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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Apr 2018 Mike Hunt Either eat a bowl of tide pods with milk or snort a tide pod like its cocaine.
Did you know nearly 4000 teenagers have died from eating just one tide pod? The detergent works like acid on soft tissue like esophogus or lung tissue. Welcome to chemical burns. Kids these days are so retarded, but look at the bright side... thats 4000 kids that dont grow up and become a burden to socioty, that socioty pays for. Food, housing, medical, and on and on. Parents should invest a little more time in their childrens lives. What a sad world where we eat tide pods because its better than not eating them
08 Apr 2018 mark burning ones flesh
07 Apr 2018 Giganteous orgasmisious The question what is the best way to kill yourself when under 13 is a trick question. No one has experienced suicide and can give you feedback on experience so any answer to the question is a best guess. A hypothosis. But whatever way you choose dress up. Make sure to do your hair and wear some fancy shoes. This is a special occasion. Once in a lifetime.
02 Apr 2018 .......... Crackhead prostitutes. Even if you got AIDS they let you hit it. And even if you got something, you are getting something worse.
02 Apr 2018 21 flavors So my parents are trying to get me some "help" all its making me do is want to die even more. This very expensive cousellor was trying to sound smart and impress my family when she said this:
Suicide is a permanant solution for a temporary problem.
I told that slag of course its permanant and if i did it i would permanantly never have to listen to the bullshit you are selling. That is an awesome solution. I said some other things about how stupid she is and how i could smell her bacteria laden cunt from the other side of the room. She started crying and went out of the room. My family just sat there with disbelief all over every face. I asked if we can stop and get ice cream on the way home. I got two scoops. Rocky road and cookie dough delight.
29 Mar 2018 A traveling salesman So recently I traveled to Bangkok. While there I went around looking at monuments. One was called puoontang. Its basicly a statue of a woman with multiple vaginas all over her, especialy on her face. 14 vaginas on her face. After seeing this i stood silent and still for about an hour and a half. I was so repulsed i wanted to look away but so intrigued i couldnt look away. During the last 15 minutes of staring at this menstral horror i decided it was time for me to go back home and leave this place forever.
29 Mar 2018 Electro-dental crainial cookoff Cut your phone charging cord as close to the end that goes into your phone, leaving as much length of wire as possible. Next, strip the wires of plastic insulation so that its bare wire for about 30cm. Now, wrap each wire around one of your teeth and twist it snug. To do this you must use it like dental floss. Do two teeth. One tooth, one wire. Put a few dashes of salt in your mouth and plug it in, plug it in.
24 Mar 2018 Kristo₩fur. •••《☆》••• The best way is doing it way out in the wilderness. Some place no one will find your body. If your body is found your parents will have to pay for funeral costs, a casket, a burial plot. This is very expensive. If you want to pay for all of that a cheap way to earn the money is webcam shows. Perverts will pay you 50USD to jerk off to watching you masturbate for 20 minutes. Just get a pay pal account so no pervs track you down and kidnap you and rape you multiple times a day while keeping you locked in a room with a bucket for a toilet.
23 Mar 2018 Juicy and tender buns I wont claim to know the best way, buht sharks is not the best way. Lots of people survive shark attacks. Can you imagine having your ass bitten off and the salt water touching it? It would be hard to swim with no ass.
22 Mar 2018 Sergio< Did you know suicide is against the law? This is a marvel of modern socioty in and of itself. This is because cops dont take corpses to jail. It will prove difficult to prosecute someone who is already decomposing. But just for fun imagine all those fat cats and slicksters in a court room and a rotting corpse is on the stand. Everyone vomits adding to the putrid funk of dead body. Yeah. So remember, suicide is breaking the law. And even if you get busted by the cops and make it to court and you get 65 years, it wont matter because you are dead.
20 Mar 2018 Suicide blues remedy #217 Eat old fish that will make you sick. Take muscle relaxers and pain pills. Duct tape mouth shut. The pills will kick in first. Then you will vomit, but with your mouth taped up shut and sealed
you will drown on your vomit.
18 Mar 2018 Scantron this bitch. Put a freshly sharpened pencil in your nose. Slam your face on the table. Pencil goes into your brain and you die before your face makes contact with table top. Theoreticaly.
Plus it will look like an accident so everyone will have pity on your survivors rather than disdain. If you even give a rats ass, that is.
18 Mar 2018 RoboDongWang The best way is to go online and purchase a fuck machine with at least 320 thrusts per minute. That is nearly six full 1/2 meter thrusts a second. You could not even last 24 hours before you die. My guess is 12 hours would be more time than needed.
17 Mar 2018 Goodbye! Well obviously you have to jump off your roof top. But you can also take poison, well you can slice your wrists too I will try drowning myself in the sea later so you might want to try that sometime I would recommend it because it is fun for the whole family kay bye
16 Mar 2018 Its raining orgazuhms today. The absolute best way to kill yourself is to examine yourself with an open mind. The things you dont like you try to change. If you cant the stress of it will kill you. If you can, then its the new improved you and old you is dead. Or a new science find has come out recently in science journal 2018. Its dealing with chemicals your brain releases during sex and climax. 100 orgasams a day helps with mild depression. For chronic depression 300 to 400 orgasams a day helps to just be able to function in life.
15 Mar 2018 Hi, my name is... Get a pistol with big bullets. You only need one. Go to a very busy place like the mall. Pull the pistol out. Stick it in your mouth and blow your brains out. All those preppy mall shoppers see your headless corpse
13 Mar 2018 mouse rat drowning or dousing yourself in gasoline nice and painful -- a fitting end for the intolerable pathetic life you lived
12 Mar 2018 amanda I would dress out very slutty, in nylon stockings garterbelt, and pumps, and step up on a stool, put a noose around my neck, and tie the rope to my fan in the ceiling, and jump. I might tie my hands at my back too, to avoid me regretting the whole thing and grab for the faan to free myself
08 Mar 2018 Nonficticious fictional story enhancher With a someone you are close to. In a car crash. As one of you drives off a cliff as fast as the car will go. Just wait until your parents are asleep and get the car keys. You may not want to tell the other person the part about driving off the cliff. Just let that be a surprise.
08 Mar 2018 Toku matagorunkini It is so sad if you are 13 and kill yourself. Just think about all you will miss out in life. You will never find the clit. You will never know what its like to go to an asian parlor and have your asshole waxed. Instead of killing yourself, kill kittens. Its the only way to feel better about life. Here is how i do it. I have a trap that is a cage. When they go inside after the can of tuna the door slams shut and they are caged. Then i put trash bags over the cage and tape them up so no air can go inside. Then wait. Once the cat begins breathing hard it has used up all oxygen and is suffocating. You can just let it die or open up the bag and let some air inside and then tape it back up so its sealed. You can also make the cat retarded instead of killing it. Or you can just fill up a trash can with water and put the cage in and drown the kittens. Or steal the car keys and run over the cage with the tire and squish the kittens. There are so many ways to kill kittens and feel better about life, but you can decide.

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