Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Sep 2007 Ellie987654321 I don't know the best way to kill yourself but . . . I NEED TO KNOW! I hate my life - I've hated it since I was 4 when my mum died. From then on my life has been shit and I can't take it any more :( Please Help me - Give me an easy way out . . . I've suffered enough pain . . . No one needs me! But I need help!
04 Sep 2007 sam well i cant really tell you whats the best way to kill yourself seeing as i failed three times myself. at 13 years old i had my first baby. i had 2 more by the time i was 16. i grew up with 18 brothers and sisters. so growing up i never really had much. all i had was a father who abuse me mentally physically and sexually. at 12 years old i was diagnosed with being schitzo effective bipolar manic depressive and having PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) three days before my oldest daughter was to turn 5 years old she was killed along with my wife. that was the first time that i tried ending my own life. i am not going to say how that way im not giving out any ideas. i have gone my entire life without the love and care of others. then my middle child my only son was taken from me by his mother. i was not allowed to see him after he was a week old. i have gone through soo much in my life that most people havent gone through at 40 years old and im only 21. so for whatever reason you are thinking about ending your own life..... just remember that there are others out there that have it worse off than you and would kill for a life like yours.......
03 Sep 2007 Ellie I don't have an answer . . . I'm looking for one though! I'm going through a really rough patch at the moment and I just hate life. My mum died when I was 4 and things have been getting worse ever since. Like when my dad married another women who had a son - She is so mean to me - I don't need to self harm she does it for me. I can't cope - Tell me the least painful way to go so I can end my pain :(
03 Sep 2007 Scott why do i feel this way?
why does it hurt everyday?
why cant i just let go.

i feel ashamed of myself for feeling this way.
i hate to cry, i hate this emotion.
i cant handle love. i cant handle myself.
i try to be perfect for myself .
i am never happy enoguh. I AM NOT CRAZY! i am just in pain.
i cant talk to anyone because its selfish. everyone has problems, this is mine. i am not ready for life. i am not ready for myself. i dont know if i ever will be.
i dont want help, i dont want anything but to not feel, care, love, or hate anymore. its all too overwhelming.
i hate to cry, i hate this emothion.
02 Sep 2007 SuicidalBitch CPS is going down on the "we protect our children chain." I was once taken away by them because of my father and what the hell do they think they should return kids to pathetic parents. Why the hell do you think my mom divorced my dad? because he was whacked and abused my brother and i emotionally and physically to my brother durting their wrestling matches. My mom took us away from that and cps believed my mom was the bad one when in fact it was MY father who was disturbed!! CPS needs to wake up and realize what they are doing to the kids!!! I now only have a relationship thats totally good with my mom, whereas my brother and I are TRYING to make a relationship with OUR father who has put us through a lot of hurt. The shit started when I was 11 yrs old and my brother was 12 yrs. We were taken away from our mom when we were about 13 and 14 due to our sychotic father and sent to live with my moms parents in Montana!! How fucked up is CPS to believe that children will be ok with abusive parents? Im glad that they returned us not to my father but to our mom wonce they realized how fucked up they were for taking us away from her!!! CPS, the courts, and the system SUCK !!!
02 Sep 2007 andrew i'm past caring, i just want to die. ive suffered from depression since i was 13, im 19 now. theres no hope on the horizon, i have no-one, no family, no friends, no nothing. im better off dead, i was abused physically, sexually and emotionally and i just cant get past it. i wish you all luck, everyone says suicide isnt worth it but sometimes its the only option. the feelings are crushing i cant cope anymore
01 Sep 2007 lou i wish someone would put me in the ground alive
31 Aug 2007 ella hello my name is ella and i am 13. my farther molested me when i was little and no one belives me. my family told me to my face that i just want attention it killed me in side and now i am so numb to everything. my best friend now hates me and i have no one to talk to. I have tried commiting suicide everyway that i can think off and yet im still here. im scared of everything and i haent gone out side my house in over two months. to everyone out there trying to commit suicide the method that took me closet to death was: drink a fuck load of alcohol ad the shovel panadol down your throat and pray to god u die because let me tell you if you dont when you wake up it is fucking shit with all the siceatrcitratments and counselers and the horrible sicknes
30 Aug 2007 Ashleigh i'm 15 i have bulimia i have severe to extreme depression i stress out really easily. i recently got ditched from my group coz i'm fat ugly and annoying... i weigh 55kg. i have recently thought about suicide. any quick, easy, painless ways. plz email them to me.
30 Aug 2007 Asleigh Since before I was born my dad has had MS (multiple Sclerosis) when I was 11 my dad was full time in a wheel chair. Soon enough Don came into the picture first as a handy man but then turned into my dad’s carer. Being Christian I used to go to a kids club on Friday nights, well one night we came back to find dad on the floor…he had fallen over. All I remember is mum and dad talking then dad saying that he can’t live here and then mum telling me to call an ambulance. Dad was hospitalized and put on a waiting list for the local rest home. I know what ur thinking right old folks home. Well they were the only ppl who can keep 24 hour care. Well about a month after dad was put in the rest home mum cheated on dad with don yes don his carer. I only know this coz I found some things I probably shouldn’t of. I resorted in cutting myself. I needed 6 stitches.

About ya know 2 months later don says he is moving over to Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. We as in mum kept in contact then announces that we are moving over there to… at first I was excited then mum dropped the bombshell….dad wasn’t coming with. I cut again but not as bad.

2 months later we moved. I admit I love it here or so I did till about a week ago. All my friends have turned against me. But anyway. Don well he hits me and threatens me with knives and says if I tell the police or anything he will kill me first and I know there is protection but I don’t want to risk it. He is one of the 2 sided ppl he can be really nice like I mean we get $100 a month pocket money and just things like that but when he turns on ya that’s when it is time to be scared. I mean I don’t cry much it takes a lot to make me cry but wen he is inches from ur face yelling at u swearing at u; u just break down and cry. And just like you my mum wouldn’t believe me anyway.

I still travel 700km to see my dad every school holidays. But Its not enough. My dad has gotten worse he cant walk or feel himself or even talk every time I go and see him I feel like I cant even look at him in case I start to cry.

Over the last few months I have developed bulimia and severe to extreme depression. I know I need to stop but I feel it impossible. My friends are trying to get me to go see a councilor because one of em used to do the same I do and she collapsed in the middle of the road and was in hospital for 3 months but that somehow doesn’t scare me off to stop.
30 Aug 2007 Abby well....i have wanted to commit suicide for awhile now....and am also trying to find the easiest way.
im sorry i cant tell you a easy way,for i do not know.i know taht none will be easy...but maybe a less painless 1? I just miss my dad so much....and i want some one to love me...not like my family like a boyfriend would be nice.
i go to church and all....but i feel that im missing something.
Sorry i couldnt help.
29 Aug 2007 Vinny I found this site when i was 13, now i'm 20 and i still wanna commit suicide, now more than ever. When i was 13 i wanted to kill myself for having a shitty life, and it was, time went by, things got better, but they went down again, i should have known... Now i have to face a huge problem, i think my life will only get worse and i don't think i can do this to my mom or my girlfriend. There are actually so many people i would have let down if i do this, but these are the most important ones, these are the ones that will have their lives ended too if i do this... So i have to continue suffering if i ever want them to be happy. Sometimes i think i should just get away, like disappear and do it. But i just can't... Not to them, i love them too much... I think i'll brake up with my gf. It will be better for her. My life will only get worse, and she's got such a bright future in front of her... Just waiting... I had one too you know, but i threw it away. And now i have to live with it... I have to live a shitty life because i chose to and there's no turning back, or an exit. My dad... I loved him a lot, but unfortunately it faded away. he let it fade away, and now he got tired of the burden i've become. He's right... He's got that right... If he only knew now i would really change... If he only knew how much was i disposed to try. Now i have to face it. Live a mediocre life, ruining the life of a girl i love, and ruining all the expectations my mom had.
If only there was a way for them not to suffer....
26 Aug 2007 karma im 13 and i want to commit suicide Sooo bad im sick of ym fucking life i got raped when i was 12 by my step dad my mom doesnt beleive me and he does it to my older sister as well my mom doesnt beleive any shit that comes out of our mouths shes on his side when i get back from school my sister is always crying her eyes out she left home like a week ago now im just wanna die end my life and go to a better place soo the world can just get fucked i hate you all no one even cares if i tell police they will just give him a fine or something he also cheats on my mom i saw a women walking out of the house with cash in her hand fucking slut he does it all the time he comes home drunk my moms a slut everyone i know is a slut... im so depressed im gonna hut my fucking hand off
26 Aug 2007 marshall fisher hey its me again (the one tear away kid) is final, life sucks but not for long cuz im breaking my window consume al the mother f¤¤king meds in the house cut my wrists with the broken glass and jump. i want to die so bad please talk me out of it.
25 Aug 2007 Dylan well suicide attempt 1 didn't work instead i ended up getting completely smashed i know the pain will never stop hurting but i wish letting it all go is as easy as turning of a lightbulb i want to end it.
23 Aug 2007 deepster No easy way to say this. I'm suicidal. My life totally blows. When I was a little girl my aunt molested me. I have so many issues. I am looking for an easy way at least not to painful.
23 Aug 2007 samrita Overdose on paracetamol. I'm gonna do it myself in about 2 hours. I've got 80 (they're easily available!) but the more, the better. Also drink lots of alcohol, maybe steal some from your parents cupboard. It'll work. God bless you, I don't know why you want to kill yourself...but I feel your pain...I'm a total failure =(
23 Aug 2007 Dylan im 13 and i need help how do i commit suicide qick and and painlessly. i suck at school i think i have no life so ni do what ever i want to do. 2 dyas ago i called my english teacher a bitch. i just ant to end it so if some one could give me a few i dears about it thanx
22 Aug 2007 conroy hey im only 12 and i wanna kill myself. my girlfriend is always mad at me 4 no reason nd i wanna just slit my throat nd die . i just dont kno wat to do anymore im trying to think of good things tht coold happen nd the 1 friend thinks it wooldnt be worth it to do it but i dont kno.
22 Aug 2007 dave Well i am only 14 and i have tried to kill myself many many times. all failed because sum1 has got in the way. But if youi really would like to die (like me) then go ahead. just take some advice f you want to hang yourself dont use a scarf (it tears easy). so i say the best way to kill yourself would be a knife to the neck or jump off a very tall building. just done cut yourself that shit aint good for you. make it quick. thats all i have to say.

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