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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Dec 2002 ryan bring a killer back to life by sellotaping his head back on, then stay in his house for a week until he comes to kill you (must be relative)
17 Dec 2002 ryan dive into a mincer
17 Dec 2002 ryan tie a noose around you neck and tie it to a pole. get in a car and drive as fast as you can until it rips your head of or pull you through th car either way you die
15 Dec 2002 The Chad Take a sharp edge bottle opener.. and start peeling your gums away from the teeth... then take a pocket knife and slice the gums from between your top two teeth up to your nose.. Then take the two flaps and slowly peel your face off. Then run out into the streets screaming "God has turned me into a bomb!" Make sure there are cops around when you do it.. If you don't bleed to death from the whole face thing, the cops will surely shoot you down..
08 Dec 2002 georgie First, u have to like pain and sex, then, go and steal as much stuff as u can, then, grab a live chicken, fuck it up the ass, which, to my experience is very painful, and cut off your limbs one by one, when you don't have any limbs left apart from one arm, stab yourself in the heart. that's wot im gunna do on christmas eve, hahaha
21 Nov 2002 Valerie Elyse Moscozo Put a plastic bag over your head and tape it around your neck and then superglue your hands together and then throw yourself into a pool. PAINFUL!
19 Nov 2002 Adam P. Boots Putting a glass thermometer up your urethra, bashing it with a hammer, and rape a dirty whore, so that you can get aids and slowly rot away
10 Nov 2002 Skippy Make yourself late for the bus, start brushing your teeth while running to catch your bus. Accidentally fall and the toothbrush will go through the back of your neck and kill you.
05 Nov 2002 Mimi Hide some explosive in your pants and go flirt with some under 13 jewish girl!! That's really nice and exciting..
01 Nov 2002 Martha S. happy halloween, kiddies. i hope your day is filled with gory things and axes and professional samurai swords for someone to cut your head off, lots of ropes and wires to hang yourself with from the ceiling fan, and many, many razors to cut your little withered anorexic, (maybe fat &chunky), wrists. oh, and i hope you go to one of those factories that have those two rolling round heavy things that smash down stuff to a couple inches thick, i hope you get caught in one of those, and i get to witness you screaming as the rollers bring your body in slowly, crushing your feet, your ankles, up to your knees, your thighs, the blood is starting to not just squirt averywhere, but the flow is starting to go backward, flowing back toward your head. and your pelvis, torso is flattened, you start to lose consciousness, but you are still awake enough to feel the pain, you no longer can scream, your lungs and throat are filled with blood. you can't see, the pressure has blinded your eyes, as they bulge outward out form their sockets, bloodshot, looking like they could pop out. and then, u still get pulled farther in, but u are dead now, after it got to ur heart, but now i see it's reaching your your neck, up to your head, it crushes ur jaw, and then Cruch and and Ooze, and your skull cracks open in various places, and the brains start seeping out of any any spot it can from your broken nogen, the brains seeming to be trying to flee from the crusher machine.
mmmm, i feel like having sausage right about now.
23 Oct 2002 Wizman Se recouvrir d'une fine couche de béton et laisser un mot dans ce genre à côté : "Voici la statue que je veut sur ma tombe. Ca change des pierres tombales à la con. " Tant qu'à faire, mieux vaut prendre une position héroïque/grotesque/obscène ?/débile ? (au choix). On peut même envisager d'engager un tailleur de pierre pour paufiner la statue si les traits sont un peu grossiers. Au moins avec un suicide aussi "stylish", on se souviendra de vous...

Pour les plus fortunés, une version à la "Goldfinger" peut aussi être interressante, tant que la durabilité du monument funéraire est assurée.
10 Oct 2002 Tantalizing Tara Jump into a sewage system, with mouth wide open and don't bother cummin up.
09 Oct 2002 CALLY Do it a really evil and psychotic way.....
removing as many organs as possible from your body before dying and leaving them under your parents' pillow
nunight..... sleep tight mummy and daddy x x
20 Sep 2002 anna Hide under your married, male baby sitter's car, with a love note pinned to your shirt. When he goes to work in the morning, his whole life will be changed forever... ha ha ha.
07 Sep 2002 Asparagusofsomesort Eat a raw mole preferably picked of an old woman and after consumption you suddenly realise what you have done and hence will loose all will to live...
As for the method of killing yourself I'd recommend supergluing your nostrils and mouth shut... unless you are able to breathe through your anus, you're DEAD!!! problem solved... I'm free!!!
17 Aug 2002 chad joinson jam a fork in your ear until it reaches your brain and repeatedly twist until feeling nautious, then go for the final push!!!
13 Aug 2002 RaevynShadows Go insane. Shove a dildo in your puss or ass, then go out nude. They'll take you away, and you'll have a play toy in the Happy House!!! Take all of your meds, hide them. Wait a year. Take all of the meds at once while fucking yourself roughly. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (I'm 14)
12 Aug 2002 Dreg_02 Just blow yourself up, the bigger the bomb, the better. Make sure that the bomb activates the most bitchin fireworks display in the world though, that way, people can videotape you dying and watch it with their children every 4th of July ..awwww
11 Aug 2002 Elephant Masturation In my opinion, you're gay as hell if you commit suicide. Now here's the gay way you should do it! It's like a 12 step program.
Step 1: Strip naked. (You MUST strip naked for suicide to work.)
Step 2: Find several different knives.
Step 3: Throw the knives at an unexpecting mcdonalds employee and steal their uniform.
Step 4: Show up in your new uniform at the circus. And make sure you have some extra knives left over, you'll need them later.
Step 5: Rape a clown. (Don't forget to rape a clown or you won't die. And we know you wanna die, don't u?)
Step 6: When the clown is finished having sex with you, gouge its fucking eyes out.
Step 7: Take your bloody clown eyes and feed them to one of the elephants.
Step 8: Jack off all of the of the elephants.
Step 9: Collect the elephant semen and attempt to drown yourself in it.
Step 10: You will not succeed because elephants moan really loud when they orgasm and the circus trainers will find you and try to kick the crap out of you. That's what the knives are for. Stab them like there's no tomorrow. (which they're won't be if ur commiting suicide)
Step 11: Okay now that you are in a blood/cum soaked McDonalds uniform, you've raped and killed a clown, whacked off elephants, and killed their trainers, you need to do this. Go home, you fag.
Step 12: Slap yourself in the face repeatedly because suicide is for fucking morons who are whiny little bitches.
07 Aug 2002 Oh Decapited One 1.Take a deersteak hammer and hold down on your tongue with mouth wide open, Take a machete or ginsu knife and CUT!
2.Cut out your eyeballz with an icepick!
3.Cut off all your fingers and toes with a sword, better yet just vut off your damn head!
Instructions and viewpoints to cut off head:
-Get a blade from the lawnmower(or something big, wide, and sharp.)
-Tie a rope of some sort up on top of a building.
-You hold one end of the rope.
-Make sure the blade is all straight and everything.
-You lay down and configurate that the angle is right.
-Simply and fastly let go of the rope!
Fast, easy and enjoyable way to get it done and over with.

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