Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Aug 2002 Dreg_02 Just blow yourself up, the bigger the bomb, the better. Make sure that the bomb activates the most bitchin fireworks display in the world though, that way, people can videotape you dying and watch it with their children every 4th of July ..awwww
11 Aug 2002 Elephant Masturation In my opinion, you're gay as hell if you commit suicide. Now here's the gay way you should do it! It's like a 12 step program.
Step 1: Strip naked. (You MUST strip naked for suicide to work.)
Step 2: Find several different knives.
Step 3: Throw the knives at an unexpecting mcdonalds employee and steal their uniform.
Step 4: Show up in your new uniform at the circus. And make sure you have some extra knives left over, you'll need them later.
Step 5: Rape a clown. (Don't forget to rape a clown or you won't die. And we know you wanna die, don't u?)
Step 6: When the clown is finished having sex with you, gouge its fucking eyes out.
Step 7: Take your bloody clown eyes and feed them to one of the elephants.
Step 8: Jack off all of the of the elephants.
Step 9: Collect the elephant semen and attempt to drown yourself in it.
Step 10: You will not succeed because elephants moan really loud when they orgasm and the circus trainers will find you and try to kick the crap out of you. That's what the knives are for. Stab them like there's no tomorrow. (which they're won't be if ur commiting suicide)
Step 11: Okay now that you are in a blood/cum soaked McDonalds uniform, you've raped and killed a clown, whacked off elephants, and killed their trainers, you need to do this. Go home, you fag.
Step 12: Slap yourself in the face repeatedly because suicide is for fucking morons who are whiny little bitches.
07 Aug 2002 Oh Decapited One 1.Take a deersteak hammer and hold down on your tongue with mouth wide open, Take a machete or ginsu knife and CUT!
2.Cut out your eyeballz with an icepick!
3.Cut off all your fingers and toes with a sword, better yet just vut off your damn head!
Instructions and viewpoints to cut off head:
-Get a blade from the lawnmower(or something big, wide, and sharp.)
-Tie a rope of some sort up on top of a building.
-You hold one end of the rope.
-Make sure the blade is all straight and everything.
-You lay down and configurate that the angle is right.
-Simply and fastly let go of the rope!
Fast, easy and enjoyable way to get it done and over with.
07 Aug 2002 YA KNOW WHAT Fuck a goat without any cowboy boots just let it keep kickin the shit outta of ya and buckin ya until you're all fucked up with gruesome blood and dead!
07 Aug 2002 ACTIIIIOOOONNNN Stick your head into a wall of wires inside an old building, keep playing with the wires until they start playin back and dont let go!
07 Aug 2002 Deep Sleep Okay herez what ya gotta do......
Ties yourself up with chains onto a car or truck, any vehichle thats workin, let someone turn the ignition and keep goin, draggin your oh sorry pity ass down the fuckin road, and for the remains, can throw ya off a cliff somewhere.
06 Aug 2002 FuckFace Okay this might help: Take an old pair of cletes, well old or new, and take out the spikes, sit them straight up in the air, find a high enough jumping post and without thinking, "accidentally" fall on top of the spikes.
Hope ya'll feel better, cause I know I do!
29 Jul 2002 Velguader With the medication and alcohol methods, you can't just rely on OD'ing on its own. You could get busted convulsing on the floor by a "loved" one. To juice it up, tie a plastic bag over your head. You need to rely on asphyxiation here. The drugs and alcohol might kill your nerves and involuntary reflexes if not yourself. And remember to do it on an empty stomach. The last thing we need is to wake up still alive in a shitty existence in our own vommit.
23 Jul 2002 jack meoff y dont u take a metal wire and snick it up your dick and put the uther end in an outlet? (it should kill u and if it doesnt just go take a piss on an electric fence).
23 Jul 2002 ben take a bunch of broken bottles and eat them it should cut your insides up bad and kill your ass
18 Jun 2002 John Scome I'm not 13 but let me tell you a little about my life. I have no friends no family I don't even work I make money mugging people on the streets.
I've killed people before it feels so good to hear them scream about how they got a family, because that makes me want to kill them even more.
As I take the knife and drive it into their stomache 6-7 times i watch as they see their life flashing between their eyes.
It feels so good to watch some old bitch die watch her pleed for her life, scream at me begging me to fuck her or anything for me not to kill her. I love it I sit there and strangle them untill they pass out then I take my 9MM and shoot them 3-6 times in their chest...
I hope one day I will get caught so I get the death penalty, I have shotten myself 6 times in the stomache hoping to die, but my stupid landlord found me passed out. god I'd like to shoot that fucker, I just can't shoot myself in the head though, it's too hard for me. I've murded 30+ people and still haven't gotten caught, what sadness.
30 May 2002 insanly-mad get a really large automatic weapon from your father's garage, and walk into the local (busy) supermarket, and shoot, 7 random innocent bystanders, then shoot yourself through the mouth!
20 May 2002 Mudd Puddle Sew your asshole, puss or dick up and then staple and tape your mouth shut so you can have all the shit that your full of come out your ears!
10 Apr 2002 Bus Driver Willie Lay down behind a middle school bus with your head right under the tire and wait for all the middle school kids to finish getting on the bus.
09 Apr 2002 The Laminator Laminate yourself.
03 Apr 2002 cowie well if you wanna kill yourself in a slow and painful way then i suggest that u just get a 6 inch nail and shove it up ur nose into ur brain cavity then turn it in little circles while that sets in.... get another object and puncture the thin layer of skin in the back of ur throat... it will kill u instantly... if not cause so much pain u will want to put yourself out of ur misery so.. it will happen pretty damn quick...
12 Mar 2002 David Bradley stick a glass bottle down your neck and smash your windpipe with a hammer and in doing so you will break the glass, which will cut the lining of your throat, leaving you to bleed to death with very little blood present
04 Mar 2002 KK the killer s'immoler par le feu. ├ža dure plus longtemps et les souffrances sont plus atroces encore
09 Feb 2002 dead and forgotten simply pretend you're a car and that you're low on fluids, give it a fuel up, then stick a lighter up your ass along with some fire works and display your parts for everyone

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