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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Feb 2006 Grace Bourne Bash yor head against a metal door until you collaspe
26 Feb 2006 Snakeman If your searching out for help with your suicidal tendancies, from your friends, your family or even on the net. Dont fol yourself any longer. Speaking to someone or even therapy will never change the fact that you've been hurt. Whether it be a fist, a finger or even a dick, it wasn't meant to go so deeply inside your tight little pooper. And uncle Joes big toe should have never been near your little pre pubesant genitals. Even if you pussy looked like a piece of cotton candy covering a paper cut. Suicide is a great escape from all this pain, even if it hasn't happened to you yet. Spare yourself. My pesonal favorite recomendation is to paper cut your whole body, then roll yourself down a hill of hereoin ( Ratsac can be used as cheaper alternative). This seemingly painless yet highly effective method has proved itself as a number one method time and time again amongst most of my old friends. Remember Life sometimes just aint worth it. Take the Snakeman death roll into consideration, you'll be remembered that way
24 Feb 2006 The Bitter End Why did my suggestion get put in the cruel jokes section? You asked what the best way of killing yourself was and I told you, with no allusion to humour. But if it's cruel jokes you're after, I've got plenty.

For example, do as the Romans did;

Stick your hand up your ass and keep pushing through until you come to you heart. Give it a bit of a yank and there you go, problem solved. You'll die with your arm lodged amongst your internal organs. How's that for a fucking joke?
23 Feb 2006 Sick of the World If you want to make the news and be a total embaressment on your way out you could always duck tape 20 road flares to your chest and run screaming through and airport with a garage door opener in your hand.

Sooner or later someone will empty a magazine into you. I would.
23 Feb 2006 affieTr909 stick a piece of tnt up your ass, and light the touchpaper!!

now thats what i call fun
23 Feb 2006 vrok rape my gf! seriously shes full of disease!
22 Feb 2006 elenyil I love this site.
Go for it kiddos, you got nothing to lose.
Absolutely fucking nothing.
In'll be fun!
Remember...cyanide in small doses, carbon monoxide is the way to go, and hell...across the street to get attention, down the street to get somwhere.
Altogether, in this horrid,
nihilistic depravity.
See you in hell.
22 Feb 2006 Hardcorewpawn Wait no.... all die now. THE BEST WAY TO DIE: this is the mostmanly way to die.

step 1 find a brick wall
step 2 prepare yourself
step 3 repeatedly smack your head as hard as you can against the wall
step 4 once fallen unconsious wait untill you wake up then repeat until death occurs. i hope this helped. seriously i hope one of you kills yourseslf in this way!!
16 Feb 2006 ha ha losers Music & internet enhances people’s lives. But I think people who want to kill themselves are scumbags and don’t deserve to have their lives enhanced. Here is why:

Probably are stupid.
Your parents are ashamed of you.
Your friends think you’re annoying but don’t have the heart to say, “You can’t come."
You have cancer and don’t know it yet.
Even if you avoid WW3, the American military will eventually invade the country you fled to. Then you’ll either die, go to prison, or get bombed.
If your heart decides to take a break, you die.
The people in the other room can hear you masturbate and they find it appalling.
Your life is all downhill from here.
Two apes are going to attack you at a zoo and rip off your genitals and foot.
No matter how boring a reality TV show is, your life is worse.
You don’t have any money.
America trained mid-east soldiers who attacked America soon after. Then America invaded the mid-east to train more soldiers.
You have a 10% chance of ending up gay.
65% of the things said to you each day are a lie.

Those are just a few examples of why your life sucks. And all these things considered, to actually think that you have the right to feel good is arrogant and uncalled for. You should be miserable along with me and everyone else. Stop listening to music and surfing the net because you don’t deserve to. The only beat you should ever hear is your heart thumping in fear while you’re sitting alone in the dark.

Suicide posters voice makes just cringing noise that makes my butthole pucker.

I made a song about you wasters, hope you like it.

Get that song, stick it on your iPod, and loop it fifty times with your headphone cranked to the max. Each time you listen, it should be a refreshing reminder of how grateful you are of death and how blinded you were by the catchy tunes and “feelgood” lyrics you used to listen to. Stop believing the fact that life sucks
08 Feb 2006 just trying to help I don't know if someone post this one already, here is a good painless way to die. You will need an assistant and a bag of salvinorin extract. First, you need to smoke the stuff, as soon as it knocks you out, have your friend cut your head off within 3 minutes. He or she will have to be fast, because during 3 to 5 minutes, that shit will knock out your pain completely. You will not feel a thing.
08 Feb 2006 John Michaels Have this endorsed by McGyver: This is stuff any halfway intelligent kid could get their hands on.

Contents: lots of things for variety

Nail File(in Mom's bathroom)
Tooth Floss(also in Mom's bathroom)
5 cent book matches(next to the birthday candles in the kitchen cupboard)
Gasoline(in the garage)
empty Windex bottle(underneath the kitchen sink)
large steak knife(next to the butter knives in the second to right drawer)


1. Fill Windex bottle with gasoline. Set near where you can reach it.

2. Take nail file and scrape around eyeballs, loosening any attached material. Pull out eyeballs.

3. Use tooth floss to wrap around neck as a tourniquet to keep blood in the head.

4. Squirt large amounts of gasoline into eye sockets. Tilt head back to keep it in.

5. Light match and stick it in your eye socket. Wait a bit.

6. Use steak knife on large arteries around neck. (This is just in case the above didn't work.
07 Feb 2006 Mad drink detergant!!!! 2 glasses or more or a whole bottle it doesnt hurt!!!!!
06 Feb 2006 Jc A plastic bag with no child safety holes nearly worked for me when i was 6 but my teeth made grown and i managed to chew my way out at the lastg second (year) . Managed to cut my left hand off but the blood seeped thru the floor boards on to my parents bed when 8 and its been tricky since. I move out when 9, fucking social services and their supervised hostels, and they kept me hearing the voices since. They took my teeth out last week to stop me chewing my leg off. Pricks! Just stop breathing and if you can do that then you deserve to die.
23 Jan 2006 some cunt who hates you and wishes you (everyone) would fuckin d eat lead or bust open a mercury thermometer and eat that, get cancer and no treatment, eat a ten year old packet of instant soup, heroin(lots of), punch a judge in the throat, jump off an overpass onto the highway, put an appliance in the bath with you in it, "fall" onto fast moving heavy machinery, tell a commie their nuclear programme sucks, be pakistan and launch a nuke at india, snort lines of rat poison, remember that you were the load your mum should have swallowed or you are a failed abortion, jump off something really high and take out "innocents" on the way down, try to rob a gun store or post office, make cement in your stomach, fight a nazi, kick a jew in the sack, tell a black guy he didnt pick enough cotton today, fly a plane into a (2?) tall buildings
22 Jan 2006 jason jump off of a fifty foot bridge into churning frigid waters with all your toys (marbles , hot wheels , action figures, dolls , video games, movies, bibles , books , etc...) in a heavy bag tied securely to your ankles
22 Jan 2006 suicide master tape knives to a wall and run into them
18 Jan 2006 anon a blender
03 Jan 2006 Dave Mitchells Have your friends spin you on your head upside down on concrete for hours,hopefully exposing your brains and creating zombie children.
03 Jan 2006 lsd is not for me Buy some lsd and tell yourself you can fly ROGER YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLY run up to the top of the car park and dive like a bird feel your body fallin.....fallin...ohh dear roger your fallin.....not this the end roger? "splat" THE END!

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