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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Apr 2018 Captian Jack Sparrow The best way to kill yourself is go to the beach and hang seafood all over you. The seagulls will swoop in with razor sharp webbed talons and beaks that would make any woodpecker blush and peck you to death. The seagulls will swarm you and eat you.
18 Apr 2018 Craig Suicide is a wonderful way to frame someone for murder. Just make it look like there was a struggle.
18 Apr 2018 My friends call me bob. The popularity of ending your life as one goes on some sort of killing or maiming spree is growing. It is not just shootings. People are running thru mini malls stabbing and slicing people. Isnt that just wonderful? You need new shoes and when you go out shopping some lunatic crack head who is at the end of his rope decides to take a bunch of people with him down to the grave before the cops get there and hide outside for eleven minutes before moving in. And then the cops unload on this poor tormented soul killing him. So if you want to kill yourself just go shopping. Some asshole may just try and involve you in his problems and in doing so you get chaulk lined and a free photo shoot. Its so common no one even says going postal anymore.... remember the first shooting, a disgruntled postal worker? We all have good chances of getting shot or our head cut off when we go out. My question is why dont these people do something like, instead of shooting up a school or a concert, or a gay bar, why not go to these call centers with scammers and telemarketers and shoot all of those halfwits. Some may even sing thier praises for going out like that.
18 Apr 2018 Reparations my white ass The best way to kill yourself if you are a pround black person is join one of those proud black person supremecy clubs like black lives matter. Thats all you have to do. Once you embrace that lifestyle and pattern of thinking you are already dead. And you allow people to do things to you like give you blood tranfusions with hiv in it, give it to all in need in tbe motherland and years later say oops the hiv got in there because we used monkey plasma. And tbe truth is they never used monkey plasma for humans. They lied because they want all tbe darkies to die. Just hang yourself.
18 Apr 2018 Viva la migra adios mojados The best way to kill yourself if you are a hispanic and also are an illegal immagrant is to turn yourself in to be deported. The cartels have a form of witchcraft, voodoo, and catholic stuff all intermingled. The patron saint of this religion is a skeleton in a black robe with a hood and has a scyth. Basicly, they worship death. And thats whats up with the carnage. Chopping people up into small pieces, cutting face off so it can be worn as a mask. And they do this everyday. So when you get deported the cartels will be like... fresh meat sacks. So just turn yourself in now. Its suicide. Or better still, why dont you guys band together and exterminate the cartels?
17 Apr 2018 Non domestic disturbance I am so disappointed right now. I called the suicide hotline and people are so nice and want to talk. I was hoping for some party line music and people to talk to. I wasnt going to kill myself i just wanted to listen to people killing themselves. But they insisted i tell the truth about wanting to kill myself. So i asked the guy if anyone ever killed themselves he was talking to on the suicide hotline. He said yes and i asked if i can work there. He hung up. So i called back and asked for a supervisor. It was the same guy and he told me to go hang myself in my closet. I have the phone convo recorded. I want to get this guy fired. He sounded like he beats his wife and kids.
16 Apr 2018 The pool guy So i have been reading about tide pods. Just eat a chlorine tab for shocking swimming pools. The difference in lethality between tide pods and chlorine shock tabs is splashing around in the kiddie pool compared to olympic divers. And yes i used the kind of swimmer as a reference because its chlorine tabs for a pool.
15 Apr 2018 Mojado Jorge So i did what this one guy on this website said, which is submit to government testing. I thought it was a medical study and i just had to take some pills. But i was wrong. This was a military research and development facility they took me to. They did a DNA implant that is self replicating. This implant is supposed to make my skin change color like a chameleon. They gave me a shot also. On the shot it said nemian sub dermal. It makes my wounds heal in seconds. I can watch it happen its so fast. They want me to come back in 6 weeks for testing.
14 Apr 2018 WHOA Horsie WHOA Suicide by unicorn horn shaped dildo.
14 Apr 2018 Hillary Cliton What you need to do is write a letter to your congressman explaining that you no longer desire to live but instead would like to have experiments done on you by the government and if you are still alive after the testing a full memory swipe and lobotomy would be in order so you could not tell government secrets. Your congress man should respond to you in about 6 weeks telling you where to go.
13 Apr 2018 Alfred Hitchmock The very best way to kill yourself is going to be found in africa. The animals migrate north and south following the water. This is where you come in. You must stand on the path of a hurd of wildebeast, and as you wait to be trampled by thousands upon thousands you must bend at the knees and tweak your nipples and flap your elbow like a chicken. And say chicken nugget time!!
13 Apr 2018 Entomologist Irradiated crickets that have mutated will chew your face off in seconds. You can buy the larve on just feed them 2 grams or irridium powder a day and they will grow as big as a walrus in 3 weeks.
13 Apr 2018 Glen Lovette So there i was standing on air one meter above ground level. It seemed odd looking down at myself like this. But as i looked i could see that i was having what some would call a vision. And i could see this vision. I was riding in a strech hurst. 15 caskets with a sitting area in the back and a minibar. I was sipping 27 year scotch. We were going to the graveyard. When we got there the gates were open. The holes dug. Only doors are on the left of this hurst, and they are reverse butterfly doors. The caskets slide out on rails. We had to hurry because a hurd of wildebeast was headed straight for us. We had the caskets in the ground and almost about to leave when the wildebeaste stampede arrived. There were millions of them. They trampled us and destroyed the hurst. Our bodys lay there for days stinking and rotting.
13 Apr 2018 Alissandra Deepthroat a dildo and accidentally choke
11 Apr 2018 Say Cheeeeeese. 《☆》 Go to your bedroom and close the door. With a very sharp knife you must quickly slash open your throat. Use lots of pressure and move fast. Turn on some music so they cant hear you as your gashed open throat squirts blood everywhere. When your parents find you they will be traumatized.
10 Apr 2018 Little Larry Sherm Get a lot of those stink bombs.. they are glass viles filled with rotten boiled egg smelling liquid. Break open as many as you can by stomping on them in your house. Your parents will beat you to death.
10 Apr 2018 Hairy anus sypathizer If the hole in your ass is extremely hairy the best way to kill yourself is just post pictures on the internet of your hairy A-hole with contact info. You will die from embarassment and shame due to internet trolls.
08 Apr 2018 Mike Hunt Either eat a bowl of tide pods with milk or snort a tide pod like its cocaine.
Did you know nearly 4000 teenagers have died from eating just one tide pod? The detergent works like acid on soft tissue like esophogus or lung tissue. Welcome to chemical burns. Kids these days are so retarded, but look at the bright side... thats 4000 kids that dont grow up and become a burden to socioty, that socioty pays for. Food, housing, medical, and on and on. Parents should invest a little more time in their childrens lives. What a sad world where we eat tide pods because its better than not eating them
08 Apr 2018 mark burning ones flesh
07 Apr 2018 Giganteous orgasmisious The question what is the best way to kill yourself when under 13 is a trick question. No one has experienced suicide and can give you feedback on experience so any answer to the question is a best guess. A hypothosis. But whatever way you choose dress up. Make sure to do your hair and wear some fancy shoes. This is a special occasion. Once in a lifetime.

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