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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jan 2006 anon a blender
03 Jan 2006 Dave Mitchells Have your friends spin you on your head upside down on concrete for hours,hopefully exposing your brains and creating zombie children.
03 Jan 2006 lsd is not for me Buy some lsd and tell yourself you can fly ROGER YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLY run up to the top of the car park and dive like a bird feel your body fallin.....fallin...ohh dear roger your fallin.....not this the end roger? "splat" THE END!
29 Dec 2005 Jacob E well what you do is take a 9mm handgun and go lay yourself on your parents bed then shoot yourself in the head, leaving a huge puddle of blood. my parents put me through alot of hell im 13 right now im planning to do this june 6th 2006 because that is 6/6/06 (666) Fuck Parents! Antichrist Lives!
28 Dec 2005 the great wall of vagina/mimi i can feel your vagina staring at me. when i close my eyes i can see it in my mind. it turns sideways and talks to me. it says bad things to me. i am afraid of your vagina. my left breast implant is leaking.
20 Dec 2005 Silent_Observer I'd say the best way to kill yourself when you are under the age of 13 is to tell your mom you're going out to play then climb up the tree tie one end of the skipping rope to the tree and the other end atound your neck then swan dive, aiming for the pavement...enjoy!! oh and make a picture of you dying and place it so it cannot be unseen by the descoverer of your corpse and just before you jump shout "bye bye mummy!!!!!!" so she'l come out wondering what the fuck you are on about...woooohooo
16 Dec 2005 Eric get a hack saw and cut off your lims and roll in front of a car
06 Dec 2005 susan Erickson tie a rope around your throat and the other end to the garge door opener then have your little sister hit the opener button( when your parents aren't home OF course)
02 Dec 2005 gulu drink bleach and clean your insides out of any impure thoughts ever again.
28 Nov 2005 Ingleburt Hopperdink First, cut your brain out with a shotgun, then put it in a glass jar with peanut butter, then eat some acid and trip out watching Faces of Death, then but a motorcycle and pop a wheelie into a brick wall full of dead babies, then then rob a police station wearing a g-string with feces smeared all over your body, then stick a gasoline nozzle up your cornhole and fill yourself with gas then sing "rainbows and polar bears with rabies" and shoot a bear with a bb gun and put ducktape over your anus so the forrest critters can't enter.
28 Nov 2005 roach eat things from under the sink, then put a hamster in your mouth and keep chewing when the vomit comes up an swallow. then drink petrol:D
27 Nov 2005 FallenAngel put your chin in your palm and your fingers on your cheek, with your other hand reach behind your head and grip your head just behind your ear-one quick motion snap your neck- fast..painless..and you'll still be able to see whats going on for 30 seconds (nerve endings) good luck
27 Nov 2005 dave long get a small potato and place a razor blade carefully in the middle and shove the potato up your ass the potato will act as a natural pain killer and the potato will naturally shivil up and the blade will slice the insides of your ass without you feeling it except from the gallons of blood this is a painless and weird way to commit suicide when your 13 go to school and do it that will fuck up the kids in your class :)
24 Nov 2005 PitbullBob1 The trick is to end your depression forever, not off yourself. Buy as many antidepressants as possible, using various different doctors. When you have saved up enough pills, take them all at once on an empty stomach followed by a fifth of dad's favorite vodka. (You might want to eat soup beforehand to prevent vomiting.) Then...just lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and wait for your depression to end forever. Should just take about 20-30 minutes. Antidepressants are very powerful medicine. Trust me, I am a psychiatrist and know what the hell I'm talking about.
23 Nov 2005 adam peat not its walker :-P eny big black guy ...go up 2 him and call him a stupid nigger and run 2 ur mams best mate and tell her all the stuff ur mum calls her behined and then run home and suck on ur mums tits (with them 2 chacing u) and and say "GOT ENY MILK ?"and stand still for a moment
22 Nov 2005 Devon Drink bleach when your mom is doing the laundry.
22 Nov 2005 Jolène The best and least painfull way to kill yourself is to drink bleach that way it doesnt hurt unless you want to be hurt in which case your sick!!
20 Nov 2005 ANDY do a die hard,,u know stand in the middle of the hood with a sign that says i hate niggers (please note ONLY WORKS IF UR NOT BLACK)
12 Nov 2005 jordan try doing this. Go to your mom and call her a bitch and the start crying and tell her your sry and then go up to your dad and say that he was dumb fuck and then see if you can out run them when there both chasing you with a chainsaw
09 Nov 2005   stuck your head up your ass and dont bother to breathe......

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