Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Dec 2006 April okay honestly i dont know.I am 15 and i have suffered from major depression,post-traumatic-stress diorder and biopolar disorder since i was 12 i tried to kill myself many times ..i was raped and mioltested many times in mylife bymy family members so dont give me taht" i know how it feels crap" bcuz u dont YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!
04 Dec 2006 alexandra i've tried to kill myself a couple of times. each time with pills and obviously each time without success. i've read a lot about people who try to commit suicide and fail and they say that it was the moment they realised they needed help... do you know what it made me realise? that i'm so much of a failure that i cant even kill myself properly. that was hard to handle. i havent had that much bad stuff happen to me. i come from a good, stable, well-off family. i wasnt abused by my parents. but i did get bullied a lot at school and i never told anyone the extent of it. also, my dad constantly put me down and still does. everyday i feel like somthing is missing. i cut myself a lot and it brings relief for a while. but im afraid that i'll never get rid of the feeling that im worthless. ... i know that doesnt answer the question at all but i really needed to get that off my thanks.
02 Dec 2006 Devon When I was younger I didn't have a very good life. My dad cheated on my Mom throughout their entire marraige and almost didn't make it to my birth because he was cheating on her. As a baby, I got all my mom's attention so my sister got jealous. We still have home-movies of her attempting to kill me she hated me that much. When I was 4, and she was 8, my sister attempted to kill herself and ended up in the "nut house". I still have memories after that of my parents fighting and almost burning our house down because they were fighting when the toaster-oven caught on fire. When I turned 6 after my 3rd week in 1st grade, my parents got divorced. Me and my sister snuck downstairs to hear the fight and then he just walked out of our lives. After that things were never the same. My mom had been out of work for a few years, so we were financially unstable. I rememer never having one new outfit and having to use food stamps because we had no money. My sister and my Mom would fight alot and I mean verbally and physically. We were both hit by my Mom, but I loved her too much to care. I saw my dad once a month ater that but I didn't care, I hated him so much. I never went to sleepiovers as a kid and my Mom took a lot of perscription medicine so she would fall asleep early. When I turned 10 on March 1st, 2004 my Mom tried to kill herself by overdosing. My life was never the same. A year later my old house burned down, my Mom was lucky to survive. I live with my dad now and see my Mom every two weeks but trust me things are nto paradise. My Dad used to hit me more then my Mom ever did, and has left scars on me. In the last year I have thought about suicide many times. I just can't do it though. I've tried scratching (using objects with sharp edges to leave marks) and cutting. I still do scratch, but I'm trying my hardest to stop. I could never really kill myself, becuase I don't know what happens after you die. I'm 13 now and I want to know what life is like. Seriously people, don't commit suicide. It's not the answer.
27 Nov 2006 LoserChick4Life I've been thinking about killing myself for a while now but i'm too scared to do it. I've though about buying a gun from the local pawn shop and just ending it all. I'm a 23 yr old female from a small boring ass town. I'm ugly and stupid, i have no social skills at all. I struggle with Social Anxiety,Depression,and Biopolar 2. I'm on Zoloft right now but its not working at all, its making me feel worser. nobody loves me. My parents abondoned me when i was a little girl. I was teased and bullied all through school and i quit in the 11th grade. I don't even have my GED. I'm just lost. I have no Job or a car i just sit at home all day locked in my room. I tried to seek help for my problems but nothing as worked. Therapy was a waste of money and medicine makes you worser. God truly sucks. I don't think there is even a God because he wouldnt allow people to suffer like this. Why did he make some people Ugly and others Pretty and popular...i don't understand it. I believe we got put on the planet by aliens or some shit. God dont' exist. I just want to die because i see no future for me. I'm a waste to society. Nobody will care when i'm gone. Even if they do care it won't effect me because i'll be dead. They caused me alot of pain so i would love to watch them suffer from my grave. Payback will be a bicth to them. I hate my family and i hate myself. I wish my mom would have had an abortion. Nobody knows what some people are going through.

Can you walk into a Pawn Shop and buy a gun and bullets without registration and all that shit? What do you need?
24 Nov 2006 Kevin My name iz Kevin and i am rite now on the verge of suicide and i want to die. no one loves me. mi mom iz alwayz out and im stuck in this fuckin big ass house by my self. im 12 rite now and i put a cut next to my rist 10 minites ago i got close to cut but i chickened out. i kno i sound like a fag cuz i chikend out but i need a way for help and i cant tell ani 1 that i cut myself i have 4 deep cuts and i say mi cat scratches me. if any 1 has an idea then post it on here DONT email me. tell me how u got through it w/ out rehab and counsiling i will read it i promise...
23 Nov 2006 George Greece Let me tell ya this . I am 14 yo . I'm doing very well at school. I have been learning english since i was 7-8 yo. i got the lower and advance certificate at english and now i look forward to getting the proficiency. The thing is that my parents are pressuring to read and read... Now i am doing bad at school and my parents dont even know about it. I know that ill dissapoint them if they knew. I am very depressed about my grades at school and i want to suicide before my parents know.
23 Nov 2006 ..!sick of Life!... I'm so sick of life. Just want to die. To go asleep and never wake up again. I know it's selfish. I don't want to hurt my familiy, but I don't see another way! I'm a failure in everything I do. I keep hurting people by the decisions I make. I keep lying to people for no good reason, and I can't stop doing it. It would be best for every1 to make myself dissapear for good. Iv'e tried 2 time already to commit suicide, but I failed in that 2. So stupid,. PLEASEE,, help me: No friggin doctors and stuff...!!
I will do it.. By the end of this week, I'll be death..
21 Nov 2006 Sullen I dunno. .life is really shitty. I've commited some attempts many times, and it's rediculous that they've all failed. Overdosing doesn't really work so well . .but if anyone has suggestions, that would help. The best attempt i had was not consuming anything for days and then overdosing (About 50 pills), but that didn't work. Sadly. . that must have been the best attempt. I hear that when overdosing alcohol consumption helps, it should double the effects or so. (age 16)
21 Nov 2006 Anna I tried to kill myself 3 times when I was 14 (wrists, paracetemol & tranquilisers) and 1 major attempt at 19 (24 sleeping pills and half a bottle of spirits). That one I woke up in hospital with some nurse telling me I was wasting everyone's time and using up a bed a sick person could have used.
Everyone said I would feel better as I got older but I haven't. I still wish I was dead all the time. I'm now 34, my ex has a new girlfriend, my mother has terminal cancer, my father died 7 years ago. My life is unbearable. I want it to end so much. I just want you guys to know that it doesn't get any easier as you get older. Life is shit. Period.
20 Nov 2006 Me A friend once told me to do it... I took their advice... here is my story...

When I was 12 I said I would do it to people for the attention and because i was depressed... or so i thought... the soul in me said it wanted out so i aggreed. I was in a childrens theatre group i was bkstge or backstage and my friend asked me who it was who waved to me ... rember he was just as unknowlegable as you at this point... I said it was the mom of the person who moved away she must have come to visit. then i said i would kill my self if she came back. Then he told someone else then he told someone else this was the start of the people asked me if i wanted to kill myself i thought that if i died i could end it all. This was the problem the next day the people told my guidance councler...(the Fing @%^*#).. she sent me to the mental place and i had to go to a phyco-person... who r cyco to be a cycoperson... but i d it and now there is probally no hope but... i could care less i have fun live day by day and hope for the best E-mail me please even if you insult me i could care less what it says but i need to see that i have more e mails thanks for trying to help with this never ending madness
16 Nov 2006 no-one cares. my life is shit, i suck in school and have been on and out of court for the last 2 years and social services are coming to my house this after noon and the might take me from my parents i cant deal with all that is happing and happend i need some tips on how i should do this tonight.
14 Nov 2006 Anonymous I am a failure. I have missed so many days of school that i lost count. It's not like i was skipping or anything, i was REALLY sick. I almost died( ironic huh). I hate that i lived because now i have to face all the homework i missed and my grades have rapidly plummeted. Family life isnt that good either and and my family keeps reminding me about bad things that have happened to them and think that they're making me fell better. What they don't know is that it only make me want to kill my self even more due to my fear that it might happen to me. I recently went to the doctor and lied when i told her that i never tried to commit suicide. I actually tried to tiwce but did not succeed. I thin k i will feel this way for as long as i live and it saddens me even more. I know i'm supposed to tell oyu how to kill yourself if your under 19 and i'm not even 13 im 15 but i guess if you're under 13 i guess you could overdose so yeah that's the best i could come up with, i know it's lame but if you're dead it worked.
12 Nov 2006 leo If your under 13 there really is no reason to kill yourself. I am now 27 and have absolutely no friends. I am all alone with no family within 200 miles of me (one crazy uncle with MS that hates me). My dad already dead and i just have one brother i talk to about 4 times a year in philly. i have one other uncle who will die soon from alchaholism in Florida. i just have my fucking dog.I am beyond broke and will likely soon be evicted. I will commit suicide within a week or so. i will just shoot myself in the head but am looking on-line to see if the temple or in the mouth is the best place. The last thing i want is to be fucking retarded for the rest of my life because i didn't hit my cerebellum and botched my attempt. This isn't an attention ploy like most people who can't manage to kill themselves because they're fucking idiots.
I have asked god to kill me and curse him every day for lying to me. He lied (God is witness)to me and my whole life is fucked now.
i will stay up all night and if God does not give me an epiphany before dawn then... click
Let me know if the mouth or temple is the best place. If anyone tries to report me to some suicide prevention I will kill myself before they can do anything so fuck off.
10 Nov 2006 Kiara hi i am 14 years old...and wen i was in 7th grade i used 2 b verii suicidal...i used to cut my arms nd wrists...i attempted to suffocate myself,starve myself, stab myself and even go and git hit by a car. i wuld pray that i died in my sleep every night. one day my school counselor found out nd everything got worse people made fun of the fact that i would cut myself. then i stopped and recently my boyfriend of 3 years died and i was the last person to find out nd it hurt alot nd i feel abandoned and alone...i never got to say bye or tell him that i love him...nd i reelii want to see him again and i cant wait any longer i now want to die again i want to spend forever with him the only way i can do that is if i die and im now going back to being suicidal again because i can't get over his death goodbye world hello Mike
10 Nov 2006 Vikki im Vikki, im 17 and i lost my moter wen i was 2 years old, not to suicide, my dad is an alcoholic and im havin a very very bad tym at the moment. I've been researching suicide for a week now n i think its the best way for me. i kno its selfish and alot of people rightly think tht. i dread to think of what it wud do to my family not to my dad rely but to my grandparents who have always treated me as well as ne1 can wish for. i am sori for all the families in the world tht have suffered at the hands of suicide but i dnt kno whre else to turn. i cnt tell ne1 this that i kno as i dnt think it is fair for me to warn them id rather jus go. i'm not sure how its goin to happen yet but it definately will. Good luck to all of u and i hope everything works out well for u, peace be with ur lost ones x x
09 Nov 2006 tais fuck this world fuck this life i am killing myself tonite im shooting myself in the head watch the news you will see bye
08 Nov 2006 Random I'm 21... I've never attempted suicide and the thought almost makes me sick to my stomach but these past few weeks it's sounded pretty damn good with one exception, I have a child. I'm so fed up with it all. I've moved about 10 times in the past 3 years and I'm just tired. After many previous attempts in getting my life together and failing in all the jobs I've had I'm just TIRED! I'm living with my mother and stepdad (stepdad hates me) and it's Wednesday... I've got until Friday to get out... I've got less than $50 to my name and nowhere to go... with a baby!
07 Nov 2006 Kurtis Im an 18 yr old guy who has nothing to live for. Im a freshman in college and Im failing pretty much every class. I have no friends and I have a hard time to trust anyone at all because I have been so horribly mistreated through out my life. I have been through many friends but they all ended horribly wrong by either pranks they decided to play on my to hurt me or they just turned they’re backs on me. I even had my first girlfriend this yr and all went well intill I found out that our relationship was just a joke. She had planned with 1 of my good friends at the time to go out with me then after a month or so she’d dump my ass just to hurt me. Its hard to go through these things when im already suicidal and have no self-esteem. And that wasn’t the last prank they played on me. I stopped hanging with them and found out that it is so hard just to find 1 friend. I need someone to talk to but there is noone out there for me to talk to. I feel so alone. The only reason I have not attempted to kill myself yet is because of my parents. They put so much care into me and I couldn’t hurt them like that. But if they ever die, I wont be to far behind. Life is so depressing with the once in a blue moon happiness. My only joy in my life comes when I smoke a joint and watch some comedy. Sometimes I wish my parents would die so that I could just end my life. 18 yrs of suicidal depression is enough for me. I have no hope left. I don’t have any future and im a lost cause. I have no talents, Im a failure at life, and I have no future, I’ve already given up on myself. I have had such a hard life being beaten up be everyone at school as a child up intill grade 8 and there is no sign of any improvement. I’ve tried asking god for some kind of sign but it never came. All I get is false hope such as my joke of a girlfriend. If anyone wants to email me please feel free!!
07 Nov 2006 beri I just want to die because living is of no use.I am sick and can no longer put up with the gay advances i get from my uncle.I will die soon.
06 Nov 2006 Kurtis Im 18 yr old guy and I have spent my entire life wanting to commit suicide. The only reason why I havent attempted to kill myself is because I dont want my parents to suffer through my loss. They are the only reason why I stay alive. My only joy in life comes when I smoke a joint and watch a movie or play my saxophone. I dont see myself having any future. I wish I could have someone to talk to other then my parents. I just need someone to talk to cause I cant seem to get out of my depression and I premuch drained my parents out. Every night I cry myself to sleep. There is no point in living anymore but i couldnt do that to my parents because they have already suffered alot because of me. I have no friends and it just seems to get harder and harder to get 1. I did have friends but it turns out all they really wanted was to play a bunch of pranks on me. I also broke up with my first girlfriend. The relationship was great intill I found out that she had planned a prank with 1 of my friends to go out with me, lead me on for a few months to get me attached then to break up just to see me suffer. My life just seems to be an endless cicle of problems that never get solved. I want to be a happy person but after 18 yrs of suicidal depression, going to several doctors and im no going on anti-depressents, i've almost lost all hope in life.

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