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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jul 2008 Worthless Teenager I am a worthless piece of shit, and I deserve to die. This works out great, because I *want* to die.

Here's why:

-I am a fucking retard. Or at least, I must be seeing as that is the way pretty much everyone treats me.

-There are only two people who care about me. My girlfriend, who is a wonderful person but who deserves someone better than I. And my mother, who is a lying, criminal bitch.

-I have nothing to offer society. I'm stupid and physically weak, leaving me with very little career opportunities. The only thing I could do is mindless, repetitive manual labour, and I would rather die than do something like that for a living.

-The world is a shitty place, where only the greedy and callous succeed.

-I am socially inept as all get out, and then some.

-In order to get anywhere in life, one has to give up their individuality and act as a cog in society's machine. Fuck that!

-I hate myself with unrelenting fervor.

-I'm a fucking cowardly pussy.

-I am the product of a man's infidelity. In a perfect world, where people do not cheat on their mates, I would not have been born. I'm really not supposed to be here!

-Life is too fucking complicated. I'm sick of it.

-Everybody wants me to die.

-Why the fuck is everybody doing drugs? Am I the only person on this fucking planet who detests the act of getting high?!

I'm sick of everything. I need to die. NOW.
24 Jul 2008 James Im 18 now and my life is completly nothing, Everyone around me has things and are smart and have good memory, Ive realised im not good at anything I have no friends I'm just lonley and i think about sucide alot and I wish things could get better but they arent im gonna set a date to die soon.
20 Jul 2008 singlechic1 kids dont have problems. why are they going to commit suicide. I need suicide ways for adults pls!
12 Jul 2008 Rebecca I came across this site early this morning and have just been reading post after post. I feel the way most of you feel. Perhaps our circumstances differ, but the emptiness is the same. I am a 26 y/o mother of 2. My children are well loved by my family, so I do know that they would be taken care of. I have felt like ending my life for years now. I have never had the courage or stupidity to actually go through with it. Please don't take offense to that, it's just how I feel. Most days I feel like my kids would be better off living with my family in California, without me to bring them down. I feel like a failure as a mother, as a person, really. I suppose what keeps me here are moments. Moments when I look in my daughter's eyes and they shine when she tells me she loves me. I feel like ending my life would be unfair to her in the way that I would be gone, but on the other hand, I know she would have a better life with my Aunt. She's an incredible mother, financially stable, in a loving relationship, all things I cannot provide for my children. It's difficult, and I go back and forth. In the meantime, however, I am trying.
12 Jul 2008 stella Jessica the [i'm not going to call u that]:
i came to this site for my own depressing reasons, then stumbled upon your post. i'm so sorry the world has been so cruel to you, i was touched byu your words and really saddened by your experience. why does life have to be so unfair sometimes? i'm not gonna say that life gets so much better, or you wont have bad experiences any more, but i will tell you that over time, it gets easier to stand up for yourself. and you can always take pride in having self-respect....i wish i had done that at 14...
01 Jul 2008 lily00 I couldn't answer this. under the age of 13 is suppose to be the easiest time. I hate how children have it so rough as to feel like they need to hurt or kill themselves. I am 21. I have struggled with depression for 7 years, and self-injury for 3 years. I have contemplated suicide before, but recently it has just been very bad... If I died, Jesus could sweep me up in His arms and wipe away every tear from my eye. There would be no more pain or hurt. I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. I love my family and friends. I don't want to make them go through this though. But I feel like they would get over it easily. It would be bittersweet, because I wouldn't be in pain anymore. I would be with Jesus.
30 Jun 2008 done with it all </3 i am just done with everything. i really just want to die. (i wasnt gonna put anythign on this site but lots of ppl do and no one here knos who i am anyways..) i have put up with more stuff then you can even imagin. please tell me the best way to kill myself. i already tryed slitting my wrists, and that only got me put in a phsyc ward. i wanna kno a good way that works, i dont care about pain or anything i just wanna kno the fastest way to go so i cant be found again. i dont want to be saved.(im 15 btw)
30 Jun 2008 xX the.only.way.out Xx aha so i clicked on this site kinda trying to find a good way to kill myslef, since my last pathetic attempt obviousally didnt work. i wasnt actually gonna post anything, but alot of other ppl are, and i figure no one here knos who i am anyways. and unlike some ppl i do have a cuple good (i think) reasons to go..[ my dad beats me, my brother just died (in a crash), my sister- the one person keeping me her- is suddenly acting weired and doesnt seem to really care about me anymore, my dad now said that anytime anyone does something im gonna get the frist hit cause he blames anything that goes wrong on me. He just lost his bussines and now no one in my family is employed. There are so many other reasons and some I cant really explaine, I havnt been to school for so long cause my dad doesn’t trust me to go so the only time I actually go out is if I run away or sneek out and then I end up sleeping on the streets till the cops find me. And my dad is so good at purswading ppl that no one bealives me if I try to get help. I was raped two years ago and didn’t tell anyone- so this is actually the first time iv even menchoned this at all. But I was leaving my house in the middle of the night after a fight and it started to rain, this guy pulled his truck into the drive way I was about to walk past. He got out and said I looked good and put his hand out for me to shake it, and I was stupid enouf to, he pulled me into his car….. ] i feel kinda like im not even suposed to be here anymore and that everyone is just putting up with me cause they kno im not gonna last much longer anyways. [ *a bit of history* i started feeling depressed about 3 years ago, when i was 12, and i started cutting myself. i met this girl and she didnt juge me when she found out, she introduced me to drugs and alcahol (my loves) and i stared steeling and fighting ppl for the rush. [im 15 now]i just got outta a child and adolecent in-patient psych ward cause my dad freeked when he found out about my cutting. and it was totally pointless. if anything talking to the other ppl there only gave me more ideas that im kinda thinking about now. ] its been 3 fuckin years since iv felt anything real. i really dont kno why i even bothred to write anything on this site. And I don’t wanna say to much cause then everyones gonna be like holy fuck that’s a long post.. but w/e.
30 Jun 2008 McCain4President2008 I sit here with a razor blade in my hand, while waiting for the right time to slit my wrists and neck. The tears are streaming down my face now and the thoughts are stronger now. I wish for dead and for this life to be over, whether I have anyone or not. I have no family, no friends, love or care. My life is over and in despair. I have slit my hands and palms and feet, but have not had the courage to do it to the wrists or the neck yet, I hope I find that courage soon because this life is taking me down and I am ready to die!!! If I am to live then I would hear from the only person that ever cares!! Please call me! I want to die otherwise!!
28 Jun 2008 life is not worth it i hate life, and therefor i will kill myself.
27 Jun 2008 sarah A i have a fucked up life and my parents beat me up so bad and im only 18 .. they verbally abuse me and they hurt my feelings alot.. they always tell me that im nothing but a failure and i shouldnt be in this world and they regret ever having me ... i really want to commit suicide so i can get relieved from this pain im in .. nothing can ever stop me from doing this.. i just have the worst parents in the world and i wish that they would know that one day and i hope they both die in misery.. i was happy.. but they took the happiness away from me by physically and verbally abusing me .. i cant live like this anymore even though i tried ..
26 Jun 2008 Meenakshi Well i din5t have any expriance ya comes in mind when you r depresed so i also want a help that how ot commit sucide so please help me out my id is given below
21 Jun 2008 nouveau well, when i was ten i tried to off myself by eating a whole bunch of pills from my mother's medicine cabinet. obviously i failed, but since then i've considered it frequently. i'm getting too old for this shit. i'm 24 now and i still haven't done anything with my life. i cook in a dive bar, i rarely get laid and i drink like crazy. this is my first day without alcohol in god knows how long and my fingers are shaking so badly it's hard to type. last night i got kicked out of a bar, did a whole bunch of coke, threw up in the front lawn and had unprotected sex with a whore. and this is not unusual. and i'm not even enjoying it anymore, i just don't know what to do. even at the best of times my life feels pointless. none of my family want anything to do with me. i have one very good friend who means the world to me but he's also an irresponsible drunk and has been sleeping on my floor for almost a year because he can't hold a job or support himself. i was homeless for several years and i worked my ass off to get out of that situation, but it wouldn't take much for me to be right back there again. and now that i'm older it would be a lot harder to get out of that. and for what? there's nobody who loves me. i'm an asshole, i know that, i'm rude and i creep people out and i behave selfishly, so why should anyone want me around? i'm losing my mind too, i can't remember things for shit anymore. people laugh but it's sad. when i was young i was told that i was very intelligent and had a lot of potential but i just didn't give a shit. and now i'm facing a very bleak future. when i was in my teens i used to cut myself, i have some nasty scars from that. but i don't even care that much anymore. i'm just tired of waking up. i'm tired of busting my ass to keep up with the bills and the alcohol i need to function with nothing to look forward to.

last year i went out to the bridge and i was working up the courage to jump when a police officer snuck up and handcuffed me. but i was going to do it, i would have then and i know that i can now. i'm not even afraid of it anymore.

anyway, i know this site isn't really about a young girl because i saw it some years ago. but i really like that it hasn't changed, it's comforting and i feel so horrible right now. some time ago i took revenge on an ex-lover, someone i had cared very deeply for who betrayed me. so i exposed her most shameful secret to all of her friends and family. and she killed herself. i don't believe in karma and i don't want to join her, i don't think there's an afterlife, and i swear to god if you start telling me about jesus not only will i kill myself i'll take some other decent folks with me.
18 Jun 2008 Mr. X Thoughts of suicide enter my mind constantly throughout the day. I dont know how to get through this. Depression/anxiety meds dont do the trick... and I try to stay active and social but it doesnt work. I lost my mom a few years back when I started college, and nothing has been the same since. I made a good amount of friends in college, but after my mom's passing, I virtually became a hermit. I tried many times to stay happy and ameliorate the pain, but thoughts of her continue to torment me. Seeing others so happy and care free almost makes me sick to my stomach, so I chose to stay in my dorm ... a lot. Senior year, I got an apartment and stayed to myself. My relationship with my father is unbearably chaotic. He is always ridiculing me for being sad. I feel like he doesnt give a damn about my mom anymore, although he says he misses her. I dont know why I am disclosing all of this. Maybe its therapeutic or something. I dont know. These suicidal fantasies are dominating most of my thoughts. Is there any way out of this?
16 Jun 2008 Back Again :( Well i'm back again. Made it thru a year and now everythings back to being fucked up.
I'm shy
just went thru an abortion
got dumped after the abortion by the person i'm in love with
back at home which is depressing because all my friends have now left and i don't want to be here or get a job here.
i feel there is nothing to live for anymore. i don't have anyone and i don't wanna be alone. and whats the point anyways more and more shits just gonna happen later in life so who cares and some people are just ment to commit suicide.
i'm sorry, i know that my problems seem insignificant to so many others out there, but i feel i should get a say because i still feel like absolute shit and really really just want to go to sleep and not wake up...hopefully the doctor will prescribe me sleeping pills and i can make it happen and be free from all this pain.
14 Jun 2008 skittles hi people its me sky i changed my name to skittles though . as u seen my post i was asking ways to commit suside . but now i have changed my mind not because of any therapist or minister. it was me doing alot of thinking . i am so freaking deprest all the time because i feel no one cares about me . expessialy my friends and family and i think i suffer from depression. but all i did was tell myself i am a beautiful 14 year old girl and ill be damned if im going to let someone at school or my family make me want to end my life .because fuck them it about me and not them .this is my life and for some weird reason i was put on this earth for a purpose . i dont know wat the hell for but im only 14 so maybe when im older i might do something to change the world who knows . i have all ways wanted to act and sing so maybe i might be a actress or singer or maybe ill be this ordinary person but im not going to let anyone ruin my life . so those who want to commit suiside im not going to tell u not to commit suicide but im just saying think about it i did and ive been throgh some hard times and im sure all of u on here have .and no i dont no wat u guys r going through and i dont want to know but i do care .just think about it before u want to commit suicide because right now u may be deprest from bullies ,your family someone who raped u if u were raped but u know wat fuck them its not about them its about u and alot of you guys r teenagers on here so those bullies , family u hate and other people will go away because once your 18 u can do wateva the hell u want and make something of yourselves and u want ever see those bullies or hated family or people again. because for some weird reason all you peoples have a purpose u might not know wat the hell it is right now but oneday youll find out when your someones mother ,wife , husband or a famous movie star and youll look back and be glad you didnt commit susicide. but if u r defintely 100% going to commit suicide then go ahead your goig to miss out on what u could of been or wat u could of down . well thats all i have to say luv u guys
13 Jun 2008 sophieenglish12 i have nver tried it and ive kept trying and trying to fight it but i dont think i can anymore i am 12.
i hate life.
i luv sum ppl like ellie x and my dog
but my parents are horribl; im sick of the names the abuse and he drama ive been thro a lot of shit in my life and well i cant take it anymore.
ive thought about suicide alot but just cant bring myself to do it. im scared.
im scared of it failing.
im scared of just blatantly dying.
i'd like to just stop for no reason just let it all go.
please help me.
09 Jun 2008 sky hi people i am new i was just wondering if there was a way to commit suicide without feeling alot of pain. i know it sounds dumb because if u want to kill yoirself it will probaly hurt. but i dont see my life getting better anytime soon or getting over my deppresion so i need a way to get out.i started thinking about suside when i was in the 5 grade .my life really started to go down hill whyen i was in the 7th grade .,this is show it all started . one night i weighed myself and the number on the scale was really high i weighed 120 and i was 13 years old .my mom said i should weigh aroung 88 ponds so i knew i was really fat. i cried myself to sleep that night because i was fat and ugly and i had no freinds and nobody liked me. i looked inthe miror at myself for 20 minutes and just disgusted at myself i was this fat blob with aceney and a ugly fat face. that day i told myself i was going to do anthing to loose weight so i stopped eating and took laxatives and tried to throw up my food every day . my mom went in my room oneday and found the box of laxatives in my closet and new right a way i had a eating disorder . she started screaming at me and saying i was pritty and didnt have to loose weight that i was only 13 and didnt have to worry abot anything that i just should enjoy mylife . huh wat life i dont have a life .o right after that my mom called me a selfish bich . i guess she reall cares about me . well i hate my mom im not the bich she is .she never understands me she just thinks that im this selfish teenager who dosent appriciate anything she does but my younger sister is this perfect little angel who never does anything wrong . and i should be like her and not worry about my weight . well my sister has friends she has a perfect life and nevre has to worry abot anything. secrectly i wish i had her life . anyways i dropped to 90 pounds in 6 months and of course everyone noticed that i losted 30 pounds so my mom threatend to send me to this annarexic rehad place if i didnt stop what i was doing . and my whole family ganged up on me saything i was going to therapy and all that crap. they didnt get that all i wanted is to be skinny and pritty and have boys like me .thats all i wanted but they didnt care because my mom said she was goig to take me to the doctor cause i had a cold that day but it wasnt a doctor it was a therapist so my mom tricked me and i hated her i wished she would die because she told everyone i had a eating disorder and that she worried about me . that was a damn lie my mom hates my guts she even told me that when we got in one of our fights . she told me that when she got a divorse with my dad i would have to live with him because she couldnt stand me . so here she is putting on this sad face telling the therapist that she wa sso worried about me . thats exactly y i hate my mom . so after that whole ordeal i decided i wanted to kill myself but my mom came in my room when i was about to and checked my room for laxatives . she found them and i got in big trouble cause i stole them . so she started screaming at me and i screamed back saying that she didnt understand me and never will know what im going throw . she thought i was being smart with her so she slapped me in the face and called me a stupid bich .i ren in my closet cause i started to break down in tears and she followd me and slammed open my closet door and pushed me against the wall and slammed my leg in the door then left. well i wanted to kill myself right then so badly but i couldnt because i loved my nanna so much and she would be devastated if i killed myself . so i didnt . now a year later im 14 goig to the ninth grade i have blond hair im skinny and pritty finally and i have boys asking me out all the time and i have met some friends . but im still sad and depressed i have no one . i feel so alone with no one to talk to about my problems i think i have deprssion and i have like this panic attack dissorder thing .but my mom wont believe me that im deppressed and that i get panic attacks . she thinks i over exaggerate and make it up. so im sad all the time and cry myself to sleep alot . i know i suffer from deppresion and im never going to get help so i want to commit suicide plus the only person i loved was my nanna and my mom turned her against me so she thinks im this selfish person whos a slob . so everyone hates me in my family and they wanted care if i was dead they probaly would be relieved that they wanted have to deal with me or yell at me and the family can be together again because sopposly i tore them appart and i cause them to fight . so soon they can have there perfect little family how it was supposed to be cause im a mistake and no one cares about me and never will .so people if u could tell me some ways of suicide i will be gratefull .
09 Jun 2008 Em Hi. Right at this moment I'm writing this post on my iPod touch as I don't have by computer any more because I'm grounded. I'm grounded because of something my mums 'friend' did to me.

Im only 12 and It was about 9 o'clock pm and i was sat in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate. My mums 'friend' Linda was looking after me because my mum was away. Anyway my friends came to the door and I said come in a mo while I finish my drink. Then linda came into the kitchen and handed me the phone an it was mum I was excited about speaking to her as I hadn't spoken to her in bout 1 week. As soon as I said hello sh shouted down the phone get those kids out the house then she hung up. She rang back and she started sayin whne I get back your in so much trouble. And by this time I was shoutin at her and Yeh I will admit it. My friends heard her but they had pissed off and left me with linda. I ran upstairs crying my eyes out and had a piece of string wrapped tight around my throat. I rang my dad because I was upset and linda came in my room. I stood up on the corner of my bedframe and she was shouting at me. She was supposed to be disabled and I wasn't prepared for what was coming, she grabbed my wrist and yanked me from my bed and on my knees and onto the floor. She dug her knee and elbow into the bass of my back whilst she had one of my arms on my back. She was fighting over my phone for god sake!! So I clinged to my phone with my life and I was screaming. I had my windows closed and my friends outside heard. Linda finally let go of me and I legged it for the backdoor and I ran onto the street crying my eyes out. Kayleigh had her window open so I scramed for her to open her frontdoor. She opened her front door an I collapsed musta been unconsicious cuz they couldn't wake me. When I came round kay and tom were on the phone to my dad. I was shaking to much to speak to him so he rang the police and dad came round and picked me up. I didn't go to school the next day because I had a bad back and carpet burns all over my body. When I got back to my mums on Sunday she pretended nothing had happened. And what hurts me the most is that my mum believes her apparent disabled friend over her own daughter. (Me) And my life is competely shit!! I have seriously considered sucided loads of times like what mark speight did to himself so anyone who says life is worth living that total crap
Feel free to email me

So Yeh ...
Good Luck
09 Jun 2008 v I loved someone and is stuck. Im stuck for minutes for days and looking back it´s been years. It´s not getting better, I slip back into this miserable love and can´t continue swimming much longer. I´ve tried to move on, but to move on from the happiest time of your life and think things will get even better is hard. I want to end this. What keeps me here is the thoughts on ways out and my mum who would break if I left.

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