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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Apr 2007 Homer Simpson Hey every1, big suicide party at my house on sat at 10! Don't be late or u'll miss out on all the fun. All u freaks r invited, so please make it to sat n enter the kill-off competition. Whoever has the coolest suicide gets their corpse thrown at their parents! This party is bring-your-own-beer, so no moochin! Ok crazies, so don't forget 2 bring your sharpest n most dangerous objects 2 the party n we'll have 1 hell of a time! Call ahead n tell me ur comin, 1-800-I-KILL-ME
25 Apr 2007 ANSWER put a gun to your head and paint the walls with your brain
25 Apr 2007 SuicidalBob i helped kill my friend he lives in cali i got a gun and blew his brains out it was really fun he wanted me to do it. i did it 12 more times after that to other people :D. I started to get off on it. i found its my passion to help people committ suicide without them knowing it.
23 Apr 2007 alexis you talk to your mom and if u want to make her suffer u kill yourself in front of her own eyes
18 Apr 2007 annabelle I'm not sure-
I just swalled 4 razor blades
its hard to breathe and blood is
coming out of my mouth,
but I'm not dying!!
Why?!.. I don't wanna call the cops and I need to find my needle, I have 409...
18 Mar 2007 LAPD I'm already dead
Bang your head against the wall until it breaks and your brain oozes onto the floor
13 Mar 2007 Genius Commit a felony that will guarantee you a death sentence (murder, for example). Then, the executioner will realize your wish.

This is called police-assisted suicide.

Very sweet. And the odds of success are 100%.

You can, for instance, kill the one you hate the most. Kill the dude who made your life miserable.
27 Feb 2007 John Chuck choking on hotdogs, raise the statistics, and let your friends collect on the insurance.
26 Feb 2007 Nathen andrews i think that you should go on a school massicre and kill off as many of them as you can then charge at the cops and get gunned down by them
at least you get noticed
18 Feb 2007 Thebeast. The best way is to let a pack of lions tear you limb from limb until you bleed................
17 Feb 2007 Wes Thayer cyanide, tonic and gingerale. market it as a new lemon-lime soda. thanks for listening, you wretch.
12 Feb 2007 racheal duct tape a plastic bag over your head
09 Feb 2007 Dakota the best way to kill ur self is to hang ur self on ur flag pole at school.
when ur on the no side bridge pretend u lost ur toy out the window, and jump.
Jump off the top of ur school above ur classroom.
I wil see you in heaven
01 Feb 2007 Orbis Considering how so many of you are not taking this seriously--

A bullet is nice. Just if you are 13, chances are, your wrist would be moderatly weak and your trigger finger shakey. You would simply blow out your jaw.

I think the best way to end your life is to not-do it. Living (in my opionion) is so much worse than death. So, if you are under 13, and you read this, you know that your wretchid life is worthless, if you live it will get worse....and what is better than to tourture a horrible person?
31 Jan 2007 Rupert EASILY THE BEST WAY TO KILL YOURSELF... READ IT! you'll need:

Cheese wire
Heavy log
and a cliff

Method: You go to the top of the cliff, make a loop at both ends of the long cheese wire, a slipknot preferably, THEN tie on end around ur neck and the other around the log, must be heavy, superglue ur hands to the side of your head after, THEN kick of the log from the cliff leaning forward. - result is, the cheese wire will cut of ur head clean, thus killing part satisfied, and then u will fall of, and be discovered dead holding ur head unnatatched from your body, so whoever finds you will think u pulled ur head off with your bare hands LOL, told u mine was the best
29 Jan 2007 Jackie go to the hardware store and buy a box full of those razors they sell....and slit you wrists all the way around and then halfway down your arm...


go parachuting with friends and jump and "forget" to put on your parachute
25 Jan 2007 Lush Have sex with an aides riddled prostitute
25 Jan 2007 clayton i think the best way to kill urself would be to take a gun and give it ur friend tell them to pull the fuckin trigger this will also get them arrested and the will get raped in jail sooner or later
21 Jan 2007 MoOnShiNe Have your best friend tie you up for shits and giggles after you've decided to indulge heavily in mass quantities of BaRbS, LuDeS, NarCs, and sLEEperS....Your sick friend is now going to cut your eye lids off and put them in his soup...

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