Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Mar 2007 bb Hello,
I am 27 years old, and for the past little while, I've been planning how to kill myself...I need to resolve some financial situations, pack up my apartment, make sure that there's not that much that needs to be taken care of once I'm gone..etc etc...
Now, most of the people who've written on this site seem to have had some pretty shitty experiences in their lives, experiences that I've never have had to deal with. Some of you have had miraculously shitty lives, and I commend you're ability to not only talk about it, but to also have lived through it and keep on living.
My life, on the other hand, has been filled with caring and loving people. People who I know love me, support me and would do anything to help me. I've never experienced abuse of any kind, and I generally don't have to worry about very why I'm I complaining then? Why don't I see any hope? Because I'm an idiot, that's why, plain and simple...People think I'm rude, but really I'm just ignorant. People think I may be smart or have a personality when they first meet me, but then...after a while...they start to fade away, becoming bored with me, since I have nothing to offer in the way of conversation or experiences. I am a dense dunce, who can have fun with a stupid person? I know that there's someting wrong with me, for sure...I'm very unfeeling, selfish and void of anything why should I stick around and watch everything around me go away (as it usually does.) I push away my family, my friends..not because I mean to, but because there's nothing to keep them When somebody tries to have a conversation with me, I'm the person who responds with "uh huh", "oh yeah", "that's great"..whatever...I don't think!! It's incredible...I don't feel, I don't life has always been at the same level because I don't have the capabilities to learn, change or understand other people's emotions or feelings...I must be a psychopath/sociopath of some sort...I'm not sure if I'm making any sense even.....
10 Mar 2007 j Rou I am 18 and i have been depressed for the last few years, and i cry quite a lot and started to cut myself, i really do just want to die, but i dont have the balls to d it, i keep thinkin bout my lil brothers n mum n fmily, it pisses me off got a knife now but cant do anythinf dotn have the balls, i just want it to stop
08 Mar 2007 kaori I am 19 years old and a freshman in college. I tried to kill myself nearly three years ago by taking tylenol, and wound up in the hospital. They stuck needles in my arms and made me drink charcoal extract to coat and protect my liver. Now, nearly three years later, I am thinking in these ways again. But I know I will never be able to take enough pills to do the job properly.

I want to crash my car very badly, and the only reason I hesitate is because I have a very nice car, a shame to waste it. It is my best friend, as silly as it seems, it is the one thing I can depend on. My friends have all left me for college, or the ones that are left only want to hang out because I have a car and can drive them places. The loving relationship I have with my boyfriend is beginning to collapse and the fault is mine. My parents suspect nothing. I could never talk to them, they would only yell. I am failing several classes at my college, have made no friends there, am in real credit card debt as I have maxed out one card and am working on two more. I look forward to nothing. The fact that I am bipolar does not help either. I am currently plotting a day, time, and place for next month. My only worry is that I will survive the crash and become a vegetable in a hospital bed.

I have no one to talk to. My ex-boyfriend was an abusive prick, and he ruined my view on all men. They are nothing but evil. Not one man save my current boyfriend has showed me any degree of kindness. I value nothing, look forward to and cherish nothing but the idea of death. My only worry is how fast I need to make my darling car go bto do it right...

07 Mar 2007 kitten i think the best way is to do it when your on your own on a street corner at night get a gun put it in your mouth and pray you hit your wind pipe or aim for your brain, but i think using a gun would be the easyest way i have thought bout it alot now ma x bf wants me dead and i want him to be happy.
06 Mar 2007 Midnight Suicide I am nothin now but the waiting for death. I hate the part of me, the humanity of me, that stops me from endin it all. I want to rip it out so that I can mutilate and destroy myself. That is what I need.

No matter how happy I should be or sometimes are, death and darkness is constantly ther, at the back of my mind.

I will do it tho, one day. I will run the coll blade across my skin and press down and I will destory all that I am until I am no more. Death is the only way
06 Mar 2007 Sam kurzman there is no way of killing yourself before 13 wait until your 21 do good at school and your family and social life if your happy at 21 then keep living, im a new 22 year old and im in dept beyond the next 6 yaers through depts to friends and the banks/fines my job has gone nowhere and my social life has gone down to 3 people, my family does not talk to me although i live with my dad, i have no assets and now credit rating or trust from anyone to kickstart my life, i have never had a girlfrriend and have only paid for sex once, i have been told by women i am a really nice guy both nothing else, i am a big bloke but noone seems to enjoy my friendship except my 3 friends and somehow i think my dad respects me. i am sorry for my friends daniel, jayson and chris, you have been good to me and my dad ian thomasn kurzman you have tried to give me hop in the world but without the other family there is no hope. i hope you live your life to the fullest without me holding you back.
03 Mar 2007 Joshua Tokar Hello, My names joshua, Im from regina sask canada, I wanna know whats the best way to comit suicide? Im to scared to like stab myself in the chest. My reason for wanting to comit suicide is cause when i was 15, witch yes 2 months ago i was infected with hiv. from a girl 2 weeks before my b-day im 16 now.. and i dont know what to do like if i keep lifeing one day ill wake up and hiv would of fucked my body up so much one day then i cant do anything and ill be in pain i just dont wanna cause my parents problems of careing for a sick son, i just wanna end it all before it gets worse. please email my msn with an answer thank
02 Mar 2007 im done i'am not under 26 years old...and my life is so fucked up.i was searching the net for a good way to commit suicide cause i failed the first time i did it...i dont want to fail this time..i feel like i really want to end everything not feel..i know i have to end everything in so much pain that no one would understand.everyone just left friends my just so tired of getting calls from my partner who would curse me and call me a whore everytime she does,and when i point this out,she would blame me for making a mistake in the past...i wanted a chance to change the way i'am and im getting there..but how can i change what i was before if im constantly reminded of it every day?...ive got nothing..i dont have a house i got no practically worthless..i live in her house and she feeds me but im tired of being treated this way..that everytime i raise my voice at her because i want to be heard she would tell me to leave the house and tell me to just kill myself...why not work you'll not fit to i depend on her..but everything that i put in my mouth feels like a poison that kills me gradually cause it all came from her and she never miss the chance of reminding me not even bad..i did alot of bad things in the past other people,to her...but i want to change all of that..but im not given a chance to do so...i dont you guys but consider this as my suicide note..its nice that you have this site to help other people who's contemplating about it...too bad it didnt help me as much..i want to live...but i cant live this way...not anymore..
01 Mar 2007 Krys please help about to commit suicide for the 2nd time...i need help..
01 Mar 2007 Broken please help me...ive been depressed for over 2 years now and on medication....been to the doctors none of that shit is working for parents abuse me they blame me for they're lives...what used to be my boyfriend yelled at me and took things out on me....he broke up with me because i tryed to kill myself with sleeping pills...which i must say dont try it unless you take more then 25 pills...i cut everynight but i need a better idea for suicide...please help me...
27 Feb 2007 Em I sit and long for death. All I can focus on at the minute is death and pain!!!

I will do it, I will end all of this. 2 pills and a bottle of vodka. I just need time. I need time to have no doubts, to be sure it will work.

I want to scrape off my skin and bleed warm and red! I want to open up my scars and wipe the cold knife blade across my wrists.
25 Feb 2007 jju no iam not under 13 please send me the kit immediately i hate this world i hate everything
21 Feb 2007 Brian My name is Brian, i am 16 years old and am gay. I recently just found out and admited my sexuality to my dad, the only person that i feel truley loves me. I broke his heart. And breaking his heart, broke what was left of mine. My mom died when i was young. My sister hates me. Other then my dad, the only person i have ever loved just left me tonight. He was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me....or atleast he was. I dont want to carry on anymore, i told my dad that i wouldnt hurt myself anymore, and i promised on my mother to my best friend. I cant handle the pressure anymore. I want out of it. I am sorry to say but by the time of my next birthday, i feel that i will fill and carry out the statistic of 'gay boys are 6x more likely to commit suicide'. Do i want to? but it only feels right.
19 Feb 2007 suicidalduck please post this in the forum... this is the last time u will see me here because i have decided that the best way to kill myself is either hang myself from a tree over a pond and wait til i drop in the pond to drown, or take a hella lot of street drugs mixed together or i could do the simple old blowin my fucking brains out with a gun.
19 Feb 2007 Em I can't help fantasising about death and hurting myself. I don't want to go back into hospital and I'm worried that will happen. I've got so much to look forward to but theres always this big black shadow that makes me want to kill myself.

The thing is when I think of suicide I just feel like thats whats meant to happen whether I want it or not, sooner or later I will kill myself.

I want to be honest, I need to to get help but I cant be because they'll lock me up! I want to lash out sometimes and hurt ppl and I'm scared one day I'll seriously hurt someone, if not, kill them! That's why I need to kill myself, I need to before I hurt someone
18 Feb 2007 Aaron Ross Hello my name is Aaron and i am 19 years old. just like everyone were, ive screwed up my life. but you see its not because of a girl or my parents or becuase nobody likes me, its because ive made so mad choices and just becuase im mentally younger then i really am, the law doesnt care. and now since im the type of guy who allows takes the easy way out i can either take my punishment like a man, which involves YEARS in prison, or take the easy way out. see you have to understand, im adopted and ive been growning myself up all my life. a parents job is to care for a childed and teach him wrong from right, right? well some times that doesn't happen, sometimes you do get parents and u get to teach ur self things. ive taught myself to always take the easy way out and its not my fault...what do u do when ur left to teach yourself right from wrong-you get my life. i do have a dad, he's not my real day and believe you me, he gave up on my four years ago, so whatever im so use to being along. today is Sunday Feb, 18 2007 the cops will be at my door Monday 19 2007 and im sacred to death. I'm looking for hope, i am a christian and i know what this would mean-i just don't know what else to do, ive always taken the easy way out but this time there is not a real logical easy way out, so i figured my own way out. ive narrowed it down to two choices, i have a bathroom and tube and a blow drayer...='s death or a needle filled with bleath and amonia, straight into my blood. i tried killing myself before...i was bad, i drink some cleaning stuff. i think the worst think in my life was living alone, no the worst thing is dieing alone. i lied on my bed as everything slowly started to get darker and darker and my heart beat started to get slowler and slowler until i just closed my eyes. you might think im carzy but im pretty sure i saw heaven too. would you all like to know were heaven is? Have you ever closed your eyes and within the darkness, past your eyelids you just saw weird things. i think thats heaven cause i remember as i layed there everything just got really black, i mean a black you've never saw before then it got really light and i saw all of these weird things. the poisin in me made me want to puke, but i couldnt puke because if i did i would have lived and i though that was not an option. but i did live. and now its geting down to that time. i have chosen to kill my self on Monday at 3pm- thats when they will come for me and thats when they will find my dead body. If you want to know more about me go to my Myspace its
17 Feb 2007 Amanda I am a 12 year old girl. I want to kill myself because I am in love. I know thats a pretty damn shitty reason, but, well, I was dumped.

I fell in love with this girl (yeah I' bi) and she loved (still does) my best friend. I never thought Id have this girl. Then, we dated. For a day.

She dumped me.. for my friend.
I wanna kill myself but don't know how, or if I really even wanna die.
Plz help me.
14 Feb 2007 Em I haven't been out of hospital long and I still want/need to kill myself!! I have a lot to look forward to and a fiance with cancer to support but its constantly there at the back of my mind!!!!!

I think I have to kill myself and its always been there. I dont know if I want to but I think about it constantly!

I've got a lot to throw away but its a constant battle to stop myself thinkin it doesn't matter I should just give in to it all!!

I want to die. Every day I fantasise about killing myself! Everyday I contemplate it!
13 Feb 2007 alex n hi my name is alex n i have tried to commit suicide 13 times now, i fuckin h8 life, god dosent exist ive tried all the god stuff, went 2 church n al that shit, n believe me god sucks, u pray 4 1 fuckin thing, 2feel loved, n fck all happens, our god sucks, if ppl say that he cre8ted everythin then he created cancer n aids n suffering, and pain. god, wot a joke, dear god PLEASE KILL ME!!!! i wish i was dead, i am gonna try again soon and this time it will be a sucess, im not gonna bang on about my problems cuz that would just depress u, anyway if u wanna spk 2 me my email n msn is and my myspace is
13 Feb 2007 Aryianna I don't know the best way, I actually feel like commit suicide lately myself. I am 7 months pregnant and my husband use depression as an excuse to stay out and drink all the time since the pregnancy started. If I call him on the mobile phone, he would never picked up the phone when he is out. He keeps saying he needs his space right now and that he feels nothing inside at the moment. What about me then? I feel that I am going through the pregnancy entirely by myself and he just doesn't give a damn even though it was both our decision to get pregnant. I am tired of a life like this! I want to kill myself and I don't think he can take care of the baby himself, so the best way would be kill myself before the baby is born, take it with me instead of letting it suffer with the father when I am dead. What is the best way to commit suicide really....?

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