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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Nov 2004 Bogart If your BLACK (african american or simply nigger) suicide is your best bet no matter your age. No one likes black people.
04 Nov 2004 Harry Carry its just to borring to kill yoruself useing only one way! you have to get creative! use a couple of diffrent ways! it will be fun! who wants an otopsy that says yup she hung herself? you have to have an otopsy like first she overdosed folowd bye slitting her wrists then she blew herself up wile she was in the air hanging herself see that would be fun!!!!!!! so what you need to do is includ at least 4 diffrent ways!!! get it got it good!!!!!
04 Nov 2004 Harry Carry i think getting a Hary Cary blade and putting on a whole Hary Cary ritual! and leave a not that says "what i didnt know what a Hary Cary ritual was!" and for all you stuipid kids under 13 that dont know what a harry cary ritual is first of all let me say you imbarise me then let me tell you what it is! its just some old suiside ritual that you put on when you've discrased your family! so what you do is
1.get a hary cary blad (knife)
2. get the weird sheet of pupiruse paper
3. stab yourself deep then run the blade all around inside of you!
4.let your organs spill out infront of you on the paper!
5. fall down face first in you blood and guts!!!
but im still working on getting a harry carry blade!
02 Nov 2004 WaitingForSalvation You tell your parents to let you enjoy the ride. Then choose the ride which takes you at the highest point in the whole universe. Now hesitate a little bit, this is necessary to prepare you for the suicide, and throw youself on the ground. Please remember, while falling on the ground your head must face the ground. This you can do easily by a little practice. If you become able to succeed in the practice itself, then nothing is better than this. Happy suicide!
31 Oct 2004 T Scholl Volunteer for active duty in the Marines or Army and request duty in Iraq. Let Russian Roulette dictate how you die. Maybe a friendly kill. Maybe a patrol duty in which you come into the field of a car or kamikaze bomb. Let your body be blown to kingdom come. Pieces in all directions. Then the world you left becomes your martyrdom. Just another brave soul cut down in the prime of life. If your life sucks that bad, let the military pick up the pieces. They'll do it with pride for free and present you to your loved ones in a cleaned up form for all to cry over. You will also become a war hero. No one will ever know that you did this on purpose. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

As for you 13 year olds..... Ride your bike along the berm of a busy stretch of two lane or four lane country highway. Seconds before you know a semi is coming up behind you, turn into it's path. Tons of power and metal will roll you over and over until you are a fresh piece of meat. Check out the deer that get hit by semi's if you think I'm wrong. This can be blamed on an accident. You are off the hook and no one will ever know it was on purpose. GO FOR IT you chicken shit!!!!!!!!!!
30 Oct 2004 stacey take tons of pills then fuck ur dad!!
29 Oct 2004 chronic poke out my own eyes.. slide on a slid full fo small razors and then splash into a tub full of alchohol cleansing liquid.. and then falling "accidently" on the railroad and knock out myself and wake up 3 seconds before the train runs over me.. NIIIICE!!
27 Oct 2004 Noe eats Turkey first of all you get stoned out of your mind, get a bj from a black chinese hooker that is also a trans and hornier than fuck. Then you get stoned again and get a gun and blow your mind. If that doesnt work get stoned again and try again but this time with acid and a gay jewish black man hooker with 25 diseases which means you will die either way.
thats all i can say right now. Have FUN!!.
24 Oct 2004 rob sell your body to a middle aged japanese business man. he will sodomise you. rape you with a inflatable porpoise, and then get him and some other friends to bukkake on your face whilst he breaks your neck. you will love it. he will love it. Ignore these other twats that tell you to jump infront of a car. Stop being so selfish and think about the poor drivers insurance premium.
23 Oct 2004 mmichael0 Well, I do not know if this is the best way, but I just thought about it right now ?

When you get a erected, cut your penis off, this will mean a great loss of blood ? & will be painful, but if you want a shock factor, it will give it.

Another way, for a big shock to anyone who see you after, is pouring oil/petrol/gasoline & set your self on fire, I think some people done it in protest to the Vietnam War ? well that where I seen it, in history TV shows.
20 Oct 2004 Scratch I want to kill myself, and have wanted to for some time. You see, the other day I was eating a bowl of corn flakes, and I realized that the milk had made them far too soggy far too quickly. It was like chewing on shit. It all happened so fast, I'm sick and tired of everyone changing things on me. The best way for someone under 13 to kill themselves is to read this site and laugh until their colon flies from their ass out of spite.
19 Oct 2004 Shaolin Monk 1)Pretend you are Goatse and stick a knife in your butt sex device.

2)Do a Fatality by repeatedly cutting your throat and your wrist. Do it quickly.

3)You shall die, and see the words "Game Over. LOL PWNED!! XD"
19 Oct 2004 Joe Momma tie a rope around your neck and then tie the other end to your father's car and then ask him to go pick up a bag of Doritos from the grocery and just sit on the front porch while watching the rope play out.

Yeah, that one is always pretty good.
19 Oct 2004 theroyalnonesuch Obviously, if you want to kill yourself when you are thirteen, you are going to want to involve as much wallowing, self-pitying, and attention getting as humanly possible.
First, you need razor blades for the token, "I tried to slit my wrists and take my life, but really only made a red welt" deal. Actually, on second thought, just throw in some rubber bands and a red pen.
Secondly, you need a re-fillable fountain pen and some anti-coagulates so that you will be able to write letters to your best friend in blood.
Thirdly, you need a bunch of trashy fashion magazines so you can develop an eating disorder, just for good measure. Also, some gallon-sized ziploc bags so you can leave bags of vomit sitting around for your old sister and mother to find.
Then you need some dashboard confessional and mae. You put the dashboard in your significant other's locker along with a bloody love note. Then, put the mae in your discman, and swallow the entire month of your mother's birthcontrol pills and use your puking and crying skills to show off to all the cool kids during passing period.

It's sure to put on a good show.
19 Oct 2004 mike SEPPUKU!

Step 1 Get a frisbee from the store or friend.

Step 2 Clean the Frisbee.

Step 3 Make sure your parents aren’t around

Step 4 Put something slippery on it, like butter or cream.

Step 5 Get really super pissed.

Step 6 Fold the Frisbee hard (this is crucial)

Step 7 Keep folded and insert Frisbee into mouth hard.

Step 8 Push hard until you can’t see it.

Step 9 Wait.

Step 10 Die.

For more information, refer to:
19 Oct 2004 crazycarl go to the very top of the Sears tower. Tie one end of a VERY long rope to the top, and the other end to your penis. jump off. after a couple stories down, you wont mind hitting the ground as much.
19 Oct 2004   Get one of those lawn chippers like in fargo. you know what to do.
19 Oct 2004 Serious about death I think I would prefer to drown in a septic pool of my own urea and defaction gathered over the course of a few months, but that's just me.
18 Oct 2004 Sharing is caring Cop assisted suicide. Don't just end your misery by killing yourself, make someone else misirable too !
18 Oct 2004 Shit Eater I would drown myself in my own Urine. If I failed to die then I would plug up my nostrils and throat with endless amounts of human feces.

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