Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Feb 2009 anonymous I graduated 2 years ago and now I still jobless, no money, in debt, just breakup, no house and everything. For this 2 years no matter what i do it will all ended up in a very bad way. I am so depressed and yet i cant tell anyone my problem. I lost my confident and i cant stay at my parents house anymore. i feel so ashamed and useless. I tried to hope myself gone insane and i lock myself in my room for one year. Will leave my room when i am hungry and thristy only. Then I hope to die but I dont know is it dying is the best way? Oh help me, I am wasting my time and youth ... i am still depressing here... I am afraid to meet my friends ... I am suck!
06 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin stupid fucking, hell everywhere i look

kill myself

i hate you fucking little shits
" "


i know i can do it now, i could've done it the other day - it wasnt me that stopped, i just walked up and did it. so i know i can kill myself now.

thats good

02 Feb 2009 v I've been happy nearly my hole life, though I'm only 19. I've allways been categorized as the funny guy, and I have a talent for making other laugh. I have allways had good friends and I never been bullied. My depression started when i was about 16 years old. I started upper secondary school and I felt very sad to leave all my classmated behind. I still see some of them. I din't have a good firt year in upper 2ndary school. I often play happy, and I don't let people know how I feel. Partley because of my reputation as a funny guy. I changed school and when i was 17 i really started feel depressed. And now I'm only month from graduating I feel so sad and I don't know why. I have given up nearly all hope I have for my future. I written some sucides notes, but never taking the last step. Something still stopes me, one though that hits me when I'm thinking of commiting sucide is that my life is too good. Lately I've fallen in love with a girl, but I get so nervous around her that I allways destroy my chances of getting her. I've started to abuse alchol. I feel that if only something in my life could go as I want it I would feel a little happier.
01 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin I don't know what to do anymore.
I'm crying right now.
Really crying, screaming out to the Lord to help me, why do I feel like this?
I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't want to do anything ever again.
I think I'm gonna puke on all the tears I'm swallowing...
Why can't I just be happy?
Why won't the Lord help me?
Why do I hate everyone?
I'm so lonely because I hate everyone -they all hate me back I'm sure.

I don't know what to do.

Oh God help me. I don't want to die.
29 Jan 2009 My name is Kyle Im 18 years old, Ive lost my best friend to suicide. I was set up by the police and am now facing 5 years in jail for a simple aggraved furnishing charge of marijuana. Could you throw 5 years of your life away...when I get out the girl ive fallen in love with will be gone, my parents will never be the same, I will be forgotten by half the world as I know it if not more. I can not put myself in that situation. Theres a way out, vengence might be a solution I tempt. I know I have not commited the sin here. For them too set me up too destroy my life is a sin. If I pay, They will pay...I think we all want to be remembered, Its what ive thought throughout my entire life, I just want to be remembered. The question was always how though. How?
21 Jan 2009 p.j.r dear mouchette,

I cant tell anyone so ill tell you.
today i cut myself, not to die but just to feel. i cut my chest and always wear sweaters or high cut t-shirts so no one will see.

good bye for now
19 Jan 2009 Brooke I'm so close to suicide.... i have a great life and all but my mom is just making me so upset and i just wanna scream. Every time I see her i get close to crying and I cut after she leaves... i'm 13. i was in love, but he broke my heart and now i cant find anyone like him. tongight I'm going to commit sucide. 23 pills will be down my throat soon.... i just really dont dont like life....
18 Jan 2009 Waiting I find this world to be sick. Why do we feel to be bound by the ways of others, why can't we carve are own path, why do others try to stop us? Why can't everything just work out for everyone? Why is the world so blurry in the sense that our elders try to cover our eyes and hold us back? Everyday I feel bound by ball and chain. We shouldn't live like this, where everyday is scheduled, dated, and followed like a religion? We shouldn't be stuck in cubicles or stressing out that we might hand in a paper on time. this is not living, this is just dieing slowly in a great pandemic daze. I can't wait for the day we stop following fucking orders and stop bending over for the system. I guess thats what I'm waiting for
17 Jan 2009 Jolo I've been coming to this site for a little more than two years.
so, here it goes...
My life, I have a good life, Loving family, alot of loving friends. Do you think I'm happy? Do you?


No I'm not, after all the good things I've been through, I don't feel it. I HATE MYSELF! I'm just a small sack off shit wating to decompose. I haven't done anything right. Unless wrong is right, then Ive done alot of it! My life isn't fucked up, I AM! People around me love me, even if they tease me all the time I know they love me, or at least I think they do. I love them, especially my parents. Why am I here? That's because I don't deserve to live, my life is to good for me! They give me their best and I give them my worst. What kind of person am I! Oh yeah, I'm the sorry sack of shit! I hope I have some pills right now! To add to the dissapointment, It's our junior prom on Feb. I don't have a date! I'm a fucking loser! Why did I exist in the first place! I have no use in this world. I'm just another waste of resources.

When I was 7 I always wanted to take pictures, but at 9 something felt wrong, I felt that I was the only one different. Since then I avoided taking pictures, unless people force me. Now I'm 16, still a useless pile of shit! I cut myself, I burn myself, I started smoking just because of the fact that it could kill, I even drink this fuel for model cars, which kinda taste like 3 times the strongest tequila you've ever drunk, because it has the skull and crossbones logo, poison! can Kill! Yeah right I've been drinking it for a month and nothing happens.

What am I gonna do now? should I kill myself now and save the others? or should I just let life fuck me as it already does.

If there are an Christians out there Pls pray for me, so that I could have a date for the prom, maybe that's just the pathetic reason why I'm so depressed. Oh well, I doubt that even having my dream girl would put me out of this misery.

Pls help me. If it's death or a good life, you wish for me, thank you for your prayers
16 Jan 2009 Dead meat oh crap, i said my views out loud and now they're after me. they have no problem killing innocent kids... shit i am so dead. not gonna kill myslef, im just gonna run before they can find me.
i dont have any friends who can help, have to go it alone.
shit shit shit
im too young to die

ahh fuck
im shit scared they are going to find me
or walk past me in the street and recognise me
13 Jan 2009 kim i tried to kill myself when i was 12 i first tried cutting my wrist it felt so good. then i tried to get hit by a car at 16 while driving my car it dint work at 21 i had a kid and got him taken only to find i had a mental illness that wont go away. i take my meds every day im tired because my son lives in a horrible environment with his dad who is a wife beating cop and i try to get better. i just recently went off all my meds and lost a good friend because he cant deal with me and my problems i have. he cant love me ans wont until i straighten out my life, like that will ever happen. i need to fill the void of my son and want to have another family i honestly believe it will help me in some way to love again if i had someone to love me so i could learn to love myself again. i got out of the hospital over the holidays and i wish today i could just check back in for a few more daysw just ot feel safe in my own skin. i want to sleep all the time and i dont eat some how i just manage to stay a the same weight i always am and not lose. i just want to die or to have some knight and shining man come save me. i would say the way to go is to kill your self is tot drink antifreeze. i havent tried it yet. scared to.
13 Jan 2009 Sarah i am 17 and have thought of suicide since i was sexually assulted at 13, abused by my parents, and consistently put down by peers and teacher, over the past few years i have been to councelling, medicated, slit my wrist <-- waste of time, plonderd the thought of jumping in front of a train but seen the result of survival <-- scratched that idea, thought about making hydrogen sulphide but dont like the idea of my head in the toilet, .... although every night when i close my eyes i dream of killing myself iv'e learned to live everyday as it comes although life is shit, i look towards my future and making my life mine, having children and being proud of something for once in my life, giving them the gift of my love and understanding, giving them the affection and life that i have never managed to have... i also look forward to grandchildren and watching my children teach and love their children..... living life is honestly the worst but if you make a goal or dream and focus on it no-one puts you down nearly as isnt worth make it yours it is
09 Jan 2009 X Im just 15 and I'm a complete pussy. If I can't do it then I should stop trying but I don't. I've never been abused except verbally by EVERYbody in my life from birth until now. IDONT have the balls to do it but I will soon and I'm sure of it. I just wanna say if uwanna do it, go ahead. I've been suicidal since 7 but somehong in me is finally broken...

The ship is sinking and I'm not gonna try and stop it.


I just wanna people to know what I think. If u think I'm dumb I don't really care. Do what u have to do. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT but u do have to deal with it. So go down the path nobody can follow you. Good luck friends I'm bailing

Email me at darkheart6@hotmail

Luv to hear what u think even if it doesn't bother me

Pcs and GL
07 Jan 2009 Miss, Boo I wish I was dead.
I have no point, my existance is shit to everyone else, so I self harm to feel alive, to punish myself for shit I regret, I do it for so many reasons.
I've tried to talk to friends about how I feel and they just pretend the problem doesn't exist.
People tell you not to do it.
People tell you to get help.
I've fucking tried and the world's not waiting to catch you when you're falling and so you keep falling. I'm scared of hitting the bottom.

I don't know what people think of me, I know that they don't want to be my friend. They avoid me for all it's worth.
It's not catching!
I want someone to notice.
I want someone to care about me.
I get nostalgic.
Before my dad left, before my next-door-neighbour moved.
I had stability and a good relationship with friends, and in particular, I was somebodys girl next door. That gave me some sort of confidence. and it sounds silly.

I do want to die, but also, I want to be saved. I hate my mother. I just hate her so much. and people will say, if you want to be saved, you don't actually want to die, well I do, because nobody will save me, so there's nobody to live for.

my self harm gets bad in little bursts. I'll be bad, then it'll all heal into scars and go a funny colour, then I'm pushed and I rip myself open again.

It makes me feel alive
It makes me feel that maybe, if someone could just notice, I could get past it.

I go through weird episodes,

my mother doesn't see it.
My friends pretend it's not happening.

I need a way out.

It's like the escape route and I think that I'd do it. I'd be dead by now if I weren't so scared that I'd wake up again afterwards.

If anyone wants to talk to me. Just get out some shit that's been bottled up, then do.
If anyone feels like they want to listen to me, then do it.
If you just want to be my friend. talk about pointless shit and pretend we're normal, please, do.
I'll be whoever you want me to be.
I just want to feel loved.

04 Jan 2009 Jacob Well, I really am depressed. I've been this way all my life. I figured I could write a book based on how I feel to let myself cool off. But, it's failure. The only goal in my life is to be a famose horror arthur,like Stephen King.
I really try to cut myself, but I'm chicken.

The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is probably..... Stealing a knife from the kitchin, and stabbing everything around you. After this, you cut off your nose, and stab your lungs, and just lay back. Well, I'm too chicken to do it.
Maybe because i'm only 11 YEARS OLD.

Yep, 11 years old. SHOCKER
04 Jan 2009 did it what about your poor loved ones? dont you think u should think about them?
fuck them they are the reason why im dying.
all i do is give love and what do u get i fucking kick in the throat.
nobody deserves that. my kids will grow up and never know about me so what i gave birth to them i loved them but they are better without me all there father was do is shit on me. all i ever wanted was to really loved what the fuck is love dont you tell me god loves you / whrere the hell was he when i really needed him?
have enough to slip away 2 day.
i know nobody knows me here but i just wanted to say something before i did it
01 Jan 2009 cold hearted bitch! well since i am a very fucking suicidle kid and i JUST turned 13 december 29th 2008 and it is now january 1st 2009 i still feel like a 12 year old but anyways! when ever i think about duin suicide and i think all us littler kids just want it to be over with already and dont really give a shit how it is done as long as it is fast offective and not alot of mega pain such as that wrist bull shit!
i tried suiside couple times.
the rope shit nahh done work 100% and the wrist cutting...HA i have been a fucking lil cutter since the third freakin grade! hell now that i think about it i remember doin it before the third grade! but the best thing for the scared lil ones is just go jump off a damned tall ass building for all we care! i mean if you are really thinking of the suiside shit nothing we say will help and us PRETENDING to give a flying fuck "waste of TIME!" so go jump or get a gun and pull the damn trigger! sorry but this cold hearted bitch hates the sorry little posser type like that rich bitch oh boo hoo your fam died and you had bad parents. shut the fuck up! the living hell other's like me and some of my friend go threw is more then that! these marks and cuts are still not healed up!
but hey do what my boyfriend tells me he is goin to do some day...that gothic bitch is just goin to get an overdose on crack or PCP. drugs drugs drugs dont ya love em? they make our fucking out of controll world go round and fucking round! got a prob with anything i fucking said fine! e mail me then and tell it to my fucking face! chat!
29 Dec 2008 PMR I think drug overdose would be the best. Triple C's help.
They make the pain go away.
Overdose on them and everything will be good.
I want to kill myself but im scared of what people will think. I hurt so bad, and im sick of it. I was raped last year. I am not the same person anymore. My best friend is pregnant, has HIV, and got kicked out. so she had to move. my other best friend has an autoammune virus and she isnt suspose to live past 17. three years. i cant do this .goodbye world. you were cruel to me anyways. I am going to go now.
27 Dec 2008 Courtney I guess I'll write in this. Do you guy want me to talk about my life story, or something like that? Well, I'm just going to talk. So for the past few months or so, I've been really depressed...It's even ended the friendship with someone I really cared about, I practically loved them. I've lost a lot of people lately. Pretty much everyone I've ever been close to. And there was one person, my last chance of some sort of pathetic human connection. I told myself that they were the last time I would try to get close to someone. I trusted them, and they only pushed me away. Right now, I have no one. I'm not close with any of my family. In this world, I feel so alone. As if nobody cares. When I think about suicide, and if I leave a not saying why, it would read "Because I wouldn't be missed". I couldn't say that I would. So many people hate me, it seems as if I'd be doing them a favor. I could rant more, but I'd rather not. If anyone wants to talk (which I doubt) just e-mail me at or add me on MSN or something. (Haha it's not like I'm worrying about being stalked and killed).
27 Dec 2008 Marissa i know suicide seems like the best answer, but it isn't, i'm 10 and everyday of my life i'm thinking of killing myself. people around me love me, and i love them too. i don't hate the people around me, i just hate myself.

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