Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Feb 2007 kat I keep having dreams about me killiing myself and im sick of the voices tellling me to kill myself. If any1 can help me get rid of the voices and bad dreams email me casue i wanna stay alive but its really hard for me to do rite now.
04 Feb 2007 Majid khan I am 28 years old. I am from an Asian developing country. I have completed my education but even after 4 years of my completing it, I have found no job. Basically I am in an inferiority complex about my biological weaknesses. Whenever I meet someone I found myself tongue-tied. I have no consistency in my plans. I often start up a positive activity and always do the hard and difficult part of the thing but in the last I get frustated and fid up, so I just leave the thing incomplete. This attitude has sucked me bitterly. I can't see any light in my future. There is darkness prevailing in every corner of my life. Now from the last one week, I am thinking contineously to end up this journey, as life is a hell for me at this point. I need peace of mind which I cant find anywhere. I have lost this race, I think. Internet, the only friend of mine cant even save me from giving a practical shape to my decision. Anyhow, I am sure that in a couple of days if the same tension and depression existed, I will say a permanent goodbye to this cruel world.
Majid Khan
03 Feb 2007 andrea im 17 yrs old and i feel like nothin in the world is better than dying. im in so much pain right now over everything. sometimes i feel like my emotional pain is giving me physical pain. i cry so much my eyes swell and later on in the day i chuckle @ myself because my eyes are so swollen and in so much pain that it looks and feels that i just had a boxing match with mike tyson. i go to school with some ignorant, arragant, materialistic people. i dont have all the latest clothes, everytime i get a boyfriend he dumps me for somebody better (a girl who will have sex with him) i get picked on because im still a virgin. i think im havin a nervous break down. i live in a house with 9 people. i share a room with my mom and my sister. my mom and sister sleep in one bed, me, in another. my moms car doesnt work, and when she does get a car its either in really bad condition, or it doesnt run for too long. ive lost so many people in my life. ive been in and out of shelters, sleeping in cars, sleeping in parks, with my mom and sister. family doesnt give 2 shits about me, my mom or sister. everytime i go to a friends house i wanna stay longer than supposed to because i dont wanna go back to the hell hole i live in. i wanna commit suicide very badly, but i cant cuz i know it'll hurt others around me. i dont wanna tell anybody about my problems cause they'll throw me in some kind of mental institution.
03 Feb 2007 Ally My parents hate me, i hate life, i hate the way i look, people don't like me, people have told me i need to kill myself.What do i do? I want to die but i don't want to leave behind the ones i love.
02 Feb 2007 person This probably isnt very original, but I hate my life. I'm 14, turning 15 in March. I'm in a program called transition school and I'm entering as a freshman in college next year. But my life is like a living hell. The history professor hates me; I had my prospectus rejected three times and now I think I failed all my midterms. I can't go back to high school, cuz all my friends will just start laughing at me and make fun of how I couldn't make it through. Everyone thinks I'm always happy and optimistic especially since I drink caffiene and energy drinks to get hyper. But I'm not. I only do all these things for my parents and my relatives and to cover up depression. No one ever understands. Even my parents; whenever I talk to them they just keep talking about how nice it'll be once I get into the university and all I need to do is hold out for four more months. But I don't know if I can. I don't even know if I'll pass. I've cut myself several times during middle school, but I never had the nerves to cut deep enough...can anyone help? Whats the best way to commit suicide? Is killing yourself really considered a sin? I really just want to curl up in a corner where no one can find me and die.
31 Jan 2007 Brodio I hate life!
im tired of my parents hitting me.
im tired of being told that im not shit and i will never be shit.
I hate not being able to do anything right.
i hate being so ugly.
im tired of being"unsure" of my sexuallity... why did u have to touch me? why did u have to take MY innocennce?
i hate being here on earth.
ive tried taking pills to die....
doesn't work.
cutting doesn't help nemore. i dont feel it.
someone please help before i take someone elses life!!!
31 Jan 2007 Lacy I absolutely cannot talk. When it is time for me to speak in conversation all I can do is awkwardly agree or say nothing. I am such a bad converser that most people come to resent it and even loath me due to how uncomfortable I make them. When I notice my cue to speak , I choke. I feel how the person judges me and how anything I say too will be judged. When I begin to hear the sound of my own voice it is pathetic and uncertain and I have already failed.
I can't stand my big dumb face trying always in vain to enter into the social performance. I have given up. Now I go through my days pointlessly and silently, avoiding all social interaction. But I cannot stand this either, my humanity is dyeing and so is my will to live. I face to absolutes; I absolutely cannot ruin my mother’s life like that, but I absolutely cannot go on. I think over time the latter will win out.
For years I never cried or was really happy about anything. Now all of a sudden I cry again – every time I duck into the bathroom to get out of sight and alone. These tears are stupid self pity and fear about the terrible thing I will do

I guess I write this to serve as my note because I do not know when I can do it. I am weak and afraid of pain, but I am going to try to follow through next time I suddenly gain any courage
28 Jan 2007 Skye Well....I suppose I should tell my life story before I do this, well here goes (I`ll make it short).

Life happend to me one day, and I was sitting at the lunch tables in middle school. Her name? Storm. She gave me every reason to live and breath, never to take a last breath. By then I had gone through a divorce, an affair, and a years` worth of moving without a decent person to talk to, let alone pretend to be friends with.she had been through just as much crap as I have and some.One of the same.
Well as a couple of years had passed by she bacame suicidal...Not because she was attention seeking, but because of a health class that started a dangerous experiment with dieting, two months in a hospital and she was back. Things, by then, would never be the same ever again. She became my darkness at that moment in life,and I became her light. She took zoloft and I took Prozac. but now she won`t take her medicine no matter how much I bug her , and I don`t even have insurance to get medication. I`m starting to "think", acually we both are.She started to cut because she just went through shit the other day. But I`m trying to combat it, and I`m afraid of loosing. Now at this moment in life I have to be strong for Storm, my mother, and my sister. I know love,life,death is`nt all it`s crack up to be, but hey, I just want to know is that I`m not alone.....PLEASE....just tell me......I have no one here to embrass and understand.

So I won`t go and tell everybody that "death is`nt the answer" or say that "go ahead, screw all the people who say life will get better cus IT WON`T". But instead I`m just going to offer something to you, in return, I want compassion. I don`t weather you love the thrill of slicing or the beauty of life, all I want to know is that your compassionate about your ideas and beliefs. I don`t check my e-mail almost every day, don`t be afraid to be embarassed by one who will not jugde...
28 Jan 2007 Anna I want to die and i am 13 if anyone can help me please do so because i know im to young but i cant think of another way to solve my problems i need to talk to someone and not my parents
27 Jan 2007 kooldood First off im not 13,im 18 and im thinking about taking my life,not because my parents abuse me or im depressed,its that human reality is so forced,I DO NOT WANT THIS REALITY its as simple as that.Of course im scared to die,Who isnt? we dont know wat happens when die,well actually theres 2 things that can happen cease to exist(that would suck but i wouldnt know)2.something happens(that would be pretty sweet,but anyway ive tried 2 times before but i pussied out,but i think im gonna do it the plastic bag over the head stlye,nice, peaceful.I do think about how many people would be sad,and how much people would miss me but,im not built for the way this world works.Its not set in stone that im gonna take my own life but its definatly looking that way
27 Jan 2007 damonkeyking my parents shout at eachother every night im failing school, iv tryed 2 kill myself once before, im goin 2 a phycologest buyt he doesnt hlep i know this is nothing next to alot of u guys/girls stories but i think i got something wrong in my head and help would be appreciated
27 Jan 2007 suicidal.hate u know there are a lot of ways to kill your self . but the one way that i like to do is by geting that razor blade to my wrist . i like to make it go deep in first then i would pull it . i like to feel the pain that the way i like to get my strees out . i dont think im normal i dont think i will never been normal . so what am i ?

add my to msn if you want to chat ....
27 Jan 2007 suicide....cant do this hiya........well m not sad today but still not happy too........i decided to left doin all that cuts n every thing but today i really wanna do those things again.......i really wanna tell u one thing that the reason of ma sadness is that..........well guys evan i dun noe the reason...i am sad bcox...i dun noe.i really wanna cry.but cant as i've promise ma self that i wont cry..........:( i even dun wanna commite suicide............OH GOD.....wat shuld i do........well m goin now....plz i really want gud frnds....plz add me..on
25 Jan 2007 Samsad i want to die . i am a guy i have never had sex with any one
24 Jan 2007 ?x?x? well write now i a thinking of commiting suicide seen as my life is shit i have got nothing going for me i've lost a great friend and i have been through lots of family shit and for some reason there is always something that prevents me when i am aout to kill myself and i only have a small unclear idea of what it is that im do not really want to say. i have nearly been ran over by a bus and unfourtunately my au-pair pushed me onto the pavement in a way i was sad and relieved. there is one thing aboutme i am such a hapy person on the outside but in the inside when i'm on my own or listening to sad music everything comes to me and i think being happy is just a way to forget about everything. i hate most of my family apart from three members and i have one friend who i would die for and i have thought about purchasing a gun and shootin myself in the head in one of my lessons in front of the girl and tell her that i did it for her and many other things. i have said quite alot although there is plaenty more i could go on forever i'd just like to say think it through before you do anything i am 13 and i already want to commit suicide which is rather sad at the end of the day but it is what i want so i am going to go for it.
good luck to everyone out there x
22 Jan 2007 kat I just wanna die rite now. All i do is here voices telling me to kill myself and i see showdoes shaped as rats(which im terrifired off).I am a totle loser with no communication skills so ppl find me boring. I have to go to a new skool this yr cause ill just get bullied again. If any1 can make me a bit happier about myself email me and plz no therispt
22 Jan 2007 sad my best friend is 12 and i am 13.she has attempted to commit suicide everyday..her mom lives in florida and her dad lives in massachuessets...zhe called me and she said she was drunk(age 12) and tried to kill herself..shes my neighbor and i ran to her house and took her in...her dad is never home...and she(if she moved in with her mom) would live with a girl who lost her virginity to a guy when he was 17 and she was 12....

now my bf(well dead bf) killed himself because he though no one loved him...

tonight i am going to kill myself...the best way to do it is to drink rubbing alchol...the reoson im am doing it is because i was beaten by both my parents..and still am...and raped by my soccer coach...
21 Jan 2007 pran HIII ..i am pran..i am 16..well i have tried tylenol pills but they realy dont work..i am frm india and i juz molved 2 USA..ders noone here..ppl juz hate me..nobody wants me..i have never been soo freakin life suckz..juz wanna end dis pain..i have even tried suffocating myself but i juz cant do it man..sumthin juz stops me
20 Jan 2007 sharon heyy ima not a suicidal person or anything & i anit here to tell ya'll tht u need help but i wanted to know if anyone would care enough to lik add meh up and tell meh some ways to help mi friend. we alredi saw a conceler but things got realli screwwed todaii and idk how to handle it all and i aniit gonan go call da cops cuz ive had enough of them.. well if ya can help or if u just wanna help meh deal wif da whole issue add :

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