Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jun 2005 Amanda poring acid on your head and letting it burn off your flesh until you die.
07 Jun 2005 poser i dont know about suicide but in my will it says when i do finnaly go i am to be made in to hot dog weiners and used in hot dogs to be sold at baseball games accross america.
07 Jun 2005 Rebecca slit your rist vertically and put your hand down the toilet and flush you will die instantly
06 Jun 2005 life is a cruel joke. you could either pretend to be superman and jump off a building...


you could skin your self alive...


you could post some gay thread on this site and tell people where you live and that if anyone wants to start some mess just come on over...


you could try eating little bitty pieces of broken glass...


you could drink rubbing alcohol(91 percent works best)...


hang yourself upside down and drill a hole in the top of your head. the blood will run out quicker than sliting your wrists.

if none of this works just pretend to be dead and when someone walks in the room hold your breath. if you can no longer hold this pose awake suddenly and still act like you were dead. tell them you saw hell and heaven. tell them you saw the person in the room with you in hell. make up something like your gonna die in a car crash and your head will be crushed.
04 Jun 2005 kaydee moyle i would have thought every child under thirteen would have at least thought about suicide at least once. i know i sure as hell did. now some of the adolecent minds really are serious. i would like to broaden your horizions for just a moment here. please think about what you are doing. why is it you want to kill yourself? it is because of other people and the way the world is around you right? so why do you have to be the one to go? make these bastards pay. and i promise once you start killing folks you will get hooked like you just smoked a big crack rock. hooked i tell ya. now the first time will be kinda odd. i remember the first time i killed someone. at first i felt like superman. the next moment i was so discusted at what i had done vomiting and sweating while my body was cold. all kinds of thoughts run thru your mind. but once your mind settles down you feel powerful. like you could do it again and again. after a few times you do it you begin having thoughts all day long like it would be so much fun to kill this person like this. and you get a rush from it and adventually you have to satisfy the urge. and the urge just keeps growing stronger until you obey. i have even started hearing a voice that tells me to kill people and dogs and cats even little children. the voice makes bad things happen in my life when i dont do what he says.

but if you just have to commit suicide do it like this. think about if you could kill someone any one person. the person you hate the most. how would you do it? now take that hatred and plan to kill them out on yourself. i also recommend while you do it you pretend in your mind that what you are doing is not to you but directly to them. all the pain you feel is not your own but only you are able to sample thier death. and pretty please with sugar on top make it gruesome.
02 Jun 2005 Frank Suze The most painless way is to come over to my place and let me eat you. I will numb your body and cook your liver so fast that you can have a taste too!
31 May 2005 c-a-r-e-l-e-s-s killer 1.)Go to a black neighborhood and act wigger((your sure to get yourself shot))
2.)If you wanna go to heavan drive nails through your hands into a huge cross ((acctually i dont know if that would get you to heaven or hell ...hmmmm))
3.)Dispart a shaving razor and cut into your stomache therefore causing you to bleed to death.
4.)Jam you arm into an oven with it on at full heat! ((reminder*:dont take your hand out.))
5.)ask a doctor how to become light sensitive and do so then revealing yourself to the sun and burning/tortured/w/e ect. to death

(hope these 5 suicide attempt tips help ^_^))
25 May 2005 josh ttake two #2 pencils and put them up your nose. when your friends start asking questions and the bell for 3rd period rings. Wait, wait for your teacher to make a big fuss......have u waited long enough? is he yell? Ok perfect now without saying a word smack your face into the desk. when u break your nose and the pencils are JAMMED (sp?) upward they should kill you. if not.. then u have a damn good story.
24 May 2005 paul hanging yourself with Guitar strings (preferably high E, extrathin) this way when you jump from the tree branch the E-strings will tighten and probably decapitate you...sweet
23 May 2005 Harry The Hippo Look, its this easy, pick up the computer that you are using now, and smash it over your head. If you are still not dead, keep the computer pllugged in and take a shower. If you do not die after this, cut out your intestines and try to rewire the computer.
22 May 2005 Hurricane Harry Ok, first of all, peirce your nose. Maybe with a screwdriver i dont know. Then tie a rope around the hole in your nose, and tie the other end to a taxi. When somebody gets in the taxi and the taxi begins to drive away, try to keep up with it. Its a bit of a challenge and can sometimes result in getting your head ripped off!!!
21 May 2005 dimitri Invent a time machine then travel back to WW2. Approach Hitler and inform him that you are a gay/lesbian jew and you wish to invite him to join your annual jewish gangbag bash.
21 May 2005 meamshfora take a bath in meat tenderiser, go camping in the wilderness and your last memory will be the swarm of mosquitos rapidly approaching... THEN YOU'LL BE DEAD, FRED!!
20 May 2005 Jackson walk around a sinagog with your hand up shouting "HEIL HITLER!!!!"
06 May 2005 Keith Hey I just had the best day ever. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I also made an A on my Philosophy term paper. Then me and my girlfriend had the best sex of our lives. My band played a killer show earlier today too. We each made about $650 each for our performance. Life is so good. :) I'm gonna go blow my head off with a shotgun at my family reunion today. :) Have a nice day to everyone else. I know I did :)
04 May 2005 milly and becca attempt brain suragery on your-self and remember to take a piece for keeps!
03 May 2005 lynkin get up in the morning and get dressed. your ready for school know and you now what your going to do. greet your friends on the school bus and smile. when the bell for first period rings your ready. start on top of the school. get your already prepared slipkknot and begin the carefull work of securing your noose to the flagpole. stand at attention and look around. the cost is clear. "you pledge aligence to the flag.." take a look at the flag as you set the noose about your neck. in god you trust.
03 May 2005 lara thom get a chain saw and try to cut your hair
30 Apr 2005 arnel arnaldo if any of you kiddies want to die but are afraid please contact me by email. i am a psycopathic phedopile who loves to fondle and molest little childrens bottoms. afterwards i always kill the child. with a butcher knife. if i dont kill the child while having sex i cant climax. i must kill the children. so kiddies please email me if you cant kill yourself(scary bitches) and you want help. please email me.

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