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Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Apr 2008 cruelty hi there ppl
well im 15 years old and my life fuckin sucks;[ i hate every body and everything. its like there is no point in livin. i have 5 sibilings and the youngest one is 4 anything he wants he gets he i mean every time my mom gets her check she spends half of it on him and it really pisses me off...i've asked my mom why does she spend so much on him and she always finds some tricky way to get out of the question.i've been kicked out of school twice so far and it really seeing a counciler now, its ok but sometimes i feel like she just doesnt understand.i've thought about commiting suicide but i keep believing that things will get mom likes to kee me in the house ,and i keep telling her that is a bad idea because, when im alone thats when i think about commiting always sad and it seems like nothing can make me happy...i just want to die
;[ i know my mom cares but she has a funny way of showing it, sometimes she can really be a bitch though...and my dad lives in chicago... he lets me do anything i want but i dont see him as much as i would like to...and its funny because my dad understands most things about me...and he would give me aanything i want...but my mom disagrees with his parenting skills....well if you guys have any suggestions email me at
20 Apr 2008 Halei Hi I'am Halei (age 10).I slit my wrist.It was becuz my life sucked. I had a broken familey. I almost bled to death. My dad abused my mom and lefted us. My mom went with another guy, but he left too. When we were alone, my mom went into a great depression. I did too. Till i used a razor blade. It felt so good. Till one day came. I slit my wrist, almost died, but was saved. that day cried myself to sleep. But right now I'am healing. A new and better life, cuz my dad came back, now everyones happy!
12 Apr 2008 jess nearly half way dead... WEll here i am writing agen...well slowly i am losing the boii i this fucking little SLUT...
all she talks about is sex even when im on other fone..he hurts me so much and now him with her when he dnt wanna fucking hurts more then anyone can know... the things i do for him over him even willing to run away to get away from everything here just me and him liek the dream we had...and i wanna die for him to prove i love him cause he dont beleave me.. also i started cutitng and putting a knife to my throat to see how it wuld feel to cut my neck and no i was doing good getting out of everyones fucked up life.. and getting rid off all my memories ill never get bak from him and me just together... and now me and mum started fighting heaps she always goes to hit me so i move out of the way... i hate it and me and my bro use to be close still now he hangs with the wrong people. and even me and my besties r fading away ones in fucking korea im in aussie she gunna be there a while..and my other one lives in fucking lithgo im in sydney... and i never see her but i might be living with her to get away from here... then agen i cant ;leave everything down here fucked life... buy my mum yer i can...
xx mwa xx jess ay... plz reply
11 Apr 2008 avy im a 18 year old teenager... n im so sick n tire dov my life!!!! i feel like deres no point in living!!! deres nothing dat i wantr to to live for !!! i've been bullied since i ws a kid.. because.. im a hindu .. n i live in a muslim country..!!! does religion make a difference to ur personality?? when i grew up!! i stoped caring about what ppl said!! but still i feel like a losser!! i wonder everyone would be calling a failure wen im not around..!!
i've been getting everything in life .. that one could ever dream of.. money .. own car..studying in the most elite class school in the town.. but is this what i want??? i have no friends!! who i can trust n hang out with!! i dont even have a girlfriend with whom i can share my feellings... to whom i can tell how lonely i feel...!! i dont have any one to make me feel better... i dont have any who hugs me n give me strength to face things!! im so good to everyone.. but why r still ppl mean to me?? i try not to hurt anyone but why do i still get hurt all the time!!
n da worst things is!!
im a failure at achool too... i fail all my exams.. i dont even sit for some of them.. my parents(who have been working so hard for me so i get everything in life) are worried about my future.. i have been disappointting them...i can live if my life sucks and if i dont have anyone for me!! but i cant see my parents being disappointted!! cant see my parents hating me!! i dont want to be a burden on my parents..!! dont u tink suciede is a wise decision to take..!! some ppl say commitin suciede is being mean to ur loved ones..!! m not being mean!! i just dont want to be a burden on them!! they'll cry for a while but then it'll b allright..i'v etried killing my self too!!! but never succeeded!! im just scared.. what would happen to my parents if i die!! im the only son they have.. n i have two sisters,.. will dey be able to take care of them!! please help me out..what should i do?? contact me at u have no idea what im going through...its really hard being a failure..!! takes courage.. ..!!
09 Apr 2008 Secret I need help...I have done so many things to try and kill myself..cut my wrists..hang myself from my fan..over dose on pills..Anorexia! EVERYTHING I need help..Please can anyone help me..
04 Apr 2008 Nicola i absolutly hate my life. i have tried so many times to kill myself, i have slit, took a overdose, stabbed my heart.. nothing seems to work, i just want to die nothing in my life makes sence, no-one likes me, my family hate me. im a peice of usless junk who deserves to go, im thinking of jumping off the motorway bridge..
31 Mar 2008 hefs i wish i could just sleep for ever and ever. im tired and cant sleep. i hvae to be up at 7 for school and still im awake at almost 2am. please i need some sleep and want to be on time but i can not get any... i try to shut my eyes but i lay here while i try and fall aslep. please help
30 Mar 2008 christine my family and friends suck. i dont think i will be having anyone to help me move..... everyone and everything sucks!!!!!
25 Mar 2008 jodie marsh ok, so i found this page through my ex. fuck so much happens in life. at the mo i feel like i need to get all this off my chest. my bf dumped me because he couldnt handle being me. i am officially fucked up. i tried to help my bf with his problems but he wont open up. apparently he thinks i woudnt understand him. whats fucked me off the most is the fact he thinks i havent been through near as much shit as he has but he is wrong. we only lasted just over two weeks and we hadnt really sat down and talked about things. what i cant get my head around is the fact he's 17 and im 15. ok thats no the problem its the fact that before he took my virginity i asked him if he was gonna dump me after but he said no. the day after i heard fuck all from him and that swhen i realized what a HUGE mistake i had made. i went around to his yesterday to try and sort it out but i dont think its gonna work. he wont open up to me. he doesnt realize what he's done to me. its not the fact that hes taken my virginity its that when i was a kid i was sexually abused by my birth father and i really trusted alex but he goes and does this. it makes me feel SOOOO dirty and it brings back all these memorize i have of the past. i dont hate alex i just want to sort this out because i know there is no way on this earth i could live day by day without him. i just want someone to love and understand me and not take advantage of me. thats not too much to ask is it??
25 Mar 2008 Chris Now tell me if this is odd. I want to kill myself or die in some other fashion, so I can get out of this world. I hate humans, I hate this world, I hate this life. I really wonder what happens when you die. I don't want to be human, I know that much. Animals are nice, but still... I want to know what happens when you die. And what better way to find out than by killing yourself? I'm sure this sounds odd. But then again we are all a little messed up in the head I think. I just don't like it here, I want to get out of this world, and away from humans. I want to know what happens when I die, and since I don't like it here, I don't want to wait for myself to die in 60 years or whatever. What would really be sad though, is if I died, and came back as a human again. That would really piss me off. But then again, I wouldn't know it. I guess it all depends on what you think happens when you die. None of us really know, and I don't think we ever will. But I wouldn't mind killing myself to find out. Although I am chicken >.< But I'll get around to it some time, I hope. Many people say, if you don't like your life, change it. Well, I would have to say to them, it can't be changed in the way I want it to be changed. This world is completely screwed up. Humans are generally evil, and we are all killing each other anyway. Why not kill myself? First of all, money. What is the deal with money? I think it's the stupidest thing around! Money truly is the root of human evil. People are killed over money. The world is destroyed over money. Money is evil. Humans are evil. You should be allowed to kill yourself. You should be allowed to kill someone who is on their deathbed if they want you to. But noooo. Everyone wants to save you. Everyone wants to save everyone else. They want to keep you alive when your 90 years old and have so many problems your confined to a hospital bed. That is so so stupid. Why? Really... why? Let them go. If someone wants to leave this world, let them leave in peace. Don't try to keep them alive. If they are trying to kill themselves they are meant to kill themselves. Stop intervening. I really am sorry, this seems to have turned into a rant of sorts. I just have a lot on my chest. Things I really don't like about this world and the people in it. This is all why I want to die and leave this place. And since I obviously can't depend on anyone else to do the job for me, I will have to do it myself. But no, I'm not going to jump up, go out, and try to kill myself. I believe an opportunity will present itself in due time. I do not believe in God, Heaven, and Hell. But I do believe there is some type of higher power, as we are higher than animals. And that there is fate and destiny... AND freewill. Your life is planned out for you, but you do alter that plan. So however you alter it, it is still a plan. So for instance, if you want to kill yourself, like me for example, and you do succeed, your life path ended at you killing yourself. Meaning it was MEANT to happen. Anyway, please feel free to email me and talk with me. Please do. I would like to hear from you. chris604gcom [@] hotmail [.] com
24 Mar 2008 alex N hey its been a while since i have last posted on here but i thought i would pop on n say hey.. anyway i just wanna tell every1 now about atlancia and the main reason why i do not want to be here on this planet. but first i just wanna let ppl know that i do not have the coping resurses of the average person cuz i do suffer from clinical dperession witch is meh. but hey i lean to live with it i learn how to survive. anyway what is atlancia. well in a short word it is my planet. its where i wanna b. i belive it is part of limbo (limbovia) when we die we will go there and go 2 any planet there what we wanna, atlancia is a technology/christian planet with christianity and god right at the center. basically there is so much to say but i have no idea where 2 start.. so

here goes
atlancia started out about 8 years ago as a kinda space ship lol, and then it was officially made into a planet in 2005, since then its just grown and grown into the huge place it is today not to mention the number of planets connected to it. well that is gods plan,, the new earth. i am the admin well co-creator of atlancia and i have tried to kill myself 19 times to go there, still not got lucky yet. although the next oppitunity will be in august where i wont get stood up i hope. becuase the onli way that i reli wanna die is by gun but i always have a blade on be so if things get that desperate i guess i can just cut my wrists. nyhoo atlancia is miles better than this planet could be. technology makes sure of that, there is no money on atlancia so you are not a slave to it! although you are limited on what you can get each day but all the stuff is repoduced by computers anyway so it doesnt reli matrter, all elci comes from the sun well 6 suns that atlancia has even though the average outside temp on A is around -220c other planets are hotter we are one of the coldest. uhhh there is so much more i could go on about but im not gna cuz i cant think str8, n as 4 this hittin rock bottom thing. i hit that along time ago n then i found god and at leaste he has made me kinda happy cuz i no that when i do die i will be dyin for something amazing.. atlancia (limbovia) the futer of earth, well thats whats been in my head for the last 8 years anyway.. thanks
24 Mar 2008 jade i am 14 and i have tryed kiling myself lots of times i just dnt no wat else to do, i cant cope with life much longer and i do not know who 2 speak to, i cannot tell my mum she would just call be stupid and to stop been pathetic, lv jade x
23 Mar 2008 alive I've been reading some of these storys people have written on this site and it's just horrible.
Actuelly I think suicide thoughts is something we all have time to time, some more then others.
I can feel down, depressed and like if life isn't worth this suffering many times, and the sucide thoughs just keep hunting me.
My big problem is mostly the fact that I don't have anyone in this world to talk to about my sorrow.
So ive dun things I regret.
I'm trying to do the best of my life but the one I cared about mostly in this world passed away this christmas, a horse named Chaplin.
I know, a horse... It doesn't sound so terrible for some people. Seems like noone seem tp understand that I lost my one and only real friend... The only one ive ever been able to talk about EVERYTHiNG with.
Sometimes I really just wish I had someone to talk to... The other say I thought about contacting one of does firms or I dont know what to name it like, but where they help teens and childrens and stuff.
But Im afraid of makein a fool out of my self by not havin any actuelly important problems... I don't know why I'm even writing this.
Don't kill you self.

Wanna talk? ;;
17 Mar 2008 Adam Does anyone here saying "you people r selfish" know what its like to HATE their life so much, that they would want to end it? WE are not doing it for attention or for people to judge US. If you have a good life, with good parents, and ur on here to tell Us how dumb we are: imagine this-MY STORY:

I live in a semi-mansion, nice right? My mom is a drunk! My dad is dead, he died in iraq, he was my best friend, the only REAL friend i could trust. He wasnt just my dad, ya know? He was there for me, when my girlfriend of 3 years broke my heart and cheated on me. When my friend Alex got shot and died, he cried with me, my best friend GONE from me forever, i wnt get to see him ever in my life. at school im the loser, everyone likes to pick on...
everyone makes fun of me and picks on me. So i brought a gun to school, and i was expelled. Im going to do it. Im going to go kill myself. Im being taken out of my misery, and im happy. Sue me
17 Mar 2008 DEPRESSED almost all of you people are trying to tell everyone its a cowards way out to kill yourself but no it isnt cause if you put yourself through what someone who has killed thier selfwent through then you have eery right to say some shit like that but tell me this........

do you wake up everdaay just wanting to close your eyes again and not have to peep out to see the world caus eyou know that as soon as you get up you have a two month old child laying nextto you screaming you have to gett the house clean before anyone gets home you dont do anything all day everyday until someone gets here which probably wont be until 6..............

not be able to use the phone until after 7and the onlyy pepople you kick it with have to be in at nine have a license you payed $420.00 for cause you were pregnant and your dad said if you payed to get your ls he would buy you a car and it has been three months and you still dont have no whip your dad is a hatefull person that everytime he gets mad takes it out on you and only you .....................

for some reason no matter if you know what happened or not you always get blamed fore it you never have money you cant ever dio anything and you family is an ass..................

when you wake up knowing if you move all you are going to do is bitch everyone out cause life sucks and you are in hell people you barley talk to dont like you cause you are prettier or smarter or just have a better life than them .........................

i am seventeen witha two month old child i hate my life and dont WANT TO LIVE IT ANYMORE ALL I DO IS SIT AT HOME 24/7 AND NEVER DO ANYTHING LIFE IS DEPPRESSING AND NOONE REALLY CARES WGHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT WHats on your mind cause once it is set there is no stopping it i will taKE MY LIFE I TRY ONCE A DAY AND IM SURE O NE DAY IT WILL WORK
13 Mar 2008 afraid to tell ive read alot of these storys and compared to me there lives r alot worse than mine ALOT. ive tried to kill myself twice but obeoousely havent succeded once from pills and once from jumping im 12. ive cut befor and still do it but not on a regular basis only in momments of distress when i felt i had nothing to live for, me and my mom fite constantly its neverending we frite about everything form school to just everyday life. but every else in my live is pretty good. im popular i hav great friends and i get wat iwant and even though it seems i hav something to liv for... witch i do my mom drains soo much out of me shes so controlling and everytime we fight i always end up histaricly crying on the bathroom flor door locked and cuting myself with sisors on my nee. and its not all my mom ive had a strange past my aunt just killed herself this year (hung herself) because of her drug abuse it made my dad really sad and cry all the time witch made me sad. for some reason i feel ive always been depressed i went through strange stages in my life that i feel for some reason arent normal but 6th grade was a turning point in my life. i had just started cuting (becuse of my mom) and decided to tell my best friend of 8 years. i trusted her. she told me i had to get help but i refused i told her not to tell and she promised. PROMISED. she told her mom who told my mom i covered it up because im clever after this she refused to be my friend witch made me deeply sad and depressed.even though my new friends were popular and pretty i felt a loss in my life. ive never trusted anyone again. i keep everything inside because im ashamed and embaresed about cuting my mom and everything i want to be happy i really do but its almost as if its not in my hands its in hers. not only hav i attemted suacide twice and cut but i hav also though about killing her then killing myself by electricuting myself in the bath (it seems like the best way) but at the same time i want myself to die and her to suffer because u no she loves me. i no... these are sick thoughts witch is why i cant tell any1. if i did i would probebly be but in some facility and my whoole world woud fall apart. my friends, my popularity, and afraid. if i die everything will go away. it will be a relese just like cutting except in a bigger preportion. i hav considered running away but that never solve the problem in fact i think it will probebly make it bigger. suicide seems like the best way outt. i NEED to get out. i want to talk to someone like me (not an adult) who feels the way i do about like... some1 i can reate to. my email is im 12 and i no i fucked up especialy for my age but im not a bad person i no i cut and tried to kill myself twice but i hav troble trusting ppl because i always get tricked but all im saying is if you feel like i do talk to me not to help urself or to help me but just to talk anyway i no my life seems great but iff it is then y do i cry all the time? i hate my mother and i hate even more what my life has become dying is the best option i hav the nerve to do it just hope that it works... i really do. i will try as soon as i hav the opertunity to alll those others like me on this site if u feel like i do try to make ur life word but if u cant do it (like me) go ahead and kill urself because somtimes thats just the best option even if i am 12 it dosent matter theres not other way out...
11 Mar 2008 Are friends Electric? Hi. My name is... well lets just call me Marilyn Monroe. Oh fuck it, my name is Liz, i'm 16 going on 25, and i'm just so fucking through with life. Is it bad to want to stop living becuase of certain things you can't control? I have a weired take on life. I am hot when i am cold (if that makes sense) I mean, I'll get to school (a society of it's on, main brainwashing facility for us 'pre adults' that don't know what we want) and i'll sit in class, surrounded by human beings that are just on a different planet than me. I hate them all so much, i can't relate to any of them. say one word and they'll act like your best friend, then bitch about you behind your back. They think they're cool if they sit with me, or pretend to dig the same style or music that i do. I can see right through them, and at the end of the day they all just think i'm a freak. And home aint to much better. I'm stuck in this shit hole of a town, and i hate every fucking one. I guess the problem is the generation, i can't relate to them. What i would give to have been a 50's teenager, or 70's, or anything but now. I can't exactly explain why, people where just so much more real then. There was less socialogical rules and people wern't trying to be something that they just wern't. Then again, people are still people. And abserd circus, a pathetic wasteland for the filth of humanity. And i feel trapped, trapped in a bad town on a bad planet in a bad generation. and i read all of your problems,and they don't compare to yours. Kids that have been abused, raped, they have cancer, they are homeless. but in the end, that's not really the problem, is it? and i can't imagine anyone else on earth feeling the way i do becuase i feel as though there is only one occupant on this planet of mine. abserd i know. and i feel so very angst filled. I mean, i'm the only person i can rely one! no one else, becuase everyone i love goes away in the end, and i can't take the heartbreak. You know, i like the foreplay.. i will play with men, sweet talk them, let them hear exactly what they want me to say, i'll play it cool, act my part all to feel wanted and loved, and then i'll puysh away before i fall for them. and why?.. becuase i'm fucking scared! and i can never really be happy becuase i will never let myself be loved. I just feel hopless, there are no words to describe it. and yet, i find myself sitting here typing madly hacking away ay my keyboard snarling. I suppose i feel like this world holds nothing for me, as much as i complain about this town and the peple in it, i wouldn't know what to do if the world was mine. I can't stand to be alone with myself, but i love it all the same. I need salvation, I need something absolute. something real to hang on to. I've tried, oh elvis fucking christ i've tried! standing infront of a train track, freaking out last minute. I guess i hate the thought of giving them all the satisfaction. they'd all make up some bullshit reason, like i was 'misunderstood and confused' or 'lonely and depressed' probably make me seem deep, along with being a local fucking legend, more so thani am now (people are amused by me, they think seeing a busty blonde in 4 inch creepers, bright red lipstick, psychobilly 50's style black button up and cats-eyed sunglasses is.. oh what was that word.. 'totally sick bra' pssh) oh they are so mornoic. and i'm not depressed, i'm not insane. i'm more sane than anyone else! I just can't justify living in this world that seems so pointless. i mean, we are all born to die. no denying it, what happens in the middle make no difference to your fate, so why bother trying to slow it down? i'll just never find what i'm looking for, becuase everything i believe in is fiction. books, movies, songs, bands they are my only friends. put on a vinyl and i'm not so lonely. but is it enough to keep me going? what happens, when your future is clowded and uncertain, and i can't figure myself out! how am i supposed to live with myself if i can't figure myself out?! SO FUCKING ANGRY AND MAD AND FUCKING SAD! i don't even know what i want, it's all so meaningless! i can see through everything, like fucking cellophane. dying won't help, and if i end up living it will only be out of curiosity. But a part of me is numb, and a part is feeling way too much for me to handle. I don't know what i fcuking want, i just want out of this world...
09 Mar 2008 lowlife is there really a reason why i should not kill myself? if you knew me you would say no unless our an idiot and cant see what my life really is....
08 Mar 2008 Lacy pills, lots and lots of pills. oh and btw anybody who is saying that u shouldn't commit suicide because ur friends are there for u. well ever thought that i want to commit suicide becuase i have nobody left to talk to? that makes me feel worse so y don't think about that. ya so i'd say pills.
08 Mar 2008 amelia dear whoever,

so i came across this site because i was looking suicide stories, i just wanted to read about it because... well ive been thinking of taking my own life.. I know how selfish that is of me! I feel very guilty when i think about it but life is hard and ill tell the truth maybe i am a coward and not the strong as some of you there

i was born into a family up until the age of 8. i thought it was my family though i had many many sisters and brothers i neva rely looked at how different we all were. this was my family and i was absoulty in love with which i thought, was my mom. NOT in a sick way either! i mean to me she was an incredible woman and she loved me like no else could. it was always me and her and i was closetest to her then anybody else. i was abused and beaten by my dad but i found it part of life. i was molested by my brother and a friend of the family. then oneday a another woman w/ a van of 5 others kids came and claimed she was my real mother.

that day i got my real story, i was in foster care. i was taken to a reservation wen i was a baby because my real dad (who i hav neva met) stabbed me in teh face. I moved w/ my real mom who was an alcoholic and a druggie and brought many different men home. id cry myself to sleep wishing to see my other mother Mary everynite. At the age 9 i was taken from my birth mother afta she tried to kill sombody and it was for good. i moved in w/ a white family who couldnt hav kids. they are very strict and not ur average parents i have no freedom. Now at age 17 goin to be 18 pretty soon im tryna to find myself and where im goin to go. I hate skool not to mention i suck at it too. idk if i kan even graduate on time.. I hate my job my home my adopted parents. I hav fallin in love with this guy who is 20. He promised me he'd take me outta my house and he truly was the only thing that mattered to me! he made me soo happy and wen i turned 18 we were goin to move in together so i could get outta my house which i call hell.

i have always had the reupation at skool as the good girl who is extremly quiet but one hell of a runner. i can beat and outrun you anyday. its a talent that i was given and i run track and cross country. but recently i have sucked in skool so much that i kant go out and wen given a second chance i screw and up. i dont run anymore and it has been my passion it wud hav takn me places. Well back to my story of the boy i love. he recently cheated on me... the day my world crashed he was the only thing that mattered. i hav taken him back but i am eva more miserable and i dont feel teh same. i hav gotten into drinking as my way out of this horible life. i have no one to talk to because no one believes me and they'd neva understand. i feel so alone like i have nothing good to live for. im really sorry. but too me sucide can end this for me this pain that i live in. but im not taking any actions ive jus been thinking about it alot lately and im scared.

this is my story...

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