Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jul 2007 -Black rose- "I highly reccomend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god." Afterwards, I say that you Just slit your wrists like a plain old emo, have another person gauge out your eyes, and another rip out your heart. You'll die sooner or later..more painfully than not. -The Black Rose Alchemist-
12 Jul 2007 G. Callie F. Walk through cougar country covered in cow blood, crawl into every cave and snake den you find, throw knives high up and run beneath them without looking up, stroll through the worst part of the city at midnight, hold an umbrella during a thunder storm, wander into the wilderness and stare at the sun until it doesn't hurt anymore, play cops and robbers with real cops, play cowboys and Indians with real Indians
11 Jul 2007 Cartmon Strap Explosive to you self and go and find some Terrorists.
10 Jul 2007 emma kelly obviously the best way to kill yourself is to insert a large black (as this is the colour of death) umbrella into your mouth and push as far as you can down your throat. once inside you open the umbrella and feel the spokes of death puncture your organs. your blood will spray in all directions so make sure you do this in a small white bathroom for a dramatic effect. do this and you will surely not see your 13th birthday and die
01 Jul 2007 statistically speaking. im not sure what the best way would be. but 30,000 people a year cant be wrong. i mean thats a large number. so u r not alone in this.
29 Jun 2007 Sleeping in Kentucky It has to be ironic. A humorous death does not mock the darkness of a failed life. It demands attention. Maybe a Flintstones vitamin bottle with 25 oxy's inside, or some sleeping pill, and a label that says it will make you big and strong and pretty and smart and rich and handsome and funny and skinny and famous. There are enough heros out there, enough sick who fight their disease. I want a disease damnit. You want a suggestion for a suicide kit, how about a sliver of paper that says you are already dead. Maybe then they will want to live. Or maybe,,,,,
23 Jun 2007 warped soul. a suicide kit is a mothers womb with a lil dash of sea-m/s-on salt.
little bundel of joy gets to live hell.
thanks mom, thanks dad.
yeah right you wanted to fuck.
im an accident right?
well maybe when u find my body they'll say that was an accident.
then they will find the note i mailed today already.
the fucking note reads:
did i finnally make you happy dad? i did what you said would be doing the whole world a favor.
i didnt want to do it but i wanted to make you happy daddy.
at least this way i wont feel it if you beat me anymore.
end of note.
whats even better is since you sleep so soundly i am going to put your finger on the trigger and make you pull the trigger. you will wake immeadiately to see red mist splattered on your forearm and fist and a nice little cloud disapating. you will see what you have done. and i already called the cops and said help me my dad is gonna shoot me.
you fucking bitch.
you take my childhood from me and i send you to prison.
what kinda man are you?
you murdered your own child.

you see kids this is the kind of creativity you need to play on my level.
22 Jun 2007 brittney the best way to kill ur self is putting a bag over ur head and sleeping. i tried it, its easy when u tie it. another is the acid bath. fill the tub wit cleaning products and sit in it an inhale.
09 Jun 2007 Jack the Stripper you will whant to incenurate your self something with a timer so yo ucan be drun kand knocked out so i don't have you to here you scream and it will make sure no one hasts to waste mnoeiy and item with your bodie find any place glass makeing facteries smelting works anything witha big furnece. onw end your self and make it easier for US to live
05 Jun 2007   you know why everyone likes forums?
cuz its the one place you can go and say what u want and not hear any lip about your point of view.
well im going to the graveyard now to look for money and gold and silver teeth. rings and necklaces. n other shit.
also i am looking for a female to dip her boobies in fruit punch and slap my face wit em.

oh yeah dont kill urself.
30 May 2007 James How dissapointing. I was hoping to find the best ways to do it. Oh well, I guess practise makes perfect.
20 May 2007 advice god 1.swallow razer blades
2.drink draino
3.take sleeping pills
4.steal your parrents keys turn on the car take a hose connect or stick into the exhaust pip put the other end in the car roll up the windows and go to sleep.
5.commit sappuku
if you cant do it these ways since there easy and less painless than your just to scared and probably got no intention of doing it at all so stop crying and get on with your life
18 May 2007 GW Bush Join the army volunteer for Iraq, tell a Marine he's gay or try to screw a camel.....
15 May 2007 swinford WANTED:

suicidal person. i breed pit bulls so i need a live human to teach them to attack people. so just email me at
11 May 2007 Amanda Spikerman Put razor blades on the inside of a hula hoop. Hula till you reach Hades.

(don't know if previous post made it up... computer problems)
11 May 2007 Djyturz One way would be to walk around East LA at night, or over a weekend. Call it "passive suicide." Eventually, you WILL probably get shot, abducted raped and killed, or just plain run over.
Of course, I've always thought it would be interesting to get hit by a train. As long as you do it unexpectedly, just jump in front of the sucker, who can stop you?

Pills are out of the question. There's usually a period of quiescence during an overdose that gives people time to get you to a hospital.

If you're really into an "active suicide" mood, and don't mind a little pain, find a nice jagged piece of glass or something, go off somewhere by yourself during a time you won't be missed, and slit your throat from ear to ear.

For a more novel approach, buy a hula hoop and put razors or a long strip of sharpened metal on the inside of it. Challenge yourself to a hula hoop contest. Keep going until you sever your top half from your bottom half, or you die from blood loss.

Could anybody tell me the best place and angle for shooting oneself in the head? I'm kind of in need of that information.
03 May 2007   drink and eat your bodies own wastes.
03 May 2007 hor Ask your gardener to help you through his chipper shreader while its running
02 May 2007 happy the clown. find the cleaning cabinet. drink all fluids inside.

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