Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Sep 2007 Cant take it I just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. She is sleeping with my old best friend. I love her to death and she just wants me to sit around and be her "friend" while she fucks him. i cant take this anymore. I have no life. My parents hate me, i have no car, no job, no one to love me anymore. i want to end my life tonight... im thinking of a shotgun straight to the mouth. that should do it shouldnt it???
26 Sep 2007 ??? well here it goes i wanna die so bad im only fourteen and my girlfirend is a slut. my mums a bitch always using drugs and im allways angrey i have tried overdosing but didnt work plz help me be free i have only 10 days left on hell.
25 Sep 2007 J don't do it when you're 13.

i'm 31 and thinking about doing it now. i'm gay, colored, got no job or money, living in a big city with a big bridge that i'm thinking jumping off of. i can't return where i'm from either and i don't know what to do. i'm supposed to go see a therapist. but i don't know if that'll help. life's been getting harder for me.

so my advice, don't kill yourself when you're 13.
25 Sep 2007 Kelly J Well there has to be a reason why we all are still here... Maybe your not suppose to die? Ive been suicidal for about a year, The only thing i have done is over-dosed. When im really mad, upset, or extreamly depressed im willing to do anything when i feel thoses emotions im not in the right state of mind, and usually end up doing things i regret later. Death it self doesnt scare me, why should it? i wanna die right? Suicide usually is... 1. a sence of failure 2. Exhaustion 3. Undiagnosed metal illness 4. Racism, meaning you've been disriminated agaist. 5. Unresolved Childhood abuse 5. Lack of sleep 6. Oppression 7. Emotional Anorexia 8. Physical Impainment 9. Loss 10. Bullying 11. Double bind 12. Toxicity...

If you have ever felt anyone of those things, u have felt like a worthless peice of shit... I know, ive been there and back more times then i needed.. Im not here to try and stop you from killing ur self but there has to be a reason why ur still here.. Life is KIFE i no.. i hate it here and i will die soon...
23 Sep 2007 John i was waiting for my post to show..up..
it didnt i wonder why..
i feel sad...i guess ill just kill i hope mom doesnt get mad
at me...
22 Sep 2007 Death Star My life is so fucked it aint funny. I just want to shoot my head off at times with a 44. or maybe hang myself from a tree or something. I just want to have someone that will love me for me and not treat me so bad. I hate the fact that I am all alone now because after I lost my fiance to cancer every thing in my world seems to keep falling apart. Would people really miss me if I was gone? I doubt it. Fuck them for what they did to me. I never had a family type thing ever in my life so I look for a family role model that I can look up to. Maybe a father or maybe an Uncle or something.. I just wish sometimes I could kill myself and then everything would be ok. Well I will write again later if I am still alive.
21 Sep 2007 DeathStar I can relate to alot of you so if anyone here needs someone to talk to you can email me at I am always happy to make a friend or too and would love the opportunity to help someone else. Come on, you know you want to so dont be shy.
18 Sep 2007 Sarah Anyone needs support..?

i dont need it...but i to was
going to suicide..


im a lot like all of you
and im 16..
i'll talk to anyone im almost
everytime online..
my MSN is

i know life very well..and i want to suicide myselft but,..Hey..we can talk i can support might support me too
13 Sep 2007 Kelly J its the same thoughts that run through my head everyday.. No i dont have "that" bad of a life.. but life it self sucks. I dont wanna be here. Not particular reason, im just sick of living. Im 16 and my parents divorced when i was 15. My life pretty much went down hill from there. I have ALOT of emotions, my mom knows im dpressed, she wont let me go on Anti-depressants. Why? take a good guess. Id be more than Happy to over dose on those... its pretty easy. Ive tried oving dosing many of times... no sucuss, id MUCH rather die by a natural cause rather than commit suicide. But i will do it when the time is right. I dont want help nor do i want smypathy. I want out. && When u do commit suicide make sure u do it right cuz u can damage ur self bad if u live. Im hoping to die in a car accident within the next 3 months. i dont wanna see this christmas. They say u can do anything u put ur mind to, so im putting my mind to death...
10 Sep 2007 alex N hey, i just throught i would post back again, well in the last 3 months some of my dreams have come true, i have a girlfriend who loves me and that is all i ever wanted, but deep down inside i still feel empty.... like there is something is missing. ok, i know i said about me givin up on god and all of that but i really dont know, mayb this is him telling me to come back. i need some help here. im feeling empty again and its driving me crazy, i am not suicial anymore but sometimes i still feel like commiting suicide, plz can some1 help me. i just wanna b happy and kill this pain that is lurking deep down inside of me.
my email is
09 Sep 2007 rafi 18 and very problematic with my situation, i don't knw were i belong..i dont know what am i really i..i've never been sure in my life like this before...i so deeply in love with the right person(morally speaking) but the situation never gave me the chances to be loved by the right person..there's no justice in im in a deep pain, insane, sad, lonely and alone..i wanna die...but still i want to fight..but if the only last resort for me to take over this situation is to attempt suicide, i will..
04 Sep 2007 Jodie I've already written here, but my life is NOT getting any better. I want to kill myself, literally, can you tell me the best way of killing myself? I'm 12, and i cant live my life anymore, because i'm sick of calling the ambulance all the time because my mum's having another hypo (she's diabetic). I'm telling you to try and stop me, i can't stop myself anymore.
04 Sep 2007 Ellie987654321 I don't know the best way to kill yourself but . . . I NEED TO KNOW! I hate my life - I've hated it since I was 4 when my mum died. From then on my life has been shit and I can't take it any more :( Please Help me - Give me an easy way out . . . I've suffered enough pain . . . No one needs me! But I need help!
04 Sep 2007 sam well i cant really tell you whats the best way to kill yourself seeing as i failed three times myself. at 13 years old i had my first baby. i had 2 more by the time i was 16. i grew up with 18 brothers and sisters. so growing up i never really had much. all i had was a father who abuse me mentally physically and sexually. at 12 years old i was diagnosed with being schitzo effective bipolar manic depressive and having PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) three days before my oldest daughter was to turn 5 years old she was killed along with my wife. that was the first time that i tried ending my own life. i am not going to say how that way im not giving out any ideas. i have gone my entire life without the love and care of others. then my middle child my only son was taken from me by his mother. i was not allowed to see him after he was a week old. i have gone through soo much in my life that most people havent gone through at 40 years old and im only 21. so for whatever reason you are thinking about ending your own life..... just remember that there are others out there that have it worse off than you and would kill for a life like yours.......
03 Sep 2007 Ellie I don't have an answer . . . I'm looking for one though! I'm going through a really rough patch at the moment and I just hate life. My mum died when I was 4 and things have been getting worse ever since. Like when my dad married another women who had a son - She is so mean to me - I don't need to self harm she does it for me. I can't cope - Tell me the least painful way to go so I can end my pain :(
03 Sep 2007 Scott why do i feel this way?
why does it hurt everyday?
why cant i just let go.

i feel ashamed of myself for feeling this way.
i hate to cry, i hate this emotion.
i cant handle love. i cant handle myself.
i try to be perfect for myself .
i am never happy enoguh. I AM NOT CRAZY! i am just in pain.
i cant talk to anyone because its selfish. everyone has problems, this is mine. i am not ready for life. i am not ready for myself. i dont know if i ever will be.
i dont want help, i dont want anything but to not feel, care, love, or hate anymore. its all too overwhelming.
i hate to cry, i hate this emothion.
02 Sep 2007 SuicidalBitch CPS is going down on the "we protect our children chain." I was once taken away by them because of my father and what the hell do they think they should return kids to pathetic parents. Why the hell do you think my mom divorced my dad? because he was whacked and abused my brother and i emotionally and physically to my brother durting their wrestling matches. My mom took us away from that and cps believed my mom was the bad one when in fact it was MY father who was disturbed!! CPS needs to wake up and realize what they are doing to the kids!!! I now only have a relationship thats totally good with my mom, whereas my brother and I are TRYING to make a relationship with OUR father who has put us through a lot of hurt. The shit started when I was 11 yrs old and my brother was 12 yrs. We were taken away from our mom when we were about 13 and 14 due to our sychotic father and sent to live with my moms parents in Montana!! How fucked up is CPS to believe that children will be ok with abusive parents? Im glad that they returned us not to my father but to our mom wonce they realized how fucked up they were for taking us away from her!!! CPS, the courts, and the system SUCK !!!
02 Sep 2007 andrew i'm past caring, i just want to die. ive suffered from depression since i was 13, im 19 now. theres no hope on the horizon, i have no-one, no family, no friends, no nothing. im better off dead, i was abused physically, sexually and emotionally and i just cant get past it. i wish you all luck, everyone says suicide isnt worth it but sometimes its the only option. the feelings are crushing i cant cope anymore
01 Sep 2007 lou i wish someone would put me in the ground alive
31 Aug 2007 ella hello my name is ella and i am 13. my farther molested me when i was little and no one belives me. my family told me to my face that i just want attention it killed me in side and now i am so numb to everything. my best friend now hates me and i have no one to talk to. I have tried commiting suicide everyway that i can think off and yet im still here. im scared of everything and i haent gone out side my house in over two months. to everyone out there trying to commit suicide the method that took me closet to death was: drink a fuck load of alcohol ad the shovel panadol down your throat and pray to god u die because let me tell you if you dont when you wake up it is fucking shit with all the siceatrcitratments and counselers and the horrible sicknes

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