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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 May 2007 Robyn!.. I dont no how many times i've tried to commit suicide!
My live isnt worth living.. Ino that i avent got massive problems in my life! Like I've Never been raped or abused! I've got 2 lovely parents!.. But they just ave never told me that they loved me! And I'm In love.. But he doesnt even no i exsist! My Best Friend Just Hung Herself ther.. 2 week ago!
I love her so much! And I really need her! I need to be with her!
I've took pills before.. I've got stictches becuz of my arm.. becuz the cuts wer realy deep! I ave tried to hang myself but.. the rope has snapped twice! And the pole broke before..
I just dont see the point in living.. No one deserves till be treated like dirt! If he doesnt love me.. Then wot is ther to live for! I'm in over my head! .. I really dont no wot to do anymore!??!?!
OMG! .. Liiks!
I dont think i can live my life anymore!
Tonight i will try agen.. I will slit my wrists then i will take 150 parocetomal..then i will try hangin again.. all of these combined shud work!
I love you Babii .. R.ii.P!

love yuuuuhhhh! XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

sleep tight angel!

be with you soon! XxxxxX
15 May 2007 wilma Hey everyone I'm back
I suppose today was a blah day my head hurts from all the stress and I've been in a bad mood lately until someone I'M me he is a good person he's funny too well yeah but that doesn't stop me I still have problems at home and everywhere I go if I had a gun by now I wouldn't be alive I'M me my sn is itsmelocha
15 May 2007 Bennyboi Hi peoples, its me, Ben...
Lately I have been getting a little depressed my-self...
Mi greatest fiend is helping alot too, she is anorexic and bulleamic ( If thats how u spell it).
She fainted one Friday after an English lesson because she hadnt eaten in days. It really freaked me out, I got really dizzy and had to go to the office with her because I couldnt do anything, I was so scared I couldnt stand up. It was a little funny because We ended up in the office because of her fainting.
But it was soo scary.
Also, people can be so cruel and mean, they will literally drive some one to suicide or insanity! God Help me!

Well, I will live.
Godluck to all.
14 May 2007 miss n. m. f not telling soz Hey !
H A T E !!! life and really really wnat to die because i have too many problems and all i do is fuck every thing up and every 1 hates me and i am fed up of pissing the ones i love i have tied the following:
jamp infront of a car.
slit my wrists badly.
tried to slit my throat.
tried drowning.
and alot of other things,I have been in hospital over 56 times and i just won't if any1 has any ideas i would LOVE to know plz tell me :D:D:D
14 May 2007 Dead_Already Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 Dead_Inside Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 Neekie I want to die..most of the time. Especially when I think abotu my life. It's been one big nightmare. Sexual abuse, twice before the age of 18. Betrayed by my mother. Neglected by my father. Obstacles arising and stomping my goal of being a nurse into the ground. I failed college algebra..I suck @ math. The person I've invested nearly 3 years of my pitiful life in has all but dropped me completely. I am a slave to sin. I have gained alot of weight..I get new scars all the time. I lost some of my singing ability. I'm in debt. So many reasons to take my own life, yet something holds me back. Not of this earth..existing before time began. God and music are the only things keeping me alive. I cry well more like sob and wail and moan and scream so much. As bad as I want to die..I want to live. Death is the easy way out. If I'll be at the hands of someone else..not me. I am a tortured soul do you know what it feels like?
13 May 2007 locha Ok so I'm not 13 but I am 15 and the best way to kill yourself is pray to god and tell him to take your life away I tried killing myself 2times but it didn't work I needed some1 to kill me I needed a gun its the easiest way my life SUCKS at this point in time and it CAN get worse I'm failing school and everyone is fucking being assholes to me I need help but can't afford it I pretend that everything is ok when its not I hate my life and want to die
Anyone wanna talk aim me at itsmelocha
11 May 2007 John Life can be extremely beautiful. I have experienced very beautiful periods, but also lots of and very long depressing periods. The last years things were getting better for me. Until a few months ago I got a serious set-back. I was on the very edge of suicide. When I would have had an instant way out like a potassium cyanide pil there was a 99% chance I wouldn't be writing this anymore. And actually that would be a shame because I know how much I can enjoy life. But a major problem keeps me from being happy today. I cried out for help. My family an girlfriend offer me help as much as they can. A person I have met on this site helps me too, which I very much appreciate. With the help of my friends and God I'm trying now to get my major problem solved. Sometimes I get little signs, that I will find a way out. But it remains very uncertain today, and that scares me. I need a lot of courage, perseverance, luck and the help of God.
All help is welcome to get me through, because I want to live, but it's damn hard
05 May 2007 Irie Hi… It always takes me by surprise when I realise how similar we are to each other in terms of fears, aspirations, ideas of happiness and still we do feel so lonely and unloved. There is something that obviously does not click. Are we overly introvert? I am sure even those bullies in schools have to face the pain on a day-to-day level.
My story is similar to that of Dead Inside… I have been crying constantly for the last 6 months… for what I call betrayal of love. It is just he no longer shares our dreams, and no longer wants to be with me… We cant be together for many, many reasons, and he is saying he is just realistic. But these obstacles did not prevent him earlier from having very strong feelings towards me, from sharing common goals and dreams, from making me one of the most happiest women in the world, when I wasn’t walking – I was flying above the earth…nd now he says I am being overly fantastic and unrealistic, that I am a love freakie and that I invented that in my own head. When I think how happy we were in love together and that is never ever going to happen though I have been fighting so hard to preserve this precious feeling, and to win him back, I feel suicidal. It feels like I am losing him with every breath I make, and I feel very bitter that all his words which I remember - all of them in detail – did not stand the test of time. I wasn’t afraid of death as I knew we would be together always, we had our eternity! He was the reason I lived!!! And now instead of eternity I have a black ugly whole in my life of loneliness, hopelessness and the depreciated meaning of love.
05 May 2007 Mercury I would not know the best way to end it all. Actually, about a year or two ago I sat here, on this very chair and typed a comment for everyone to see about how it would get better. And I know for sure, it hasn't! I haven't visited the site since. Actually, I have not even thought about it.

And now, I've cried so many times and I am in so much pain...I just want to die. I want it to end now and I really just want someone to tell me the beast way. I have cut so many times and now I cut so deep but it no longer hurts. I burn now. That hurts but really in the end, I feel nothing. I really just need someone's help to end it the right way.

I don't want to live anymore. I don't want to survive another attemp. I am begging you, help me.

03 May 2007 --V-- Hi! My name is ----- and recently, I've decided on trying suicide. My life is too perfect, and I think I am causing my family trouble. I don't want that! I don't even know if they are having financial problems or what. They hate my grades, too. Most of the time, I get around 78% as an average. My mom wants me to do better. I understand why, but it's getting harder and harder each time we go through this. I bet their life would be better if I dissapeared from the face of earth. But one problem is I can't find a meathod that won't hurt horribly, and if I don't die, I coul become some cripple and suffer for the rest of my life. I really don't deserve this wonderful life, others do. Well... this may be the only thing left of proof that I actually existed... So, Bye! (P.S. I love the simpsons, who doesn't?)
01 May 2007 Amber I too would like to kill myself I am 24 yrs old my mother killed herself when I was 16 sometimes it really seems like there is no body that does care or love me and dont even mention shrinks I've been there and done that I dont trust them you only pay them to hear what you want to here plus you cant trust them for the somple fact that they are being paid no one really listens or cares because when it comes right down to it they only care about their self I've been this way since I was 14 now 10 yrs later I feel the same way and I still hate myself and it will never change I've cried out for help so many times but nobody ever listens not even my bf he pnly makes it worse I cant tell you any reasons why you should'nt but I can say that its not too late for you you have a lot of years to live so do your best to live it up the best way that you can hopefuly later you wont feel that way
01 May 2007 jess i hate life
im pregnant at 12
my boyfriend killed himself
my best friend killed himself
i was sexually abused
i was bullied all trough primary
i hate life
im depressed
i used to cut
ive tried to kill myself at 13 time
but iv pulled through if i can you i was hard
01 May 2007 robert iam in foster care people boss me a round and i hate that if you have any ways to kill me
30 Apr 2007 nyasha lindiwe I have had suicidal thoughts eversince i was a chil, i was raped several times and i have always been quiet. I have tried it once and i failed, i drank poison but my parents rushed me to the hospital, the secong time my cousin stopped me. I feel like she was the only person who understood me, she died od pneumonia i wish that i could have traded places with her. My life sucks, i have tried changing for my boyfriend of 4 years and he dumped me cause i tried to change for him, he doesnt notice the change. I feel like shit everyday, i am always in my room i cant even gather up the strength to go to school cause i feel sooo numb, i am in university. I don't feel worthy to live here, everything just doesnt work out. I called my boyfriend cause i feel closer to him and i wanted to talk to him cause i ahve been having suicidal thoughts, he doesnt care he told me to shut up and he said that he didnt want anything to do with me. My father cheats on my mum and that hurts me alot, There are sooo many reasons to it, and id love to be with my cousin again cause she made me feel like i was worth it. I don't feel loved, i am going to kill myself and the best way is to shoot yourself right in the heart cause thats where it all lays. If my family is reading this, you didn't help me when i asked for help, allen hwengwere you told me to shut up when i wanted to talk about my depression and you ignored shall feel the pain i went through soon.

im a failure
i cantr do anything right

i juts wonna die

help me please

27 Apr 2007 alex N dear god

please help me
im begging you
ive fallen down
can you help me up?

i just feel like i cant go on living this life anymore
everyday just seems like an uphill struggle
im so worthless
im nothing

lord, i feel so alone, i feel like i have nobody.
i am crying out to you to pick me up out of this hole i have fallen down
at the moment, i dont even have a reason to get out of bed in the morning
i just lie there and think, wots the point
im such a looser
im such a big dissapointment

lord, please help heal this heart of mine,
it feels like its being pulled down by the most heavy weight
and i dont know how much more i can take
im holding on, by a thread
i just wanna go, take all this pain away
i just wanna leave this place
i feel so worthless
i feel so down

lord, please help me, please! help me stop feeling this pain
i just cant take it
i want to die
so y shoudnt i
i mean, people say they will miss me, but they will get over it
it may take time but they will.

lord, i never cry, but i just did, for the first time this year.
so why when i need to cry i cant?
i feel like all the happiness in my life has gone
i force a smile, but deep down, im bleeding
and hurting, my heart id really hurting
and for the best part, i dont even know why?

i hate myself, lord, why cant you just kill me
just make me die in my sleep, go on, 2night, just do it
i cant take living anymore
i cant take this pain
i cant take the way im feeling
i know you are there lord
i know that you can hear me
i know you havent abandoned me
although sometimes it feels like you have

lord, i get this lump in my throught for the first time this year
and i have to hold it in, untill my mum goes upstairs
but then i just let it all out, it feels good to cry, so y dont i?

everything is lost, my whole life feels like it is crashing down all around me
i mean, lets face it, im not gonna b ok,
things are only gonna get worse

i feel so alone
so fragile, like i am just gonna break at any second
people, my friends, think im happy, im not! i have never been so low
i am hitting new lows every day!!
and no, its not getting better, its getting worse and worse
why am i feeling this way?
oh, here comes that feeling again
hopelessness, worthlessness, DEPRESSION!!

Stuck on the end of this ball and chain
And I’m on my way back down,
Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach

i loose my hunger for food
as my heart sinks lower and lower into the ground
why dont i just collapse here on the floor and die
will anyone notice when im gone?
will i go to a better place?
love, i so desperatly need, sometimes, just a long hug
but it never happens
i just go home and i have my mum shouting at me, oh yes, thats very comforting
thankyou lord, for giving me a mum, who hates depressed people, she doesnt know the first thing about how im feeling
and yet i have to hide it all from her
i book an appointment to see my doctor
does she know? NO

i love you jesus
i just want someone to say that they love me
i hate having to hide the way im feeling, and pretending that everything is ok
last month i tried to top myself
i am saying to everyone that this month is much better
but, its actually, much worse
i just want to go, dissapear, vanish, be gone from this world
i really dont want to be me anymore
so if i do die, please help me lord, please say there is something better than this?
theres got to be?
i wish i could make sense of all these thoughts going round my head
my heart is empty, i feel like i am going into a black hole
despair??? lord please tell me why i am feeling this way
please tell me why i am feeling so alone
help me!!!!
please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its not going to be ok
is it?
im on my way back down
and i will never be able to turn my frown upside down
i will never be ok
i will never be anything
im just one big fuck up!!!

25 Apr 2007 LK today was another fuked up day. im thirteen my lifes slowly falling apart and im trying to find some reasons to live. I'm to scared to cut myself and im not much of a fan of the hanging. but jumping off of a building seems the easiest way. My parents are the worst. They dont talk to me. They dont know whats going on in my life and they dont seem to care. They love my baby brother way more than me and they spoil him like crazy. and im guessing deep down inside they wish i was never born. Well im not an outcast and i have a lot of friends. i dress normal and im self concious way too much. i never have time to sit and think to myself about things and its tearing me apart. im always busy and sometimes i wish i had someone who was here to make my life easier. i think the main reason i want to die is because i cant handle all the pain and stress and i dont think anyone understands me.

i wish someone did. i know there are people who will act like they do but truly no one ever really does understand.

i know people will be sad if i killed myself. but i just want to make them realize how much they hurt me. and i want them to hurt as much. then maybe they would understand how it really feels to be in so much pain.

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