Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Jan 2007 Emily<3Indian I just turned 18 in Sept. 06. My boyfriend hung himself in front of me in our house in Temecula, Ca in Sept 06. It made no difference, well in no one else, me... well I think I can't take this world much longer. I tried getting him down, my neighbors wouldn't helped just watched. I hate almost everyone, and love just three people, ones dead and the other person is me, the third? someone who's numb. I don't think this world matters, fuck the rest and love the best.
28 Dec 2006 Kirvlas Ello. My name is Kirvlas. Sometimes, I want to kill myself. Like tonight. Especially tonight. I dont have many friends. Im 15 not 13 so I dont know if that matters or not. My problem is my whole life. Every day i get up and my family is very poor so i have to go milk the goat before we can eat breakfast. All the kids make fun of me. I want to die so bad. My parents are so mean. They make me work all the time and i never get to do anything. My life is awful.
27 Dec 2006 kat i feel like no1 cares about me.I lost the only think keeping me alive so i have no I now. My bf wont talk tom me and i wish i was dead cause i h8 life im sick of been alone .Can u please add me
27 Dec 2006 fuck my life a dunno if this site is still runnin, but o well. i just wanna run away from my life. i am poor, but i still have everything i need, i guess. an a fukin hate it. i hurt everyone, im an ugly rek, all a can do is sing an act, but that goes 2 shit without money. ma family r great, but ma dad never stops swearin, i think he hates me, ma mum is a twisted alcoholic, an i cant trust anyone, but i dont giv a shit, i dont need anyone elses luv, a only need maself an a bit of luk. i just wanna get away from my home, from my frends who wouldnt notice or care if i just lay down an died, from the things that make my life just too easy. an it is TOO FUKING EASY!!! a wanna b tested, be a survivor, not sum pampered bitch who knows nothin about life an is too fukin shy...ok am NOT shy! soon, if nothin changes an i continue 2 see nothin but the same dam things every FUKIN DAY OF MY SHITTY LIFE am either gonna kill myself or run away. i came close 2 suicide a couple of times, but always stopped maself - a wondered, wat if tomorrow everything is better? an i always hang on one lasyt day..... but no any more. take me away from t he grey skies of scotland, or take me away from this binding, controlled life, where i feel as though they just put me in a straight jacket an left me in my padded cell for ever, hanging on yto that one last day, that brighter tomorrow that just never comes...
27 Dec 2006 treas my name is treas and im 13 just resently became 13 and non stop all i have got for years now is shit of my brother and sister. we would always get into big fites and then hate eachother for few days but it seems im always getting the blame, when it comes to 2 younger brother and sister who fite more than me wen it come to the 2 of them fiting at you, calling you names it just makes me feel like i cant live anymore in this earth,yet stil scared to end my life. i still love my mum, but i can not take the abuse of beeing called names or beeing hit at, i dont know what to do. and i know yes some people feel after writing somthing on the internet that you show the world you may feel guilty wen ur getting along again with the people who make you feel horrible, like you dont deserve to belong in this world, but......i would like some one to talk to me whos atleast 13, who knows what its like. i have good times with my brother and sister but sometimes the pain will never ease
25 Dec 2006 kat Iv got nothing to live for iv been depressed dor 7 yrs and suicidal for 3 yrs.Iv got no fueture cause iv got a learning problem and ill never grow up. and iv lost all my friends which suck. The only reason im on this dark little planet is cause of my family.I think satan is gowing to kill me and he even talks to me. If any1 can help me be happy email me
25 Dec 2006 Kelly Crutcher I've never heard about a suicide kit before I found your page. I'm not really sure about a permanent way. I was born in 1981; I'm a member of the Latter-Day Saint (mormon) church, I grew up in this faith and I have a strong faith in God and Christ, but there's been times when I've gotten so depressed that I've seriously thought about taking *my* life. I attempted suicide once in 2005 (I locked the bathroom door when I was taking a shower; closed the drain in the bathtub, let the water get deep enough and tried to drown myself; Grandma picked the lock, panicked when she saw me trying to do this and pulled me out)and once in 2006 (took an overdose of my seizure medication and went to bed, praying that I wouldn't wake up)
Recently, I thought about hooking a garden hose to the exhaust of Grandma's car and running the other end through a back window, getting in the car, turning the ignition on and waiting.

I'm afraid to tell anyone I know about this problem because they'll think I'm crazy, stick me in Circles of Care and treat me like a loony. I don't know what to do.
Please don't think I'm crazy; I'm just depressed over a lot of stuff in my life (my grandfather passed away in 2001; my parents got divorced, I suffer from grand-mal seizures and the medicine I'm currently taking for the seizures doesn't seem to be working; every time I have a seizure I chew my mouth and the side of my tongue and get bruised) and I don't know what to do about anything anymore.
25 Dec 2006 oriana umm i dont know the best way but if you dont want to hurt anyone else and you dont like pain you could simply drink shots of bleach or other poison mixed with alcohol or soft drink until you start to throw up then hope to god you dont survive cos if you do it will really suck by the way i might actually try this it sounds like sumthing worth doing but not tonight, tonight im going out with friends an getting drunk yay! im 14 and last nite i had sex with shaun then today is christmas and evry1 told me that shaun played me i really loved him this sux anyways if you must kill urself please dont kill sum1 else and then urself cos that is really mean ok luv ya xxx
24 Dec 2006 Help Me. Sometimes I just hate myself so much and I get so angry because almost everything I try to do turns out wrong and I fuck everything up no matter how hard I try and I just get so angry I want to smash my head in against a wall. I don't know who to ask for help, because I don't know what I would say. "Hi, I'm fourteen years old, and I fantisize about diving off a building head-first into the sidewalk, so could you please convince me not to?"
23 Dec 2006 Kitty Hey I've been reading the posts on this site for a while now and just felt the need to talk to you all. Well my names Kitty and I'm 16. In my 16 years of life I've been though a lot but have managed to deal with it until now. I was born to parents who were drug addicts. My dad was violent towards my mum, me and my little brother. When i was 6 my mum moved out. She is now an alcoholic and seems to spend more time worrying about my step brother and sister then she does about me. When i was 7 i was raped by my half brother i didn't tell anyone about it till i was 14. All through my live i was molested by my dads best mate. It is still happening but not to the same extent. I was bullied at school and has carried on in college. Since my mum left I've had to act as a mother to my little bro. My dads always to engrossed in his computer games to even remember he has kids. My brother is now 14 and thinks he can get away with anything. I try to help him but he just throws it back in my face. My friends are all leaving me and i'm too shy to make new ones. Last year i had to deal with my nan and grandad dying. I had no one to talk to which made it really hard for me. This year i fell in love. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. It lasted 2 weeks. He dumped me because I'm insecure and shy. he broke my heart but we were still friends till tonite. I told him all about my life everything I've had to deal with but he didn't care. he just told me to stop being childish and to grow up. that other people can deal with it so i should be able to. Now he never wants to speak to me again. the one man i ever loved and he hates me. A few days ago my best mate Will said he couldn't speak to me anymore. His girlfriend didn't like me and him talking to each other. Ive lost too many people to make my life worth living. All this is nothing compared to what is happening after Christmas. My dad has had enough of me and wants me out of the house after Christmas. I have nowhere to go. no one loves me all my friends have gone off with other people, i have no one to turn to. I know i cant survive by myself i need the comfort that can only be found in a hug. Like all of you the only way out i have is death. I just hope that other people are stronger then i am.
If you ever want to talk about anything please please email me or add me. My msn is
Love Kitty
21 Dec 2006 Becky I am having a hard time right now. My boyfriend just broke up with me 5 days before christmas because i cought him in a lie so he is angy with me. I loved this man more than anything in the world. I dont know what i am going to do without him. The only way i see to stop the pain that my heart feels and my head is to kill myself. There is no other way, i sit at home and dream about how i want to kill myself. I cant turn to any of my friends because we both have the same friends. I tried telling him we can work it out but he said its something that only He can think about. i can eat and all i want to do is die.

So to be honest with everyone i dont know what the best way of doing it is. I am trying to find out. I just thought about get drunk and driving my car into tree, maybe that way i wont kill myself just put myself in a coma.

All i wanted was to have someone love me for me, i give and give but no one will love me back. So the only way is to stop my brain and just end things...I just dont know how?
20 Dec 2006 suicidal.hate well i dont know how the best way to kill your self. but i wish i can kill my self sometimes. but its hard to do it when i have a 2 year old girl. and im only 17. i really dont know what or why im here in life for. i really dont kow if i wan to live any more. i wish i can give up. and some times. i feel realy bad when i do. but yah. well i dont know why you guys cut on your self and all. but this is why i do it to my self. i like to sit in my bathroom . and i will sit there thinking about the times that mad me feel like shit and the times that i was treated like shit. well i will have the razor blad in my habd and i will take it to my wrist and just let it go over my skin. i will watch my blood drip to the floor. well i was raped and molested by my family. and was told that it was my foult that was happin to me . and i was not wanted by any of my family. yah this starting to sound stupid but yah. this is just some of the resons why i do it. if you wan to know more. send me soemthing at
20 Dec 2006 evolution reading previous comments on this site makes my issue look nothing...but here goes...

the burden of education whacks me all the time. don't get me wrong, im 24 right now, with a good profession and my life is almost complete....

but my shitty grades all my life have given me the desire to end my life. i cant take this BS anymore. and why i wanna do this, because i can't withstand my parent's pain when they see my bad results and they start abusing me and entirely disown me...i can't see the sorrow in my mom's eyes....

why can't they realize that im just one fucked up child and just a average kid...

neither am i liked in my simply shunned because of this thing they called education...i have a an honours degree and a graduate and God knows how i hve worked hard to achieve this but looks like this master's thing is getting over my head...i keep failing papers by a mere 1 or 2 this insane or wht????

tell me the best solution which is painless and easy. i think pills will do the job...

if i get no answers, i will go with ahead with the pills in a few days...

shitty life, u have to live it for others but not urself....sad...
19 Dec 2006 katie I have been suicidal for a couple of months now. I cut myself regularly. No one knows. 2 of my friends (well, one friend, alyssa, has been being a real bitch lately. But she knows and i'm afraid she'l tell the WHOLE school) and my other friend who is still my friend, knows. I decided to tell them because they both are depressed too and I felt I could trust them. I dont evenknow why i am. I come from a nice middle class family, my parents never abused me too much, and I've had friends until now. They were really the only people keeping me from killing myself and now that they're gone.... there's nothing stopping me. I'm a little scared, though. Everyone just started being a bitch 2 days ago and I have no clue hat i did. i want help, but to get help, I would have to tell someone. Which I cant bring myself to do. i cant go back to school tomorrow. I just cant. my b/f's really the only one who still likes me and everyone is trying to turn him against me too. I hate myself and i hate life and everyone else hates me, so it would be better if I was gone anyway. Nobody cares about me. I dont care about myself. I cant eat. I cant sleep. I'm failing all my calsses. Life's a bitch and I want it to be OVER!!!!!
17 Dec 2006 killer i want to die ive been trying since i was5 and im 13 almost 14 now email me at
13 Dec 2006 cody hey all my name is cody and i want to kill my self because i have cancer and i hate my life i have an older sister who is almost 18 and i have to get good grades like her and im so sick of it so do any of you know a web site that tells you to kill ur self because i i want it
10 Dec 2006 Megan kill yourself. yer sure lets all try it. monday tomorro and im 12 sitting here crying when i read this sorta stuff its the only way to stop me crying. just aloud of people feeling cr*p wanting a easy way out. just like me. best way. just sit there tell the world to f*ck off and wait. lost in your own thoughts. yep this is the life.
10 Dec 2006 SIAN ite im sian n im 12 ma mum is freting to kick me out n evry time she ses it i just wont out she dnt no how much this is herting me i h8 it i wish it would end ... all i wont to do is kill ma selff but i h8 paine so i need to no the most paineless ways n i dnt need help i no wot i wont n it is to start my lyf all ova meen now m8s maybe even have a new family ....i dnt get it iff u no ur not gunna b a good mum then y brig a kide into it i h8 er so much n this time i meen it i have allready tould so off ma m8s that i aint gunna b at school tmoz i cant let umm dwn now coz it will just make things wors than thay arr so iff i aint dun it by tmoz dus any 1 no i warm place that a 12 ur old can sleep in marg8 kent me
09 Dec 2006 emily dendy hi im bk nd i rele wonna kill myself fer frends h8 me im alone..no1 cares...no1 eva cares...no1 will eva care...lifes so fuckin shit atm...i wonna go...no1 will miss me...plz help alone
07 Dec 2006 emma hi im emma (age 13) i cant take it any more pleaz help every 1 hates me i have no friens when i come home from sleepin all day at skool where every one teases e for bein different and willin 2 speak up i get straight on da pc or i go do drugs and shyt i hate it i dont give a flyin FUCK about life noone will go out wit i asked 1 guy out and he almost fuckin peed his pants 4 laughin god I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE (AND I HATE GOD DAMN THERIPISTS) HELP MEEEEEEE T__T email me wit help pleazzzzz and no god damn docters pleazzzzz ( ps im fuckin adicted wit myspace >_< damn it my life suxxxxxxxx

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