Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jul 2009 Anna b. I keep bleeding but nothing... I took a box cutter and cut. I love watching it fall on the floor. I can't take this bullshit life anymore. I just need a new way of ending it, cause cutting just ain't cutting it no pun intended...
20 Jul 2009 Marijn I can't live another day.
I've done the worst.
I want to die.
19 Jul 2009 kingofpain 45 in constant physical pain from my neck to my feet I have pushed everyone out of my life.... I destroy everything...... I need love but no clue where to look anymore
18 Jul 2009 baby b I want to kill myself for getting pregnant with unwanted child..
17 Jul 2009 please post i want to die.... my last love just called me after getting out of jail.. and i think it was just a call to get info on me... i dont think he really waNts or likes me... i want to suicide myself because in almost 2 months no one has given a fuck about me. can someone anyone tell me the best way to die? my methods have only failed me.....
05 Jul 2009 Aimee im Aimee.
Im 13
my Dad disowned me when i was 7 and my mother wants me to go into care.
Ive never drank, never smoked, never done anything bad but my mum hates me.
she has her own husband and son and i just seem to be invisible
every day its abuse after abuse after abuse.
my so called friends at school have turned on me.
theyve started bullying me and making rumours
theyre parents have recently rang mum and so she threw things at me, screaming at me about how ashamed she is and how shes sick of me. i tried to tell her it wasnt true but she ignored me, i felt so small.
i have no one to turn to.
all my dads family dont talk to me, they dont even want to know i exist.
all mums family dont want to hear my side of the story, they just listen to mums and richards (the stepdads)
i feel unwanted and ugly
mum tells me everyday how im a "fat heffer" or how shes "disgusted to say im her daughter"
i know im lucky ive never been raped or worse and that i actually have parents
but right now i feel so alone
no one would even care if i died
i just want it to end
i cant face school and i cant home
i want to go..
27 Jun 2009 Dylan Well, I am 15, and before i tell the best way to do it, im going to tell my life story.

I was brought into this world by 2 drug smoking parents. heroin, crack, you name it. They also idolized and completely loved my older brother. To my surprise they were busted for the drugs and divorced the same day. That day was my 10th birthday. Now I have to deal with the constant threats of both my parents releasing all their stress on me. both telling me that 1. they both want to commit suicide and 2. I was a mistake.
at school up until 8th grade i was an average student with a few friends. when i went into highschool however i learned that no one liked me, ad the only thing i was good at was playing videogames.
I had also went from being an average student to D's and F's because i dont even want to try anymore. I have no friends now and probably dont have enough money to go to college. my parents wasted all the money on my brother, the baseball star.
I cant take it anymore and want to die.
Ive tried pills. cutting myself.
but an idea i came up with is combining rat poisoning and moth balls into a drink, and if that doesnt work theres jumping off a building.

I dont want help. i know my life has no meaning anymore.

oh btw, heres a tip. i lied a lot in my life and for once im telling the truth. time to test out the rat ball smoothie.
21 Jun 2009

please talk to me before it's too late
19 Jun 2009 :( I cry myself to sleep every single night of the week
I need someone to speak to before it's too late
Please email me and help me, or even talk to me
It's always nice to speak to someone who won't judge me, and has a basic idea of what i'm on about..
I'd rather talk to a randomer than my friends, i'm not an attention seeker i promise
19 Jun 2009 email here Someone please email me and help me, or even add me to your messenger

I can't do this alone anymore
I need help, before it's too late
19 Jun 2009 HELP I have reached the point where I don't want to be around on this shitty earth any longer. Infact I am so close to hitting the self destruct button, I've already bladed.

No one helped me last time Mouchette, why? Give me one good fucking reason why I shouldn't do what I've wanted to do for the past 2 years.
18 Jun 2009 khristine im 21 and i just want it all to be over with
11 Jun 2009 the joker guys, i am 13 years of age, my parents love me to hell i seem to find myself sitting on my skinny ass playing world of warcraft everyday 24/7 except school weeks... i look at porn and do stupid things when i shouldn't be doing them... i am told that i would get in trouble with the police... i chuckle at them and say.... " if i go to jail, then i will kill my self" they get angry!!!! the best way to commit sucide is to wait til your heart has done its part... then thats when you die im hanging in there... i cant even grow the fucking gold brass balls to kill my self, then again i cant bring myself to jump out of my window (do note that i live in a very tall flat and there are 14 floors in total and i live on floor 13) so very easy to die and also ANYONE WHO IS BEING BULLIED DO NOT FUCKING KILL YOURSELVES, IF YOU TELL THEN YOU WON'T SUFFER ANYTHING... you know its kinda like eating butterfly cakes... they're tasty and its a pretty good feeling when you tell on the bullies then they are dealt with it is like exorcising a demon but yes of course that is very irrelevant to this subject - my message : don't kill yourself, instead try to work out plans... its like being in a war you just got to tidy it up into groups ETC: problems sort them into groups like... home,school,work,family or friends and if you had a recent issue with a friend then isolate yourself from them for a while while you solve all your other problems its like deafeating people... but yes, its not really a war but a emotional war i am not emo i am not goth i am not any of those people i am just a normal,sadistic a big deaf asshole who hasn't got a life because hes too focused on getting a good life i have a girlfriend and i consider myself "EXTREMELY" lucky to have her because she is the most beautiful girl on the planet in my opinion and if i commit suicide it will break her heart and it won't just hurt her... it'll hurt your friends... itll hurt your family... IMAGINE YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER COMING INTO YOUR ROOM AND FIND YOUR CORPSE HANGING ON THE CEILING WITH BLOOD COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WITH A FRICKING SUICIDE NOTE PINNED ON YOUR ASS SAYING THAT YOU LOVE THEM TO BITS BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - THEY FEEL TERRIBLE AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF NOT TO CRY TO SHIT ABOUT THIS... :( its a sad life out there where is the old days.. i read about the swinging sixties.. where peace and love was at its highest.. where did that go?!
05 Jun 2009 Shalin Ghansiyal My name is Shalin Ghansiyal. I desparately want to die. Please help me.
20 May 2009 nicole i think that if i juss drank 3 bottles of the sleep medicine in the cabinet i wont hurt and it would be easier for me too and shit nobody would care
18 May 2009 Garry I'm 37 and my wife of 18 years has just cheated on me with a guy 10 years younger. I have know of her sordid affair for 5 months and have tried to be supportive until she admitted sleeping with him, then clams up on me and does not talk. I am now alone and in so much pain. The wine has no taste, food no flavour, the sunshine offer no joy and you cannot smell the returning spring. I want to end my life so much. My 3 children are sickened with her, but what do i do?
I want it all to be over. If I had the balls, I would have done it by now, but the hours are ticking away and I can feel it coming. I have been sleeping on floor for nearly a year, I'm not at home, she has cheated me and I have lost all. I've been through medication like smarties and gone cold turkey at Easter, as it amlified the suicidal thoughts and nightmares were intense. I wish I could offer hope, but, cannot where there is only desparity. I wish you luck in life and all of you are in my thoughts.
16 May 2009 Cassie-Olivia Well I Havent Tried Anything Yet Really, Only Havee Been Slitting My Wrists On Thursday Night I Slit My Wrist Open With Glass And Was Bleeding For Two Hours, I Need Help But Im Slowly Loosing Friends, But Theres No Need Too Kill Yourself...Everyones Dieing Every Second! I Cry Most Nights Because Im Having Loads Of Trouble With My Family, I Need Help Can Anyone Suggest Anything Im Thinking Of Hanging Myself. Im Not Sure Need Help Anyone?
14 May 2009 vee well im 17 aht the moment, aht 13 ive never thought of killing my self, but the past 2 years i have... right now i feel like hanging my self, im looking around in the net the best way to du it. i cant live my life nomoa, i jst feel so sad angri. but mostli sad
09 May 2009 Silvana I am 18, i just graduated high school last december. Right now i'm thinking of commiting suicide, and no I was never raped, my parents never abused of me and I have a lot of friends, but some how i'm just not happy, and i have tried to convince myself that life is worth living for the past six years but everytime something good happens ... it's just never enough... I wana blame everyone but I know it's my faul, i'm not strong enough, I just can't live, I don't want to live... I have tried to kill myself i broke a glass and wanted to cut my wrists, but i never got anything close to it... But now all little hope and wishes are gone... Right now I have a Knife in my room... I want help, but I just can't... I know suicide is the end and after that there is nothing... I really don't understand whats so bad about it... better there be nothing....
And right now I'm still a virgin(don't believe it if you don't want but i am), and that gives me some hope, so that maybe i wont go to hell for this....
its 3:55pm today i'm gonna go to the movies with my friends i wanna say goodbye... I hope i dont chicken out at the attempt...
And I know no one cares because I have reached out for help, not direct, but I think if any mother sees their daughter crying about anything, she should worry, but she didn't... instead she ask me if i still wanted those shoes... i know she loves me, but....
I don't know what to do
29 Apr 2009 nitesh i am not under 13 but i am 20 years old and affected by everyone in this world and no one trust me and i think i am bad and lier and i dont think that liers must live on this beautiful earth i had tried to suicide before three months but accidently my life has savedbut this time i realy want a serious help from anyone the easiest way to die coz i dont have pistol or revolver so i want a diferent solution from it please mail me i dont have much time god bless you all

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