Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jan 2005 eddie b All u gotta do is stick your penis in my asshole. That will kill anybody. I am a fag, and I want u to fuck me, man or woman.
01 Jan 2005 jazmine i used to be suicidal. but i am now not. because my friend mouchette helped me. she said become a porn star. she was right. the first time i got on camera was it. i didnt want to kill myself. if you wanna be in a porno with me please email me at it dosent matter if your a boy or a girl. you just gotta be over 18. but if your under still write. we can do somrthing off camera or wait till you turn 18.
01 Jan 2005 Rachel i think its wonderful that you kids wanna kill yourself. i wish more kids would come around to this grand idea. i can t tell you the best way but i definitly think you should be raped first. so if you havent been raped email me. i would love to rape you. my name is rachel. dont worry if your a girl, i have a strap on. i can rape you too. my email is email me any time and i will do my best to get to where you are at in a few days to rape you. thankz.
01 Jan 2005 tommie this is a mesage for all people who are suicidal due to the fact of severe tragic events in thier lives. look you dont need to worry. if you are planning suicide you are obviously on the right track already. what do you think people who have experienced things like you do. just go on with life like its ok? hell no. they blow thier fuckin head off. they hang themselves. they slit thier wrists deep wide and long. they jump off stuff real high. so quit being scard and just do whats normal and fuckin do it. your still here? what er you waiting for?
01 Jan 2005 spider hook a hose up to your mouth and nose with a face mask similar to a medical one. it must be sealed. take the other end and stick it up your ass. it must be sealed also. as you shit and fart these toxins will work themselves into your mouth and down into your stomach. this will make you very sick and adventuall kill you. i promise you all these feely touchy douch bags wont want to sit down with you and "talk" either. imagine it. you have a hose with shit in it hooked up to your head and the other end going in to your pants.
01 Jan 2005 i eat sulfur do like me and eat sulfur. once you get down the first few mouthfulls it dont taste too bad. well it wont actually kill you immediatly. you throw up. but keep doing it. you will starve to death like a kid in somolia.
01 Jan 2005 claude the fraude i got it.
fall on a pick axe.
if it dont work the first time keep doing it.
practice makes perfect.
01 Jan 2005 Integer Zero Piss off a rabid kangaroo
30 Dec 2004 sharron chaffer go get at least 10 pit bulls. fed em and make em strong. then dont feed em for a whole day. the next day in the afternoon let em loose in a fenced yard cover your self in blood and baked beans and dog food in a can and finnaly gravy. now bust out your door running. you will be dead in no time.
25 Dec 2004 MIKE SIEHL say kiddies, do you know what sulfuric acid is? it is battery acid for cars. you can get some in pure form for a motor cycle battery. get some. get a syringe and put some in the syringe with lots of air. plunge the needle quickly into your butt cheeck and depress the plunger. the acid will begin flowing thru your veins and burning all living tissue that it comes in contact with.
you will probably die or go into shock before it reaches your brain or heart. its quick and easy. se la ve frenchie.
24 Dec 2004 santa's lil helper (Recommended for under 13) pull out the potato peeler and start peeling your legs. Peel wherever you can. Then stick the peelings in a box, preferably a shoebox. If your feeling bold stick in your ears and maybe a eyeball or two. Poor salt all over your legs and open wounds for an extra zap. Hehe Then you lay yourself on your bed with the box next to you. Have a homemade bomb ready next to you. (Recipe can be found on the net… And the bomb should be, preferably, in a syringe) the syringed bomb is for your ass. Squeeze the syringe up your ass and push the liquid out. The results should be quick and well if the pain doesn’t kill ya then just jump out your window. That should gather some attention! Whoot Whoot!
17 Dec 2004 damien le meilleur est d'avaler des braises brulantes et de se mettre unn tisonier sur le sternum, c'est radical.vive la cheminée
15 Dec 2004 stef Stab yourself repeatedly in the face with a cheese grater
03 Dec 2004 Seymore Butts Go to a Metallica concert, get in the pit, and "accidently" trip yourself so you get trampled to death.
03 Dec 2004 Diehard4me Heres a good way to kill your self.
you'll need some long cable, a real sharp Knife, and some pain killers. find a real tall Building, and step up. 1st tie one end of the cable around something real heavy. next take the pain killers. then cut a hole in your back right above your ass(where your tail bone is). Tie the other end of the cable around your tail bone. then drive off the building head 1st, so you can smack your head all over the side walk. then when you hit the end of the cable it pull off your tailbone. maybe if your luck you will rip you spine out of your ass. so your spine will just be hanging there. is real messly.
02 Dec 2004 Piroko New, from the ACME Toy Company, it's The Acme 2000 Suicide Kit!!

You'll have all the equipment you need to:
-Hang yourself!
-Shoot yourself!
-Poison yourself!
-Slit your wrists...
And much, MUCH more!!

New, with every Suicide Kit, THREE ways to suffocate yourself!!

Only $19.95 if you phone now!!

That number is: (800)188-4333

You must be eighteen to order. Call today!!


Sorry, no checks or C.O.D.s
27 Nov 2004 Ovidio E. Aldana Break the bathroom mirror, take the sharpest piece of glass. Cut into your internal organs. Pull out your long-intestines and hang yourself in the attic. Before you attempt to do this, make sure you know that there are dangers to this. You can die. This is especially designed for children over 8 years of age. Happy death!
26 Nov 2004 crackjack Hey everyone! Remember me? It's the queer-loving, gaybasher back to put his 2c on this worthless board!
That will mean this board will be worth two cents from now on (do the maths).
Anyway, as a lecturer at a prominent university in Australia (I won't say which one) I can say I am an expert in everything... yes, everything. That includes suicidal teenagers. I know where your problems come from, you needn't look any further.
If you are a women then this is easily sorted. Are you familiar with the teachings of Freud? He says that when a young girl sees her naked brother she notices that he has a penis while she doesn't. She subconsciously compares her lack of penis to his relatively large one. Although at a young stage this is harmless, it can develop later in life to a series of pyschological problems, all stemming from the original "Penis Envy". Penis Envy can cause a wide range of problems in women and it's up to the women in question to do something about it. You CANNOT blame your abusive family or lover or situation for your problems. Your problems come from the lack of a penis, you may as well accept that as it is an inevitable FACT.
Until you do something about that YOUR PROBLEMS WILL REMAIN. My suggestion in the past had been to fashion one of your own from excess fat on the buttocks and thigh regions. This can shaped, placed in a sausage skin and attached to the nessicary area. This WILL solve your problems. Take it from me I know. I have lectured this stuff for years.
God bless. Think of Jesus when you do it. He will give you strength, amen.
23 Nov 2004 some sik minded freak the best way to kill yourself is not to kill yourself physically but mentally. kill every thing inside you, your thouts, your visions and your memories. dont eat dont drink dont talk to any one. kill yourself mentally and then get a pet cat or dog collect there fur in a brush then swallow it leaving a note saying i told you the animals hated me.
18 Nov 2004 richard cranium if you are to scary to use a gun or pillz or razor blade on yourself then get some one else to do it. do you know what suicide by cop is? take a fully automatic weapon in to the police station and begin firing. note: take out as many as possible and scream "death to the pigs, helter skelter" you will be dead in no time.
another way if your too scared is put an add in the paper that says you want to have sex with someone with aids.
another way if your scary is steal your folks car keys and go into the garage. seal off all drafts with duct tape. shut all doors. seal cracks. start car and sit in the car with the windows down and let car idle. get comfortable and try to go to sleep. if no one finds out you will never wake up.
remember kids, think. just because you are depressed dont let that stop you from coming up with your own plan for suicide. you dont need a stupid web site to tell you how to do a very simple thing like kill yourself. its easy. you just need to overcome an obstacle of fear. once you do, nothing will hold you back from sucsess. c'mon its easy. if you cant do this right what makes you think you will ever be able to get anything rite in life. so go put your nikes on and just do it. what er ya waitin for you pitiful and miserable losers.

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