Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Apr 2006 crimson_lenin I would grab a gun and just pull the trigger! I wouldn't care about the mess it leaves. Let those bitches and bastards called your parents clean it up! sure, there will be a funeral. sure, there will be mourners. Fake ass motherfuckers! they are happy you are gone! "Well, that was a waste of time and money." that's all they are going to say. nothing more. I should know. My dad hates my guts! I've tried to commit suicide at least 12 times, but for some reason, I either can't bring myself to do it or there are people, people walk in on you. Those fuckers! they always do that! why can't they fucking understand? I just want to die! I'm on prozac and I still want to die! Either that or i want to go back to my old school and slaughter all those assholes! just walk in with a sawed off bear rifle and blow their fucking heads, arms, and legs off! I wouldn't care if i got the electric chair. Those cops would do me a favor. I wonder if i'll be a hero in hell?
07 Apr 2006 dude that hates innocent people well i must say the ideas here are sick and twisted and totally apalling... and i like it i am pro suicide...i hate people and niggers, and jews, and religous people u wanna have fun before you die so piss people off go into church stand up and say satan spoke to me the other night he told me to tell you to fuck yourself something funny and unique..(remember people the whole suicide bomber thing is wore out and you will get much news time but people will switch right thru so take this advice on things to do before you kick the bucket to make sure you want to do it cos if you do these and backout ur gonna go to prison for a long long long time so might aswell if you do any of these)
1) rob shit...people,cars,gas stations
2) take a neighbors cat and stick a meathook thru it and hang it on there porch
3) peform lipo suction on a fat bitch *you know she needs it*
4) *censored due to explicet hate crime material*
5) go to a tall building and just kick someone thru a window and jump out after them
6) try your hand at robbing banks
7) humilate people
8) drive/walk down the street you live on and every street you can with alot of friends and alot of spraypaint tag everything from cars to houses to bums that you beat up on your way *this is sure to make the news*
9) take a shit in a random persons car right on the drivers seat make sure to bring plenty of tp and wipe the ass and stick the used paper shit side down on the windshield
10) shove dogshit under the door handles of cars so unsuspecting people can get shit on there fingers

have fun fucking with the innocent people c ya
04 Apr 2006 heather Deny yourself a bowel movement for three weeks
02 Apr 2006 sylvia shoot up about 5ml of alcohol. spirits like burbon, vodka. trust me you'll e dead in 10 minutes. thats what we do in australia.
29 Mar 2006 Sonny Tie up all your family and force them to watch you as you pour on petrol and set yourself alight!!!!
28 Mar 2006 mad bomber Wear a teatowel on your head run at a cop are militry pesonel yelling DIE Infidel this works well in israil, the US or other places ran by Fascist war crimials
28 Mar 2006 natalie get raped,
drwon your self in the toliet
27 Mar 2006 steven lock your self in a room with a pit ball for a few days and the dog will eat u its a way of life
27 Mar 2006 zé do chinelo throw yourself to the picos!
26 Mar 2006 Dalise Go into the closet and find a nice wire hanger then wrap it really tight aroung your neck and hang yourself up. If YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
21 Mar 2006 Little Timmy The best way would be to cut your wrist and other body things and then if your still alive with your hands on you can cut off your own head.
18 Mar 2006 yo pimp mike go to a gay bar and have all the gay faggots fuck you up the ass surely you are gonna catch some sort of illness and youll die a slow and painfull death!!
15 Mar 2006 Stacey Write a suicide note. Put it in a Ziploc bag and shove it down your throat. Make sure you choke on it! Then when the Forensic Pathologist performs the autopsy he/she will hopefully find the note lodged in your throat.People will think you are insane.
14 Mar 2006 danial walk throught the ghetto with a white sheet on and wear a swastika on your arm
14 Mar 2006 Screw it, Kill Me! Turn on the pump to the swimming pool, take a deep breath and swim to the bottom, sit on top of the intake, your guts will be sucked out your ass and it will take days for all of your intestines to be cleaned from the pumping system.
11 Mar 2006 max.ruzo l'ingiurgitation massive par voix rectale de petits sablés sec de mamie.
10 Mar 2006 NONE The best way to kill your self
is to cut your body by part and then
if your still alive you can cut your head off.
10 Mar 2006 Paige Hehe. Some people may say it doesn't work, but, tons of my friends have done it. What you do, is simply find a couple of bricks, or find a patio. Go to the highest point that you could possibly get to. Try and get right over the bricks or patio, and litterly throw yourself down, head first, into it. It'll break your neck, and makes a pretty picture of blood, organs, and brains all over the place. Hmm...and yet..I think we used too much red...Oh well! Still perty! =D
04 Mar 2006 Christian Wheightman steal your mom's car, get some dockage line (rope) and tie one end to a telephone pole and the other end you put around your neck. Sit in the drivers seat of your mom's car and drive as fast as you can away from the terlephone pole. This will rip you head off and smash your mothers car and possibly do enough damage to take out some other people or people's possessions
03 Mar 2006 daddy's little girl borrow daddy's .450m and pull the trigger real hard... careful you dont trasp your finger in the hammer it may get infected and you could die from blood poisoning...

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