Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Nov 2008 Anonymous Hey, I'm in a pretty bad spot, and if anyone is willing to give a few words of advice, go right ahead...oh, and I'm sick of the 'permanent solution' crap, honestly, who isn't?
06 Nov 2008 Sapere Aude I wish I had of killed myself when I was 13. It would have saved me a lot of heartache. It seems like no matter how hard I try, I always get dealt a losing hand. My life until now has felt like a "series of unfortunate" events, interspersed with fleeting moments of extreme happiness.

I found out what true love was at least. My heart, my soul, my everything went into this relationship. I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. Then, two and a half years later, I get told by my significant other that he doesn't love me anymore. That he hasn't loved me for months, and that he's felt like he's been living a lie.

To make matters worse, he doesn't want to try and fix things. He just wants to run away. "To be free." We had something beautiful though. How can he not realize that? How can he at least not want to try? How could he let his feelings die? Love is both a choice and an action. He chose to drop me.

I'm not sure if I want to "choose" life anymore. Yes, I have ambition. Yes, I would like to do more things in my life. I actually made a list of all of the things that I'd still like to do. However, everything just seems to have lost its colour and appeal. Nothing seems to matter. Nothing except him.
02 Nov 2008 Lina Im 14 and im already sick of life. Ive tried to find many ways of dying but i never seem to get them done. I once tried to cut myself but that didnt work out. I tried suffocating under my pillow while i was crying myself to sleep but i just couldnt do it. I want to die but i dont know how to. The life we live in sucks and i cant continue this way. Now im thinking of making myself throw up so that i become sick and eventually end this shit. Hopefully itll work.
01 Nov 2008 Why? Life is a joke. I used to be happy, but I was just naive back then. I wake up to get ready to go to school, I'm so tired that I think it would just be easier to grab a knife from the kitchen counter and slit my throat so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. My life is meaningless, I have nothing to look forward to when I grow up. My dad shoots down my ideas, I've stopped caring about school work, I don't eat much, I have no friends, and I HATE to talk to anyone unless it's anonymously, such as on the internet. I just wish I could be free from this life. You could kill yourself by drowning, cutting your throat, stabbing yourself in the heart, blowing your brains out with a gun, jump off a building, drink anti-freeze, tie a belt around your neck, jump out of a car while it's moving, jump infront of a moving car, drink rubbing alchohol, overdose on pain meds, cut your wrists very hard, breathe chlorine gas, drink too much water, eat too much salt, eat too much protein, drink ink, drink lysol, and that's at the top of my head.
26 Oct 2008 brina i always cut myself for the shit i done my dad never came 2 my b-day since i was 12. hes a joke he ant even tell me dat my lil cuz is livin wit him. luckly i have my best guy friend i can depend on him. he helps support me when im down n idc wat any1 says i should jus let go of somethings
i write to clear my head it helps me 2 really the how life sucks n how its good also somepeople like it and some dont. i can care bout other ppl and there shit but, sometimes i dont only the 1's dat can support me througmost of dis shit i cant wait to die maybe i can finlly be wit my grandpa n my cuz n my friends
21 Oct 2008 Tonja Hmm...13??? You should be having the time of your life. I signed on to this forum because of my desire to kill myself and well I am an adult and have lived a lot of life to see that existing is miserable. But you, you have your whole life ahead of you. Maybe u should try life before u decide committing suicide and see if its worth it or not. Personally, i plan on jumping off a bridge later this evening. Its a high one here in hawaii and everyone and everything has beat me down and therefore i feel there is no other alternative. Your young give it some more time before u walk away from the world.
21 Oct 2008 just writing Will anyone really notice if I kill myself on friday?
It would take a month to just know of my disappearance.
I wish I could tell someone how I feel
But I can't even win their approval on anything normal.
I have no friends, no family, no life,
Sometimes I feel I belong in the dirt and 6feet under.
But isn't that the easy way out?
Some say it is but so what-
At this time I have no cares
for my soul has left and I'm in despair.
21 Oct 2008 sabrina Hi people of a america
i m so wat depressed my father divorced my mother i tried to commit suicide bout i lost track everythin in my life is gettin 2 me my dad never lisetin 2 me i was raped n aboused my my ex bf hes in jail now i hate 2 see inncent and good ppl we like that we all should die but how r we goin 2 be remmbered my words,wriitng,hw? u can nly remember how a person acts we all are u
ntique in a way
u say smethin wrong to person but that person never 4gives u at all 4 wat u have done 2 ythem
i fill dead everyday i cut myself so nbody could see my marks i have on my body nobody in vites me 2 any partys
i feel lonely and all by myself i wonder if i should jus kill myself y should any1 matter bout me 4 im already dead y should i leave now
i miss my grandfather alot
i never got 2 see him very much
my mother doesnt care bout me
she call a bitch,a fat pig,a hooker,
n i cry everynight wishin y God doent jus kill me!
i wonder everyday will i make it or not will i kill myself,should i cut my self
idk idk idk
but u ppl tahat tried it i know how feel not really but u took a chance
2 go n do somethin
21 Oct 2008 Adrian Something is wrong with me. i have always been one to wear pink and laugh and giggle and enjoy life. now i am nothing. I have no desire to live. alli want is death. Love is a bitch. I fell in love with a guy. He cheated on me with my fucking best friend. Now i have no friends. now i am alone. i wake up in the morning but feel no desire to move from the welcome of my own home. its been more than a year scince i have been happy. I dont think i will ever be happy again. What is life when you do not live? What is love when you do not love? What is pain if you do not feel pain?

i cut myself. i have scars on my arms and legs and all over my fucking body. when i see the blood flow from my skin i feel no regret, no pain. when i feel the stinging reaction of my skin, i feel no regret. no fear. No matter how hard i try i can not feel things anymore. if i had one wish i would wish that i would die. the people who tell us we are "fucking emo cowards" have never felt the true nothingness. There are people who live with a desire to stay alive. and theres those of us who feel no desire to even move. i do not eat. only when my current friends and boyfriend shove something down my throat. I wish for nothing more than to die. Why should i wish for something that i could give myself? How hard could it be to just jump out in the middle of the road right now? If i wish so much to die then why am i still here? i do not know the answer.

I have tried to kill myself before and obviously as you read this you know i did not succeed. i am 14. i am a girl. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear all black with black jewlry and a black joker necklace with safety pins hanging from it. these safety pins are my life my air. they protect me. i take them out at school and stab my wrist with them. I am what some people would call an emo freak. i am also what some people would call human.

peole say that they dont know how i could cut myself and stab myself. and i say that i dont know how they couldnt. how they could be happy living in this severely fucked up world. we might be cowards and we might not. i dont know. its not my place to judge because i can not judge the world objecticly. you can only objectivly judge something you have experienced. I have not truely experienced hapiness so it is not my place to judge those who are happy. i feel no desire to live. when i go to sleep i have no desire to ever wake up. so what does that mean i should do i can not live when i have no life inside me. i will. die.........soon..
07 Oct 2008 P.Beatriz I have a friend who has tried to commit suicide. She is my best friend and she told me her life story. All you people who say the family and friends will be the ones to suffer the most are right. Because if my friend was sucessful i dont know what i would one knows she is like this only her friends know because we have seen the scars the cuts. we want to help but what can we do she is already going to therpy she is on meds but its not working. she says she wants help but she hasnt told the cops what has happened to her. shes scared about what might happen to her sisters and brothers.her life story is so fucked up you would most likely think im making it up. she told me her dad raped her when she was 5 and has been raping her till she got her period.thats when she started fighting back in fear of getting pregant.whats worse is her older brother raped her too.her dad and brother would rape her toghter and the fact that kills her is that her mom knows.she knows and she didnt do anything how fucked up is that.she has also told me that both her mom and dad have tried to kill her many times in the past. both of them beat her everyday and she smokes and she drinks and cuts herself because of them.none of her brother and sisters know about this.i want to tell someone so she wont have to be in that hell hole. but shes scared of what might happen to her mom. i dont know what im doing but can someone please help me.
06 Oct 2008 rediah im 16 and really depressed and thinking about suicide help me please.
05 Oct 2008 Waiting Do you think my life is sad? Every week what i look forward to is going to my brother's apartment to play a game. thats the highlight of my week. all my friends have alienated me. and all the people at my current school are assholes to me. then I come back to this place I call home and my parents yell at me for not doing a certain chore...whats the point of this? why do I live like this? Personally I think its pathetic, especially since most people would believe these kind of things are petty things to stress out about..
29 Sep 2008 Waiting I really don't understand anymore, being able to freely think doesn't seem like its serves any good purpose. It seems that all the other things than us on this planet get along just find without thought while just having their instincts. If we didn't have a mind at all we wouldn't suffer like this, we in a way would be free. And if we were gone, the rest of the world would be better off. So why did this god give us this mind of ours? Did he/she/it want to torment us with all our thoughts? Or did he/she/it simply want us to try to get over it and solve our problem at hand?
28 Sep 2008 Abby Hi. My name is Abby. I am 20 years old and I would like to believe that I am the strong level-headed person everyone believes I am, but I am far from it. I have had three suicide attempts.
The first time I considered committing suicide is when my overbearing parents threatened to pull me out of middle school if I did not make the honor roll. I had just moved to a new school and along with the pressures of adjusting to a new crowd, I was expected to excel. I fell short of their aspirations and out of fear of the beating I was about to get, I decided to take my life by overdosage. I took 24 pills of plain paracetemol. I was 12 at the time and I knew nothing about what type of medication I had to take. I spent the next two days sick to my stomach vomiting and passing out.
My second attempt at suicide was in university. I went to university on the other side of the world in Canada, which was far away from home. One night, I was attacked an left to die in a parking lot. After I came to the realization in the hospital that I had been raped, I couldn't even look myself in the mirror. I tried death by asphyxia. I found a cylinder of helium in my friend's garage and I tried suffocating myself with the help of the gas and a plastic bag. Luckily, I was found. I attended two months of therapy after and then I left.
The third time I attempted suicide was when I was 19. I was depressed. Depression hit me after I realized how badly my life was going. I decided that the best way to go was by carbon monoxide poisoning. That summer when I went home, I closed myself in my garage and turned on the car. My neighbors heard the car running and they knew that my family was away for the weekend so they called the fire department.
A lot of people question me about whether I am ok and how life is treating me but I find that the best way to answer a question like that is just affirmatively. I realize that taking my life might be the easiest way out and sometimes is a wonderful alternative but I still live to die another day.
I am an emotionally unstable individual but after being so close to death three times, I have learnt the value of life. I treat every moment of my life like my last. Because I don't know when I might just give up or circumstance might take me away. There is not a day that goes by that I don't remind the people that I love how much I actually love them.
Right now I am absolutely depressed. I've had a hard couple of days. My boyfriend's mother has inhibitions about her son dating be and he is being forced to chose between his mother and me. While he tries his best to resolve this issue, I am left in anxiety and despair. Being as emotionally unstable as I am I have considered taking my life so often over the last two days. It hurts me to see him hurting and as dire as this situation is, I am being hurt the most out of all people.
I am so tired of losing things in my life that losing him might possibly the last straw. I just hope that he can fix this problem because the thought of losing him is impossible for me to handle.
More than anything, this is a cry for help and a cry for your prayers. Pray that this girl who has lost everything in her life gets to keep the love that sustains her life.
23 Sep 2008 Natalie Mitchell Right now i'm 14 and at this moment im thinking of a way to kill myself...I have birth control pills but I dont think theyll work. And i dont have any sleeping pills. So maybe Ill just take a whole bunch of this and that and hope for the best. I've had 2 close friends commit suicide. Thing is people always say im overreacting cause my parents dont even hit me or anything. but i want to help my family by killing myself because then they wont have to pay for my school tuition or anything anymore....
12 Sep 2008 Chad Austin I dont even know where to start. I was born i guess is a good place to start. My aunt physically and sexually abused me. All I know is I am thinking about suicide. I need someone to talk to. I cant take this. I just want to die.
03 Sep 2008 jimmy i am 12 i want to take a knife to my throat i really do but i cant bring myself up to do it help me should i or shouldnt i
03 Sep 2008 The burdon My name is Mattie I am 17 years old, a ways from 13 I know. I live with my grandmother, Sadly my mother, My little brother of 5 and new born sister.
My mother is a drug attic whore that is never around except to scream at how everything is my fault. My father was a drinker and hardly there when he was with my mother but he isnt anymore. He went to jail for very stupidly attempting to rob a bank (for those of you who think im kidding im not)
Anyway like i was saying ATTEMPTED failed horribally.
So he was in jail most of my life so I never REALLY knew him.
My mother is with a million guys all the time I cant keep track.
Soo at home I dont really have a "family"
Well in school some guys I started talking to was....well to shorten that and save me tears I trusted him, the first person in a long time a guy for that matter and he...did something to me he can never take back and I cant ever warsh away or forget about. If you understand you know some of how I feel if not...I geuss it doesnt really matter.
Anyway later down the road here highway, freeway no matter. lol
MY father calls and says he will be getting out soon and he would like to see me. I say no of course.
Later he keeps sending me letters I finally start replying trusting yet another person.
He says when he gets out he wants to spend time with me and be the father he never really ever was.
I say fine.
My Ex best freind (amanda's) Mother named Sandy starts asking me about my mother and father out of no where.
She said I know you mother but what does your father look like.
Eventually I showed her a picture and old one but a pic.
She talks about how cute he is and where I get my looks cause obviously it aint my mom.
So she starts sending him letter too hey this is litas friends mother.
They exchange pics talk for months finally he is getting out (keep in mind the letters slow down when he gets a girl to talk to)
She says he could move in with he cause he has nowhere to stay. He gets out he does.
Everytime I went over to see my friend he never said a word to me.
Just looked at me.
Once he said hi,
and that was all Amanda's mother was going to say lets all be a happy family but for some reason changed her mind on me.
Me and amanda never really talk anymore.
My mother wants me to get out.
I dont really have much in life and I dont need ways to kill myself I got a pretty good Idea I just needed to vent however if anyone with a shitty family and a poor excuss for parrents or whoever just wants to talk IM never busy and always looking for friends.
27 Aug 2008 sophie kaulitz right im 12 and im 13 in two mounths ive cut ALOT i told my parents each time they found out id stopped and they said if i do this again im gona get a couseler ive had loadsa them PLZ HELP WHY AM I DOING THIS IVE MADE A SHEET FOR A SUICIDAL PLAN HELP ME HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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