Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Mar 2009 D Look ive had a good life up until i was 17 about to turn eighteen..........i got maried when i was 16 and when i turned 17 my ex wife had a miscarriage,she left me,my mother died the same week she left me and would not talk to me,i got hooked on oppiates,my grandfather died,..........i thought that was as bad as shit gets but boy was i im 24(just turned in march)i never had n e thoughts of suicide but with the economy all fucked up in 2008 i lost my job ..........i cannot find another one(its march 2009 ive been unemployed for 1 year and 3 months)Im majorly hooked on oppiates and am currently doing every thing i can to get my fix(it is hell),my car got repossesd,i lost my place to dad and sister hate my guts.......the rest of my family dont like me anymore(do to my drug problem and burning bridges).....and i just dont know what to do any more.ive thought about killing my self more than ever in the last 3 months.the funny thing is im a good person and never thought my life would end up like this and it keeps getting worse every year that passes.Im really contimplating on killing myself within the next month.evry thing is taken care of and nobody will miss me........i will probably go somwhere really high the stratosfere in las vegas and jumping head furst so when i hit the ground my skull will crush on impact killing me instataneously.I dont think i have any mental health issues.........its just id rather be dead than a homless junky doin anything just to get high.and if i take the homeless route ill end up in jail wich is worse than being just sick of everything going bad and nothing getting better(since 16 it gets worse every year with 2009 being extremely bad)u can think whatever you want but i know my self and i want this life to end........i dont believe in god or heaven and hell so no worries there.i just never woulda thought it would end like this.o well fuck everything and every one
16 Mar 2009 Chocolatemilk I want to commit suicide. Im building my courage to do that. I feel that its pointless to live and even if I do die... in a couple of years everyone is going to forget me. More people on this site have had worse experience than me so Im not gonna say wat ive been through but Ive tried some things. People at school have called me Emo but I dont really care. My family is retarted and well, from the beginning, I regret being born. I hate my mother for giving birth to me, I hate the fact that life is so difficult but some people happen to handle it so well. I hate education. Its stupid and pointless because one day, you're gonna end up dead, poor or rich.

Humans are stupid and they don't understand you even if they say that they do!
13 Mar 2009 life is like taking a shit i cant wait to die, hopefully it will be suicide. by accident i took to many pills (10) last night for major pain and fell asleep, i wonder if i did it again tonight with a few more if i will wake up tomorrow? im tired of this shit called life. and remember life is like taking a shit, it's there for a while and then it's gone.
11 Mar 2009 Jenn lately iv been having really bud luck..
i feel
not even my parents can help iv tryed telling my sister but she thinks im kidding.......i do really whant to leave this place relax for just a minute but i guess thats just in inposible for me...... i aslo feel that no one understands pritty sure that if i did kill myself no one would care..
07 Mar 2009 Sherika I'm 25, it's another night and i won't be getting any sleep at all. I really want to kill myself, just do it, but i think about my family, my mother and i think about God because once you go down that road, it's hell for you, although the thought of going to hell doesn't scare me anymore,and that scares me, i've stopped caring, i feel like i'm just existing, i feel nothing, i can't connect to anymore, and if any guy seem interested, i turn him away or do something to make him hate me, i spend most days by myself, in my room with my computer and books, but i've lot the zeal to even read, i'm so empty, i was looking for methods tonight and i stumbled upon this site and i've been reading the stories and i just needed to speak, i'm away from home, i live with my cousin and his kids, i'm not comfortable but i don't have anywhere else to go, i don't know how to communicate to them,they think i'm strange, i see the way they look at me, i hate being a burden to anyone so everyday the stress of it kills me a little more, i want to go home but i have no money and what will i do when i go home, i came here to help my family and myself and also to get away from my life at home, i thought if i came to America some opportunity might arise, but people don't care here and now there are hardly any jobs, and i feel worthless and alone, there's no one to talk to because i haven't made any friends, really the only people i know are either far away from or are too consumed with their life to care, most people don't want to hear your problems anyways because they don't want to feel obliged to help. I thought as i got older that this depression will go away but it has worsened, the darkness comes alot now and i can't fight it anymore, i had a bottle of pills in my room and i ran away from it because i would have taken it all. I'm killing myself anyways, slowly,i take so many many painkillers and sleeping pills to knock me out some nights because i just want to stop thinking and feeling and i i've hardly been eating, right my stomach is in so much pain, i feel my body eating itself, and i haven't slept fully in months,everyday i say, maybe this is the day i fall and never get up.
07 Mar 2009 Jamie i have been wanting to kill myself since i was 14. I have also been cutting myself since i was 14. I am depressed, i hate where i live, it is full of snobby jerks who no nothing but about life except how to be rich. My parents saw my arm the second time I cut, and caught me taking pills trying to kill myself. However, i consider myself a coward. There have been times when i could have just gone through with it but i didnt. I do not exactly know why. After all living a life of fear (fear of EVERYTHING) impairs the ability to be happy. I have been seeing 3 therapists since 4th grade. Nothing has changed. I hate myself, evertying about myself, and it is almost impossible to live with that. Stress overtakes my life and I have almost daily panic attacks. I am done, and have been for so long. I skip class and lie to my parents about it, i put on a fake act, no one knows what i go through. If i wasnt a coward i would be out of here by now, and i wish with everything i could escape this world. Until then, i guess the only good thing i can say is that you are not alone. There are so many people like us who are suicidal.The only thing really keeping me back is the tears i see on my parents face when they catch the scars on my arms, or the pills hiddin in my draw.
21 Feb 2009 JusttElly.. I'll start with my age: It's 14. No, I'm not just some emotional teenager. I've been depressed for years. Always been different from all the other kids. I still am.

I feel so alone. I can't take this empty feeling anymore. My life hasn't nothing to it. I do the same thing, usually without thinking! I'm concentrating on other questions like: Will that pole take my weight. Or, what would happen if I just 'slipped' infront of that lorry.

I really can take this. I'm tired of this shit. It's so pointless. In the end, your gunna die anyway, so why wait? Why go through all this. All this shit, to just die?

Think about that one. And you'll be where I am. With a knife in one hand, rope in another and scars everywhere..
20 Feb 2009 Hannah Hi guys. I can't really talk to anyone at home about this so here goes. I suppose it is nice just to let things off my chest on this site!!!
I am 13 years old and i really want to die. my mum thinks im a spoilt brat because she sent me to a very posh girls boarding school and i have loads of toys. But the problem is that the things that she sometimes says to me are really mean and i cry nearly everyday. if you are reading this, thinking that i am a stupid, banbyish,rich, posh girls who needs to get a grip, please don't. I'd give all the things that I have just to have a mum who really loves me ,just for being her daughter. If you have already read this far, i say thank. really i do mean it, even though i cant see you and i proberbly never will, it is still nice to know that there is someone out there who really listnes, and who maybe i can call a friend.
I feel a bit better after letting that off my chest. It really does help so if you maybe want to talk to me or just let something off your chest, please do e-mail me.
My msn adress is:-
18 Feb 2009 Goob i'm in my 30's and still have such feelings of anger towards other people. it's the little things in the course of a day that really speak volumes. misery really does spread misery. i try to drink my anger away but that's only temporary. how long will it take before this temporary solution stops working, because i know it will. money and other possessions do not fix real problems. i've done pretty well for myself and it makes no difference. good and bad feelings are within all of us, and people and experiences are the only thing that will truly determine how and what feelings are harvested and brought to the forefront of our everyday lives. i keep trying to find that person or experience and the only thing i've found is love. love truly defines a person and i believe is the reason why we are here.. to love and contribute to the growth of human society through love. i hope this helps because everyone reading this should know we are all in the same boat in this world and others have the same feelings, whether they express them or not. stay strong all. - Goob
18 Feb 2009 lin Im 20 and have had suicidal thoughs since i was about 13. ive managed to control it so far due to anti-depressants and self harming. i dont know how long i can keep the thoughts at bay though. its like a dragon. that rears its ugly head when you least want it to. People never believe im depressed or they belittle the fact i am. to onlookers i ahve a fairly good life. Loving parents, a good child hood, a good education and a loving boyfriend. Im very grateful for everything i have but i dont know how to stop feeling so desperate. i feel like im destroying my life slowly but surely causing my friendships and relationships to crumble til im all alone. when im alone i wont be able to affect anyone elses life, to cause them grief. i think it would be better for everyone if i just disappeared. im too much of a coward to kill myself though. i need help. psycs havent helped drugs havent helped, self medicating hasnt helped. what else is there??
17 Feb 2009 JustElly123 I'll start by stating that my age consists of 14 insignificat years. Of which I have wasted and I dont intent on wasting anymore. My intentions are to end this failure right here, right now.

Drastic? Good! I've spent all my pointless life trying to reassure myself 'Thing'll get better' but it's got to that point where I dont want it to. I'm so use to falling and falling and falling, I'm scared of hitting the bottom. If that makes sence!

Haven't had a great start to life. My Mum died when I was a mere 4 years of age. Since then, I haven't been the same. I have no memories of her at all. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

My Dad's now re-married to my step-mum and her son kinda tagged along. I hate them both soo much. They make my life miserable. Whatever my step-brother wants, he get. I get jackshit although I'm getting use to this now to the point that it becomes unusual to me, if I actually recieve anything with any significance!

She's attacked me on many ocasions. I recently fought back, niavely thinking I could take her. I ended up worse than usual. As this has been a common occurance, I'm priddy good at hidding it, but in that recent attack I wasn't so fortunate as she completely ruined my already fucked face! My 'friends' at school noticed and questions. At first I saw this as a small glimmer of concer, but later I realised they just wanted to know the lastest gossip.

No one really cares about me. I just cant see any reason for my existance. The reasons stated above, may not seem enough to even contemplate suicide, but believe me, thats the simple version! I didn't want to bore you with my fucked up life story.

Although, during this time I've attepmted suicide twice. Once via hanging which failed mysterably. And the second attepmt was an overdose, which almost suceeded. I was so close. It tore me apart waking up the following day. A part of me died and I returned to my numb self.

Please, help me. I need certain methods. I can't do this anymore..Please!
15 Feb 2009 anonymous I graduated 2 years ago and now I still jobless, no money, in debt, just breakup, no house and everything. For this 2 years no matter what i do it will all ended up in a very bad way. I am so depressed and yet i cant tell anyone my problem. I lost my confident and i cant stay at my parents house anymore. i feel so ashamed and useless. I tried to hope myself gone insane and i lock myself in my room for one year. Will leave my room when i am hungry and thristy only. Then I hope to die but I dont know is it dying is the best way? Oh help me, I am wasting my time and youth ... i am still depressing here... I am afraid to meet my friends ... I am suck!
06 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin stupid fucking, hell everywhere i look

kill myself

i hate you fucking little shits
" "


i know i can do it now, i could've done it the other day - it wasnt me that stopped, i just walked up and did it. so i know i can kill myself now.

thats good

02 Feb 2009 v I've been happy nearly my hole life, though I'm only 19. I've allways been categorized as the funny guy, and I have a talent for making other laugh. I have allways had good friends and I never been bullied. My depression started when i was about 16 years old. I started upper secondary school and I felt very sad to leave all my classmated behind. I still see some of them. I din't have a good firt year in upper 2ndary school. I often play happy, and I don't let people know how I feel. Partley because of my reputation as a funny guy. I changed school and when i was 17 i really started feel depressed. And now I'm only month from graduating I feel so sad and I don't know why. I have given up nearly all hope I have for my future. I written some sucides notes, but never taking the last step. Something still stopes me, one though that hits me when I'm thinking of commiting sucide is that my life is too good. Lately I've fallen in love with a girl, but I get so nervous around her that I allways destroy my chances of getting her. I've started to abuse alchol. I feel that if only something in my life could go as I want it I would feel a little happier.
01 Feb 2009 Lennie Melvin I don't know what to do anymore.
I'm crying right now.
Really crying, screaming out to the Lord to help me, why do I feel like this?
I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't want to do anything ever again.
I think I'm gonna puke on all the tears I'm swallowing...
Why can't I just be happy?
Why won't the Lord help me?
Why do I hate everyone?
I'm so lonely because I hate everyone -they all hate me back I'm sure.

I don't know what to do.

Oh God help me. I don't want to die.
29 Jan 2009 My name is Kyle Im 18 years old, Ive lost my best friend to suicide. I was set up by the police and am now facing 5 years in jail for a simple aggraved furnishing charge of marijuana. Could you throw 5 years of your life away...when I get out the girl ive fallen in love with will be gone, my parents will never be the same, I will be forgotten by half the world as I know it if not more. I can not put myself in that situation. Theres a way out, vengence might be a solution I tempt. I know I have not commited the sin here. For them too set me up too destroy my life is a sin. If I pay, They will pay...I think we all want to be remembered, Its what ive thought throughout my entire life, I just want to be remembered. The question was always how though. How?
21 Jan 2009 p.j.r dear mouchette,

I cant tell anyone so ill tell you.
today i cut myself, not to die but just to feel. i cut my chest and always wear sweaters or high cut t-shirts so no one will see.

good bye for now
19 Jan 2009 Brooke I'm so close to suicide.... i have a great life and all but my mom is just making me so upset and i just wanna scream. Every time I see her i get close to crying and I cut after she leaves... i'm 13. i was in love, but he broke my heart and now i cant find anyone like him. tongight I'm going to commit sucide. 23 pills will be down my throat soon.... i just really dont dont like life....
18 Jan 2009 Waiting I find this world to be sick. Why do we feel to be bound by the ways of others, why can't we carve are own path, why do others try to stop us? Why can't everything just work out for everyone? Why is the world so blurry in the sense that our elders try to cover our eyes and hold us back? Everyday I feel bound by ball and chain. We shouldn't live like this, where everyday is scheduled, dated, and followed like a religion? We shouldn't be stuck in cubicles or stressing out that we might hand in a paper on time. this is not living, this is just dieing slowly in a great pandemic daze. I can't wait for the day we stop following fucking orders and stop bending over for the system. I guess thats what I'm waiting for

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