Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Apr 2007 Kate Hey ppl I'm 16 years old and I live in Israel. But even when Israel had that war with the Hizbollah and the Katyusha rockets were falling all over the north, and crashing the houses on my friends and nearly my own home, my situation was a lot, much better, than now.

I have moved to another city in this little, fucked up country to a city where I thought is the best place to live in, in Israel. I have a lot of caring friends, I have my family right behind my back and am studying in a good high school in an "excellent students' " class. I can't even say that I have problems with my self-confidence or over weight, not at all - I really love my appearance.

My life seems "perfect"?

For my opinion it isn't.

I can't say that my life is the worst life ever, because I have read few stories here and I can't compare my life to these horrifying stories.

I have these infinite disputes with my parents, my father forces me to work all day at home-help him. My dad always takes away the cabel of the monitor, so I won't be sitting here for too much. Doesn't allow me to go out when it's too late. etc.

I also have this shit, that I fell in love few times but never had a relationship, never had a boyfriend-I'm willing to have a boyfriend for so many years. Despite the fact that boys say I'm sexy, beautiful, etc I hadn't boyfriend yet.

A boy I'm in love with, for quite long time, rejected me twice, although he says that I'm pretty girl and all that stuff, he isn't ready for this responsability-being in a relationship.

It's so painful for me, to live like that-as my parents force me to do too many things, when I'm in love for too much time and when my grades in school suck-because of those reasons.

I know I can sound really pathetic-but these are my for thinking of commiting a suicide.

Please, talk to me people. Please.
11 Apr 2007 skyla I need help.
I hate life more than anything right now. i need a way to commit suicide. I'm thinking about overdosing on anti depressants but idk if it will work.
someone please talk to me.
11 Apr 2007 Brandon Morgan I have been here before, I am Brandon Morgan... I now live with my grandmother... She is going through chemo-therapy, she has shingles, she has has over 3 surgeries in the past 4-5 months! My sister lives with her, and hse hates me and she hates my grandmother! I am 12 going on 13 in May. My Myspace URL is; and my screename for AIM is soberebos! I need help! I am about to kill myslef! Please talk to me ASAP!
11 Apr 2007 Tom I wish I knew.
I'm 17 and I'm in a fairly serious relationship with a girl. We've been going out for nearly two years and about six months ago we had sex. I wasn't really sure if i wanted to but I did it cos i knew she wanted it, and because i love her.
The problem is, I think i might be gay. I'm so confused, when i'm with her everything is perfect but when we're apart I find that i'm not attracted to her and my mind drifts to guys at my school.
Before we started going out i told my best friend i was gay, but she blabbed to everybody and i suppose i only started going out with her to prove i'm not. i was happy for a while but now it kills me to think of what all ths is gonna do to her. I just need to find out who i really am.
I can't sleep right anymore and i'm a recovering anorexic. and i'm beginning to get feelings for this guy who's a really close friend of my girlfriend.
i just want to die and leave it all behind. i don't want to have to worry about who i am anymore
11 Apr 2007 alex n dear god,

today i stopped beliving in you
i stopped because i just thought that how can you be real,
i have prayed and prayed asking you to heal my pain
and i have never got a responce, my heart is still broken as it ever was
so what will it take, i want to be in a relationship with you,
but i dont know what i am worshiping is real
i cry out to you almost every night in one way or another
how i long for us to be together
are you ignoring every word i said?
where are you now, as i am writing this with my heavy heart
where where you last month when i tried to kill myself?
why do you just sit back and watch me go though this emotional pain
when will it end?
because i need to feel happy again
and it feels like it will never happen
i cant see the light
all i can see i darkness
why are you ignoring me god
it feels like i am fighting everyday by myself
and i need somebody, maybe that somebody is you?
what happens after death
cuz i came close the other week
where were you, why wernt you there, helping me along though this shitty life?
pain, pain, pain, thats all i ever feel, and you are supposed to help heal this pain
but you never do, i pray and pray, so why are you ignoring me?
i have even prayed to you saying that i want to die tonight, in my sleep,
and wake up in the kindom, or limbo
why should i worship something that isnt real,
why am i loosing my faith
i was starting to believe in you,
but not anymore
i give up on you god!!!!
you dont want to know me
whats the problem, arnt i good enougth for you, is that it?
you do not bring me happiness,
you do not heal my broken heart
you just ignor ever word that i say to you
so god,whats the deal, i want to know you, i want to let you into my heart
so why are you ignoring me
i have tried, i pray, i go to church, i tell people how awsome you are
but not any more,
i am giving up on you, like you seem to be giving up on me
are you there now?
are you listning now.
i give up
i hate you
has that got your attention!!!!!
you need to make me feel like ive got somebody
you need to make me feel like i am somebody
not just a nobody
because that is what i feel like all the time
you seem to answer other people
so why not me?
why dont you heal my broken heart
why cant you end my pain?
oh, i know, next time, i'll pray to get ran over by a trian
fuck u god
fuck u
i hate you
i dont want to know you
i dont want to be with you
i suddenly feel happy when i rebel against you
whats up with that
im better off without you god!!!!!
i dont need you
i dont want to know you anymore
goodbye god, its been shit knowing you
now that i am giving up on you my life should get better
so ye, goodbye god, goodbye chirstianity
goodbye heaven
i was never good enougth to get into there anyway
fuck u god, i h8 you and i always will do, from now on,
09 Apr 2007 kitten hello i know i aint 13 i am 19 last year in summer when i was 18 i took about 42 paracetamol and went out for the night with my friend i was taking more while out with alchol and i collasped on the floor at the nightclub. I was being picked on because i was clever and people were jealous so mum said, also i was sexual attacked when i was a little younger, At the hospital when i woke my friend mum and dad was their it was awful to see their face i felt awful. However my life changed for the better and i was ok after that i regreted doing such a thing. Now again my life as got worse i had a good job and this lad who i was good friends with me suppose to have been really liked me and he got me in trouble at work because he worked their to and i might end up getting sack now because of him this is the job i always wanted to do aswell all my life and because he picked me up one night when i was downtown and i was drunk he tried to have sex with me while i was asleep and i wouldnt let him and i told him to take me home so he got me in trouble. so basically because of his lies and he couldnt get what he wouldnt the job i always wanted to do might end, the job i have evolved my life round so my life as got worse again and i want to die once again but i just do not want to hurt my mum again like before. theres other reasons to but do not want to say
09 Apr 2007 Svante I dont feel anything anymore. Its like somebody ripped the part that feels happiness right out of my body. My life is meaningless. School is fucking up. I cant see why i should struggle so hard to live if life isnt worthwhile? Is there any reason that i should not commit suicide?
08 Apr 2007 im tired of life i've always been like the happiest girl in the world and even when i was sad no one could tell b/c i'd put on a fake smile and act like er thing was ok, that was until i got into high skool. I've had to deal wit er body sayin im bi and then my grandparents both died then after that my dad died then my best friend started doin drugs and pretty much stopped talkin to me, a few months after that the boi i love broke up wit me and lately i jus wanna die.I used to think those ppl who cut themeselve and talk about suicide were crazi but now i am that person. I started cutting jus recently and I've already wrote the letter to leave 4 my friends and family i'm jus so tired of all the dissapointment and hurt in my life and im soo ready 4 it to jus be over...
08 Apr 2007 joe I too am thinking of ending it all. I have lived 45 years on this earth and I have had enough of it. i am tired of the struggles with money ,relationships and just society in general.I developed acne during my teen years and it left some scarring on my back and face ...the emontional pain is far worse. say what u want about personality it does not matter all anyone can see are the scars. when u are 45, short, bald and overweight, broke,with a scarred face the choices are downright none. it affects jobs(which i have had too many to count although none at the moment)i see people talkin about me in public, no one makes eye contact if they do they quickly look away. no dates, nothin tired of borrowing money from my parents now they too have turned their back on me. my best friend is my dog and he is aging 15 years and getting crippled so when he dies i am going out with him. life sucks i can only think of 3 or 4 good moments in my life in 45 years. no one will give me a good paying job b/c i dont have that college ed. my parents could not afford for me to go to college but i am as smart as any those types just never given the chance. in 45 years i have never heard my parents say one good thing about me. my dad once said the biggest mistake he made was bringing 2 kids into the world. i want ed to get some help but i realize when u do u lose certain rights(gun ownership) so thats not an option.i dont want to die but i have no choice i am at the end of the rope so to speak when my pet dies so do i!!!!
05 Apr 2007 Kelli D Hey guys its me again Kitty. Ive decided to change the name i write under cos so many people are using it. Anyway I guess good things dont always last. Me and the guy i met of her broke up but we are still realy good friends. My mates are always there for me and I got a new boyfriend. It looks perfect doesnt it. Well its not. All I've had since I started dating my boyfried is "He's going to cheat on you" or "He's watching other girls do dirty things on thier webcams." Its been said so many times that I've began to believe it. I dont trust him anymore because other people who dont know him or me are saying things. Ive started accusing him of doing stuff I no in my heart he hasnt but my head wont believe him. We argue all the time and hardly see each other. Its hell. I jsut want it all to end. As soon as I find my little bit of happiness something fucks it up. Is this how God wants us to be unhappy. Why cant I be happy? I see couples walking down the street and just wish it was me. I'm not allowed to be happy while I'm alive I know that now. Maybe I should end it all tonight. Maybe I will be happier in death. I no that suicide is a sin and I will go to hell for it, but can hell be anyworse then wat I'm going through now? I cant trust him. You cant have a relationship without trust. I dont wanna lose him I love him but how can I when theres doubts in my head.
If anyone can help me please please contact me. I hope your stronger then I am.
Love you all
Kelli x x
04 Apr 2007 Aegnor Sérégon IF you are under 13 I really don't know. I tried to kill myself the first time in the sumer of 05. I was 30 then. I am 32 now. I have 2 back injuries, have to take massive amounts of pills to be able to get out of bed. I still hurt. I have been divorced twice. I was molested and tortured for several years starting at age 6. I recently met someone who fell in love with me. I wasn't looking for someone, but I finally let myself open up to her. We had the best times just hangin' out together and talking. I thought maybe things had started to turn around, and then she became more distant. I think she is having an affair. That is pretty much last thread to snap. I told myself if this happened I would kill my self. My parents are dead, I am in constant pain, and I have been hurt for the last time.
01 Apr 2007 its tearing up my heart... I'm not sure why i am writing this. jeez i hope my mom doesnt come in. well..basically it all started 8 weeks ago. i had a really close group of friends who i did everything with. i was the one everyone invited over all the time, but then...everything went down hill. i dont know why, and i didnt ask more than once. my "best friend" has serious family issues, and took them out on me. so looooong story short, i am excluded, not talked to, exlcuded, excluded, excluded. this isnt typical high school girl bitchiness stuff. this is mean, calculated, and cruel stuff. my parents are missing my sister already who is going to college right now. her vs. me: she holes up in her room and doesnt interact, i always want hugs. my parents get sick of it and rather hug my sister. they're sick of me talking about my issues and are telling me not to be the victim and to be strong. but it isnt that easy, i just cant do it anymore. i lost all of my friends and strength in a total of 3 hours. i dont have a gun, so i cant end my life easily and slowly. i ahve pills but who knows what to take and how much? what works and what will just ruin some part of your body but let you live? i dont want to die painfully and slowly. so basically...i dont know how to die. i get my liscense in november, and by then i can just crash my car purposely into a tree or something. but i cant wait until then, what do i do?
29 Mar 2007 someone please help me im almost step dads in jail forever my mom lives far away in floridia and hates my guts i have absolutely no friends whatsoever everyone makes fun of me and the only person i have is my dad and he always yells and screams at me. i cry about 4 times a day and i dont even know why, i might be under a disease and not even know it..someone please tell me whats wrong with me
27 Mar 2007 well. Well its been 5 year since i first considered suicide and i am still alive and my life is more fucked up than ever.
25 Mar 2007 Nobody Why would you want to kill yourself when your only 13 and have lived so little of a life? I'd wait and see if things get better. Right now I am 22. I have never experienced these feelings of suicide until now. I feel so weak, so unloved, so ignored and I feel like practically nobody cares about it. I feel like everything I say or do is wrong. I feel like I'm stupud half the time. I'm only 22. Some people probably think this wouldn't be so much of a problem...but I have held a bunch of sleeping pills in my hand and just looked at them and wish I could swallow them all. I couldn't do it though. I've this once or twice while I was home alone. I just got to thinking about everybody in my life and wondering where would I go after this? It just scared me. So I put them back and decided against it. I don't want my parents finding out or any of my friends...well I don't even have any friends right now. I am too scared to tell my mom that I feel like killing myself because I don't want to scare her or anything. I do have so many feelings bottled up inside me though and I think those are tearing me apart. I feel like I'm just struggling to get through...but I have looked up suicide and I am surprised at how many people want to do this. I also found some of the stories on here inspiring and helpful. I will try...try...try to move forward as best as I can and try to believe that God is wanting me to survive and remain in this life.
24 Mar 2007 Joelius dont... I Just lost one of my good friends to suicide 4 days and I have not stopped crying. she thought she had to die to make the pain stop but she caused so much pain for all the people that love her.. and there are alot more than she thought. she hung herself, and her mother had to walk in and see her daughter hanging there. I cannot sleep properly It hurts everytime i breath. think about the people you are leaving behind, the words they may fire at u are not how they feel inside. prove that you are stronger by living... choose life and if any of you need help I am here... my name is Joel and I am 19 I live in australia and I miss my good friend Jenna one of the beautifulest nicest caring people in the world... My heart died on tuesday the 20th of march 2007 when at just 16 Jenna decided to take her life... I will never be the same I will never recover. I will always love her and always miss her... ALWAYS... my email is if u need to talk... I am here... <3 RIP JENNA
20 Mar 2007 lonely lonely emo luke my gf and i wer goin out 4 a month but we had ben friends 4 life anyway i wanted 2 kill myself but she stoped me over and over and over den i asked her 2 die wit me but she said no and i dumped her so she wouldent feel bad wen i died so den i was in my room wit a knife in my stomach wen she came in she called to my dad and i was brought to the hospital and 2 days l8er she came to viset me and i got up out of bed and beat her now its her turn in hospital but she was put in the same room as me and im gonna kill my self 2night any
20 Mar 2007 the menace Hey everyone! If you ever need someone to talk to whether to kill yourself and what is there that's actually worth living, email @ or AIM @ somnifere777 (aol messenger), ironical isn't it somnifere means sleeping pill in French, and I know a lot of you would LOVE to have that magical pill right now, to be able to drift into your own ideal world where your abusive past can be magically erased and that nothing and no one can and will ever be able to hurt you again. Well, unfortunately that place doesn't axist, but a simple communication between 2 ppl can sometime bridge that gap. I'm not a psychiatric so I can't recommand any meds to kill or make ur life better, just my thoughts and opinions. I won;t tell you that suicide is BAD and that it's not a reasonable excuse for you to escape when it comes to facing reality. I won't judge. I've read some of your heart retching stories and I have to say if I were in ur situation suicide does sounds like a paradise. I don't condone or support suicide. So what do I stand for then, right? IDK. I just don't know. I'm as confused about the world as u r. I a second year undergraduate, majoring in neuroscience. I want to understand about the brain. I want to know y a yr ago I felt like crap and constantly contemplating about ending my life. I haven't found the answer. My PSYCHO tells me it's the inbalance in my chemicals. Screw these ppl. They're just part of the government puppets to extort you for there "legal" drugs. The brain is amazing! It can heal itself. It doesn't need shitty pills to heal itself. It doesn't foreign agents to make it feel better. If you want to feel better, your brain can do that for you. A neurotransmitter known as endorphin can do that. Endorphin is opioid-related, like morphin. The quest that you have to do is to TELL you brain to release. YOu can do this by encouraging your brain not degrade it or feed it with government drugs. Message me or better yet AIM me, I'm use AIM more than email. Talk with, maybe you can help me too. I need help as much as you do. Since when do u hear a psychiatric (PSYCHO) tell you that. I'm only helping you b/c I think you can help me too. Despite all my reading on the brain I still feel so worthless. I nee your support as much as you're asking for one.
19 Mar 2007 Nancy im so sick of life i dont even know why its this feeling that deep inside of me im always so tired and sad and i was never like this i was that girl that made everyone happy well why the fuck i am here i kno why im here for my girlfriend i love her soo much ive cut myself just bcuz she was ignoring me on the phone im a pussy i love her and im gay gah email me or something if wanna talk ok
18 Mar 2007 Christina right noww i dont wanna kill myself i just wanna cut my wrist because i like this kid ryan but i think he is using me soo i just wanna cut my wrist to get the pain out because i love him soo muchh!!

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