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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jan 2007 Lush Have sex with an aides riddled prostitute
25 Jan 2007 clayton i think the best way to kill urself would be to take a gun and give it ur friend tell them to pull the fuckin trigger this will also get them arrested and the will get raped in jail sooner or later
21 Jan 2007 MoOnShiNe Have your best friend tie you up for shits and giggles after you've decided to indulge heavily in mass quantities of BaRbS, LuDeS, NarCs, and sLEEperS....Your sick friend is now going to cut your eye lids off and put them in his soup...
19 Jan 2007 sarah what the hell kind of question is this??
i dont know drowning in your own urine
14 Jan 2007 sick and twisted Just a few things:
1)go to sleep inside a jet engine.
2)put your body parts into liquid nitrogen and smash them on the bench.
3)try to mummify yourself if you cant get a friend to help.
4)kill everyone you know and try to eat them all in one sitting (raw).
5)shoot your self with a anti-air rifil.
6)shoot your self with a rocket luncher.
7)drench yourself with race car fuel and sky dive with a box of matches.
8)dress as hitler in a jewish community.
9)rape all the hot chicks at school then shoot your self when the cops try to arrest you.
10)shove napalm in your ass.
11)read through this website.

well that's all for ever most likely its been one year and three months since I committed suicide. and unlike some of the dead bastards on this site I went to heaven witch means i get to look at porn 24/7 and fuck my sister who i killed in the progress of my suicide. (i used number 2 by the way).
13 Jan 2007 Villevissen Clue a chainsaw to a table then "trip" on it with your throat!
12 Jan 2007 DEVIL I should knoe since i am THE DEVIL:
1. Try to fly off a cliff.
2. Test how hard you can tense your temples with a machete.
3. Switch water with hydrochloric acid: both of them are clear and the acid will kill you if comsumed, LOL.
4. Call a black guy in New York n*gga.
5,the nastiest one: Try messing with me!
09 Jan 2007 Shiloh Whichever way you choose, make sure you do it now. You don't want to ask this question at 21. Or 51. Die young--leave a beautiful corpse.

Either jump out of a window, like in "The Virgin Suicides", or find a shotgun. Real women die from bullet wounds.
09 Jan 2007 annonymoes Drink liters of hairspray or other things that burn. then put a roman candle in your mouth and let it burn.
I tried once but I didnt drink enough
01 Jan 2007 jacktack the best way to kill yourself is when you have a really bad cold.when you know you have to sneeze, simply take two damn big cotton balls(it can be any small balls)and stick it up in your nose and sneeze or lift(got to be strong) your bed and let the foot bang your head to death or take your mom's cactus stick your self till you bleed to death
24 Dec 2006 HMMNOTTELLING. drink 25 gallons of gasoline and light a cig. funfun.
22 Dec 2006 I went to Texas i think the best way to kill yourself if your under 13 is to tell ur best friend to get their bow and arrow and play cowboys and indians and ur teh cowboy... also if you like bloody morbid deaths. cut off your hands and hire an assassin to come to ur house and do whatever they want to you.
19 Dec 2006 the laughing cow dress in fish net stocking high heels short skirt then buy a ticket to ipswich in uk, Tom Stephens will do the rest walla job done, ho ho ho Merry Christmas
13 Dec 2006 Zac choking yourself with a dirty sweaty sock.
07 Dec 2006 David chocking yourself on jacks, or drinking bleach from under the kitchen sink.
29 Nov 2006 Unknown ummm smash ur head against a wall till u die
25 Nov 2006 Joanna Pass such a huge fart that it makes your insides explode. Yeah not funny.
23 Nov 2006 Emily And Jemma The Best way to kill yourself when ur under 13 is..
Climb to the top of the eifel tower..Scream yes i made it then.."accidently" trip..and Splat..goodbye Mr/Mrs suicide..
15 Nov 2006 For_Ur_Pleeesure this sites prety brutal lol.
anyway..i dunno wut the best way is to kill guess u can tie urself to a ceiling fan or something..but that probaly wouldnt be strong enough...i have no clue..i suck at suicide cuz i've never tried it.
13 Nov 2006 Angel of Death!! Listen dude! if u want everyone to remember u after ur gone the do one thing- Call all ur loved one's to ur house, make them stand opposite u then pour kerosine over urself, sit on a chair look directly at them all, then start smiling this really physco smile with all the evil in you and then torch urself! then it's just a matter of time till u burn up. And they'll remember u alrite fr the rest of thier klives and beyond.
ps- it would be better if u could keep ur smile while ur burning!!

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