Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Oct 2018 east coast tampon museum Go to a public swimming pool with a life guard. Pretend to have drown. Let them rescue you. When they do begin CPR scream real loud and scare them.
03 Oct 2018 sheck go to the convenient store, get a bleach and wash your eyes, and eat your babies.
17 Sep 2018 V3N0M2 shove a bomb in your ass
13 Aug 2018 I can see in your window at night Go on a rock climbing trip with some friends. Get a realistic looking dummy that looks like you. Wig, matching clothes everything. Put this dummy in you backpack. You must climb higher than your friends. You need a recorder of you screaming that sounds real. Push play and stick recorder in pocket and throw the fake you off the cliff. It lands in the water and goes down the river. They never find your body because you hide. Now everyone thinks you are dead. When they have your funeral show up and ask whos in the casket? Then say well i hate to disapoint all of you, pull out a gun and blow out your brains at your own funeral.
07 Aug 2018 Rubber dingy rapids bro! There is a really good childrens book that tells all about the best way. Its called "A Camel Goes To Mecca" in this book it tells all about these 72 virgins. But, I think its probably a load of camel crap.
06 Aug 2018 Grandpa Legend has is that one glimpse of your grandpas saggy nuts will cause you to turn into a wide eyed statue made of white stone.
30 Jul 2018 xxxxxxx It will be our little secret. You musnt tell anyone. If you do i will wait until you sleep, tie you up and pour boiling water on you. Slowly pour it on you. And then ice water bucket you. When you wake up i will cut off... oh. Uhm i forgot what i was going to tell you to be our secret.
11 Jul 2018 Rat droppings Make lots of cages for rats. Buy brown rats at a pet store. Breed thousands of them. Release them at night in the richest most snoody stuck up neigborhood in your area. Now start a business doing rodent removal. Advertise as catch and release... the humaine way. When you catch them, breed them again. Continue releasing, catching and breeding. Do this until the rats grow so big that one kills you and eats you.
09 Jul 2018 Dylan Stick a shotgun in your pussy and blow the trigger.
04 Jul 2018 Sarah Van Hamerschmidt Lets my farts caress your nose. Stinging and burning sensations bringing tears to your eyes. Gasping for breath as you choke and gag until you vomit in your duct taped mouth. You drown on your own vomit as it gushes from Your nose. Oh how my clit does pulsate thinking about you.
03 Jul 2018 Farewell for now Its pointless to participate when updates are almost never going to happen. Which is funny considering how much daisy chain fingerbanging circles have spawned from this website with sticky keyboards. So many suicidal orgasams spewing like volcanos in hawaii. So hot it starts wildfires and devistates entire neighborhoods. Nipples stretching shirts from rapid deployment of petrification. Now its only carbon dating for ancient boners. Now its time to go on world cruises, from earth quake to earthquake, using them as giant vibrators to recieve the most intense orgasams in your poooosy. Yes. Its summertime. Time to go out and see the world. No more icecicle dildos. No more frostbitten clitoris. Time for fun in the sun!!! Its time to show off your life like suicide cyborgs.
25 Jun 2018 11.5mm diameter needle me There is a video on youtube that shows people waxing their ass. It is 1 hour and 38 minutes long. No one persin has ever watched the entire video and lived. 37 minutes is the record.
25 Jun 2018 Dig Bick Yell "I love Trump!" in a giant crowd of Mexicans.
24 Jun 2018 Pussy destroyer Yeet out of your moms vagina and yeet back
20 Jun 2018 assman 2012 barbies up the ass
16 Jun 2018 Whooomph! Balls of fire Try drinking gasoline. Light your burps with a match.
16 Jun 2018 Mandatory Chemical Castration ball injection Get two metalic clamps and cut a cord off a lamp. You need two wires only. Wrap the metal clamps with some bare wire. One clamp per wire. Put the clamps on your nipples and plug it in the the wall outlet. This will electrocute you and you will die from electricity flowing through your heart. Once dead the current will continue to cook your dead body. You will turn black and eventually you will catch on fire as you lay there lifeless.
13 Jun 2018 Where is truth? Can you believe these people who call themselves nig-rows? They are now claiming they were never from africa, but they were native american blacks called aborigenees. They claim they founded liberia after they had to leave america. First off white people in the ncs founded liberia. They purchased the land to do this very thing. White people purchased and founded. X-slav3s just got a free ride back over there and settled. This world is so sad and ignorant. So full of uneducated liberian wannabes.
12 Jun 2018 Smell my shoe Get a severed monkey hand go to your bathtub lick the hand get out of the your bathtub then get a short knife cut off 2 fingers from each hand rest for 5 minutes get out of your bathtub again then grab your monkeys hand put it within your mouth walk towards your nearest bed with your knife place your knife on your bed facing up fall down on the knife aiming for the genitals then wait to bleed out
12 Jun 2018 A case of bad gas. So i have been having some trouble with my neighbors. The tweakers. The meth heads. The thieves. Stealing my stuff, mostly gasoline for my lawn mower. All their money goes to drugs, and they just steal gas. I have remained all smiles and oh so friendly, waving as they pass by. But they have no idea what I have done. I have purchased a brand new gas can, once again. I put some gasoline inside it. But only about two thirds full of gas. I got a bottle of industrial strength bleach from a friend who owns a wholesale janatorial supply company. I put quite a bit of bleach in the new gas can and shook it up real good. Now, when they return to steal my gas again and put this doctored petrol into their gas tank it will be so funny, to me. You see, when the gasoline ignites inside their engine it will burn hot enough to burn the bleach, which has chrlorine. Its very acidic and all the metal inside their motor it touches will rust about 4000 times faster than average. The seals and piston rings will corrode. The motor will smoke and loose power. The motor will die. Possibly sooner than the next trip to the store. It will smoke like crazy. They will have no more reason to steal anyones gas. They will have nothing to put gas in. I am going to die laughing...

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