Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Jun 2010 life hater i am 18 and i have beautiful girl friend who really loves me and the only thing i need is to stay with her.....She came in my life a couple of months ago before her i really decided to end my life but fortunately she came in my life to give me a new life but again now i am really depresed i really want to end up ma life coz i hate my father and mother they never cared about me or i never got love from them at the age of 12 they sent me to a military boarding away frm ma home so now after 5 years when i am back they dont respect me i relli hate my father my mother relli they dont give me money too it does nt mean ma father is poor but he is a rich man he is 20 th grade engineer and my mother is headmistress i really hate my life i cant see a better future for my self i cant relli give full attention to my studies but i am just living for my girl but if my father come to knew about her he will never allow me to live with her so i cant live now i will relli end ma life
20 Jun 2010 annonimous i cant take it anymore!!! i hate my life and i want to be dead im so confused i dnt know what to do. every1 else is moveing on exept me im just stuck i cant explain it im 12 years old and i want to commit suiside i dnt know how to i cant talk to any1 about it because i feel no1 understands me. i hate evrything about my life. i JUST WANT TO RUNAWAY from everything and be happy. what should i do carry on with my crappy life and try my hardest to find myself or commit suiside which my parents and family will find hard but arrrgggggg HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZZ
06 Jun 2010 lawz I tried just before my 17th, i was dead for 4 mins. I wish it had worked. I have now been to 2 friends funersals in the past 7 months- both took thier lives. 10 months after my 1st attempt i am still trying to end my life i just cant find the joy i used to have nothing seems worth while.
06 Jun 2010 Beckoning This website is morbid. I understand though, since I stumbled on it in my search for my own method of suicide.
I am sixteen years old, on prozac, in therapy, but really who is it helping?
Not me, thats for sure. Because I still walk around, drenched in the darkness, imagining the blood pouring out as I cut through that blue vein running down the length of my arm. Really, Im always staring at my arms; fantasizing about my own death.
I used to be against suiside. It is selfish and horrible and pointless but FUCK im in so much pain all the time. I am convinced that I will never get better, and so death seems like the only option. I love my family and I dont want to hurt them. Thats why Ive been keeping journals the past three years; for them to read once I finally do go, so they see how badly I was suffering and so they arent as sad. I think that they would rather I end the suffering.
They wouldnt want me hurting like this...
03 Jun 2010 Rose I am 16 right now. Do I want to Kill myself? Yes. Can i? No.
I have lived a hard life. I am physically, mentally, emotionally hurt. My parents believe that i am a bad child. They think that i have done drugs, have multi sex partner. and that i want to hurt them or kill them. I am not crazy. Have I done drugs? No. Have i had sex? No. Do i want to hurt or kill my so called family? No.

I have been building up emotions ever since i was little. I am feed up with their shit. i am done. the best why for me to that is to leave. I cant do it anymore. I cant help myself sometimes but think my self as shit.

I am well known in school, for various thing that i have done in my pass. I am tired of letting history repeat its self. I have changed but they seem not to notice. They care about their image to muchh to care about another persons feelings.

if this was to be last words. Then bye and thank you for sharing my pain. but if this isnt then i will keep fighting. I know i wont make it pass 18 anyways. i am done, thank for reading
01 Jun 2010 Stan Hello, I came to this site looking for an answer for myself...I'm ready to move on and shed this physical exsistence. When I read Tony's (May 20th/2010) story, I could relate to him...except, I don't believe I'll wait for old age to take me.
I'm 47 years old, when I was 18, I thought I'd do the right thing and marry my girlfriend when she became pregnant...she had an abortion. Fast forward 28 years later..we are still married, and have 4 children. We started our family when I was 30 years old... my wife really wanted a big it turns out..I'm a really just a big push over who can't say no..I've been manipulated over the years like you would not someone else's idea of how to I find out...I was never true to myself. 14 years ago the first time we allowed anyone to baby sit our two young boys(1 & 2) for us, we figured my Mother would be a natural choice. We believe she molested them...this tore our family up, I've been battling deep depression for 14 years. so now I have no communication with my parents or 3 siblings for 14 years, they do not believe any of it. My wife is a complete control freak.....I've done nothing but try to provide for our family (I have no friends, no hobbies, no vacations, all old clothes, I have children that can't stand me or my wife, I live in complete hell on earth)she has managed to keep us in bondage......and I realize now that I let her. My life is completely SCREWED!!! We've been on the marry -go-round of threapist..doctors etc.. no help . Please do yourself a TRUE to YOURSELF FIRST.
30 May 2010 todd im 47 years old and hate my life i want just want my life to be over be for i turn 48 in aug need to die soon how can i end my life
28 May 2010 Lizzie I get like straight As, i'm a cheerleader, I guess you could say I have a good life from an outside perspective... But i'm so fucked up. I just want to die. Right now. I cry every day. I don't even live with my real parents. My real mom sent me to live with my aunt when I was 7 cuz she felt it would be better for me and I've lived with her ever since. I still see my mom though. She loves me. It's just my fucking aunt. I swear I think SHES depressed and her mood rubs off. And shit at school...every one tells me I'm different, that I'm boring. I don't know who I am and I wanna be apart of the popular crowd. I guess if I really tried, I could but that would require me to be fake as hell and I've been there done that. No boys like me, I'm 137 pounds and only 5'5. My legs are huge and I make myself throw up especially when I'm sad. Just now, I chugged down cough syrup hoping that I will get an overdose but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I just want to escape and commit suicide. Be free. Get away from this sadness. This crying. My aunt needs to fucking go to hell. She makes me feel bad about myself. Ughh I just want to be truly happy. Help me.
24 May 2010 j. I've just turned 18. I have been thinking about suicide for many years now. In the past I could never bring myself to do it, but recently I've been considering this whole thing on a much more serious level, and I think I'll probably do it before the end of this year.
I'm hideous and useless and I always come across as being negative and depressing because I can't seem to find anything positive about myself. There really isn't. I'm just disgusting in every single way and I just hate myself so damn much. I want to make people happy but I can't. I have no worth and I don't deserve anything. It's not like I have the right to suffer, because I wasn't ever raped or abused, and I never experienced anything that justifies my depression. I'm just making a huge deal out of my crappy life because I'm useless and I can't do anything right. The world is just better off without me and my ugly mug.
The thing is, I don't really want to die. I want to live, but not as me; I want to be someone else. I just want to slip out of this disgusting body and become a new person. But since that's not possible, the next best thing is to kill myself and get this all over with.
I've thought about jumping off of my balcony. I live on the 10th floor so it should work. But I've heard so many horror stories about becoming nothing more than a bloody splat once you hit the ground that I'm having second thoughts about this. Maybe alcohol can do the trick too, who knows. Right now I'm still doing a lot of research on this. I want to die in peace. I don't want to burden anyone or disturb anyone by having them clean up after me.
23 May 2010 cancerofthehead it s a shitty sunday morning, nothing to do, no friends to meet, i m through my third beer it s 10:22 am but i don t care, alcohol doesnt work on me anymore, i still drink that s why i m probably an alcoholic. i used to be a severe drug addict and did amphetamines everyday for a year, now i m more quiet, i still smoke dope and do phets twice a month, cause my life sucks. i v beeen thinking of committting suicide for the past 4 month, since i stoped my medication, i overdosed twice on more than a hundred pills each in april, but it didn t work out, i m so scared of hanging, moreover of all it means, diying like a dog on a rope, overall failure not having achieved nothing, whether written a book, or having a career, or even friends or family who s regret me, seems so sad but i m not sure i want to live in those conditions. when i m on medication pills i m not that bad, i started doing them again a fortnight ago or so, now whether i m addicted or i m just too bad off without them, when i don t take them 2 days i m like a corpse waking up, feeling shit, no future, fucked up my entire life. i m pissed off i m not able to function without the pills, they turn me into a robot, i m no longer in touch with my emotions, even though they do nothing but hurt me, with my dreams, i m bored when i m on the pills, then i quit and i want to die. i m terrified of hanging and what awaites me, or train crash, i m convinced i ll survive and end up with amputated limbs, and pills don t work. i might take up my medical training again in october but that s not enough to cheer my up, even though it s nice to have something to do throughout the day i don t give a shit about the peaceful life that awaites me as a medic, i know i won t be happy that way, except i might get close to lethal drugs that s help me end my life. i ve goz at least 5 month to kill now sitting at home at my pc with my dog, listening to my stupid music, with 2 friends left, all psychiatric cases, my best s letting me down, i m growing old and nothing to do but drink more beer, it doesn t do anything to me, don t know why i keep drinking. you re suicidal, hate life, chat on.
22 May 2010 Chelsea I myself have been considering it at 20. Live your life. I was molested at 12, raped and impregnated at 15, had a baby boy at 16, another baby at 19, then she died at 2 months old. Im on the brink of my life. How much more can i take? Dont short change yourself. Go to school, get a college degree and then pursue your dreams no matter what it may be. You will be happy, i promise. I live my life in pure regret. Not so cool.
19 May 2010 Karen Gonzalez I considered my mom my best friend. But now we're more like enemies competing against each other every single day. I'm tired of this... I have said things to her that i didnt even want to say and now i feel that she hates me... like if she doesnt care about me, like if im here only because she has the obligation to support me. When my dad left we promised that we were gonna help each other but that never happen...all i ever wanted was for her to be proud of me but seems that i let her down and the more i try to fixed things the more i fuck up. im getting tired of listen to her telling my little sisters that im a bad daughter, that im an example of how they're not suppose to behave, that shes tired of me and that she can't wait till i turn 18. When all i did my entire life was try to be the best in everything so she could be proud of me i even started to work when i was 14... my grades started 2 go down n i didnt care b/c i was helping my mom out. Now im not even goin to graduate because i didnt have time to do the senior project... all this just to help her... and what is it that she tells everyone??? That i never help her, that im mean to her, that i dont like my sisters, that im just like my dad,that im god's punishment, that im the worst daughter she could ever had. She hurts me everytime she talks to me... and im pretty sure i hurt her 2 (although i dont mean 2) she goes out with my sisters w/out me... i really wish 2 die... the 1 thing that i lov3 the most is my mom and i let her down, and i hurt her... plz some1 help me i think she would be a lot much better w/out me... what can i do to make her happy? should i just desapear?
13 May 2010 Penelope Olivia Donovan I hate everything and everyone. Noone knows what i'm going through. They dont understand my pain. All this pressure I feel like I'm being crushed slowly. My parents set so high expectations, the other kids at school wont accept me unless im normal. I hate being fake. The others think I'm so happy and satisfied but its all a lie. I lie and tell them my parents are rich like theirs and my moms a doctor and my dad works for the government and I lie about my grades to them and my parents. Mom says I need to get good grades and go to college and not end up like her or dad but I cant. I dont have enough time. Im just so busy and all this weight on my shoulders and i hate it all. I hate everyone. They all want me to do something for them. "Take out the trash, go get the mail change Alexs diaper go to the store wash there clothes or these dishes" Why can't they do it? Why me? I hate them. I wish I was dead and they were dead. I want someone to help me. I need help. I don't want to live. I dont want to spend my life doing things. I want do what I want. I am being crushed by everyones wants and things. If I can't have my way I wish I was dead. I want to die. Life is only unfair because everyone makes it unfair. I hate everything everyone.
08 May 2010 gabriela Nothing gets better. i kept telling myself since 2nd grade, it'd be better, i'd runaway one day,and im in 9th grade now. and my lonliness and closure from the world still seeks within me. keeping me away from all things once loved. this is not my fault. but what do you do, when circumstanses are unchangeable? i live in the middle of nowhere, i cant esacpe? how cani? help me love again. help us love again.
07 May 2010 Derek sa tx basically my mom is a nut who calls the truancy court in advance and tells them I am a defiant child unwilling to any conformity , stays out till 1 am on school nights. does drugs and drinks with friends while skipping achool . and that i told her i did not want to go to school and that i wouldnt go no matter what.

all nonsense except for the use of marijuana for purposes of depression and coping with thoughts of suicide. I thought maybe this summer everything will allign ill get my license my car and live for once. FOR once i wont have to beg my neglectful mother for rides to places she wont take me reguardless of her priorities because her pre-k report cards are more important. but nope i have 500 dollars worth of fines and over 80 hours community service.

one day youll hear about the teen who overdosed on ambien . He was strong handsome. many girls liked him. made many laugh. and his mother was too busy to call that psycologist becuase she had so much school work

nothing quenches my depression like thoughts of suicide and the many knifes i've rubbed across my veins wishing i had the confidence to end it.

"grave digger. when you dig my grave. will you make it shallow. so that i can feel the rain........"
07 May 2010 ana im so empty. lonely. it seems as though half the people on here want to kill themselves cause of this. its like i cant even be fucked living. but i dont want to kill myself. i just want to dream all the time. be sleeping. i just dont wanna wake. why the fuck does shit like terrorist attacks and mass murders have to be real.. but santa clause and and fairies and fantasy is all a fucking lie? reality is fucking shit. i feel so disconnected. soooooooooooo lonely. ive only got like 2 friends. i need to get a fucking life. theres actually nothing wrong with me im fairly good looking im funny. i guess im a lil eccentric and weird but ehh so what.. i just cant relate to anyone i meet these days except my 2 best friends and they feel the same. people fucking suck. so let me tell you if you have someone special treasure that. cause its hard to find. i just feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckkkkennn lonely and empty its like slowly killing me. i dont know what i wana do with my life. i got no direction. i have adhd. i can never concentrate, im talented at a shitload and theres nothing i can do about it anyways cause i dont have the concentration span to stick anything thru ..NOTHING IS PERMANENT. nothing around you right now will last forever. everything you have ever seen or touched or thought about is impermanent even relationships thats why i think whats the point in doing anything. it means nothing cause its just gona end/break/die anyways...i think the world actually needs 2012 or something to happen.. cause most people aree just full of shit im so exassperated with everything. i just want to feel connected
07 May 2010 Anon I don't know but I'm feeling so fucking low for the past 3 years I just want my life to be over
05 May 2010 jasmine Hi everyone i am 13 and i am battling suicide. After reading all this it is helping. I know it is wrong to do it but somedays it just feels like thats he only way. I want to go to counsiling but idk how to tell my mom n dad. I told my big sister and she did help me for a while but im not going to throw my life away. I just want to thank all the people hear who are saying dont do it im goin to try to hang in there.
05 May 2010 yuvraj i want sumbody's help plz i m getting depressed day by day
05 May 2010 Shanelle I so agree with whoever's I just read. An alternative to killing yourself is to run away. You get to leave everyone and everything behind and start new. nobody around you would know a thing about you (as long as your not on Ameriica's most wanted) I have decided this is what I am going to do. It is too painful to stay here, and it will be really hard to leave some of the people, but I think it'll make me happier later on. :)

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