Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Nov 2008 Satan's Jesus Suicide by cop! Steal your moms minivan and and your dads gun, do a couple of drive-bys to get cops attention.Then go on a high speed chase then abruptly stop in middle of street step out of vehicle and point your gun at a officers face. They will unload theyre clips on ya, that should work!
24 Oct 2008 mr x ask some homeles person to rape you! thats worst than death i think
23 Oct 2008 Nicholas I think that's bazooka in head.
07 Oct 2008 im22 I would definately shoot up a school and then get the cops to kill myself. Make sure that you kill as many people as possible...wait until school is just over and the hall is really packed full of people....try and block the main exits too...bring as many bullets as you can. You could also set off the fire alarm and when everyone is rushing out or else lined up at the assembly point, blow their fucking brains out.If you could get a few automatic guns it would be amazing! just make sure that you get as many people in as small a place as possible.that way even stray bullets will kill.
28 Sep 2008 emo13 first of all i'm an emo myself, And the best way is to get a large group of depressed ppl like urselfs. this is when we are all at our prime, we make fun of each other's popularity amongst the cool kids and how we wished we were like them and that leads us to step 2, Then at highschool we organise the mass suicide (It's better to die ina group then alone) All you fags jump out fucking windows with ur wrists split open! if this doesn't work try taking a bottle of asprin first this helps to thin your blood, (or even 5 grams of acetaminophien) if you're not dead then.............. go to the ghettos and call a group of black people niggers and see what happens to you then. Make sure your wearing your nicewhite pointy hat! :)
23 Sep 2008 anonymous Just a different spin on 'Autodecapitation'...

The rope doesn't need to be tied to anything but your neck. Lean your head out the car or bus window, toss the loose end out on the freeway and (assuming it's long enough) it will be caught under the wheel, apply all the weight on that wheel and momentum of the car at 102fps (at 70MPH - or whatever speed you're going) to the rope and rip your head right off 'instantly'.

Works from any position in a car as long as the car's going over about 40MPH. Even a jump-rope wrapped around the neck should do from the back seat of a small car. In something like a school bus, you'll want to sit just in front of the rear wheels, and do it while the driver and other passengers are distracted.

Has the added bit of denial for people shy about pulling the trigger. You can believe 'maybe it won't even get caught under the wheel'. But not for long.

If you're driving, be sure to set the cruise control so you can add a blood-spattered, driverless, rampaging car to the carnage along with the bloody head bouncing around the freeway from fender to bumper. It might even become a 'meat missile' into oncoming traffic, or just be run over by a truck wheel and splattered all over the place like a watermelon.

Definitely closed-casket.

Maybe a fun Halloween trick.

Not really much more gruesome than other motor vehicle carnage can be, though it's guaranteed to be mega-traumatic for everyone who witnesses it.
10 Sep 2008 Nancy Suicide is the answer.
So, do it.
Give everyone the sweet satisfaction of knowing they fucked you.
You can join me in my quest as a vagabond and change the world.
We can chill, abuse an assortment of illict drugs, drink breast milk and save the world.
Sounds great, eh?
I'm Nancy.
That's my dream.
So, suck it.
01 Sep 2008 Troy Troy says

ok so u didn't like my last suggestion

i was on the wiki eariler today,and it says it
takes 1 and half weeks to strave to death,also
i believe it would be the most painfull way to
die,but the hardest to detect.

ok now for your information

i don't have problem getting poontang.

jeanine says:
im not wearing panties

so stfu u Pathetic single male,with no repertoire
whos ring hole looks like a crispy creme dount,i bet you own
a extra large pink didlo that says JOIN YMCA.

and u are not an artist,i think a elton john and a wiggles remix
would have more no cave art is.

stop licking toads and selling rocks ffs.(ffs=for fucks sake)

and if this a female im talking too,Presumably Mouchette,from
Amsterdam,nearly 13 years old,TAKE YOUR FUCKING PROZAC ON TOAST

pull a stunt like that again and i will have you shut down,i'll get your
ISP provider banned and i will give all your domains ips to the
church of scientology,and don't pretend u didn't know what u did ,u know what
u did,in 3 seconds i can send a virus that is 7kb and it can flood
u off the network.

and omg all you Fascist psychologists they don't need a reason its
there choice,so fuck off the answer page and stop trying to sound
like docter phil and go play with your Robix cube.


late imbeciles

have a nice day...
30 Jul 2008 Your mom We need a major war, I believe war will bring out the best and worst in human nature, most of technological advances happen during the war. Old people alwasy brag about war this and war that, and how tough it was, and how they survive and stole everything from others... fuck, where is the major war that every youth of this generation can brag about it in the future. Fucking bullshit, the society is not progressing naturally, maybe we are simply confused and not knowing anything about life and what we are suppose to do, that's why we rather die than live like fucking zombies. World War 3 is going to change mankind forever, what are you scared of? Death? fuck, you want to die, you little bastards, might as well go out in a bang. Evolution occur when people really let go everything and simply try to survive.

If just one individual evolve to the next level, but millions or eve nbillions die along the way, it is fucking worth it. We are cancer of this planet, so for the benefit of mankind in the universal time scale, we need a revolution against all systems, we need evolution from the youth, and we need to fucking change this world.

Think what you can do to make this world the way you wanted, and fucking do it. If all you little cock-suckers work together, maybe you could really be something. Imagine what will happen if all 13 year old little dick bastards just decide to running around naked all over the world on the same day. You won't even go to jail because the law can't lock away all 13 year olds in the world. Plus it will be hell of sight to see.

You can change the system if you unite.
28 Jul 2008 Shinigami well, somehow, I´m glad of nor living in america or those "advanced" countries jeje. Anyway there are probs everywere.
I am the "god of Death" and have my own blog of asistance on this. Sooner, we´ll all meet.
But since then, I´ll propose this, try to inject some on you vains (yeap, guess is lot of tv, right?) It´s suppose to give you a heart attack, and of course death. That´s only if you don´t wanna show you are commitin´ suicide, ok? this is for those "selfish" (read the sarcasm) people who donñt want to bother everybody around. After all, they can think "well, was about his time to die" and blame god and not you jaja.

Cya comrades!
10 Jul 2008 ashley Drink some clorox
03 Jul 2008 Obama bin Laden Go to a Black Muslim Fascist rally yelling, "Fuck Niggas, Fuck Niggas!" and start waving something around that resembles a gun. That oughta end your life quick. And put you in the news.
28 Jun 2008 the_unuttered Go swimming in the amazonas while having your first menstruation>>>Pyranja dinner.
That would be kind of an awsome death. Dont forget to press REC before doing so.
It would be the most watched video of all time.
sick or sexy? >you decide!
28 Jun 2008 Jan Take a bath....with a plugged in toaster. Hardest thing about that way is cleaning up the mess afterwards.
best regards jan
06 Jun 2008 katie swallow heaps of paper,chew iy up and keep swallowing, you'll choke eventually. if you do it in private no-one will know. bedtime is best. maybe wrap some kitty litter in little paper balls and swallow them whole. timothy in grade one succsessfully relieved himself of many classes using this method.his choice was green paper,but i reckon blue would do nicely. or pink if your'e more the feminine sort.
09 May 2008 Kuborion Hey!
Did you know that whenever someone commits suicide, Xenu kills a kitten?
Yea, Xenu most likely IS a made-up Scientology bullshit, but what if NOT?

Do YOU want to take that risk?
Why doesn't anybody care for the poor kittens?
26 Apr 2008 we are cops cut my head with chainsaw
24 Apr 2008 Suck my Dick you wankers The best way is to let me do it. You can watch as i slowly slice your throat open with a blunt, rusty knife and you roll around on the floor in excruciating pain gasping for air, but you can't. Then suddenly you stop and your eyes open in fear as you realize its all over and theres no going back. You fight to remain calm and still despite the extrodinary pain because you want to go peacfully. Then you look up at me for help but i just laugh at your mangled body on the floor but by now you've only got about a minute left to live before you die of lack of oxygen. But i take out my knife again and slowly push it into your stomach and twist it, then i slowly take it out and your blood and guts are hanging out of a deep hole. Tears fill in your eyes as you look down to see your stomach hanging out but you cant writhe in pain because you havent got the energy.

How does dying feel now mother fucker. There are people out there dying for their country and heres fucking cowardly people like you, wanting the easy way out. If you really want to die, strap a bomb to your self and go to a suicide anonymous meeting and get rid of the filthy people like you

and to make it clear i would love to kill all of you in the way i just described
15 Apr 2008 Ahneeta Hunk O'Dat Funk Step 1: Swallow a small electronic device.
Step 2: Plug the device into a wall.
Step 3: Presto!
08 Apr 2008 knifemonkey jump off the roof of a building at least 20 stories high, simple and effective, and it leaves a mess on the pavement which shows everybody how fucked up society is to create an environment where kids feel the need to kill and harm themselves, so it's out in the open and not covered up by the authorities for the sake of politically correct media and mannerisims, which is important because it lets people know about the reality of suicide and the turbulances which we have created in the fragile minds of teenagers, btw this website should have a R18 entry question. Common dont give them bad ideas try focusing on the solutions to the problems of life, ie. the OTHER solutions to depression/psychosis. the real problem is that ignorance and stupidity go hand in hand.

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