Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Jan 2011 DN Im 13 becoming 14 in march 16 and ive wanted to kill myself for a while The reason why is because my family treat me like im shit, my friends they treat me like shit, and my girlfriend i really love her (in Love with her) but theres this one guy thats always on top of her and she doesnt care shell never understand my feelings There are a couple things i do when i get depress so bad i just wanna die right away but i dont wanna leave her alone in this world.
Things i tryed:
Razor - cutting my chest at my heart
Gun - picking up my friends gun and almost shooting myself but sadly no bullets
Eating - i stopped eating for 2days but i said to myself im just ganna wait until she breaks my heart than ill die with my friend her name is Madelin to me shes my death buddy so shes waiting to die with me.
09 Jan 2011 josh im 12 now, i started considering at 5, lucky me i failed my first attemt. i had broken something of his for work and i took a butter nife and tried to stab myself in the heart. i was little and thoght that my heart waz in the center of my abs so i tried once then slightly cut myself and began 2 crie, my dad came in and held me and talked 2 me while we bandaged me up. my 2nd one waz like when i waz 6 i jumped of my bed and slammed my head on the floor. i cried 4 like hours then i lwayed down and said it waz impossible 2 kill myself and took a nap. my parents werent there at the time, they were gone 4 about 10 minutes. then later i had about 4 0r 5 attempts in life im 12 now and still trie 2 this day. i have no probs at school, gotta lotta friends, i love my family, they all love me 2. we r very poor and fight all the time but thats normal. we have a horse 4dogs 2cats. my dad lives seperate from us, bout 7 minutes away. im a middle schooler at quail hollow, and live in reason 4 all my attemts is me. i have a hole inside me that is everlasting and deep, nothing could ever fill it, my gf, my family, religion, ect. forever i will be eaten alive and killed slowly. if u wanna dicuss this facebook me joshua terrell dulin
04 Jan 2011 Joseph I just found out my wife has been with her ex. I am not sure how long its been going on, but somhow I know its been going on for a long time? I am very upset and all I want to do is hurt her so bad and the only way I know is to kill myself. I know for sure she will regret what she did and I want her to live with the fact it was her doing and I just closed the book fer her?
03 Jan 2011 shoron rahman i jst wANNA end ma lyf r8 nw><i can nd wont hav any1 in ma lyf..nobody lyks me a bit..m lost in derbis of pain,suffocation nd suffering><
02 Jan 2011 kate im not under 13 im 14 i have been trying to kill my self for the past 2 yrs im in the care of deperment of child safty and have been for 10 yrs i dnt under stands your u all want to die u have your famliy i dnt i get charged every time i swear like thats fucked i swollowed glass last night i did not work but im going to keep trying cause i know one day it will work but when u are thinging about doing it think how bad your life is really think about all the kids that would love your life like me i know some of u might have had it hard but think about it cause u really dnt want to go to a mentelhealth ward i get cought out each time i do it so yea just think about this for me pls
02 Jan 2011 billy Shaw well im 14 at the moment and i didnt really care that my parents were deforced when i was 4 as my mum was really nice. but when i was 14 i asked my mum about my dad and i found out that he abused her and me and had a criminal record, this mad me really angry. and i was a really angry kid in primary and i turned it around in secondary and was starting to think it was getting better, but i was wrong i have been bullied by different people on and off throughout year 7 8 9 and now in year 10. but now i have had enough the name calling has got enough and my 2 best friends are ignoring me and my only friend i have left doesnt talk to me much. i tryed to talk to my brother but he wanted to tell my mother about how i felt. so ihave decided to keep my feelings to my self. i thought it was good at home because the bullies werent here but i was wrong they leave me messages on facebook and youtube and tonight i just want to end it. but i know i dont have the right resources to kill myself but im thinking of getting my mums cooking knife and putting it on my head to kill my brain. if i dont comment again i have ended it
26 Dec 2010 Anonumous im only 14 and ive been depressed sence i was 11. My dad died when i was only 13, my grandpa died when i was 11, im just waiting for some one else close to me to time someone dies im going to die too. i think the best way of suicid is to make it as messy as possible. wen i die im going to make it look like a murder. I dont know why it just seems like it would make me importand for a few days...
14 Dec 2010 Ajay I dont have ne other way to talk 2 u.i want to kill myself and my parents wit me i cant visit dis website pls do ans me at u kill us my property ill b urs.
14 Dec 2010 sh0oting_stars i was really depressed with my lyf still now i try to think of alot of ways to be happy but i always fail dere is so much pressure frm parents n evryone but i was depressed frm dese close ppl cz dey nevr undersand my feelings im kinda person who luvs to deal with lyf lightly but my parents its lyk dey dun even care abt me dey r not treating me with proper way u knw wat my bf dumped me i had no frnds i dun hav a social lyf itz all cause of parents i feel lyk killing myself all da tym even if i get a chance but i was survive
06 Dec 2010 nana im 18 yers old hopeless female.i once tried 2 suicide but i failed in killing myself. i really cant hold on. im falling apart from all sides. my life is unbearable. and im thinking of doing it again but this time ill be sure to stop my pain forever. fuck life
03 Dec 2010 aom ive read alot of the comments that were left and they are disgusting...i suffered constant pain for over 10 years now and i have been able to cope with it...just try seeking God.
30 Nov 2010 george m.p ogston for the past 10 and a half months i have felt pressure after pressure put on me from friends, family,and even my girlfriend. i felt sad my girlfriend yes still my girlfriend hass cheated over 10 times on me flurts with every guy she knows and has been with her exs well with me. my friends have all left me cause i have "changed"that hurt my family turns there head when i talk to them i drink and i smoke i dont do drugs i have been so close to killing my self multipul times like being drunk to the point where u cant even shut ur eyes, getting hit by a car twice in the same week getting the shit beat out of my self on purpose i have been threw a lot and i cant stop this is for real not fake i need help i cant get it i turn to my family and friends even my "girlfriend" who lies to me every day about friend that are really her exs with differnt names and each time i get the door slammed in my face i want to die most of the time love george xoxo
24 Nov 2010 casey fitzgerald hey im casey. im 15 femalee and im ready to die. it started wen i was told i was adopted. i flipped out and everything wen down hill. i smoke alot of pot and sometimes ciggs. i dn drink but i want to so it can kill me in the future or w.e. i started having depression at 13 and its severe. they cnt put me on meds cuz i was to younge and it will mess me up. i hate my life my family. no body loves me and wen i say nobody i honestly mean it.
my boyfriend of 7months is being a bitch right now. hes caling me a liar and that i am using him for sex. im doind neither of those but i cnt handle anymore of this stupid fucking heart break that ima kill my self on sunday. im ready and i have taken in wa i need to do and wils onn aquire wat i need. and yes i am taking the cowards way out cuz if u lived my life... u still wouldnt understand
16 Nov 2010 Angelj i am turning thirteen next month. I have thought about suicide my whole life... someone i thought i could trust hurt me recently... i cut myself and he told EVERYONE... he's been one of my best friends since i was little and he just turned on me. my dad beat my older sister witha 2 by 4 28 times... my dad tried to hang himself by a belt right in front of all of my brothers and sisters and me wen i was years old.... i want 2 die... no1 gets it... i feel lke im screaming in the middle of a crowded room and no1 will look up... ive tried 2 ell ppl but they just brush it aide lke im joking...ive come real close to death before....i was holding a gun inside my mout b4....the only ppl tht listen are my besties nathan nd ashy...but thts all they do...nd its lke they only lisen to get away from me....no1 cares...no1 evr will...all life eds in death....but life is suffer nd crisis...i put my hand on a friends shoulder but no1 turns...i ask a friend 4 help but no1 can hear screams all eventualy fade away because no understands it enough 2 listen...the only way 2 be heard in this life is to leave it...the only way 2 get som1s attention is through my own death
14 Nov 2010 Ethan I dont know how the beat way is im 13 and i have been trying to finad a way to kill myself for a long tome my parents dont have guns and all the weapons in my house are replicas.......i want to die and today i found out my girlfriend is life is hell
27 Oct 2010 4vrdead I was just laid off from my I have plans to kill myself
26 Oct 2010 kali I think im too much of a pansie to do it, but i wish i could. I was molested by my step father and uncle. I ran away and was brutally raped by a few guys. I ended up trying to get my life together, had three kids before i hit 24, and was married to a "great" guy, that worked and didnt do drugs or cheat, great guy? nope. he has been kicking my a** for 6 yrs.I wasnt allowed to work or leave house. he hit me Infront of the kids. i finally called cops, now im losing my house, my kids have no food, i have no help. i know my kids will miss me but i just want to give up. they will understand if i do. idk why im writing this.
20 Oct 2010 emily i am 14, my sister is bipolar and is a constant witch. she sometimes physically attacks me, swears at me, and belittles me. my parents are divorced, it was a violent breakup. now my dad basically lives with us and mom and dad are dating. i cant take my family life anymore. i cant take my life anymore. fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, i cant kill myself. so im not suicidal but i wouldnt mind dying. i just want a break.
13 Oct 2010 urgent heelp <3 hi im 13 n nuthin seemsright my mum n dad hav fought ever scince my father cheated wen i was 5 but my mother stayed for me my father dsnt care i heard him say ges gonna get me married at 15 prob so he can go hav a gud lyf with his 3rd wife n i cbb explain it but yh on skool i was in the best class but everscince i started living with my dad i went down to the lowest class im just an idiot now then i gad outside skool runour problems the onlliij thing tgat kept me livvin is my fwendz mainly one my bestie but recently we had a big fight n were done so knoe i feel lyk derz nufin to live for i thought bout suicide fo a week but i wanr it painless de onlii way my dads gonna wake up to his children is by me dying plz sumone help email or add zenab_chahine@hotmail i need sumone i hav noone nymore :( i really hate my lyf im thinkin of just takong random pills but im scared i still live wid damage. help
12 Oct 2010 Amy moir Im 14 so i guess this is irrelevant.Im so fucked up,my mums drunk right now,trying to pick a fight.i cant take this,not tonight.i cant stand the shouting,i miss my dog.he died. i miss friends dont understand,they dont know how i feel when im alone,the countles times i imagine my death. pills, hanging, shooting, suffocating,drowning, jumping, cutting. .i just dont have the guts to follow through.i want to die now,i want to die tonight,but i wont.
Add me on facebook if u can help. im Amy killjoy moir.

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