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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2004 j do you want to die with other lets have a sucide party
this is all real no joke join now
10 Apr 2004 jaded as i've heard petrol injected into the bloodstreem works it could fuck you up majorly survival being imanant yet unlikely i really dont know as i havent tryed yet but if i do i'll be sure to get my slave to tell of the results
08 Apr 2004 alexis if your a boy: unzip your pants, find a condom and put milk in it, get into bed next to your mom,sister. as soon as they wake up say *you were great last night

girl: same it with your dad, or brother
06 Apr 2004 Mr. Chan The best way to kill yourself if you're under 13 is to get a blow torch, place it near your genitals, and scorch them until they are charred and demented. Then you take the blow torch, put it on your belly and scorch your belly. Continue scorching it until the skin begins to rip. Be patient, it may take a few minutes but more flesh will burn away. Eventually you will have scorched so much skin that you are now burning your insides. Continue scorching until your intestines and guts rupture and/or sizzle away, at which point you should die in a couple of hours due to lack of intestines. I believe this is the best way to kill yourself, whether or not you are under 13 because I'm a stupid ass, just like the chump who invented this page.
03 Apr 2004 goneone on webcam in a full chat room with everyone watching
01 Apr 2004 jackass sleep with old men with poisoned penises.
01 Apr 2004 anonymous Get two knives and shove them through your eyes (really deep)
23 Mar 2004 Donnyman Attach your friend's anus to your mouth with cement. Then, as the days and weeks go by, as they continue to eat, they'll just shit down your throat until you choke.
21 Mar 2004 Mister K "I am a suicide survivor"

Hah. Not THAT is a funny quote....
11 Mar 2004 Lavath  
01 Mar 2004 princess lightaewter drink rubbin achool and windex and cleaning supplies
26 Feb 2004 El MacFearsome tell your drunken, abusive father that you think you're a homo and try to tongue-kiss him
14 Feb 2004 Kayla the best way to kill yourself if you under the age of 13 would be tell your mother you're pregnant with by your dad and you're keeping the baby, no matter what
oh ps and the doc said it's twins!
11 Feb 2004 Mathieu Malouf Il faut d'abord obtenir la permission de se servir du poële et inviter des gens à bouffer chez soi en leur fixant un rendez-vous dans une demi-heure environ, pour se laisser du temps. Ensuite on fait revenir des échalottes, on ajoute des champignons, du vin blanc, de la crême et, après s'être rasé le corps entier et extrait les yeux, dents, ongles et autres abats, on se fait revenir gentiment, bien câlé au fond de notre poëlon favori.
04 Feb 2004 cyrill hmmm... you should ask this friend ov mine...
07 Jan 2004 Buddism Artist This site sucks, spice it up a bit. Pictures of corpse will be nice. KIDS! if you gonna commit suicide, please take the before and after picture, so you will be famous after you die. Have your friend photocopy the death certificate. I am getting sick of all these talks with no actions. I might start to kill someone soon. If I know where you live, i will go over there and kill you in your sleep personally! Yes, i will cut off your head with a samurai sword while you are sleeping. No pain, simple end. Com'on!!! pussy shit, I want to set you free. You might even go to heaven, who knows. Email your address to me, leave your doors unlocked at night, I will kill you, take picture, and send it everywhere in the world. Be a sport, be an artist, be famous after you die. Don't worry, I am a sword master. 0.03 second to chop your head off. I am not even asking to get paid.
03 Jan 2004 cnidaria first, i suggest you strip down to nothing, shave your entire body, paint your entire body aquamarine, and then dump honey bbq sauce on your genitals. after that you strategically place peacock feathers in your anal crevice. next, after completion of those first tasks, you pierce your nipples with ring bologna. immediately after that you tattoo "jurisprudence" on your left earlobe. then go stand on the top shelf of an arab owned local business, and do a back-flip while shooting yourself with a flaming cross-bow straight into your jugular. a brilliant way to die, if i do say so myself.
31 Dec 2003 Alvira In WV Stab your eyes with forks, very harshly, play heavy metal music like myself! All the time, non-stop! Cut out your tongue and staple it to your pets forehead. Sniff Clorox and stick a level up your butt, what!
31 Dec 2003 pinke hang yourself in a phonebox that way you can say your last good byez before you go.
26 Dec 2003 Kelly (damien) If u wanna be creative you can do this. Cut your stomach and pull out your intestines, then hang yourself with it! Gross huh? Either that or you can take a BIG knife, put the tip on the roof of your mouth and take a hammer and hammer the knife into your brain. Man 12 yr olds have some weird ideas but i'm one of 'em!

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