Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jul 2007 Sam I'm not gonna say don't do it, im 13, im heartbroke, and i feel like shit, i wanna commit suicide, because i feel its the best way to go, God hates me i think, he has given me a life of shit, so i fucking hate the cunt for it. My closest uncle commited suicide, and so did my idol, Kurt Cobain, this makes me go fourth and think "yeah, i wanna do it" i dont care what others think, my gf told me we were taking a break, and then later signed my website "im sorry to say we are not going out", how does that make me feel, some people may think "you sad cunt, my mom has died, or my dad killed himself" but that's you, this is how i feel, at the moment, i have my plans of hanging myself from my bannister, the same way my uncle did. Or overdosing on drugs, either way, i fucking hope i will die soon.
28 Jul 2007 anonymous i am 13 and i am one tear away from suicide i hate this word, my parents, sisster (only 10 but a real bitch) and frankly myself. i looked up how to tie a nooce, COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!! i am sorry anyone that has do deal with everday life and not get through one day without crying.
26 Jul 2007 baby slick i have a shitty involved in gangbang and shit...and to much shit starts between ma homiez and seeing them die infront of me....all ma homiez iz comin after me blamin me for that shit and im sick of life...aint no1 care about me so sum1 tell me an easy way ta erase maself
23 Jul 2007 Carmen Im 13 and I have tried to kill myself many,many times. Without my parents knowledge.No one knows the pain, horror and depression, so dont say how you feel about it if you have never tried it and dont know what its like to hate yourself so much that you would want to end it. So dont say its selfish, because honestly you dont know what suicidal kids are going through. But I do, I hate myself and i have been beatin up, bullied, cyber-bullied etc. I have no friends, no one talks to me, people start ridiculous rumors about me. My teachers hate me, i get mostly C's, my father is a Pediphile and rapes and beats me and my sister everyday. Yes, I lost my virginity to my father. My mother took her life away(in front of me)! Some life!! Is it worth living? NO!! So dont tell me it is, I am going to kill myself and no one will care, and i wont be missed. What im trying to tell you, if you have a good life, with decent parents, get good grades, popular you have no reason to do what i am going to do. If you've only been bullied tell someone who cares about you! Your parents who love you.
These are my final words to the public I am about to go in the bathroom and hang myself on the shower thingy i just got instructions on howe to properly tie that knot! Well bye
22 Jul 2007 shawna alright so my dad committed suicide when i was thirteen, i am fifteen now, but i cry every night because im just like him. ive attempted suicide five times in the last six months using pills, cutting and trying to hang myself. i am a manic depressive and i hyperventilate at night and i am in therapy and have pills but nothing works. the first year and a half after he killed himself i pretended i was happy. fact was i wasnt at all. then six months ago i met my best friend, her mom abuses her and i was there for her when she told the child protective services. but she wasnt ready to tell them everything so it still continues. she is as suicidal as me and i can tell her anything except one thing, that my mom abuses me too, because i know if i told it would ruin everything, because she tells me every day that since her mother doesnt love her, my mom is going to be hers and my mom loves her back. but i think she just figured out that my mom does it because i was on the phone with her and she asked if the thing i was keeping from her was about my mom and i didnt say anything and she knew it was true. so i hung up and she called back twelve times already because she knows im going to do something. ive hurt myself in almost every way possible but i dont have enough strength to kill myself because i cant leave my best friend because i know she'll eventually commit suicide. i know there are people that have it way worse then i do thats why i dont tell any of my friends anything anymore because i hate attention. but i just dont know what to do anymore i dont think i can handle it any longer. chances are i wont make it to graduation.

and for all these people on here saying were stupid and that were selfish for even thinking about suicide, shut the fuck up. we dont choose to be depressed and we dont choose the things in life that happens to us. you have no right to say anything until you go through exactly what we do.
21 Jul 2007 Jayson If you truly feel that life is worth giving up then do it. its not selfish..its not dumb...its you...but do know that it is very hard to kill yourself...and congradulations to the people that have done it....strength is what it takes ..and most people don'y have enough to do it.... I didnt untill now.....this will be the 8th time that I try to kill myself...but this time its it....I will never see the light of day again..and that makes mne happy.....I have never been happy..but that thought makes me to anyone who says its dumb and can all go fuck yourselves really hard...cause you didn't give a fuck while I was leave me my death....
we are all gonna end up there one day anyways...why put yourself throught the sufferening of a lifetime....I dont have the answers for everyone..but I found I go.......
21 Jul 2007 jackie im 13 and my mom has a fatal diesease that has no cure shes ben dying since i wuz 1 year old my dad wuz on illegal drugs so he didnt care and he still dusnt and my sis is so caught up with her own probs taht shes 2 busy 4 me i hav sat on the roof and tryed 2 jump off but i wuz 2 chicked i wuld shoot myself but all the guns in my house r in a gun safe slitting my wrists seems like it wuld hurt 2 much i havent tryed pills yet but i mite soon really i think i just want sum1 2 understand my point uf veiw i want attention but i dont no how 2 get it at skool i get great grades and evry1 thinks im perfect i need help i dunno wat 2 du
20 Jul 2007   Hi, I dont know but for the last bit there has not been many days where I am too happy anymore, eveything has been coming at me at once... fiance passes away to cancer, dad has stroke, grandfather passes away, loss of my last 2 relationships, school and work have stresed me completely out, my friends want nothing to do with me anymore, most of them never call anymore, i joined a suicide group that I tried to stop going to but cant because it helps take the pain away, i started cutting, been called countless things in the last 2 months,

thats just some of things and reasons why i have been really depressed.. theres more but too much to write... i just wish things would get easier and not harder... so far nothing has been easy... specially the loss of my relationships...
16 Jul 2007 Gabriel To all those people who want to commit suicide at the age of 13, do it.You're better off, I would have been. I was a victim of child abuse, was neglected, beaten the crap out of and eventually fucked by my " dear" older brother for the hole duration of my childhood. The worst thing about it is that not even my mom believed me when I told her, I still don't know why I thought that would help.I'm 22 now, never had any friends, I was always alone, quit High School in the 3rd year beacuse I could not take the other durtbag kids laughing at me. I am 22, no friends, just another anonymous face in the crowd,everything I try seems to turn to shit. The one thing I like is Winter, always felt that the cold was somehow comforting. It comforts me the fact that I wont live to see 23. I already have a bottle of sleeping pills, that combined whit the cold should make an easy way out.
14 Jul 2007 hans Life has no meaning.i have seen darkness.i can say I have been to hell and back.Why should I live when there is no love for me?I must go to the other world maybe I will be happy there
12 Jul 2007 sandra i havent tried, but i am possibly on the brink of losing my mind. windex? or clorox? i hate my life. my mom brought me all the way here, making me leave my whole life behind.
one day, one day i WILL lose my mind.
09 Jul 2007 kaila I dont want to make myself sound anymore pathedic than i feel, but i am too, severly suicidal. I have nothing... to much, to complain about in my life. Except for the fact i live every moment wondering if i'll still be here tomorrow, and if not, how will it end?
In the past year ive gone down to one somewhat ok friend. That meaning even if i were to talk to someone, i wouldnt have anyone to talk to. Though thats not a real huge issue, only because i have no intrest into talking to my "friend(s)", parents, or a theropist. Dont tell me its not true because i know that, but i would almost feel as if they would think i was doing it for the attention. And feeling anymore jugde than i am now, i wouldnt be able to take it.
My life since 4th grade until now, 10th grade, has just been getting worse. Ive read the internet pages, and they say depression and suicidal thoughts go away. Its been 6 years already, and yes i know all teens get it, or whatever. But for me it isnt just about saying "i hate my life" or "i wish i was never born" No, i dont say anything at all. Although i cant say i dont try to make it completly unobvious, because i once in a while will, hoping for someone to just give me the help with out me asking first. And i dont just say im suicidal because i think about committing it. I have tried. Too much. And everytime i try a little harder because everyday it gets a little more painful. Im scared of myself. And for the first time, i'm saying that.
03 Jul 2007 arthur why should I live when there is no one who cares?why is everyone wicked?why is it that There are people out there who have what to eat and will not give?I wonder whether man still feels for man.The rich consider us as enemies.what have I done?is it because I do not have parents that I am treated as such?I will just leave this world.that is the best solution
02 Jul 2007 17yrs_old  
29 Jun 2007 no one cares There was once you said you hated my suffering and you understood .... entwined that not even the deepest love could fix me from its snare. good bye life, ...
28 Jun 2007 Derby And today when I close my eyes, I will make all just go away.... I'm sitting here on my sofa, drinking like a pirate, but I've never been a drinker so this is a bit harsher. And today seems like a good day, to die and be pain free. I'm nursing my glass here like my new baby boy. I love him, I adore, this glass is my joy. My sorrows and loneliness will be gone afloat.

I have always had basic cable!!!! but today I have premium, since I wont be here to pay for it, might as well make the best of it. My place has been trashed by my manic depressive state, I dont know who made this mess but I know he is not feeling well. Sex woul be nice but its hard to find someone to love the talking-dead. Smoking like a chimney, Newport 100's, got lots of empty cartons laying around, who smoked it all? Things are falling as I type this, and I will fall shortly. My expiration date is here, seems like tonight might be well. The gasses will kill me, silently it will be. Eating is painful, I never taw eating could hurt so much. I rather starve I dont see the point. And when I get drunk and high, I will do this the right way. Sleeping pills waiting, to be swallowed and tasted. I'm your typical classical manic depressive guy. I want to die cuz life is hard and I'm too weak to stay alive. I always knew I was weak from the very first time I saw life.
27 Jun 2007 E Well, I just want to share my story here. I'm 13 and have been suicidal for two years now, since sixth grade. Last year I wanted to die because I felt like I had nothing to look forward to and that life is poinless and that I'm just a small, pathetic thing in this whole giagantic world and only a few people would care if I died. I felt so empty because I was so afraid to be myself. I was preppy and pretended to be someone else. At the beginning of seventh grade I turned goth or something and started telling everyone who I was and just being myself. I told people I'm an atheist and what music I listen to and my ideals and what I think about the world. They hated me. The whole middle school shit popped up and my own friends from last year started talking about me behind my back, saying I'm satanic and shit. Then there was this one kid, I'll call him R, who hurt me so badly. He tried converting me, he told be I was the antichrist and I was possessed and a load of bullshit to do with him and his love for freaking Christianity. He turned so many people against me. (I'm talking in past tense because its summer now and school is out, but it'll all start up again next year, if not worse.) I couldn't walk down the halls without people shouting emo and cutter at me. People would walk up to me and ask me if I was an atheist, and then laugh when I told them yes. I'm just so hurt. Nearly everyone I know goes out of their way to hurt me. And its all because of me and my stupid big mouth telling people about, well, me. There is only one person I have been able to turn to, I'll just call him C. I started becoming really close to C around February. I really love him and care about him. We are nearly the same exact person. He is also suicidal, if not more than me. His parents are putting him on medication. I'm so afraid for him, because you know how sometimes those things can just make people worse, and C is the kind of person who would get worse because of them. If he dies I won't be able to live. I'm just so hurt. I hurt all the time. I don't know what to do. I feel like starting all over. And its not like I want to die, I just wish I was never born. I don't want to hurt C or my mom or brother. I just want to disappear. Damn. Now I'm crying. Shit, at least everyone in my house is asleep by now. (12 midnight) Damn it all.
22 Jun 2007 hahahaha. Today is an ugly day. I'm depressed. And I can't stop thinking about that one person who I know I'm not good enough for. Even tho they tell me I am I feeeel like I'm not. But I know suicide isnt the answer to anything and blahb alnbhj i dont feellike talking anymoree
18 Jun 2007 kayleigh Im young,lets leave it that im younger than 12.I have a caring family,few freinds and im not poor.Dont compare me to people in the 3rd world,it is a shame but this isn't selfish.My depresssion rules me,as i type my eyes are filling with tears.I don't want anyone to know im thinking of killing myself,if you saw me you wouldn't think i was.I always cover my tru emotion,i blame it partly on my or family..watever.She screams at me,i would say in my opinion emotionaly abuses me.She said im a spoilt brat,i dont care for anybody.I cant handle this,i just want to end my story,But i know i would hirt people,and thats selfish.But im going to do more damage is i stary here,Anybody have any sugestion,help?,just somthing.Im thinking of runing away if i dont kill myself,or just keep self harming but make it worse.Im not wanting attension,thats exactly wat i dont want.I would quite hapily put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.I cant stand it!.I want know one to know.If you knew wat age i was,you would be horified,Thinking of killing yourself at the age of....10.
10 Years on earth is enough,i have it,my times up and i have to leave now.I Maybe depressed,i took tablets to school,i was going to take an over dose but i was nearlt caught.Im still carying my thaught of death on,still self harming and still have second thaughts,but im surfing the net now to find the most un painful way to go,wether it means going to the local pool and drowning,i'll do it,anything to get out of her and end my story.
ATTENTION:Anyone looking for attention,stop,you dont know wat other people are going threw and you are taking help that others serously need.
well this maybe the last time im on the computer.
I hope all you other people like me do wats right,there is not a right or wrong,its up to you to make the decision,and if it doesent work think of the consekwenses.
16 Jun 2007 Ken I am 50 years old. I live with an incredible amount of pain. I have lost almost everything. I am lonely and scared. I am about to be kicked out to the streets by my son. No one wants me or cares whether I live or die. I read about the pain you are suffering. If I could take it from you I would. I cannot help myself. I am on the very edge of an overdose as I write this.Coming here to this place of hurt and sorrow God has given me an idea. I have this house I am living in untill the first of July. Unless I can come up with money to keep it and pay the bills. I offer love and open doors to those of you who need love and friendship and maybe hope. Together we could help each other. Help me find a financial miracle and my home is yours. No judgment. No ridicule. No lectures. Just unconditional love and friendship. Let us start something new here today. A place of hope, love, and friendship for all of us who are at the end.A place of new life.

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