Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Feb 2007 Brian My name is Brian, i am 16 years old and am gay. I recently just found out and admited my sexuality to my dad, the only person that i feel truley loves me. I broke his heart. And breaking his heart, broke what was left of mine. My mom died when i was young. My sister hates me. Other then my dad, the only person i have ever loved just left me tonight. He was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me....or atleast he was. I dont want to carry on anymore, i told my dad that i wouldnt hurt myself anymore, and i promised on my mother to my best friend. I cant handle the pressure anymore. I want out of it. I am sorry to say but by the time of my next birthday, i feel that i will fill and carry out the statistic of 'gay boys are 6x more likely to commit suicide'. Do i want to? but it only feels right.
19 Feb 2007 suicidalduck please post this in the forum... this is the last time u will see me here because i have decided that the best way to kill myself is either hang myself from a tree over a pond and wait til i drop in the pond to drown, or take a hella lot of street drugs mixed together or i could do the simple old blowin my fucking brains out with a gun.
19 Feb 2007 Em I can't help fantasising about death and hurting myself. I don't want to go back into hospital and I'm worried that will happen. I've got so much to look forward to but theres always this big black shadow that makes me want to kill myself.

The thing is when I think of suicide I just feel like thats whats meant to happen whether I want it or not, sooner or later I will kill myself.

I want to be honest, I need to to get help but I cant be because they'll lock me up! I want to lash out sometimes and hurt ppl and I'm scared one day I'll seriously hurt someone, if not, kill them! That's why I need to kill myself, I need to before I hurt someone
18 Feb 2007 Aaron Ross Hello my name is Aaron and i am 19 years old. just like everyone were, ive screwed up my life. but you see its not because of a girl or my parents or becuase nobody likes me, its because ive made so mad choices and just becuase im mentally younger then i really am, the law doesnt care. and now since im the type of guy who allows takes the easy way out i can either take my punishment like a man, which involves YEARS in prison, or take the easy way out. see you have to understand, im adopted and ive been growning myself up all my life. a parents job is to care for a childed and teach him wrong from right, right? well some times that doesn't happen, sometimes you do get parents and u get to teach ur self things. ive taught myself to always take the easy way out and its not my fault...what do u do when ur left to teach yourself right from wrong-you get my life. i do have a dad, he's not my real day and believe you me, he gave up on my four years ago, so whatever im so use to being along. today is Sunday Feb, 18 2007 the cops will be at my door Monday 19 2007 and im sacred to death. I'm looking for hope, i am a christian and i know what this would mean-i just don't know what else to do, ive always taken the easy way out but this time there is not a real logical easy way out, so i figured my own way out. ive narrowed it down to two choices, i have a bathroom and tube and a blow drayer...='s death or a needle filled with bleath and amonia, straight into my blood. i tried killing myself before...i was bad, i drink some cleaning stuff. i think the worst think in my life was living alone, no the worst thing is dieing alone. i lied on my bed as everything slowly started to get darker and darker and my heart beat started to get slowler and slowler until i just closed my eyes. you might think im carzy but im pretty sure i saw heaven too. would you all like to know were heaven is? Have you ever closed your eyes and within the darkness, past your eyelids you just saw weird things. i think thats heaven cause i remember as i layed there everything just got really black, i mean a black you've never saw before then it got really light and i saw all of these weird things. the poisin in me made me want to puke, but i couldnt puke because if i did i would have lived and i though that was not an option. but i did live. and now its geting down to that time. i have chosen to kill my self on Monday at 3pm- thats when they will come for me and thats when they will find my dead body. If you want to know more about me go to my Myspace its
17 Feb 2007 Amanda I am a 12 year old girl. I want to kill myself because I am in love. I know thats a pretty damn shitty reason, but, well, I was dumped.

I fell in love with this girl (yeah I' bi) and she loved (still does) my best friend. I never thought Id have this girl. Then, we dated. For a day.

She dumped me.. for my friend.
I wanna kill myself but don't know how, or if I really even wanna die.
Plz help me.
14 Feb 2007 Em I haven't been out of hospital long and I still want/need to kill myself!! I have a lot to look forward to and a fiance with cancer to support but its constantly there at the back of my mind!!!!!

I think I have to kill myself and its always been there. I dont know if I want to but I think about it constantly!

I've got a lot to throw away but its a constant battle to stop myself thinkin it doesn't matter I should just give in to it all!!

I want to die. Every day I fantasise about killing myself! Everyday I contemplate it!
13 Feb 2007 alex n hi my name is alex n i have tried to commit suicide 13 times now, i fuckin h8 life, god dosent exist ive tried all the god stuff, went 2 church n al that shit, n believe me god sucks, u pray 4 1 fuckin thing, 2feel loved, n fck all happens, our god sucks, if ppl say that he cre8ted everythin then he created cancer n aids n suffering, and pain. god, wot a joke, dear god PLEASE KILL ME!!!! i wish i was dead, i am gonna try again soon and this time it will be a sucess, im not gonna bang on about my problems cuz that would just depress u, anyway if u wanna spk 2 me my email n msn is and my myspace is
13 Feb 2007 Aryianna I don't know the best way, I actually feel like commit suicide lately myself. I am 7 months pregnant and my husband use depression as an excuse to stay out and drink all the time since the pregnancy started. If I call him on the mobile phone, he would never picked up the phone when he is out. He keeps saying he needs his space right now and that he feels nothing inside at the moment. What about me then? I feel that I am going through the pregnancy entirely by myself and he just doesn't give a damn even though it was both our decision to get pregnant. I am tired of a life like this! I want to kill myself and I don't think he can take care of the baby himself, so the best way would be kill myself before the baby is born, take it with me instead of letting it suffer with the father when I am dead. What is the best way to commit suicide really....?
12 Feb 2007 Erin I am 12 years old,I started cutting a couple of months ago.After my grandpa died.All because of my step mom.She has made my life a living hell.Like a week or two after my grandpa died she ran off with my 2 half brothers and I havnt seen them since.Then my grandma and I started to not talk to each other.Just to let you know I live with my grandma,my dad,and my sister.Well then my dad got depressed and my sister and I got in fights alot and it has been going on since my step mom left.Everything has been harder at school too.I find it harder to concentrate on my school work,so I now have a F in english and a D in math.Well plus the fact that I have been cutting myself Its even harder.I just feel like I need to punish my self for that reason and it is not a very good one.I mean about everything.Now like all my friends now that I cut because news travels fast.I just started thinking about taking a handfull of pills and crying my self to DEATH.
11 Feb 2007 Brandon me again! I am still alive!! i hate life! email me" or IM me at *soberebos* on AIM..... i hate life my myspace-
08 Feb 2007 Rich Prez U know, I dont think its selfish to suicide. If ppl care about u they shud not make u wanna suicide. Ppl dnt wanna suicide cuz of nuttin...something causes it.
So thank you everybody who screwed with my life and led me to this, and I bet u wnt give a damn that I've already got the pills in my hand.
Good night and good bye...
And I turned 13 last September. I suggest pills. They dnt hurt...I lived in pain why die in pain too?
Sorry to Angela, Zaynah, Nick, Nathan, Sve, and Tegan. I love you...dnt mourn for me, please.
07 Feb 2007 Dudette Im 14 and i really hate mii life. Mii dads got no job an all day mii parents talk 2 me bout how they gonna pay next months bills. I found out that mii mom has had breast cancer for over 5 years and mii parents might get divorced! I hate life but before i used to pretend it was all ok but now all i want to do is die. everything is so messed up and now my teachers ask whats wrong cuz im not as hyper. im really depresssed cuz of all this shit. But i want to keep going with my life. I want to runaway and never come home. I want to start my life fresh from scratch and get a job. But i only care for my dad and i cant leave him. He is 60 and hes all i look forward to living for. All i want to do is b successful and get a job thats it. No more. If i couuld die i would but i dont have the guts! I wish i did but i have to look at the future. I hope i make it out of hell alive.
05 Feb 2007 kat I keep having dreams about me killiing myself and im sick of the voices tellling me to kill myself. If any1 can help me get rid of the voices and bad dreams email me casue i wanna stay alive but its really hard for me to do rite now.
04 Feb 2007 Majid khan I am 28 years old. I am from an Asian developing country. I have completed my education but even after 4 years of my completing it, I have found no job. Basically I am in an inferiority complex about my biological weaknesses. Whenever I meet someone I found myself tongue-tied. I have no consistency in my plans. I often start up a positive activity and always do the hard and difficult part of the thing but in the last I get frustated and fid up, so I just leave the thing incomplete. This attitude has sucked me bitterly. I can't see any light in my future. There is darkness prevailing in every corner of my life. Now from the last one week, I am thinking contineously to end up this journey, as life is a hell for me at this point. I need peace of mind which I cant find anywhere. I have lost this race, I think. Internet, the only friend of mine cant even save me from giving a practical shape to my decision. Anyhow, I am sure that in a couple of days if the same tension and depression existed, I will say a permanent goodbye to this cruel world.
Majid Khan
03 Feb 2007 andrea im 17 yrs old and i feel like nothin in the world is better than dying. im in so much pain right now over everything. sometimes i feel like my emotional pain is giving me physical pain. i cry so much my eyes swell and later on in the day i chuckle @ myself because my eyes are so swollen and in so much pain that it looks and feels that i just had a boxing match with mike tyson. i go to school with some ignorant, arragant, materialistic people. i dont have all the latest clothes, everytime i get a boyfriend he dumps me for somebody better (a girl who will have sex with him) i get picked on because im still a virgin. i think im havin a nervous break down. i live in a house with 9 people. i share a room with my mom and my sister. my mom and sister sleep in one bed, me, in another. my moms car doesnt work, and when she does get a car its either in really bad condition, or it doesnt run for too long. ive lost so many people in my life. ive been in and out of shelters, sleeping in cars, sleeping in parks, with my mom and sister. family doesnt give 2 shits about me, my mom or sister. everytime i go to a friends house i wanna stay longer than supposed to because i dont wanna go back to the hell hole i live in. i wanna commit suicide very badly, but i cant cuz i know it'll hurt others around me. i dont wanna tell anybody about my problems cause they'll throw me in some kind of mental institution.
03 Feb 2007 Ally My parents hate me, i hate life, i hate the way i look, people don't like me, people have told me i need to kill myself.What do i do? I want to die but i don't want to leave behind the ones i love.
02 Feb 2007 person This probably isnt very original, but I hate my life. I'm 14, turning 15 in March. I'm in a program called transition school and I'm entering as a freshman in college next year. But my life is like a living hell. The history professor hates me; I had my prospectus rejected three times and now I think I failed all my midterms. I can't go back to high school, cuz all my friends will just start laughing at me and make fun of how I couldn't make it through. Everyone thinks I'm always happy and optimistic especially since I drink caffiene and energy drinks to get hyper. But I'm not. I only do all these things for my parents and my relatives and to cover up depression. No one ever understands. Even my parents; whenever I talk to them they just keep talking about how nice it'll be once I get into the university and all I need to do is hold out for four more months. But I don't know if I can. I don't even know if I'll pass. I've cut myself several times during middle school, but I never had the nerves to cut deep enough...can anyone help? Whats the best way to commit suicide? Is killing yourself really considered a sin? I really just want to curl up in a corner where no one can find me and die.
31 Jan 2007 Brodio I hate life!
im tired of my parents hitting me.
im tired of being told that im not shit and i will never be shit.
I hate not being able to do anything right.
i hate being so ugly.
im tired of being"unsure" of my sexuallity... why did u have to touch me? why did u have to take MY innocennce?
i hate being here on earth.
ive tried taking pills to die....
doesn't work.
cutting doesn't help nemore. i dont feel it.
someone please help before i take someone elses life!!!
31 Jan 2007 Lacy I absolutely cannot talk. When it is time for me to speak in conversation all I can do is awkwardly agree or say nothing. I am such a bad converser that most people come to resent it and even loath me due to how uncomfortable I make them. When I notice my cue to speak , I choke. I feel how the person judges me and how anything I say too will be judged. When I begin to hear the sound of my own voice it is pathetic and uncertain and I have already failed.
I can't stand my big dumb face trying always in vain to enter into the social performance. I have given up. Now I go through my days pointlessly and silently, avoiding all social interaction. But I cannot stand this either, my humanity is dyeing and so is my will to live. I face to absolutes; I absolutely cannot ruin my mother’s life like that, but I absolutely cannot go on. I think over time the latter will win out.
For years I never cried or was really happy about anything. Now all of a sudden I cry again – every time I duck into the bathroom to get out of sight and alone. These tears are stupid self pity and fear about the terrible thing I will do

I guess I write this to serve as my note because I do not know when I can do it. I am weak and afraid of pain, but I am going to try to follow through next time I suddenly gain any courage

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