Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 May 2006 Anastasia Beaverhousen Tell your parents you're pregnant with the Priest's child and you plan to commit ritualistic sacrifice immediately upon birth while eating the placenta.
21 May 2006 deathgurl so........i think the best way to kill your seif is to get some gas and a match right and go some where that no body ever goes ok pore all the gas all over your body then lite the match after thatyour on fire !!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha !!!!!! the good thing about this one is that when you do it its very un likly that you will live after it.......
have a good death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 May 2006 Anna The best way to kill yourself when your under 13 would be to eat glue and gum until you cant poo! Then you just explode... I think.... Don't die a virgin though. :(
19 May 2006 Allan A penis in the eye is pretty deadly.
18 May 2006 danny hiding under the wheels of a car
16 May 2006 Don It's not easy to die if you are under 13. Perhaps you can try to cross an expressway or railways blindfolded. Or you should kill your lovely sister in front of your mother or father who love her very much. Erm..I wonder..?
16 May 2006 heather need to slash your body in fourths...then tie each of your limbs to diffrent cars..or trucks..then they will go to drive off and you will be riped apart!!! and alot of blood will be shed!! yay
16 May 2006 Billtherottenmunky Take a little knife. Stab it into your head. (making sure that it goes through the skull, of course.) Slowly twist it around and around. You will die, painfully. I know, cause I've TRIED IT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
12 May 2006 TIIMMMIEH 1) jump infront of a handi trans.
2) fuck your sister while shes asleep and nock her up.
3)rap your little sister and tell your parents.
4)go to an aa meeting with a 40 of vodka.
5)drink a can of pinsol
08 May 2006 Miranda The best ways to kill yourself when your under 13 and easy access to with NO ONE even suspecting is....
1.)take HOT candle waz (black..he..he)
and pour in your eyes for eyedrops!
2.)Convince your parents you need pepto bismal for your stomach and drink it...ALL
3.)Burn your wrists...deep and hard..
4.)Stick a dildo up the green river killers ass
5.)(Girls only)-Die from to much excitment from orgazim.
08 May 2006 kayle get into a tanning bed, be sure to jam the door and not have it on auto turn off.
03 May 2006 kate hall get gang raped by twenty 80 year old men that have every std known to man
02 May 2006 As you lay dying Find out where an cop and his family live ... wait till the cop goes to work... rape his wive and slit her throat, take a bath in her blood and wear nothing but her lingerie ... strip away the skin of the cops son and eat some parts of his daughter after you raped her too....drink some beer until the cop comes home from a hard working day and wants to have a beer or two ...when he then recongnizes that you drunk up all the beer you are as good as dead
01 May 2006 Person I'm suicidal and I'm not quite twelve. I'll let you damned people know, that unless someone shoots you in the head, you ain't gona die! I've trid 8 different ways to commit suicide.

If anyone wants to try though, I suggest this:

Act innocent and sweet to those damned gullible parents of yours, and ask them if you can have the house to yourself one day after doign all yoru chores and being super nice. They leave house, you find all of those disgusting liquids that parents "hide" under the sink and above the washing machine. Get a big jug. Mix them all together into the jug. Add some sugar - however much you like for all I give a shit. When your done, think of all the people on earth you know hate you. For each person, take a big sip of the jug. If the jug isn't gone, think fo all the people you ahte. Take a big sip for each person. if your still nto done, think of all those goddamn things wrong and screwed up in your life. Take two sips for each thing. If you ain't done with the jug by then, you either got a humongous jug, or I'm gona ask why the hell are you trying to commit suicide, cause if that jug ain't empty it proves your life is pretty decent.
If you don't become extremely ill by 7 days time, try again.

If that doesnt work, try this :

Don't at breakfast, dump it when your parents aren't looking. Don't eat lunch. Just don't buy it. Period. At dinner, just shove teh food in the trash can when your parents start making out over the salad bowl. Do for 3 days straight. Find some extremely strong alcohol, and drink it. You'll most likely puke. Find those crackheads at your school, or work and just buy some of the shit they've got off of 'em. Don't take it. Eat it. Yes eat it. You'll most likely die if you eat that shit. The starvation for 3 days is just so that if it looks unappitizing ( well DUH it will ), you'll be so hungry you'll eat the shit anyways.

Have a happy death folks!
27 Apr 2006 Pablo Escobar Tie a rope to the back of your father's truck and then climb underneath. Wait until he hits the freeway and then let go and just drag for miles and miles. It'll hurt, but not for long. This is by far the best way because it definitely gets the job done, plus if you're father is part of the reason why you're killing yourself then he feels super guilty. Plus at least youll be famous in town which obviously you're currently a nobody so for once in your life...umm death rather...youre the kid everyone's noticing. Isn't that what you really want anyway?
21 Apr 2006 Suicide is my goal in life Well, you guys made me laugh so badly. I am still dying from laughter LMAO! ROFL! unfortunately, i am forced not to make a single sound at this moment. so i have to laugh in silence but this is so HARD. Oh god. Well, I plan to commit suicide within two months. So i am cherishing every moment in my life now. Ha. I love death. You guys brightened my day.
20 Apr 2006 The Bitter End Why do people get so defensive when I add them and ask why they didn't kill themselves? It's not like it matters to me whether any of you live or die.
17 Apr 2006 colton more from the mind of me
u could jump into a vat of gasoline on fire
17 Apr 2006 colton all around ways
1. yell "BLACK POWER!" at a KKK convention
2. eat tons of gunpowder then jump off a cliff

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