Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jan 2010 i dont know anymore Its shit being alone, no friends, the only time you socialise is with your family and whilst in college, trying desperatly to latch on to someone who could pick you up and give you a life.. a life away from lonleyness.. only to find that they have they're own life, they're own friends.. not needing you, noone needing you.. im just so lonley. the insides of this house... its just so familior.. i cant deal with this.. but i dont want to hurt my family.. i dont want to ruin they're lifes just because mine is such a fuck up.. when im alone and feel insecure in public.. i just want to stare at the wall, become invisable.. have all my feelings dissapear so that i dont have to be so... alone.
11 Jan 2010 AshWil2010 Jesus please, i know the world cant be this bad. Whats wrong, jesus? Why was i born? WHats my purpose? Can i live Lord, can i live one day without feeling depressed,I need u more than ever. Im at my breaking point.
08 Jan 2010 Jess i know adults think this is the way teens think these days and they know nothing but before long im turning 13 but i dont want to turn 13. for 4 years i have had suicidal thoughts. every week isee a council and they say its just my thought pattern, i have been in hospital lots of times and i think the best thing i done was,.. i had 4 tubs of paracitimol or hawevz its spelt.. i stopped eating and drinkin for 4 days and within tha i was in hospital fightin for my life. im just trying to say even though im still 12 i think i know what i want out of life. its mine not yours
08 Jan 2010 Lm Oh God, mouchette... I can't take THIS. Who am I? Who the hell am I? I don't want to be this. I can't take it. It's my birthday tomorrow. I don't think I've ever been more miserable. I just realised I can't live anymore. I really can't. I can't be who am I. I don't know who to be. No one can help. No one wants to help.
Please... what can I do? For as long as I can remember, I've just tried to hold on. For what? Why am I still here? Why did I hold on? There is nothing. Look at me! I'm a freak, an idiot. Socially incapable.
I can't live. I can't be me.
Oh please...
08 Jan 2010 Lost I dont understand myself. I am 18, I am in advanced placement classes at my high school with a 3.7 GPA. I think that I am considered good looking and I was the one that initiated the break up with my girlfriend a month ago that was very attractive. I have a stable home life with parents that care, and yet I feel hopeless. I have thought about suicide, but I can't imagine myself actually going through with it. Instead I go through the days questioning my unhappiness.
19 Dec 2009 Emanuelle hi
i'll share just some more pain with u, sorry.. but i just want this off my chest.
I feel alone. And not alone without people but, feeling alone around other people, being alone in the midst of alot of fun people. Like people form this 'families' but i'm only welcome to watch, not to be a part of it.
I cannot connect with myself or other people, i feel isolated. Ì know it's weak but I think I will never grow in this; enjoying myself with other people, having a 'family' on my own. I just long for a bunch of friends with whom I feel at ease, safe. With who I can dance my feet off, act silly, amuse myself, .. knowing that I belong, that people care and love, and share.

I was at a party tonight and there were alot of people I used to know, some of them I used to be friends with. I never felt so unimportant. they really became a family with each other, and i was just so uninteresting for them. This really hurt bacause in the past I introduced some of them to each other. This, for me, is the ultimate proof for me that i'm worthless. They were all having so much fun with each other and i just couldnt, i was just standung there, boring fat)ass

I really don't mean a thing for anybody in this world. I was born in the coolest town on earth with alot of interesting stuff going, i had so many chances and still .. i can't be 'Someone'. I turned into this 'background-girl'

I just Suck, imm a real loser, nobody loves me and yet, i know alot of people: that says enough!

It's not that that i'm ugly and therefore rehected before people really knew about me, it's purely my inner: i cannot seemm to make fun, act easy.

I feel so left out: my family, my 'friends', they all got their own life, enjoying theirselves, appreciating each other, making the best, being able to make fun.
I hate myself for not being abble tyo make fun.

Sorry for this bullshit,
i just don't want to spend my life alone, i better end it now
09 Dec 2009 wolfyrocker I don't know. All I know is that my friend wants to die and she will some time this week or next. She asked me to get as many pain killers as I could, specifically paracetamol and aspirin because they're deadly in overdose. And I don't know what to do. Because she is deadly serious.

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08 Dec 2009 WonderLiz I Think The whole wide world is so sad. Everybody is seems so sad and sick and discontent with everything in their lives, it just makes me sadder.

I feel like a failure, and I dont want my parents to have to deal with me anymore, because, hell, I wouldnt want to raise me either. I wish I was the only one to feel this way, it just makes me so very sick inside my heart to see that truly, what I feel right now is Normal.
05 Dec 2009 deseased I heard that sitting in a car with the exhaust hooked up through the window works, i might try it. I had a dream that i was with my dad, in a convertable in the middle of nowhere, he looked at me for a second and then we were flying off of a cliff, i was so sure it was real and that i was going to die, i was so happy, it was the best feeling in my life, then i woke up. I finally felt freed, but i had to wake up. I cried for hours, i was 13 when i had this dream, im 15 now and i still cant bring myself to hurt my mom like that, whenever she has a problem, she cries on my shoulder. She went through a suocidal period when i was younger, shes bipolar, and i think i am too, i cant live in this pain, but by killing myself i mightaswell be killing my mom too, and my sister needs my mom. whenever im alone i sit with a knife to my throaght or a gun to my head, it would be easy for me to do it, i dont fear pain or death, but it would be so selfish to my family.
01 Dec 2009 zom i do want to kill myself at the moment but i am not much older than 13. and i'm seeking a best way to kill myself. i can't any point of staying alive and i've already ruined my future. i feel like i am dying...i need someone to kill that i can make sure that i'll be successfully killed.
28 Nov 2009 so tell me why and how? well what shall isay, ? im our of ideas since finding this site in 06 and sharing everything i knew. and im still here. why?
23 Nov 2009 Paul C. I'm not joking around with this, I want to commit suicide. I'd like to do it by cutting my wrists.

I'd like to slit my wrists, watch the blood flow as my life slides away with my worries and pains. I'd like to slowly feel my heart beat out the blood I don't want to hold.
23 Nov 2009 Lennie M tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner

i keep telling myself it'll get better and i keep crying and asking for death. do you fantasize about suicide? it'll get better. imma keep telling myself. it'll get better. but it just gets worse and worse.
oh God please help me
please please help me
22 Nov 2009 yeah its me i told you i would I am on the verge...i sit in work with a blade slicing my skin...the scars visible, talking about suicide and my friends act like nothing is wrong..ive been the person that is always happy but its always been a front..these masks now suffocate me...i am dying...soon it will be over...i cant take much more..i cant take everyone seeing my cuts and pretending they dont i just wish you would reach just looking for someone to finally care if i live or so tired of hurting
21 Nov 2009 xiomara hello im 17 turning 18, And ive been frustrated and stress n depress for 6 yrs and i fed up with it i cant stand being alive no one understands me no one cares i just dont wanna live no more..i ws supposed to get married in december with the guy ive been with for two years almost three and i feel like he dnt care n e more he gives up on me to quick and i just dnt wanna feel this way...........ive cut my self so many times just waiting for a vain to get cut and bleed to death but never works so tell me how can i just past away n forget things
14 Nov 2009 Saddening I don't know If im posting this right but oh well. This is going to be a semi-long message. Someone please help. I'm tired. I'm so GODDAMN TIRED! I have been for the past 5-7 years. I'm 15 but this is pathetic. I have a good life, some friends, a family, Materialistic objects. Now at school I go and sit through class getting angry and thinking of suicide or even murder. I'm constantly in pain. My parents say it's just my mind when I say this. They push and Freakin' PUSH for me to get a job. I do well in school and it's not good enough. My dad constantly tells me that I'm going to have to do WAY WAY WAY, ect.. to become an animator. I got fed up at school one day and just cried. I sat outside in the snow in the middle of the night crying. Then I got angry for crying. I, pathetically, have slit my wrists hoping to get a vain. I now have scars. I keep hoping that some silver lining will appear. But one of my biggest problems is Rejection. Not by a girl or by any date or anything. By EVERYONE! I like multicultural things like geek, Spanish, Japanese, ect.. Then I am made fun of and rejected by society and worse, even my own family. I spend a lot of time on video games wishing i could just go there. My life used to be fun but now it's dreary, time consuming and tiring.
Please, I know none of you know me, but please dear god help. I'm so tired, Physically, Mentally, and so on. There is so much more I'd like to say but I can't take everyone's time. Just please help me.
12 Nov 2009 britt well im turning 17 =( and i love this guy really much . we broke up a few times and he left me for other gurls, then when they left him he came back for me... he keeps treating me like shyt everytime =( .. and i cant take it anymore .. every guy does,, i dont think im prety and prolly will never have a gud boyfriend =(.. i just cant fucken take the hurt and the heart brake,, and the crying and the being jelous of every overly pretty gurl.. i just dont want to be alive =[ it hurts too fucken much
07 Nov 2009 james hi, im 22 and have been with my girl friend for almost 5 yrs, we have been everywhere and done everything together but now she is telling me she wants to meet new friends and go on a break, she is introducing her self to strangers and trying to become best friends with them. she claims she cant jst spend her life with me, i understand that but i dont understand her putting these strangers before me, we planned to get married soon. She always made the rules and was strict and she limited me going out with my friends, going out places where girls might be around and didnt trust me, although i have never cheated on her she has hooked up with a couple of guys in the past and i have managed to forgive her and work through it, she would loose plot if she found out i was talking to a girl or even messaging one and now she has broken all her own rules claiming she has made a mistake. she doesnt feel sorry or regret wat she has done. she ignores me now, and wen im speaking to her on the phone she jst wants to leave. i feel helpless and this pain that i have done my best to treat her right and now she is like spitting in my face, she has these new friends which are all guys making up her mind and i cant seem to tell her anything as she would jst leave me. i dont want her out of my life and she says she jst wants space while she parties with these other guys. i no i sound jelous but i am.
04 Nov 2009 Lennie M I don't think I can't hold on much longer

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