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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 May 2004 alecia put your head underneath a lawnmower ... you don't need a licence for that. Or... jump on craig (of slipknot) with the spikes's head... that would be cool...
20 May 2004 FUCKED UP Enlist in a Drama Art class then steal the disguise kit. Disguise yourself in Bin Laden with his big ugly fat beard, then steal a prop AK-47. Go to the grocery store and buy a case of pepsi cans. Empty them up and fix them to a belt then bucle up your fake explosives belt.

Then, when Anderson Cooper makes his CNN show, go right ahead, break and enter the studio and claim a terrorist attack in front of national TV.

About a few minutes later, the FBI, the CIA, the ARMY will all be pointing their guns and you will be shot with hundreads of bullets and will be dead.
18 May 2004 abz grab the jack from your garage shuv it up ure puss and start pumpin till u split in half lmao
13 May 2004 pierrot le fou euh... je dirai... dévisagement avec les ongles, puis on fini avec acide aciéique... ouai ça sonne bien pour une bonne fin de semaine entre amis...
13 May 2004 Rock on dude prens un exacto et enlève toi petit bout de peau par petit bout de peau jusqu'a ce que tu soir rendu au muscle et ensuite perfore toi le coeur avec une petite aiguille et fais-en une passoire
12 May 2004 emily age 12 slit the wrist with a chef's knife or drive the chef's knife thru your stomach and pull out guts
08 May 2004 Nicolette Well first suggestion i would have is to go visit Charles Manson in a enclosed room. Better yet if your 13 and a chick get pregnant and go do an interview with him... im shure he'd love it... well if you live in the south go play in the swamps when it rains if you dont get ravagely eaten by some swamp creature you'll probably have some kind of incurable flesh eating fungus growing in your vaginal areas... My next suggestion works better in the south but it can be modified to fit your needs... Get caught smoking by the cops and assure them you over fourty-five then tell the gay one to stop looking at you like a piece of meat and that you the first black member of the KKK. Take off your pants and tell them ou have to show them something and piss on them. repeat several times till they get aggravated enough to shoot you. the upside you die and a cop gets arrested win win situation... Drink a cup and a half of bleach; piss of a sadomasochist; put a water hose down your throat and turn on hose (full blast of course) for at least 10 minutes; grab a colouring book and a razor and go sit in a corner sketch the images in the book on your skin dont stop till your whole body is covered; and my last suggestion is to eat shit and die.
05 May 2004 heidi the best way to kill yourself when you are 13 is to jump off a plane without a parachute or hold your nose till u stop breathing, or inject 20 (100mg)needles with insuline into your body, or draw out 40 gallons of blood from your stomach, or cut all the extra fat from your stomach. hey free liposection.
28 Apr 2004 ashley carve your heart out with a pumkin carver.. slowly to experience the full effect
16 Apr 2004 Dee The best way to kill yourself is to slit yur throat with the metal top of a canned food jar..... ouch
10 Apr 2004 j do you want to die with other lets have a sucide party
this is all real no joke join now
10 Apr 2004 jaded as i've heard petrol injected into the bloodstreem works it could fuck you up majorly survival being imanant yet unlikely i really dont know as i havent tryed yet but if i do i'll be sure to get my slave to tell of the results
08 Apr 2004 alexis if your a boy: unzip your pants, find a condom and put milk in it, get into bed next to your mom,sister. as soon as they wake up say *you were great last night

girl: same it with your dad, or brother
06 Apr 2004 Mr. Chan The best way to kill yourself if you're under 13 is to get a blow torch, place it near your genitals, and scorch them until they are charred and demented. Then you take the blow torch, put it on your belly and scorch your belly. Continue scorching it until the skin begins to rip. Be patient, it may take a few minutes but more flesh will burn away. Eventually you will have scorched so much skin that you are now burning your insides. Continue scorching until your intestines and guts rupture and/or sizzle away, at which point you should die in a couple of hours due to lack of intestines. I believe this is the best way to kill yourself, whether or not you are under 13 because I'm a stupid ass, just like the chump who invented this page.
03 Apr 2004 goneone on webcam in a full chat room with everyone watching
01 Apr 2004 jackass sleep with old men with poisoned penises.
01 Apr 2004 anonymous Get two knives and shove them through your eyes (really deep)
23 Mar 2004 Donnyman Attach your friend's anus to your mouth with cement. Then, as the days and weeks go by, as they continue to eat, they'll just shit down your throat until you choke.
21 Mar 2004 Mister K "I am a suicide survivor"

Hah. Not THAT is a funny quote....
11 Mar 2004 Lavath  

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