Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 May 2009 Garry I'm 37 and my wife of 18 years has just cheated on me with a guy 10 years younger. I have know of her sordid affair for 5 months and have tried to be supportive until she admitted sleeping with him, then clams up on me and does not talk. I am now alone and in so much pain. The wine has no taste, food no flavour, the sunshine offer no joy and you cannot smell the returning spring. I want to end my life so much. My 3 children are sickened with her, but what do i do?
I want it all to be over. If I had the balls, I would have done it by now, but the hours are ticking away and I can feel it coming. I have been sleeping on floor for nearly a year, I'm not at home, she has cheated me and I have lost all. I've been through medication like smarties and gone cold turkey at Easter, as it amlified the suicidal thoughts and nightmares were intense. I wish I could offer hope, but, cannot where there is only desparity. I wish you luck in life and all of you are in my thoughts.
16 May 2009 Cassie-Olivia Well I Havent Tried Anything Yet Really, Only Havee Been Slitting My Wrists On Thursday Night I Slit My Wrist Open With Glass And Was Bleeding For Two Hours, I Need Help But Im Slowly Loosing Friends, But Theres No Need Too Kill Yourself...Everyones Dieing Every Second! I Cry Most Nights Because Im Having Loads Of Trouble With My Family, I Need Help Can Anyone Suggest Anything Im Thinking Of Hanging Myself. Im Not Sure Need Help Anyone?
14 May 2009 vee well im 17 aht the moment, aht 13 ive never thought of killing my self, but the past 2 years i have... right now i feel like hanging my self, im looking around in the net the best way to du it. i cant live my life nomoa, i jst feel so sad angri. but mostli sad
09 May 2009 Silvana I am 18, i just graduated high school last december. Right now i'm thinking of commiting suicide, and no I was never raped, my parents never abused of me and I have a lot of friends, but some how i'm just not happy, and i have tried to convince myself that life is worth living for the past six years but everytime something good happens ... it's just never enough... I wana blame everyone but I know it's my faul, i'm not strong enough, I just can't live, I don't want to live... I have tried to kill myself i broke a glass and wanted to cut my wrists, but i never got anything close to it... But now all little hope and wishes are gone... Right now I have a Knife in my room... I want help, but I just can't... I know suicide is the end and after that there is nothing... I really don't understand whats so bad about it... better there be nothing....
And right now I'm still a virgin(don't believe it if you don't want but i am), and that gives me some hope, so that maybe i wont go to hell for this....
its 3:55pm today i'm gonna go to the movies with my friends i wanna say goodbye... I hope i dont chicken out at the attempt...
And I know no one cares because I have reached out for help, not direct, but I think if any mother sees their daughter crying about anything, she should worry, but she didn't... instead she ask me if i still wanted those shoes... i know she loves me, but....
I don't know what to do
29 Apr 2009 nitesh i am not under 13 but i am 20 years old and affected by everyone in this world and no one trust me and i think i am bad and lier and i dont think that liers must live on this beautiful earth i had tried to suicide before three months but accidently my life has savedbut this time i realy want a serious help from anyone the easiest way to die coz i dont have pistol or revolver so i want a diferent solution from it please mail me i dont have much time god bless you all
10 Apr 2009 cristina I'm not 13 but I'm 18 nd I'm not happy w my life at all, everytime someone hurts or upset me I hurt myself cuz I don't like to get hurt by others, I don't like to cry so ppl won't think tht I'm weak.. I'm I doing right?
09 Apr 2009 marissa ive thot about suicide for quite a while now... but the truth is, im rly scared. i rly dont wanna die but ppl dont leav me w/ a choice. my parents r abusers and... idk... im tired... idc if im gonna go to hell cuz its a lot betr than here. will anyone giv me some tips?
08 Apr 2009 Niyah Growing up i didnt have the so perfect life that some people have i was raped and abused by my moms boyfriend whos now in jail... i cut my wrist and cry at night cause i feel like no one loves or likes me.... my mom is abusive towards me my dad tried to get me away but she wont let him .... ive tried to commit suicide more den once but i think hard not to do it cause i got a little baby sister and i dont want to leave her behind...
05 Apr 2009 Linda-15 the best way to kill yourself even when under 13, is a hemp noose around your neck, with the hangmans knot placed just behind your right ear.
That would have worked forme...if not my dad came to my roome, just as I was kicking the chair away from under my feet.
Now I will try to remember to lock the door properly beforenext time, which in coming won`t be long.
04 Apr 2009 overandout dead inside, can email u. im on the verge of suicide with all the shit im going thoruhg. if i can email can u please email me. thank u.
30 Mar 2009 please help me hello. i'm 16 years old and i've pretty much been depressed ever since i was about 14/15.

one thing i think that triggered this mess off was when my boyfriend of 11 months cheated on me with my best friend. it absolutely broke me and ever since i haven't been the same.

i wish i was pretty
i wish i was skinny
i wish i was like everyone else
but most of all i wish i was happy.

i don't even have a reason to be here anymore and i'm trying to find something worth sticking around for.
26 Mar 2009 ruby I dont know. i really want too leave this place, im sick of the hurt, i dont know whats worse, the pain or the feeling of kowing it will happen excatly as bad again. I used to love life, i dont know whats happend. i want too die.
23 Mar 2009 Toni Hi .
Im 10 and i have no idea what to do with my life.
noone likes me and i get bullied at school.
i have drunk many things and still nothing has happened.
i have only ever had 1 boyfriend and that was for a joke when i used to have friends.
i have no idea why noone likes me...
noone noes that i have tried slitting my wrists or hanging my self before.
i wish they did though.
But im not going to.
please help me end my life .
in the last years the only friend i have ever had was my guinea pig.
It died and my mums not buying me a new one=[
16 Mar 2009 D Look ive had a good life up until i was 17 about to turn eighteen..........i got maried when i was 16 and when i turned 17 my ex wife had a miscarriage,she left me,my mother died the same week she left me and would not talk to me,i got hooked on oppiates,my grandfather died,..........i thought that was as bad as shit gets but boy was i im 24(just turned in march)i never had n e thoughts of suicide but with the economy all fucked up in 2008 i lost my job ..........i cannot find another one(its march 2009 ive been unemployed for 1 year and 3 months)Im majorly hooked on oppiates and am currently doing every thing i can to get my fix(it is hell),my car got repossesd,i lost my place to dad and sister hate my guts.......the rest of my family dont like me anymore(do to my drug problem and burning bridges).....and i just dont know what to do any more.ive thought about killing my self more than ever in the last 3 months.the funny thing is im a good person and never thought my life would end up like this and it keeps getting worse every year that passes.Im really contimplating on killing myself within the next month.evry thing is taken care of and nobody will miss me........i will probably go somwhere really high the stratosfere in las vegas and jumping head furst so when i hit the ground my skull will crush on impact killing me instataneously.I dont think i have any mental health issues.........its just id rather be dead than a homless junky doin anything just to get high.and if i take the homeless route ill end up in jail wich is worse than being just sick of everything going bad and nothing getting better(since 16 it gets worse every year with 2009 being extremely bad)u can think whatever you want but i know my self and i want this life to end........i dont believe in god or heaven and hell so no worries there.i just never woulda thought it would end like this.o well fuck everything and every one
16 Mar 2009 Chocolatemilk I want to commit suicide. Im building my courage to do that. I feel that its pointless to live and even if I do die... in a couple of years everyone is going to forget me. More people on this site have had worse experience than me so Im not gonna say wat ive been through but Ive tried some things. People at school have called me Emo but I dont really care. My family is retarted and well, from the beginning, I regret being born. I hate my mother for giving birth to me, I hate the fact that life is so difficult but some people happen to handle it so well. I hate education. Its stupid and pointless because one day, you're gonna end up dead, poor or rich.

Humans are stupid and they don't understand you even if they say that they do!
13 Mar 2009 life is like taking a shit i cant wait to die, hopefully it will be suicide. by accident i took to many pills (10) last night for major pain and fell asleep, i wonder if i did it again tonight with a few more if i will wake up tomorrow? im tired of this shit called life. and remember life is like taking a shit, it's there for a while and then it's gone.
11 Mar 2009 Jenn lately iv been having really bud luck..
i feel
not even my parents can help iv tryed telling my sister but she thinks im kidding.......i do really whant to leave this place relax for just a minute but i guess thats just in inposible for me...... i aslo feel that no one understands pritty sure that if i did kill myself no one would care..
07 Mar 2009 Sherika I'm 25, it's another night and i won't be getting any sleep at all. I really want to kill myself, just do it, but i think about my family, my mother and i think about God because once you go down that road, it's hell for you, although the thought of going to hell doesn't scare me anymore,and that scares me, i've stopped caring, i feel like i'm just existing, i feel nothing, i can't connect to anymore, and if any guy seem interested, i turn him away or do something to make him hate me, i spend most days by myself, in my room with my computer and books, but i've lot the zeal to even read, i'm so empty, i was looking for methods tonight and i stumbled upon this site and i've been reading the stories and i just needed to speak, i'm away from home, i live with my cousin and his kids, i'm not comfortable but i don't have anywhere else to go, i don't know how to communicate to them,they think i'm strange, i see the way they look at me, i hate being a burden to anyone so everyday the stress of it kills me a little more, i want to go home but i have no money and what will i do when i go home, i came here to help my family and myself and also to get away from my life at home, i thought if i came to America some opportunity might arise, but people don't care here and now there are hardly any jobs, and i feel worthless and alone, there's no one to talk to because i haven't made any friends, really the only people i know are either far away from or are too consumed with their life to care, most people don't want to hear your problems anyways because they don't want to feel obliged to help. I thought as i got older that this depression will go away but it has worsened, the darkness comes alot now and i can't fight it anymore, i had a bottle of pills in my room and i ran away from it because i would have taken it all. I'm killing myself anyways, slowly,i take so many many painkillers and sleeping pills to knock me out some nights because i just want to stop thinking and feeling and i i've hardly been eating, right my stomach is in so much pain, i feel my body eating itself, and i haven't slept fully in months,everyday i say, maybe this is the day i fall and never get up.
07 Mar 2009 Jamie i have been wanting to kill myself since i was 14. I have also been cutting myself since i was 14. I am depressed, i hate where i live, it is full of snobby jerks who no nothing but about life except how to be rich. My parents saw my arm the second time I cut, and caught me taking pills trying to kill myself. However, i consider myself a coward. There have been times when i could have just gone through with it but i didnt. I do not exactly know why. After all living a life of fear (fear of EVERYTHING) impairs the ability to be happy. I have been seeing 3 therapists since 4th grade. Nothing has changed. I hate myself, evertying about myself, and it is almost impossible to live with that. Stress overtakes my life and I have almost daily panic attacks. I am done, and have been for so long. I skip class and lie to my parents about it, i put on a fake act, no one knows what i go through. If i wasnt a coward i would be out of here by now, and i wish with everything i could escape this world. Until then, i guess the only good thing i can say is that you are not alone. There are so many people like us who are suicidal.The only thing really keeping me back is the tears i see on my parents face when they catch the scars on my arms, or the pills hiddin in my draw.
21 Feb 2009 JusttElly.. I'll start with my age: It's 14. No, I'm not just some emotional teenager. I've been depressed for years. Always been different from all the other kids. I still am.

I feel so alone. I can't take this empty feeling anymore. My life hasn't nothing to it. I do the same thing, usually without thinking! I'm concentrating on other questions like: Will that pole take my weight. Or, what would happen if I just 'slipped' infront of that lorry.

I really can take this. I'm tired of this shit. It's so pointless. In the end, your gunna die anyway, so why wait? Why go through all this. All this shit, to just die?

Think about that one. And you'll be where I am. With a knife in one hand, rope in another and scars everywhere..

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