Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Mar 2018 fucking dumbass hang urself with a nigger rope
04 Mar 2018 Roberta ingoiare un tartufo da dĂș etti
01 Mar 2018 Daddy long leg If you are a girl shave off your hair put super glue all over your face then make a beard this is not a way to kill yourself but it gives you something to do while thinking of a way to do so
01 Mar 2018 Daddy long legs Wait around Christmas time when they are putting up Christmas lights make sure you are in a small town on Christmas day dress up as Santa Claus now I would set fire to a few house preferably an enemy but any house will do and not in the same area so the police and firefighters are distracted then call your local news station and say Santa is putting on a big show for everyone give them location and then jump if you want some extra credit I would take spray paint and Write Something funny but remember keep is short and simple I would probably say something about burning someone house down was a Christmas gift from me Santa
24 Feb 2018 Sammy the big dick legend Drown yourself in a toilet or sink.
24 Feb 2018 Dr. Bloodworthy The best way would be the least pain. That would be a set up like when you donate blood but you just drain all the blood out, not just so many mL... drain all the blood. Just a tiny hole and less than 7 minutes you can be toe tag ready.
22 Feb 2018 Bertus I want to kill myself. I hate my small penis size and would like to cut if off the hallal way and then freeze it in and give it to my crush in 4th grade.
19 Feb 2018 A Sick Fuck. Eat two jars of flintstones chewable vitamins. The amount of vitamin content will shut your kidneys down and you will die. The doctors will not be able to stop it, thats why its the best way. Plus they taste not to bad. Make sure to eat a lot of cabbage and beans too that way your dead body will still fart. Every body is all sad and you fart on them. Maybe even push out a little poop too.
10 Feb 2018 The dude Stick needles under your skin. Thousands of needles. Push them in completly so no part of needle is exposed. The pain stimulous is so great especially in public where no one else knows thousands of needles are under your skin.
20 Jan 2018 Alex Eat an assload of baking soda and then drink vinegar!!!!! Stomach go boom boom!
11 Jan 2018 Whats that smell, is sumthing burning? A suicide kit is a box. It says first aid on it. Take all the pills inside and wrap the strechy rubber thingy around your throat and tie it tight. Thats all you need. A first aid kit. You can buy them on amazon or ebay. They can be found in the nurses office at your school. Doctors offices. A small fire in the bathroom trash can is a good diversion to get the goodies.
10 Jan 2018 Niggerfucker21 Just fucking taking a big ass knife and fucking slit your throat u lil bitch ass pieces of trash, or jump out in front of a train. that works too
09 Jan 2018 An alternative... Why kill yourself when all you have to do is Just tell a cop your parents abuse you sexually. You can get a whole new life at 13. Later when they have you talk to a counsellor You can even say you have panic attacks so bad you cant breathe, and they will give you some very nice medicine. You should at least try what i am saying first before you kill yourself. What if you like your new life? You might get a new mommie and daddy that are loaded. Just think at 13 years of age, that in just a few years you could be driving a BMW, have your own bank card with your allowance and milk money. And if you dont like your new mommie and daddy you know what to do to get another new mommie and daddy.
07 Jan 2018 Suicide Sally Jump sally jump. Jump sally jump. Off that old water tower.
07 Jan 2018 Die laughing My grandfather once told me my generation is to reliant on technology.
I told him, no your generation is to reliant on technology.
Then i disconected his life support.
07 Jan 2018 Monty the taipan Go to a chemical factory. Watch employees go in door. If they use a key card this is the place. Wait in parking lot for shift change. Wait for a worker thats late. Hit them in the head with a metal pry bar and take security clearance badge. Go inside. Jump in a vat of chemicals. As you jump you could shout, cannonball.
07 Jan 2018 Jugular Bacon grease injection Go on a pedophile dating website. Meet new pedophiles in your area at least three times a week. In 2 months one of them will kill you.
07 Jan 2018 Jugular Bacon grease injection Go on a pedophile dating website. Meet new pedophiles in your area at least three times a week. In 2 months one of them will kill you.
07 Jan 2018 Tonight at 11... Walk up to a cop and smile and say hello mr. Police officer. Did you know that uniform makes you look like a stripper. Then punch the donut twirler in the mouth so hard it breaks your hand. Then say i am going to kill your fat jelly donut eating ass. The cop will unload their sidearm into your torso. You will be dead and maybe a fake news hero.
06 Jan 2018 Fruit loops R4kids silly bird. Wait for or go to a storm like the one in new england and surrounding areas. 75mph winds and a lot of snow ice and flooding. Take off your shirt in a storm like that. Those nips will shrink up and get so hard they will freeze and shatter. Two holes will shoot blood out and in mid stream it will freeze. Thats why this is the best way. Who else has shot blood gysers from their nipple holes and made bloodcicles before they died? Not tucan sam. Birds dont even have nipples. So consider yourself to be doing very well with your nips intact. And pierced. Now its time for me to go kick a rooster. Thank you all for reading. And dont forget to esign my petetion for denuclearizing NK before you freeze those nips off.

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