them, or at least the peace of numbness until the pain passes.

DON'T DO DRUGS! Drugs are bad, m'kay..
26 Oct 2006 cory thomas i fink the best way to die is in ur sleep, no lies ders been many times wer i wanted to kill myself bt i cant get the gutts to actualy do it, also i have a girlfriend dat i fink is goin to try an harm her self, bt i dnt want her to i love her so much, bt im torn between dis ,if she ever killed her self i dnt fink id b able to live wid it therfor i fink it wud make it much easier for me, den mayb dat way i cud be wid her for ever
26 Oct 2006 garrett DiVincenzo i am 15 and life is already fucked for me i kno i have no future i kno i have no life ahead of me and its sorta sick but i wanna put a hole throw my head just to see the next world well by wat i have siad so far i bet most of the people that r reading this think i am sick in the the head no i am not wen ur mom disowns u but not ur sisters u got time to think y did she do that i was only 3 i did nothing and wen ur da beats u soo badly wen u fight back he gets a bat then beats u agian wen the cops don't balieve u wen u have to call the emergency room every other night cuz ur not like ur sisters or wen if a teacher calls from school u go 2 weeks with out food or a bed and if u try running away u get cought cuz u got a fucking tracking device implanted in u cuz u decided to run away wen u were only 6. i would never write somthing online this personal or any thing only if one reason if i would kill my self. so in about 5 mins witch is 6:35 10/26/06 i will put a bullet in my head so i say this kids that think they r suicidel well guess wat im doing it in 3 mins so i hope u all don't turn out like me
25 Oct 2006 grace my name is grace and i lost my best friend/bf when i was 12. he just left one day with out a goodbye. it took me forever to move on but i found someone who loved me more than i ever thought that anyone could love me. problem was that i was too wrapped up in my death to see this love. and now its too late. after 11 attempts and at least 9 hopsitalzations im still here. after addictions to e, lsd, pot, painkillers and sleeping pills. i just wait for a slow death from a destroyed liver. ive fought through a broken family, a broken heart, three major addictions, four car crashes, eleven attempts, nine hospitalizations and an eating disorder. why isnt god letting me just die?

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