Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Nov 2007 Winny hi there people
i wrote couple of months back that i am sick of my life and some of u tried to help me out thx for that it worked i felt better after u guys prayed for me the suicidal thought was gone but now its again coming and this time this suicidal thought is coming with somethin about killing someone too anyone anybody for no apparent reason i dont want that i want to stop this but i am unable to do so basically i am again getting sick of my life i feel worthless i am worthless can u guys do me a favor shoot me shoot me in the head pleeeeeeeeezz its a request from a person who is already dead from inside only the body is living i am a living deadbody bye
30 Nov 2007 rana It's me again with my words and thoughts. I feel such helplessness and despair coming through alot of what you guys have to say. I feel for every single one of you people suffering because it is such an awful feeling to be having. If it helps anyone, you are not alone. And once again let me just say to all the people criticising or not able to understand the feelings of the suiciders. The awful feeling in the pit of my stomach I've had for the last week is not to be criticised or belittled guys. It's real and it's crap and basically using this site as a place to vent or release your feelings is not a bad thing. How much more can a person take before it's over. I recently read something that said a person wanting to commit suicide was tormented up until the moment they decide they want to take their own lives. Then they are at peace because they don't have to deal with the torment anymore. Their mind is made up. At the moment I am looking at photos of some people I love and I want to be there for them for as long as I can. But on the other hand I want to be at peace and my mind to be made up. I want this awful feeling inside to disappear and I wish I could help alot of you guys feel better too. What is depression and why do we feel the stigma or inability to get help. HELP, such a simple word but full of so much meaning. But once again this is just what I think and words are just words. We make words have feeling. We make them have meaning.
30 Nov 2007 Rachel aka veggie Everyday i fight a war against myself I don't understand why he would do this to me I love him so0o much and he goes and treats me like im worth nothing baby you were my life but now it feels like my like is worthless I never thought you would do this to me I really don't understand why I am slowely dying inside and you don't seem to make it any eaiser I really think its time I let you go and moved on before I end my like just to stop this pain and misery I loved you soo much xox Rach
28 Nov 2007 depressed english girl me nd my friend never went out:(

everythings just falling to pieces, i don't talk anymore, i dnt smile anymore, i used to be known as the girl who always smiled now, i feel my minds deteriorating and im slowing becoming someone else, someone i dont like......Help :'(
27 Nov 2007 alice iv rely needd 2 find a place 2 talk abot my problems 4 a wile im 14yrs old nd iv bn badly bulyd sins i was abot 8 i always usd 2 fink abot endin it but i cud stop myself by thinkin abot starvin african kids nd that eventaly wen i was 11 the bulyin stopd wen i movd scols nd i was fine 4 a few yrs but abot 6 months ago i startd havin a bunch mor problems agen nd the starvin kids in africa thing didnt work anymor afta that i atemptd suicide bt faild nd was ultra depresd a month l8a my dad was diagnosd with cancer wich wirdly stopd my depresoin/ suicide atempts cos i couldnt let 2 pepl die in my family it didnt seem fair now im depresd nd suicidl agen cos dads got the al clear nd iv got loads of problems im so glad i found this website cos b4 i cudnt say a word as my m8s r al self harmers, suicidl thinkin abot self harmin or just wud h8 me 4 it soz 2 warfl on thanx
26 Nov 2007 Depressed english girl Im only 16, iv been feeling down for the last few months, deteriorating day by day.

It started with my best friend, who is a boy, he meant the world to me, and we would meet up, but he always had feeling for my best mate, but one day we kissed, i got the butterflies in my stomach, iv liked him ever since then and that was two years ago!

I thought things were getting better after he stopped liking my friend, we started to meet up more, getting physically closer, then one night a year later, we lost our virginitys to each other, and it meant the world to me, i thought he liked me, until the day came where he told me he dint want to meet up anymore, my heart sank, and iv never been able to properly cry it all out to someone, coz no1 understands how i feel, he says his sorry that i got the wrong impression, yet he heard the three words i always told him, i love you, and he saw how much he meant to me in person, i even LOST MY VIRGINITY TO HIM! and it all meant nothing, now im in 6th form, and i hate it, im soo stressed out, i cnt cope, im suffering from psychosis, majoy paranoia, and this girl who claims to be my friend, is all over him in my face, things couldnt b much worse, his the only person i can talk to bout anything, if i dnt have him i mayas well have no1 :(

iv tried ending it once with overdosing, but im scared of the thought of death, yet i cnt cope living anymore,

what do i do!? :'(

please help me

some one?
26 Nov 2007 Lil Veg aka rachel everything happend so long ago and i stopped the suicide life i was leading but then i met him and i love him so much that i would take my own life to know he could never leave or cheat. I really dont know why i feel this way because i know he proberly wont do anything to hurt me but i always think he will and its hard coz im in melbourne and he lives in bendigo i really dunno why im so fuked up
25 Nov 2007 combat barbie i came back from iraq so fucked up that i cant sleep or eat! the only thing that i want to do is just end my life. i wish that i would have died over there, that would have been great, then my daughter would think that her mother died a hero instead of a coward. i have had enough with the lies and the games. im going to kill myself tonight im going to start by drinking then take the pills(that the army gave me) and one by one im going to take them till the bottle is gone, then im going to start on the other bottle until i am gone. i served my country and look what it did to me
21 Nov 2007 hoodgard hi people
I suicide my self everyday
don't have time to live
20 Nov 2007 H8 Lyf Well im 13 and i tried to shoot myself but dad had ran out of bullets, i jumped of a bridge at home and weighed myself down with rocks, but i didnt die I REALLY WANT TO! life is pathetic.

But Next im gonna buy an air Rifle and shoot between my eyes... in my parents bedroom!!! any1 care to join me?
18 Nov 2007 ian I'm a Christian, and we should all know what that means... to shorten my post... it means i believe in the bible. my girlfriend is contemplating suicide after i told her i was going to go offshore before college to earn alot of extra money for my college...i dont even have a car... she being manipulative? i dont understand and dont know what to do??
18 Nov 2007 Kelly Enriquez I don't know about under the age of 13, but I swallowed 200 aspirin when I was 12 and nothing happened. Can someone tell me if getting drunk, taking 5 ambien and then taping a plastic bag around my head will work? I'm hoping I would smother to death in my sleep.
18 Nov 2007 John Doe I'm done. I'm 26, and my life is over. It all started in my last year of university. I had an argument with my girl, she called the police the police came saw that i was brown saw that she was white. Before asking me anything they locked me up and charged me with all these things that I did not do. I had no choice I didn't fight the cop, I couldn't do shit. Got called a fucking paki, by the cop for ruining his country. So here I am in my prime can't get a job, got charges pending. Can't support myself cause I can't find a job. Court's comming up though I did nothing wrong. I don't know what going to happen if they find me guilty I'll have a record and my life will be even worse. So that's why I'm taking control and grabbing the bull by the horns.
17 Nov 2007 Kuborion Ok.
I'm writing this in case I don't make it.
In case the demons get me.

The world around me is collapsing.
The reality is crossing with illusion beyond recognition.
I don't know what is real anymore.
Maybe this all is just in my head...

The world is fucking up.
When I feel like I can feel once again, like I can be happy one more time...
It's just a matter of time until everything goes wrong again.

Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I'm too idealistic.
Maybe I should have seeked proffesional help, a psychiatrist or something...

This world is beginning too much for me.
And I'm just 16. What if it wom't stop? What if it'll keep getting worse?

I WILL keep fighting.
I'm not that selfish. I know that there are people that care about me and that would miss me.
I won't do anything as long as I'm in control.
But I don't know how long will that be.

To my best friend:
Thank you for being there. Thank you for supporting me. Sorry that I wasn't strong enough.
Please tell her that I loved her and show her this.
I hope that you aren't reading this while I'm still alive.

To my love:
If you are reading this, you probably already know that I loved you.
I don't know how do you feel about it.
I hope that it isn't as bad as I fear.
I'm terribly sorry that I didn't make it to tell you myself.
I'd hate to see you cry. If you are, please don't. I'm sorry for everything. I just wasn't storng enough to cope with it all.
I'm sure you'll be happier without me.

Thank you, Mouchette for this site.
Whoever you are, you're a great person.
Please, keep up the good work and good luck with your local weirdo.

Good bye everyone.
Don't bother with sending me any support. As long as I can fight, I don't need it.
And when I lose... it will be too late for anybody to save me.

I fear what awaits me.
However, I have no choice but to go on.
The descent to madness.
I hope that there will be a light on the end of this tunnel.
Wherever that is...
13 Nov 2007 Nauri There is much to say on the subject of suicide. I know that I have tried a few times when I was younger. I had a reason for wanting to die, not that I told anyone why, everyone thought that it was because my boyfriend broke up with me. That, in my opinion, would be a stupid reason to die. But I still feel like I want to commit suicide every so often. What do you do then? Some would say to get help but what if you can't get help because you don't have the money? I don't know what to do about it. I have self control but what would happen if I get to upset and lose control? It really scared my mom the last time, what will happen if it happens again?
07 Nov 2007 Zanzi My life is really fucked up i dont know where to begin iam dead in the inside it is so fucking painfull and lonely, i wish for me all sorts of horrible things death,accidents,murder and all this to me.I am 20something but my hair are turning grey really iam fucked up
07 Nov 2007 Alex N hey, i guess this is gna b my last post here on mouchette =(, i sed in my last post that i would b dead by the 17th and i will b, but hupfully it will be as early as the 11th, thankyew for all of ur support although it didn’t really help. Does anybody have any good advice for writing wills?
Im finally gonna b leaving this planet on my 20th suicide attempt lol, well I have a powerful hand gun now, so hopefully it will be a pretty instant death,.
Ok I wanna say a few things to ppl,
Christian are gr8 ppl, I kinda am 1, but I h8 there view on it is wrong to b suicidal and that you will go 2 hell if you commit suicide. Dosent it say in the bible, there is nothing you can do to make god love you more or less?. If there is a god that loves us so much then y would he send you to hell for killing yourself just cuz u culdnt cope in this shitty world that he created.
thankyou mouchette for creating this site. I have known this site for almost 2 years now and it rules.
Right well im off now to right my will I spose. Has nyone got any good tips?
Email me

If ur planning 2 commit suicide. Good luck. Bye xx
05 Nov 2007 raven i don't know the answer to this, i wish i did. i'm not 13, i'm 23, but i'd still like to know the answer. i don't want to jump, i'm scared of becoming a vegetable, then i'm even more screwed. i don't want it to be messy, my family don't deserve that. most of them. i want it to be easy. pills, what if someone finds me - kidney dialysis, screw that. i can't do this anymore. i don't want to be in my head anymore. my thoughts, images, i don't want, can't take. please please tell me how
01 Nov 2007 Emily Im 23, cant find a job for on bad relationship..In hurt my kids..Im so depressed..I drink all the time..wish I had a bottle of Xanax..why cant I be happy? hats with the mood sings that never end and the never answered prayers? I hate feelin like this, I hate who I am and turned out to be..No family, no friends. Im so freakin lonely..Bulimic, suicidal, scared to live...and to die. Im so numb I have to cut myself to feel anything. My kids would be better off w/o me.. other than that everyone would rejoice the day I finally get enough courage to do it. Drugs do help escape the pain, so does drinking but Id rather die than continue that. Id rather die than be a failure and Id rather die than to be hated.
01 Nov 2007 Day I tried four months ago and obviously failed. I cut, but i wasn't very good at it i guess. I was put into a hospital; I hated it there. I felt like a slave. I had tried to kill myself because i felt like such a slave to my emotions and i wanted freedom and here i was locked up. After the couple weeks i spent there, i gained a lot of confidence and i wanted to live again. About a month after getting out i was still doing fantastic. I took my drugs and i had not hurt myself since. But one day i was walking along a road near my house and a male family friend picked me up. He asked if i wanted a ride home. I said sure. But he didn't take me home. He raped me in the back of his van. I didn't want to lose my virginity to him so i begged him not to fuck me. He agreed not to fuck me in my pussy. I though i was going to be fine. I could handle a guy sucking my tits and deepthroating me. I was a woman, i could be strong. But than he flipped me over and he fucked me up my ass. It hurt sooo much. I have nighmares about him now. I am returning to my habit of self loathing. I have cut 13 times since then. I am afraid of men and now i feel sexually atracted to women. I am scared and i am confused especialy because i see him sometimes. I want to die again. I cant live with this inside me anymore. I feel him inside of me all the time. I am a dirty, slut now. I don't know how much longer i can hold on. I can't tell anyone, not my dad or my mom or my siblings. I feel alone. I don't know what to do. I am so afraid not to give love, recieve love, or even feel love. If anyone has gone through a similar experiance please write about it so i can find inspiration to keep on fighting.

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