Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Aug 2010 mischa I try not to piss and moan too much on websites about how depressed i am, but sometimes it feels good to get it all out. Im 19 now, but have been depressed since about 14 years old. It started off due to fairly normal stuff, self esteem issues, friends, bullying etc etc. I used to cut myself for the attention and to just release the pent up emotion.

My parents do not believe in things such as "depression." My father considers it to be a joke and whenever those depression ads come on the telly he calls the people "poofters" and to "man up," before he goes on and on about how in his day men were...well Men. And my mum just gossips about everything, so if i was to talk to her, she would no doubt tell eveyone.

My sort of "friend" told me that my mum had called up the mum of another girl i know and told her that "i had problems." It just made me upset. If my mum knws i have problems, why wont she talk to me? why does she have to tell everyone else.

anyway now its like a 1000 times worse. Im so self conscious, i cant even go out to my letter box and instead of going to class, i just pretend that i go and hide in the garage until no one is home. That is how bad its gotten.

I also have something like tmau (odour problem that has no cure, unless you consider starving urself a cure), which means i find it impossible to make relationships with ANYONE. So i feel very isolated.

I have only had one real breaking point in my life, and it was horrible. Actually if i think about it, it was a emotional breakdown. for the first time i really couldnt see any point of living anymore, and was seriously considering trying to find the keys to my dads gun collection and using it. I couldnt stop crying for like a hour. it was a strange experience. i decided i was going to talk to my parents when they got home but i fell into a exhausted sleep and after that i chickened out. -_-

My grades have plummeted, i barely leave the house, binge eat. Its not so much that i WANT to die, what i would much rather prefer is that i could have a different life or was never born at all.

Suicide scares me to shit, i mean i want to live, i do find enjoyment in it. In things like reading and....well anything that helps me escape. But having tmau really really sucks. It means no relationships which = no family = no kids = cant keep my education going becuase of humiliation = low paying job = no money === a life of basically being alone and poor. yippee!

i think il just keep living my shitty life and enjoying what i can until that enjoyment is no longer there, and then il off myself.

I just kind of wish i had someone to talk to in Real life.
10 Aug 2010 Kate83 Iknow this has nothing to do with the question at hand but -
im 26 years old and im tired!! Im tired of not feeling like i can be myself im so afraid of letting every one down , my family my friends, my partner who is the most caring wonderful loving person ive ever met he would find a way to walk on water if it made me happy but having him around just make these thoughts im having so much harder i have a secret and its killing me and i thought about killing myself just so that i dont have to see the pain in his eyes i hate my self no one really knows me or has even tried i dont think im sick of holing back the tears and saying IM FINE because im not i just want to die. im o closed off i cant even bring my self to even type out my secret fuck it.
08 Aug 2010 Broken9118 ODing doesnt work......i ODed so many times al it does is pretty make u sick and puke.....i cut....have for 2 years.... it kinda helps but a test subject for doctors cuz they dont kno and cant figure out what the hay is rong with me.... i go through physical abuse from my father and my mother treats me like a scratch that..she treats the damn dog better... i have no in hospitals all the time.....and i watch as my loved ones.....drop left and right from brother..committed suicide a few years back..o and btw suffocating to death is so flippin painful..ive gone into anaphlactic reaction or however u spell that from the stupidity of a doctor haha all he did is shoot me up with adrenanline (6 shots) causing seizures...i was pronounced dead from that...and then i wake up with a damn tube down my throat....u know your a screw up when u mess up ur own death. On top of that i only weigh 92 pounds and look like im anorexic cuz im 5"6 and 15 but that wud be due to the many drugs and tests i go thro and due to llergys most things i cant eat...or if i talk at the gets taken away and im sent to my hell hole called a room..... so to those who want to commit suicide but have a great life.....dont..... ppl who love u will miss u dearly...and will be devastated....everyone has there thoughts of suicide....but it passes... and things get better.....if ur life is as screwed up as say y rather end it then suffer this hell on earth....
07 Aug 2010 Jennifer Bleeding to death. I tryed overdosing myself one month after my 13th birthday. Im still 13 and im not giving up on sucide.Im depressed and i cut everyday. Doesnt help that my mom is never home and that im always home alone with 3 other kids that wont leave me alone. I hate myself and my life.My father isnt in my life. Nobody knows im depressed or that i cut and am sucidle. No im not Emo,im just a fucked up 13 yr old. There are a lot more things,that make me this way. If you want to know them E-mail me.
07 Aug 2010 i have no name im actually 13.
and i just feel like i dont care anymore
i feel like no body cares about me.
and i just want to die because i know everybody will be happier when im gone..
06 Aug 2010 Liz_suicidal I am 13..and i cant take ot anymore..i cry myself to sleep everynight..ive tries killin family doesnt appreciate me..they laugh at my suicidal thoughts..i also cut myself everynight..hoping that those cuts will be my only friends..i feel trapped in a dark lonely one understands me and i hate it! I will kill myself
02 Aug 2010 jess id like to find out too, even tho im 17 not 13, but until then i did chicken scratches on my self, its were you keep scratching your skin in the same spot till it bleeds and it really helped me to calm down and let my anger out, the only problem now is iv got like 50 scars all over my arm and hand, x
02 Aug 2010 Isaac I think the best way to kill yourself is by hanging yourself. Ive attemped many times. I hate my life, i just hope someone can shoot me, thats the easy way out. Im 11 my birthday is in 3 days. I hope i die then..Well when im older im gonna shoot myself. Im tired of life, everyone hates me for no reason. Everyday at school i used to a bathroom with scissors, take out the blade and cut myself.
31 Jul 2010 Lisa Well I really dont have the answer for that, but im 13 and I feel like im in hell, everyday is the same thing over and over again, and dont tell me to look for help from my parents because they are the ones who make my life living hell, I dont have much friends and the ones I do (I dont like them) I feel like everybody hates me, my MOM, my dad, my brother, my ¨friends¨, and i hate them....always have a fight with my mom and im tired of it. i dont know what to do, I want to kill myself and I know i wont be missed...
31 Jul 2010 Lisa Im 12. Today is my birthday. My parents promised me a happy birthday but they are fighting. We have a bottle of sleeping pills at home but i dont want to die painlessly. i want them to know how much pain i was feeling, by leaving a scar somewhere. And this thing is not helping. I wawnt to die so fucking bad. why should i have to deal with this mother fucking ugly life. I hate it.

tonight i am going to do it. ima hang myself. i was thinking of suicide since when i was 9. i tried to cut my major blood vein. i put a plastic bag over my head. nothing worked but tonight i am going to hang myself.
29 Jul 2010 mr X I want to kill myself I dun kno why but everytime i try to do somthing nice I end up hurting people I care about. And they blame everything on me. I dun want to live with them anymore. I want to die. I need fastes way to kill myself. M 19
25 Jul 2010   I am 37 have 2 wonderful children but my exhusband is making my life a living hell he is trying to take my children from me and he doesnt really even want them i have ALWAYS hated my life have always been mentally abused not only by my exhusband but also by my mother brothers sisters etc i have nothing really to live for and dont want to live i pray every night to just not wake up the next day. I also am losing my belief in this so called "God" everyone talks about i am not allowed to be happy if on the remote chance i do feel happy something happens to knock me back down it has been this way my whole life everyone has always told me i am fat usgly stupid no good worthless etc so many people have told me this in my life so it must be true if it wasnt true everyone in my life wouldnt be saying this. i really feel i have no reason to live and quite frankly dont want to. but i am a coward and i dont want to suffer i would much rather just lay down go to sleep and never wake up so how many sleeping pills does it take? I have never HATED anyone in my life i mean truly utterly with all i have hated anyone but that is exactly how i feel about my exhusband and they are right when they say hate will consume you. i feel it would just be best for everyone involved if i was dead and yes i know that is the "easy way out" and "it makes me a coward" and "it makes me selfish" but i also believe with all my heart it would be better. i just cant deal with the pain i cant deal with the anexiety, the feeling of worthlessness, the feeling of despair,and im tired of bad things always happening to me and no point in living if you know you are not allowed to be happy, who wants to live life when your not really living life? im just existing, im tired of pretending im someone im not everyone thinks im such a strong person because of all the shit i deal with but what they dont know is that im not strong not strong at all i am weak i just pretend to be strong and i cant do it anymore lets hope that i wont make it to my 38 birhtday, in matter of fact lets hope i dont make it till the end of aug
25 Jul 2010   imm young and i already feel like no one cares no one understands me no one exseps me i feel like im nothing in this world everything would be better if i was gone my family would be happier im soo confused ive tryed to comet suicide like 3 times ive played the child game u keep moving until u pass out huh well thats my storry
19 Jul 2010 alexa I ask myself the same question every day. When I go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning. Anytime that I am presented with potential suicide items such as rope, knives and other things. I am really curious and am desperate for an answer. I really need help on this guys. I just wanna end the pain.
12 Jul 2010 Mollyrazor When I turn 15 Im going to slit my rest n a nice hot bath Im 13 now.....
07 Jul 2010 Brittney Im very depressed, and it all started wen my brother left for te marines. ever since then i have had nothing but bad luck, my 8 month old neice was in the hospital, then my dad, then my sister. Then to make my life even worse my bf is moving away, this really sucks!! I just want all the pain to go away, i wanna die so i dont have to deal with this ne more! im 12 and allready my life sucks
07 Jul 2010 Kate fuck life. if your not liveing it for yourself, who are you liveing it for? ive been a fuck up ever since i can remember, tried killing myself when i was fucking eleven years old. now, no normal kid does that. how many times have i tried overdosing in hopes i could end my life? 4 times in the past 3 months. everyone has their up and downs, but mine seem to be downs almost all the time. I broke up with my boyfriend cuz i liked someone else, now everyone fucking hates me they "lost respect" for me, a couple older girls wanna beat the shit outta me. Im tired of pretending to be happy and liveing my life for others. If im not liveing my life for me, why live it at all?
05 Jul 2010 chris Im 17 im in high school. im becoming a senior. The day people figured out I was gay in high school (Junior year btw), they all ridiculed me right on the spot. Juniors, Seniors, teachers, even parents. One day after football pratice, i was walking home and a group of guys ran behind me and bashed me over the head with a glass bottle, and they all kicked and punched me while i was down on the ground. Then they took me into a back alley way and took there turns pinning me down and rapeing me. When they were all finished they spoke amongst each other saying ' so how do you wana kill the fag?', one by one saying it over and over " lets stick a knife into this failed abortion". One of them pulled out a knife and plunged it into me, he whispered into my ear "die fag". I passed out and they ran away. I crawled my way into the street praying that some one would find me. Twenty minutes passed and finaly a car drove by and the stranger helped me to the hospital. Where i went into surgery..... My mom and step dad picked me up and took me home. And there i stayed. *The thing i want u to walk away with from this story today is, if u read this story plz dont judge me, if u do then u must have made up in ur mind that u know me now and u can tell who i am without listening to me, but of course u can tell me who i am and i cant, because obviously u know me better than i know myself. Plz dont judge.*
28 Jun 2010 twiggs. I don’t think they fucking understand what I put myself through. I don’t think they understand what they put me through. I smile and fucking nod through SO MUCH fucking bullshit, it’s ridiculous. And what, I get punished for it? WELL WAKE UP EVERYONE: ITS NOT ALRIGHT. Nothing’s alright. It hasn’t been for a while. It’s all coming back again; where I was last year. You know, it’s funny how being “happy” or “normal” for a couple of weeks for no apparent reason can really open your eyes again to how shitty your life is when it goes away. I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. I just want it to be done; I just want everything to be over. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this. It’s been a while since I’ve woken up and cried and went to be crying. It’s been a while since everything sets me off. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so alone. It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to die so badly. But, nonetheless, it IS back. It’s back with a fucking vengeance. The other day I completely flipped a shit. I took down all of the mirrors in my house and have still been to terrified of what I might see to put them back. They hurt me so fucking badly; all of you do. But, I continue to push through it, for everyone else’s sake. I mean, if I actually DID kill myself, who else would they take everything out on? How could I be so selfish? I’m only here to be someone else’s punching bag. Hey, at least I have a purpose. That’s the only thing that keeps me semi-going: the fact that if I did off-myself, someone else would have to be put through what I go through. And I would NEVER wish that upon anyone. When I was 8 or 9 years old I prayed to God all the time that if he would give everyone else’s pain to me because I didn’t want anyone else to feel like I do. I guess that’s my fucking destiny or something. To be kicked around. Fuck this. Fuck everyone. Fuck you. I try and I try and I try, but when I don’t succeed to everyone’s standards I’m punished. I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m still here; but I won’t have to apologize for long.
26 Jun 2010 hayle i am only 11 and so far my life is crapy my sister sydne (9years old) is driving me mad every time she bubes me i kinda hurt her and I GET BLAMED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been thinking about killing my self in the less painful way iwas thinking of running away and dieing of starvation. my parents are divorced my dads old job (army) made him go away and he almost missied my first birthday HE CAME 2 DAYS BEFORE and he has missed a total of 9 of my birthday so that means he came to 2 of them. :( i know when u kill ur self u leave ur loved ones but sometimes i think they dont love one time my mom was wathcing her fav show on tv and she yelled at m when i went up stsirs and she made us dinner at 11:36pm

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