Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 May 2007 Hannah I hate my life. I don't like were i am living.. I don't like most of the people around me.. its so bad sometimes i just feel like getting up and killing my mother or anybody that is around me. I have had inuff, I have tried killing myself before.. but obviously it didant work.. i took 16 pills and overdosed.. i ended up in hospital and luckily i didant have to have a pipe down my throat because i had thrown up most of the pills. I am still thinking of doing it again.. but i want to make shure i don't live this time.. i am not going to school at the momment.. there is a psycholagist coming to see me every monday and i don't like her at all. I was being sexual abused my my cousen.. but nobody knows that, I want to tell my family but we are so close i don't want it to rouing us. I just hate life, End of. What the hell should i do?! Man this sucks so much.
27 May 2007 Liz well, i'm 16 (i know, a little old to be playing the self pitty act). i have no real answers to 'how to kill yourself'. i merley just need an escape from reality. as i mentioned; i'm 16, i'm smart, i have a great family and, yeah i guess i have 'friends'. apparantly i'm pretty, from what people have said and what those nuaghty boys try to do to me, i gather that people see me as some kind of a sex symbol or slut in my little home town. slut, pfft i aint even KISSED a boy (there all so dirty and pathetic, i want myself a sid vicious or marilyn manson). my life was perfect, i had two best friends; jaime (a runaway from home, a saint, my best best friend. could tell her everything, including my disturbing dreams and vissions of what i thought was a ghost) and Rachael (an 'emo', an outcast, a co-pilot for my life). we did absolutly EVERYTHING together. and, since we had no boyfriends, we stuck together. on the summer holidays, something happened. i'm still not sure what. firstly, i fell inlove with a boy name kyle. secondly, so did jaime. jaime and i spent everyday together. we would stay up all night, just to watch the sun rise in the morning. suddenly, my tast in music changed. i abbandoned my love for hip hop and rnb for i had a deep passion for 'other things'. ROCK.certain songs (such as if love is a red dress, or paint the silence) would make me feel as if i were inlove. the movie sid and nancy shook me heaps (love story between sid vicious sex pistols bassist and junkie nancy spungen). i was obssesed with rock, love, and cult movies. i grew bizzare interests in subjects that would later have me reffered to as a 'satanist' . well,i went insane. jaime and rach betrayed me, jaime got the guy and moved in with rach. now i'm left out of everything. i think i scared em away. we r still friends, but theyv'e seen me suffering for months and havn't even asked me 'whats wrong, can i help'. they tell me that they love me but they want the old me liz back (liz being my name). THEY KILLED THE OLD LIZ! i've started smoking, and lately iv'e been burning myself with cigerette butts. ofcourse i don't expect the butts to kill me, and i don't hate myself. to me, slitting and burning is like the all time f*** you! I HATE EVERYONE HAH!!! i don't want to die, but i don't want to live. the truth, im too much a coward to kill myself. besides, if i were to kill myself, it wouldn't be becuase i hated myself. it's be becuase i wanted to hurt those that did me wrong. i'd like to hurt jaime and rach. hurt em for forgetting about me, and for leaving me out, and for not helping me, and becuase i still love em and i know that i'm probably da last thing on their minds. and, if i did suicide, i'd only hurt my family. on no! what if i didn't hurt anyone? what if no one really cared. i get so deep in my thoughts dat i can't get out. now, i'm a weirdo. a creep. da last text message on my phone was 4 months ago (besides my parents telling me to get home before sun down). i wish that everyone could see all the tears, all the pain. i want to meet someone like me. i want to be understood. my nightmares are my favourite dreams. the dreams in wich i die are the best kinds of dreams. at sxhool, i'll put on my ipod and imagine all the things i'd like to say, all the ways i'd like to die, all the love that i could have. but then the bell go's and i wake up, i'd i'm still here in this cruel world, and i go and 'hang' with my so-called 'friends'. and everyone sayd "oh, liz is so beautiful, i would do anything to have her life". and i can't stop shaking! i can't take it sometimes, last week i mixed painkillers with a few cowboys (the only alchahole i had lying around). i was sick all night, and i think i passed out once, but besides that nuthin happened so DON'T TRY IT! i think if i were to go i'd pick soe=mething quick, painless and uterly dramatic! i think i'd definatly hang. my corpse, swaying in the wind near some playground. hopefully i'd be found by some little girl walking her wittle puppy dog. "AHHHHHHH A DEAD GIRL" the polic would saydid she have any reason to kill herself?" mum would cry "i shouldn't have called her fat!" rachael would cry "i should have called her up the night before to ask her why she spent so long in the school toilets yersterday!" jaime would say "I should have been there for her and helped her when i saw the bruises and burns on her arms and neck, and i should have loved her, and i shouldn't have abandoned her!". but in reality, i'll just sit on my bed, listen to some mazzy star music, cry, burn, and go to school tomorrow wondering if anyone will notice the blank seat that lizzy use to sit in. god i'm pathetic!
24 May 2007 No one will remember me I've been thinking for a long time about killing myself. People say when you kill yourself your leaveing loved ones behide. I'm not. I have no friends, I never had a boyfriend (and I'm 17), my mother hates me. I don't know my real father, I go to a adult high school, I sit in my room all day crying and just thinking of ways to kill myself. I tried cutting myself once but I didn't make the cuts deep. Now, I think about drinking bleach(will that do anything?) I can't talk to no one becuse I have no one. I just want to be happy. I pray every night to just have one good day but nothing is happening. I don't dout god, it's just that I need help and I'm not getting it. So I'm giving myself a week from today to think and if things are not right, then I'm going to make myself and my family happy by being gone.
23 May 2007 PLEASE CRY FOR ME!! I don't know what to do I just want to give up, cry for me please. I'm so self centerd and emotional that I want to end my own life, not only to devastate my children, my parents and friends but to slap GOD in the face. I've had so much pain and tribulation in this life that I'm in a big fucking rush to get to Hell so I can suffer unimaginable grief and pain for all of eternity. See folks the problem is I just got this new computer. I really love this computer and now it has a virus and I had to disable my windows media player and man I really love music. So I give up I just can't take it anymore. And yes I realize that life goes on. People will grieve as long as they are at my funeral but as soon as it's over, outta sight outta mind. My wife will get a new husband, my children will get a new father and I will get a nice warm spot in HELL. But I sure showed them. But thats what I get for being a weak, self centered crybaby.
23 May 2007 to Dead inside. dead inside. is you last post
{Hello darkness, my old friend,
Ive come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone,
neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of
A neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.

Fools said i,you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you.
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon God they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the signs said, the words of the prophets
Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls.
And whisperd in the sounds of silence.}
your own words or is it someone else's?
I need to know, or i am going to fail school, 8th grade. It is for homework and i wanted to quote you. i need to do this to get a D-, if i don't i will fail and have to stay back, I will die. help me.
20 May 2007 brandon ((help me)) I am Brandon Michael Morgan! I have been here previously! I jsut turnde 13 yesterday! I hate life.. please help.. ME!! or IM on AIM Elektronikozoz or send me an E-Mail talk 2 me plz!!
20 May 2007 Giggles Yes suicide is fun or so you would be led to beleave, but dont worrie, im a person who lives with the self loathing apperation of hatred and self pitty, and do you know what, i cant live with out it. just found out the person who i love is lying to me, cheating on me with her ex boyfriend, and i cant do anything about it, life is so overrated. well thats all i really have to say for now, add me or email me if you want to chatt or find out more,
Adam. xx
19 May 2007 STEVEN dont commit suicide... :( ive suffered alot and im not doing to good now...theses demons are molesting me and these voices wont go geting possed and feel like somebody else from time to time....i hate it....this world brings me down...i feel unloved....never felt wut its like having a real uncle commited suicide in front of me when i was a kid....and more its to sad....somebody please love me....

steven the archangel
19 May 2007 dont wanna say I have no idea to the best way but i need help with that question to. I have gonethrough too much shit and all of it is not worth it. I am pretty and pretty popular, yet my hime life sucks. I've been abused by my mother been pushed down flights of stairs stabed. If i get under a 90 on a test i will be beaten. i was recently switch to live with my father but its worse. He opnely admits that he loves my brothers more then me. And that i should go back to my moms becasue i piss him off. I cut myself and i take pills. My father is a dr. And i want to know what pills i should perscribe myself, for a painless death.
I will turn 12 next week.
Thank You!
17 May 2007 locha Life sux I wish my life was over already I hate my life its so stressful too many problems I can't deal with anymore

Well if u wanna aim me my sn is itsmelocha
My yahoo sn is hyperlocha
16 May 2007 jess there never is a gd way
as i was told when i was at my lowest you i have to forfill your duty and then you will die but i have to forfill that duty i cud be anything at all every1s is different and it could be anything
i find life a battle everyday is a battle and sometimes its just too hard to fight soo i harm myself but i make sure i dont do anything that cud seriouly hurt me or kill me because ive got 2 furfill my duty and i will
im not going 2 cut my life short anymore no matter how much i want 2 be brave and strong and you will do it its hard i no but it is possibe
if you want to talk email me or add me on msn at
i hope you live!!
15 May 2007 dangelo im 17 years old, i have no friends except 1, 1 girl, i love her more than anything in the world, and she loves me. but she has a boyfriend and shes pregnant with his kid. me and dana have made love many times. we have held eachother and stared into eachothers eyes for hours. but she went to visit her boyfriend in bootcamp on family day and she stopped loving me. i guess she relized how much she missed him. Id die 1000 times over just to be with her. that bad part is that we still hang out but just dont do much and then everyother couple days well kiss for awhile and hold eachother. but the next day she thinks it was wrong and my heart is broken again and again everyday. i am constantly picked on by people in school. im actually not a bad looking guy but my opinions and views on things are mature and intelligent and god forbid someone in highschool sound intelligent. i am constantly mentally abused by my father each night. i am screamed at every night by him. over things like biting my fingernails or not shutting the garagedoor. anything at all im yelled at from the time i get home from school till about 2:00am. i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont do drugs, all i do is i love. thats the only thing i know how to do, and i cant even do that. i think i would be fine and wouldnt have thoughts of suicide if i had 1 friend but because the only friend of mine is constantly confused about who she wants to be with, me or a guy who isnt here and treats her like shit. i really just want someone to talk to. really i lived with all the arguments with my dad, failing every class in school cause i caant seem to focus cause im stressed out about everything, having no friends, and alot more. but i cant live with all that but what i cant live with is not hold the only person i know how to love in my arms. i know its really stupid to kill urself over a girl but i cant live without her and i know im just going to endup losing her. at times of when i think about suicide sadly it makes me feel better. i get a smile on my face when i think about suicide. it makes feel good then i start thinking of ways to do it. its just im waiting for the right time, i guess. i think when the girl completely ends it just like she almost did today. i think thats when ill do it. the one that makes me feel the best is taking a whole bunch of oxycodone from when i broke my arm, and then pulling the car in the garage and starting it up. i figure maybe if i take 4 or 5 pills itll knock me out long enough for carbon monoxide poisoning to set in. and really i wouldnt have to say goodbye to but 1 person, because most of the people at my school tell me to go kill myself anyway, even when iv never said anything about killing myself nor have i ever acted like i want to around people. i know this all is very out of order and probably hard to read im sorry about that but my mind is all over the place to where i just cant comprehend much right now.
15 May 2007 Robyn!.. I dont no how many times i've tried to commit suicide!
My live isnt worth living.. Ino that i avent got massive problems in my life! Like I've Never been raped or abused! I've got 2 lovely parents!.. But they just ave never told me that they loved me! And I'm In love.. But he doesnt even no i exsist! My Best Friend Just Hung Herself ther.. 2 week ago!
I love her so much! And I really need her! I need to be with her!
I've took pills before.. I've got stictches becuz of my arm.. becuz the cuts wer realy deep! I ave tried to hang myself but.. the rope has snapped twice! And the pole broke before..
I just dont see the point in living.. No one deserves till be treated like dirt! If he doesnt love me.. Then wot is ther to live for! I'm in over my head! .. I really dont no wot to do anymore!??!?!
OMG! .. Liiks!
I dont think i can live my life anymore!
Tonight i will try agen.. I will slit my wrists then i will take 150 parocetomal..then i will try hangin again.. all of these combined shud work!
I love you Babii .. R.ii.P!

love yuuuuhhhh! XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

sleep tight angel!

be with you soon! XxxxxX
15 May 2007 wilma Hey everyone I'm back
I suppose today was a blah day my head hurts from all the stress and I've been in a bad mood lately until someone I'M me he is a good person he's funny too well yeah but that doesn't stop me I still have problems at home and everywhere I go if I had a gun by now I wouldn't be alive I'M me my sn is itsmelocha
15 May 2007 Bennyboi Hi peoples, its me, Ben...
Lately I have been getting a little depressed my-self...
Mi greatest fiend is helping alot too, she is anorexic and bulleamic ( If thats how u spell it).
She fainted one Friday after an English lesson because she hadnt eaten in days. It really freaked me out, I got really dizzy and had to go to the office with her because I couldnt do anything, I was so scared I couldnt stand up. It was a little funny because We ended up in the office because of her fainting.
But it was soo scary.
Also, people can be so cruel and mean, they will literally drive some one to suicide or insanity! God Help me!

Well, I will live.
Godluck to all.
14 May 2007 miss n. m. f not telling soz Hey !
H A T E !!! life and really really wnat to die because i have too many problems and all i do is fuck every thing up and every 1 hates me and i am fed up of pissing the ones i love i have tied the following:
jamp infront of a car.
slit my wrists badly.
tried to slit my throat.
tried drowning.
and alot of other things,I have been in hospital over 56 times and i just won't if any1 has any ideas i would LOVE to know plz tell me :D:D:D
14 May 2007 Dead_Already Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 Dead_Inside Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 Neekie I want to die..most of the time. Especially when I think abotu my life. It's been one big nightmare. Sexual abuse, twice before the age of 18. Betrayed by my mother. Neglected by my father. Obstacles arising and stomping my goal of being a nurse into the ground. I failed college algebra..I suck @ math. The person I've invested nearly 3 years of my pitiful life in has all but dropped me completely. I am a slave to sin. I have gained alot of weight..I get new scars all the time. I lost some of my singing ability. I'm in debt. So many reasons to take my own life, yet something holds me back. Not of this earth..existing before time began. God and music are the only things keeping me alive. I cry well more like sob and wail and moan and scream so much. As bad as I want to die..I want to live. Death is the easy way out. If I'll be at the hands of someone else..not me. I am a tortured soul do you know what it feels like?

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