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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Sep 2004 Jus. Shove Pliers up your nose and open them.
17 Sep 2004   the best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is by stuffing a barbie down your throat. HAHAHA! this sight cracks me up! it has comedy, tradegy, everything! what a sigth! pity that it's so fucking ugly though...
another good way to kill yourself is by peircing your eyebrow... with a chainsaw.
14 Sep 2004   The best way to kill yourself involves a fork, two teaspoons of salt, a blow up rubber sex doll, two tickets to Hong Kong and a large floppy black rubber cock.
However, as you are under thirteen, I can't tell you how to do it, as you are obviously too young. Have fun experimenting and trying to work it out!!!!!
10 Sep 2004 donna drink fluid cleaner And have lots of sex
09 Sep 2004 Eddie I wanna die too, I'm 14 though...when was this site made? years ago? Your prolly already dead by now...if not lets kill eachother together, first I'll stab you, then you stab me...then just do that repeatedly...and wait to die. If that doesnt work lets just go with the pills, alcohol (cant spell), also be a good idea to cut yourself REALLY DEEP and like put permanant marker ink in...should work! =D
08 Sep 2004 DeathDave either jump out of a plane with a parachute with holes in or just fly a PLANE into a really big building. FUCK YOU YANKS!! HOPE U DIE
25 Aug 2004 no the best way to "kill ourself" when ur under 13 is stab ur eyes out with a crow bar, then take the crow bar and beat urself to dealth with it...
I herd this works Qiute well
23 Aug 2004 spooky kid Sticking your small willy in to a electric socket
19 Aug 2004 Audra My favorite simplest way I've thought up to kill yourself (And this should be ok for those under 13) is too find rope... then piano wire that's shorter then the rope. Go to a fun tall place with lots of people and then tie the piano wire around your neck and then tie to the building. The rope gets tied around your feet and then to the building. This is the part where you pull out super glue and proceed to glue your hands to your head.... then jump if it works correctly the piano wire should cut your head off and the rope will leave up upside down... and your hands of course are glued to your head so... you'll be holding your head while showering crowds below with your blood... it's simple really...
18 Aug 2004 FUCK YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL FUCKING DIE FROM TERROIS the best way to kill yourself is by putting a little milk in a condom and sneak into your father's bedroom. The next morning slap his face and say "Well bitch, how was it for you??"
This works for women too... but under thirteen is probably too young to be having sex. I mean, it's fine to kill yourself at that age, but having sex is not on.
Conversly, you can molest a rottweiler... I'm curious to see what would happen with that one... could be interesting.
Finally, what you could do is change your name to mouchette and get such a twisted idea of what is 'good' art that you in fact bore yourself to death b/c you are soooo friggin' crappy.
P.S. If you are a Sepo cocksucker you can just keep living like you do......
Goegre Bush takes it up his fucking warmongering arse!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!!! YOU SEPO CUNTS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!
17 Aug 2004 blader Punch a hole in computer moniter and shove your head in. You'll either die or get a HUGE afro. Thug Life
13 Aug 2004 Some Fuck Eat ten cans of beans and lock yourself in a small room. The fumes will seal your fate.
11 Aug 2004 Andrea Aka Skittlez Finding your parents prescription pills.. taking all of wat you can find along with as much asprin you can find... then lay in your parents bed with a gutted stuffed animal (that you did out of anger and spite) thats holding a note saying "you did to this to me" in big letters painted in blood from your dog/cat that you killed (also out of anger and spite)
09 Aug 2004 Jack Miller My idea is fun and educational! Find a big extension cord. Now you see the three ends of it? Take the two flat ones, and solder two big long insulated wires onto them. You probably have wires like this around your house. Cover the connections and any exposed metal with electrical tape. Next, strip the last one inch of insulation off the wire.

Now, connect the power cable to a 220 volt outlet, like you would find by your stove or washing machine. Fill your bathtub with lots of water. Add a cup or two of salt to the water. Now, get in the water. Place the wires at each side of you, about at the nipple area. That way the current goes through your heart, and you have a better chance of dying and not having to deal with those pesky suicide prevention counselors.
09 Aug 2004 GOON Move to California. West Nile is spreading like crazy here
03 Aug 2004   The best way to kill yourself if you are under thirteen is insert your penis (works best if you, in fact, have a penis) into a pencil sharpener and start humping it!!!!
AHAHAHAH!!!! The joy and agony of it!! Oh, the bitter, bitter irony!

Conversly, you can pretend you have mind-over-matter powers and go out onto the freeway and try to stop a truck with your mind. This could be quite amusing in the right circumstances.
01 Aug 2004 kaniya put a leather belt arond your neck make sure its on tight and pull and just keep pullin dont let go
30 Jul 2004 n/a Wait until the person that has hurt you the most's birthday. buy a birthday card. write your suicide note in it. bring a cd player and play their favorite song on repeat. slit happy birthday into your wrists and hang yourself from a tree in their front yard
22 Jul 2004 Anarchy Well, I would suggest walking into the school cafeteria, shooting everyone (make sure you get more than 20 people dead) and then blowing your head to bits with a 18-gauge shotgun. If you live in America, this stuff will be easy to get a hold of.
Oh and remember to tape the whole thing whilst broadcasting it live on the internet. Go out with a bang!
14 Jul 2004 Mindy the fucking one who is your death haa you fuckers want the best way to kill ur self under 13 okay... rip the beak off a fucking platapus embed it in ur chin, shove an adrvark up ur ass, take alot of clonapin thats pills u under aged fucks they blast macy grey music and pretend your a wonderful pretty pretty kiddie while performing open heart surgery on ur dumb weak ass replace ur heat with a piece of a camels toe if ur still alive why hasint the music killed you yeat... haha then come to realize your immortal and u cant die so u can live the process of killing yourself over agian. HOW SWEET!!! OH YEA U COULD FART ON THE POPE AND OFFER HIM A LEPER SANDWICH THAT COMES STRAIT FROM THE ISLAND OF DAECAY THEN TURN CANNIBAL AND EAT HIM< THAT WOULD CAUSE AN AWESOME RIOT FOR THOSE GOD FUCKERS!!!

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