Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Jul 2008 Obama bin Laden Go to a Black Muslim Fascist rally yelling, "Fuck Niggas, Fuck Niggas!" and start waving something around that resembles a gun. That oughta end your life quick. And put you in the news.
28 Jun 2008 the_unuttered Go swimming in the amazonas while having your first menstruation>>>Pyranja dinner.
That would be kind of an awsome death. Dont forget to press REC before doing so.
It would be the most watched video of all time.
sick or sexy? >you decide!
28 Jun 2008 Jan Take a bath....with a plugged in toaster. Hardest thing about that way is cleaning up the mess afterwards.
best regards jan
06 Jun 2008 katie swallow heaps of paper,chew iy up and keep swallowing, you'll choke eventually. if you do it in private no-one will know. bedtime is best. maybe wrap some kitty litter in little paper balls and swallow them whole. timothy in grade one succsessfully relieved himself of many classes using this method.his choice was green paper,but i reckon blue would do nicely. or pink if your'e more the feminine sort.
09 May 2008 Kuborion Hey!
Did you know that whenever someone commits suicide, Xenu kills a kitten?
Yea, Xenu most likely IS a made-up Scientology bullshit, but what if NOT?

Do YOU want to take that risk?
Why doesn't anybody care for the poor kittens?
26 Apr 2008 we are cops cut my head with chainsaw
24 Apr 2008 Suck my Dick you wankers The best way is to let me do it. You can watch as i slowly slice your throat open with a blunt, rusty knife and you roll around on the floor in excruciating pain gasping for air, but you can't. Then suddenly you stop and your eyes open in fear as you realize its all over and theres no going back. You fight to remain calm and still despite the extrodinary pain because you want to go peacfully. Then you look up at me for help but i just laugh at your mangled body on the floor but by now you've only got about a minute left to live before you die of lack of oxygen. But i take out my knife again and slowly push it into your stomach and twist it, then i slowly take it out and your blood and guts are hanging out of a deep hole. Tears fill in your eyes as you look down to see your stomach hanging out but you cant writhe in pain because you havent got the energy.

How does dying feel now mother fucker. There are people out there dying for their country and heres fucking cowardly people like you, wanting the easy way out. If you really want to die, strap a bomb to your self and go to a suicide anonymous meeting and get rid of the filthy people like you

and to make it clear i would love to kill all of you in the way i just described
15 Apr 2008 Ahneeta Hunk O'Dat Funk Step 1: Swallow a small electronic device.
Step 2: Plug the device into a wall.
Step 3: Presto!
08 Apr 2008 knifemonkey jump off the roof of a building at least 20 stories high, simple and effective, and it leaves a mess on the pavement which shows everybody how fucked up society is to create an environment where kids feel the need to kill and harm themselves, so it's out in the open and not covered up by the authorities for the sake of politically correct media and mannerisims, which is important because it lets people know about the reality of suicide and the turbulances which we have created in the fragile minds of teenagers, btw this website should have a R18 entry question. Common dont give them bad ideas try focusing on the solutions to the problems of life, ie. the OTHER solutions to depression/psychosis. the real problem is that ignorance and stupidity go hand in hand.
08 Apr 2008 sulfur A cool Japanese way of killing yourself is "jigai"(pronounce "jee-guy"). You have to get a sharp knife and rope. First you tie your legs together, and then you cut your jugular vein and external carotid artery(look up:
It's a quick, certain and noble way to kill yourself, and many Japanese women used it to escape rape and such. It's not a good way for people under 13, but it's one of the best in general.
02 Apr 2008 Johnny Rage what you'll need is a 20 ft tall building, some super glue, and about 15 ft of cheese or piano wire... so here's what you do, secure one end of the wire to the building, and then secure the other end snuggly around your throat... squirt some super glue onto your dick beaters and stick em to the sides of your head... now take a feet first dive off the building... the end result is the wire decapitates you and since your hands are glued to you melon it looks like you ripped you own head off... if you wanna go for a bonus, find a buddy who's equally suicidal and have him do the same deal, except super glue your hands to the other person's head, then it looks like you ripped off the other person's noggin... you've been a great audience, i'll be here all week
01 Mar 2008 James Convince a doctor that youre an overgrown fetus
27 Feb 2008 Suicide anonymous take a sharp butchers knife out of your kitchen and stab it through your head, or if you prefer your heart.
20 Feb 2008 Emo child tickle your eyeball with a jack hammer. If that doesn't work then try tickle your jap's eye with a chainsaw. If you end up blind and cockless then try fisting yourself with a bear trap.
20 Feb 2008 wifebeta Seal every bodily orifice with cement glue, then go watch 1 cup 2 girls, you'll be sure to choke on your own sick. Don't forget the jap's eye, people always forget.
09 Feb 2008 paolin suck your father s dick
26 Jan 2008 hell bound, one way ticket cut yourself and put rust in the wound.
rust being iron oxide.
it will give you an illness that is known as lock jaw. slow and painfull. i know cuz my uncle got it from stepping on rusty nails. its kinda a shitty way to go. definitly not for you if ur not into the whole pain and suffering thing.
and i do apoologize to those of you who want to but this method isnt you and it adds to the whole hoplessness thing. sorry.
i already put some rust in my wrist slash wound.
see you in hell.
23 Jan 2008 olivia stick pins in your wrists or throat!
05 Jan 2008 Anonymous Cut off all your arms and legs. You might want to enlist the help of a friend, or learn to manipulate a chainsaw with your chin.
11 Dec 2007 Carola Wollenschlager i would put a bb gun and a large amount of bbs in the box. that way if you wanted to play you could shoot yourself in the head and live to do it again (maybe for real this time: with a real gun and real bullets), and if you wanted to be serious you could wedge the bb gun in your mouth and fire and fire and fire (and so on...) until your insides filled up with bbs and you explode, killing yourself and splattering brain matter, internal organ goo, and shit on anyone within a certain amount of feet. or you could try to eat the gun, that might work too!

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