Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Mar 2010 Maria Hi, I am 16 and a female. I have been thinking about suicide from time to time ever since I was 13. It has increased during my 9th and 10th grade in high school. It went away for awhile but since November it has increased. Ever since I had my miscarriage on November 16th. I have never told my boyfriend about my suicidal thoughts. Nor my family, my dad suffered depression and had suicidal thoughts of his own. I have never talked to a psychiatrist either, I don't think I can tell my loved ones about this. I also do not think I can ever actually go through with the suicide. I have cut myself a lot when I was 13 and once in awhile during my current age. Little arguments with my boyfriend or mom can trigger these thoughts and cutting. This is not a pity story nor am I looking for sympathy. I just want help, without my loved ones knowing. I know this would destroy them. Please help me. I'm tired of feeling depressed and hatred of myself.
17 Mar 2010 rotten garbage. i am rotten garbage. everything i've done and everything i'm doing and everything i'll ever do will always fail. because i am a failure. i cannot to anything properly. not even help people i love. i am just waste of space and oxygen and time. everything i touch turns to shit. every dream i try to make real, withers away before it's even conceived. every goal i try to reach leads me to another brick wall. every soul i attach myself to, abandons me. i am rotten garbage. just a heaping pile of rotten garbage. and people keep adding their trash to it, and it gets bigger and stinkier and more and more repulsive by the second. each breath i take is in vain. morning brings suffering. night brings anguish. i fogot i hadn't even the right to dream. i forgot my place in this world. for a little while i began to feel that there was hope for me...there was happiness for me....peace, love, comfort, warmth. lies. all lies. there is no love, no warmth, no comfort, no peace, no happiness, no hope for me. i will never be touched, never have my eyes looked into, never have my hand held, never have my forehead kissed, never be hugged, never be caressed, never have anyone to talk to, never have my hair tucked behind my ear, never whisper secrets in the dark, never come home to anyone, never be wanted, never be needed, never be given a chance, never be given a second chance, never be given a third chance. there is nothing and there will never be anything. i am rotten garbage. taking up space and oxygen. wasting people's time with my face and my voice and my mere existence. when i look in the mirror, when i open my eyes in the morning, when i lie in bed at night, when i hear my name...i will always know that i am garbage. i am rotten garbage. someone please set me on fire.
17 Mar 2010 jonathon you should NOT (please don't) kill yourself if you're under thirteen. that said...i am 28 years old and am thinking about dying. a lot of people say that life has something to offer if you just keep waiting and keep fighting. but i feel so alone and resentful. often, i really wish my dad were still alive. he died when i was aged 23. it's strange how much i've grown since then, and yet i still feel like a child inside. i really wish my dad were still here so i could have some idea of who i am. yeah.

maybe i'm scared that i'll never be good enough to have a family one day. I always assumed I'd be dead by my mid-thirties (probably from suicide) so I haven't done much planning.
17 Mar 2010 cloud I cut myself last night. but as you can see ,it failed. i used a pen knife at first,but it soon appear to me that the skin is much thicker than i thought. after a while i used my scissors, which obviously wasn't sharp enough. but when i felt blood rushing down,i started to write a will and left my left hand bleeding. i tried to sleep it off, but i couldn't and thats when i realize the blood isn't flowing anymore. i gave few more strokes and move higher to the elbow.soon ,it was rushing down again. my dad found me after unlocking my door. im a female,17 ,athletic figure ,good grades, wide circle of friends. i think back when most of my frens said they wish they were me,and i don't understand why. in the hospital,the doctor questioned me like i was a criminal and said it was a crime to hurt yourself and would hand me over to the police if only i wasn't underage. my advice if you really confident and you know you will never regret it, do it hard and make sure it works, or you'll end up like me,dressings on my hand, lookin at website tryin to do i don't know what.
13 Mar 2010 gypsy ok where do i start. my past relationship lasted for 5 years and it wss crap, i was told that i was fat ugly i had nothing for me and i got beaten regulary.. i finally got the cops involved and got rid of him and tried to move on with my life. i got heavily into drugs and alcohol and was sleepin around quite a bit to try and make myself feel wanted.. i finally met another young man and told him that i wasnt up for being fucked around again so he said he really liked me and would never hurt me.. before he was with me he was sleeping with a friend of his whom was pregnant at the time but not with his child. when i found that out i thought it was pretty gross.. when we would go out for drinks they would stare at each other starry eyed and get photos of each other together and i was just left standing at the bar.. it depresses me to think that he doesnt think that this would hurt me.. im at the end of the line at the moment and really am looking for a way out of this very evil world. happiness is something im really wanting to feel but no matter how hard i try people come along and take my happiness away.. i dont want to die i truely dont but what else do i do??
08 Mar 2010 Death every-one suddenly turned on me. why? i don't know. every-one hates me for no reason and a lot of bullshit rumours. i want to die. how ? i think train -tracks, gun, or overdosing. i think death
06 Mar 2010 on the edge im 19 years old. ive been fighting insomnia for 18 months now and i no longer know what is right or wrong. the other night i beat up a guy for pushing me, i shouldn't have done it and i still have the blood stains on my shirt but when i hit him i could feel the anger leaving me giving temporary relief to the madness. is violence really the way to relieve the self loathing i feel? if so then i cant live like that. sooner or later i wiil take it out on someone close to me and if that happens then i will sever the last human contact i have. the girl i love is in a relationship with an abusive partner but she refuses to leave him for me. am i really worse than him? can i not give her the love she deserves and have a true connection with another human being?

why i am so alone? i never used to be, but i no longer remember what it is to be happy or in love or to be loved.

why did this happen to me?
06 Mar 2010 V need to kow truth Well to make a point i am under massive depression and sleep loss.My Sub Conscious mind forces me to kill myself every night i try to sleep.Eventually we all r going to die one day so why to worry.The earth is dying.I dont know how many people know but but earth is going to come to an end soon.I have a thesis. Does anyone know the story about Pandors's Box.She opened the box in her curiosity and released the troubles in this world.Before that all the people were happy and used to live with peace and oneness with nature.
Now that the balance of nature is terribly upset one has to take on the blame.If there was a god who existed and created this world would he see his own world get destroyed like this.It does not make sense.So firstly 1)God does not exist.
2)Humans brought sufferings onto themselves.
3)No doubt Hope was also released from the box , is was never meant to be applied to all.
Well i say the faster v all die the better for our earth.I mean v r killing the damn earth, killing other species that lived here in peace before us.
Dont you not think that there too have a right to live on this earth.
So which god would allow this to happen.
These so called god r a result of our own selfish thoughts.Just a way to answer things that we could not answer ourselves.
The time is gone when we all can be happy again.Things have rooted themselves and we cannot change that.
Even when right and wrong are relative terms how can we be happy on this earth.
05 Mar 2010 Ardnaid I was 11 the first time I tryed. I slit my wrist after my uncle raped me the last time. My foster sister came in the bathroom but I was already half dead. I woke up in the hospital they told me I was pregnant. they sent me away and I had the baby. I gave her up to adoption and came home to no home again. Just somone elses house. I was birninto foster care I never had anybody and cause I was too young I had to give my only happieness up. I stayed at other peoples houses for three years teased in school and home. I ranaway to my moms house and all my family did was argue and fight, my mom did drugs in front of me and I heard her have sex with all types of crackheads and drunks. I started cutting to have physical pain to make my emmotions better. It didnt work. I went back to dhs and I was 14. I took 33 oills of all sorts then told my new foster sister. Her mom didn't care and I sat in the hallways four dats wide awake with cold chills and sweats. She took me to the doctors and I told them then said I just wanted attention so they wouldn't send me away. I dropped out of school and ran away with this guy who said he'd always love me. He beat me every chance he got then I turned 15 and got pregnant and he slept with my best friend. When I caught him he choked me until I past out. I woke up in the hospital and my baby was dead. Istart smoking weed and went back to dhs. this girl I have been with for three years sitting next to me. I pretended for two years that I was crazy. We broke up alot and I could never let her go. She broke up with me for the last time three days ago and every since I couldn't stop thinking about it or crying. on April.24 I'm going to a train station to kill myself with the sharpest knife i can find.Thats our 3rd anneversary.
03 Mar 2010 broken. i wonder if he calls her the s word. how can someone tell you that they will never forget how much you love them. how can they tell you how you are a prize to them. how can they tell you that they just want you and no one else not ever. how can they tell you it's always just going to be you for them. how can they ask you how you want your first time to be. how can they tell you that they will wait for however long it takes until your ready. how can they do all these things and then just leave you. after all that how can they say its just not meant to be. how can they get mad because you called too much because your care too much. how can they do that??? how??? i just can't do this anymore. knowing he's probabaly talking to someone else now. waiting for someone else's calls. emailing someone else. talking to someone else. phoning someone else. thinking about someone else. dreaming about someone else. it just hurts too much. i remember when the first time he called me his excited and happy i felt in my heart. all that. everything. gone. because i called too much. because the school people were stupid. if it really isn't meant to be, then why does it still hurt??? why after all these months do i still cry myself to sleep??? why do i think of him every second of every day? why? if it wasn't meant to be...wouldn't this be easy? wouldn't it be easy to just forget him. why do i still feel empty? why do i still feel alone? WHY????????? i am so sick of everything. i'm always hoping i'll get hit by something...bus, car. something that will just make the aching end. why do i miss him so much? why do i call him still? why did i fall so helplessly in love with this man??? why? its just too hard. it's just too fucking hard.
03 Mar 2010 broken. i called. someone answered. i panicked and hung up. i think it was him. sounded like he was good. sounded like he was expecting a call. maybe a new girlfriend? probably. he sounded okay. so that is good. i am glad he is okay. i guess maybe this new person makes him good like that. unlike what i did to him. oh it's been 3 months since i've heard that voice. i can still hear it in my ears. that one 'hello' will give the strength to get through a few more weeks. he's probably mad now. he probably knows it was me. i won't do it again. i'm glad your happy with your new person. i'm glad you've destressed of all the stress i caused you. maybe you'll forget me altogether now. and i'll become a nobody all over again. just a sad girl that no one see's. invisible. alone in life, alone in death.
01 Mar 2010 Max I have no idea how the best way to kill myself is under 13. I'm 19 and still trying to figure it out. I got taken out of school right before my exams so I'm basically screwed when it comes to getting a job. We also moved to a country which doesn't speak English. Left behind my friends, my girlfriends and even half of my family. I literally have no access to pills or a gun. Just a knife and a high balcony. Each one looks tempting and scary a second after. Like a chick staring down a cupcake but remembering she's on a diet. I've decided to jump off my building on the 27th of March. A day before my birthday. It's the deadline for me trying to get a job or else I move again and work with my dad who I despise. I'll try and find over alternatives, if all fails though. Geronimo!
01 Mar 2010 broken. it's funny how life can feel so short when your happy and then so long when that happiness goes away. i feel so trapped. so suffocated. so lonely. everything hurts, and i just want it to stop. atleast i tried? didn't that mean anything? i guess not. as soon as they mention the m word, i'm going to have to make a choice. none of the options i have are good ones. if your waiting for love to save you, don't bother. there is no knight in shining armour, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. it was stupid of me to think that someone would save me. would love me. would care for me. it was stupid of me to fall this hard and this deep for someone. i am not loveable. i am no prize. just a stress. i am stressed out with myself even. what's the point in getting out of bed? nothing matters. i feel dirty and broken. if your special to someone, consider yourself lucky....not everyone get's to be special. i feel like rotten garbage. the headaches won't go away. the emptiness is becoming unbearable. i have no where to go. no one who will listen. i don't know what to do anymore. i don't know how to save myself. i am so tired. so much for fighting for love and freedom.
27 Feb 2010 Lost Wanderer i have no one and could care less. im alone and can no longer see. I want out but the misery is shooting through me. My life used to be good back when I had him, school, and everything. but now my life is a total drage that i know longer care to live. theres pain everyday with darkness inside. I try to live but I want to really DIE!! I put up a fake front so no one knows my true feelings and its then that I feel some dignity. When im around people my life is so alive but then I am left alone again and just to be waiting to die. there is no reason I should write this but feeling my insides being why. I need help but Ive got some already but I still feel like scrap and wanting to cut. I haven't cut in almost 3 months but everyday I think about making just one more. soon I will start but soon couldnt be soon enough. i hate this guy for everything he told me was a LIE and now I hope that he will DIE!! If I could die right here and right now I would take this person with me so he can feel the pain that I do. I dont like feeling this way but its all that I have for everything and everyone has left me in this world of despair where I am to fight to live or die on my own.
27 Feb 2010 Ktm Well i found this website after searching the best ways to commit suicide for atlest the 15th time ive been battling depression for well over 5 years and im only a teenager. I have tried suicide many times within these 5 years and each time my best friend is there to stop me. Ive been to cousiling for cutting and i havent been back because i hate it. I know i need help but i just dont feel like i deserve it.
24 Feb 2010 Scared I also tried to kill myself when I was well, 14, 16, and 18. Now I'm 31 and I'm thinking of it again. But I suffer from chronic pain now, that's the difference. To all of you that say how stupid it is, you have no idea of how much pain we're going through. After reading pages and pages and pages here, I came to realize how many of us are out there. I think I have the means, and I remember when I was in the hospital post-op how painless it was, it was just like falling asleep. Now I'm only scared to do it, and I think it is the supervivor's instinct, not anything else. I think I have the means, and I might do it. I can't wait too much though because I take these pills legitimately. So every day is one mo re day alive, suffering, in pain, physical pain, and it just freaking sucks, but I'l=m scared of going through with it. Maybe tomorrow I won't be scared anymore. Who knows. Maybe.
24 Feb 2010 hana My name is Hana. I'm 14 years old and I want to die. I've been suffering from severe clinical depression since I was 11 years old, but never told anyone. I pretended I was happy, and my mom was shocked when I resorted to drugs at age 12. I was addicted for 1 whole year, but when I finally stopped, I realised no one really cared. I tried to kill myself on November 14th, 2008, because all my friends had deserted me, my family always fought, and my boyfriend left me. The weeks before, I cried up to 8 hours a day with tears constantly streaming down my face. Everyone at school saw, everyone at home saw, but no one cared. That friday morning was a holiday. I woke up, and wondered, 'why am I still alive'? I locked myself in the bathroom with a large kitchen knife, and cut myself deeply for the next 20 minutes. I eventually lost consciousness due to blood-loss. Next thing I knew, my 2 sisters were screaming there hearts out at the sight of me. I sat up, was covered in blood, so was the bathroom, and I screamed. I screamed because they were screaming, but then I started crying. I starting crying because of what I had done. One of my sisters was panicking, worrying about me and trying to make the bleeding stop, but the other was yelling at me. Calling me a bitch for what I did. I was rushed to the hospital, but had been rejected by 3 before was actually given medical attention. I had 17 stitches in my arm for my gaping wounds.

It has been about 15 months since the incident. The aftermath effect on me and my family was even worse than I could ever imagine. For the past year I have been mentally damaged by the things my family says to me, severly neglected emotionally and physically, and still suicidal. My family pretends that I died that day, never feeding me, never talking to me, making sure I'm always in my room where no one needs to see me. I have sever anemia now because of a terrible diet consisting of junk food that I ravage from the kitchen late at night, and have many other health problems. At school, no one knows the things I face at home and I don't tell anyone. I cry every night before I sleep and I wish more than anything that they loved me again, but at the same time I fantasize about sneaking on them in their beds and killing them, because of what they did to me. I have terrible paranoia about everywhere I go and everyone I meet. I have little to no friends, and the ones I have know everything, but don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going to die of starvation or dehydration after a month or so, but it's what I've wanted for so long. I hate my life, and think about dying every day. I don't know how to love people, all I can feel is burning hatred, even toward those who care and want to help. No one can be trusted. We all have different reasons for wanting to commit suicide, and this is mine. I won't do it, but it's something that will never leave my mind. Have hope for the future guys. I have very little, but when I'm 18, I'm going to get married and have children, and I'm going to give them everything I never had. I will show them the love and care that many of us are deniedÂ… It's my dream, what I'm living for. The world is big, and there's lots of things that you don't want to miss. I hope I can change some minds. Peaceout guys, you're not alone in this struggle for happiness.
23 Feb 2010 Mel Best way to kill yourself, I wouldn't know. I'm trying to find that out, but being drunk helps.
Alcohol, and lots of it. Idk I'm contemplating doing the whole wrist thing, but thats not getting me anywhere. Just random scars that sting for an hour - I'm obviously not doing it right.
17 Feb 2010 bubblegum I don't know but I want to die and am a gutless, spineless piece of trash for not actually going through with it just like evryone else here, if everyone wanted to die, they wouldn't be here typing now, they'd be dead and im one of them. I truley hate being alive in this monstrosity of a planet.
16 Feb 2010 Joanne why does he call me fat and hit me when i have given everything?why does he feel the need to beat me and call me names then laugh when im lying on the floor crying.He calls me worthless,pathetic,ugly,not worth his time but yet he says if i leave him he will kill me.I just want all this pain to end i just wanna die.I have already tried twice and he rang an ambulance and saved me just to give me shit again.

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