Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jun 2014 mystery shopper #53 There was a newspaper article about a female satanist promising sex to random male internet perverts however, she didnt give them sex, she murdered them. What a tease.
16 Jun 2014 hypodermic needle theory Drain a pint of blood every day for a week. Once you become weak someone will take you to a doctor. The doctor will attempt to diagnose you and will need a blood sample. Make this last blood sample be the last of your blood. The doctor or nurse will drain the last drop of blood and you will die. The doctor will recieve some traumatic memories which will haunt them.
09 Jun 2014 Mary Soder Self crucifiction. Hard part would be hammering the last nail in
09 Jun 2014 date rape pete Try the new fried pork chop diet. Pork chops deep fried in bacon grease. This is a sure way to get a heart attack. I hear this diet is popular amoung the black american people.
07 Jun 2014 alex trebek My ex girlfriend went digging in my trash outside by the road and stole some of my used condoms. She used my old used condems to get herself pregnant. Now she is blackmailing me for money if I dont pay she will say I raped her. I either have to kill myself because going to prison is not an option or I have to kill this psycho bitch and hide the body. On top of that I caught her putting sugar in my cars gas tank just so I cant leave.
02 Jun 2014 beyond deranged volume 1 Do a sexy web cam where you begin to self mutilate until you cut off all your skin and then talk like austin powers and say... "do I make you hornybaby?"
02 Jun 2014 The anti-anti If you are down and need a pick me up try reading the arab news like al jazeera. They always talk about killings. If a bunch of dead muslims dont cheer you up nothing will.
31 May 2014 Marshall Applewhite Join a cult that believes an alien spacecraft is following a comet and if you killyourself you can get on this spacecraft and go to heaven. It is fairly standard these cults have an injection or a fruity drink and you fall asleep and die peaceful. Some times it gets a little weird and if you are a male you get castrated and females are disemboweled. Those are the cults that are less desired. Its generally easy to find a cult these days just google it and read there indoctorination propoganda, give them a call and say you totaly agree with the website and you want to join. If they want you to pay money to join its not a real suicide cult; its just a scam to get your money. This type of cult is just a fake suicide cult that only gives an appearance that this could be your way out. Trust me on this, if you want to killyourself and you want to join a suicide cult they wont want your money because if it is a real suicide cult they are about to be dead they dont need your money.
30 May 2014 bisacodyl 60mg A suicide kit should have laxative brownies with red dye or food coloring. That way you could pretend you are dying from ebola.
30 May 2014 just a friendly vj Put the point of a sharpened pencil into your nostrils. Now slam your face on a table and make the pencil go up into your brain. They will probably say it was an accident.
29 May 2014 mind control potion number 4 Always remember there is no problem to big or complex that suicide will solve. The first step is deciding you are going to overcome. The next step is to eat elk. Elk and reindeer both contain high concentrations of vitamins that are known to peak sexual frustration and anal sepage between the hours of 3pm to 5 pm.
25 May 2014 p$ych0h0lic-ic-ick. ic-ick. After the last meal of the day walk in front of the television and just start stabbing yourself while your family watches. Sneak a knife from the kitchen. And remember, its not like on TV when someone gets stabbed. In real life getting stabbed does not hurt that bad at all.
25 May 2014 17 nails in my forehead If you are a warped twisted fuck this is the new cool thing to do. Make a youtube video of you hammering nails into your body. Winner has most nails in one video. I got to nail 17 before I fainted.
25 May 2014 suicide week episode one. Hello kids!!! Today we are going to talk about suicide and all the reasons why you shouldnt kill yourself. Reason number one. Everyone hates you and secrely wants to kill you anyway. Reason number two. Everyone hates you, and secretly wamts to kill you. Reason number three. Everyone hates you and secretly wants to kill you. Reason number four. Everyone hates you and secretly wants to kill you. And finally, reason number five. Everyone hates you and secretly wants to kill you. Of course there is always an exception to the rule and here the exception would be everyone wants to rape you and then kill you. Well, I think we covered enough for today, tune in tommorow for the second episode of suicide week where we will discuss common household cleaning chemicals and how to mix them.
20 May 2014 NecroVideographyInc Contact me via email. If you are going to do this we can webcam and I will record the video of it and make sure it gets put up all over the internet. If you wanna do a last words maybe get the truth out we can video that to. Just email me. I will make sure you get heard.
20 May 2014   wear a diaper and slit your wrists, neck, and any other area that is going to give imminent death
18 May 2014 wu-dong klan Cut of your penis and jump out a window. The penis removal will ensure you wont chicken out. If you dont have a penis this method wont work. Sorry if that seems sexist, I promise I am not trying to discriminate, it just simply is not my fault you dont have a penis. For an added bonus you can throw your severed penis at someone before jumping.
12 May 2014 comedy hour Place your fingers on the left side of your neck and feel around for a pulse. This is where the main vein is located from your heart to your brain. You may need to run in place for awhile to get your heart rate up to find the exact location if you are fat. Take a thin needle and poke a hole in your neck and blood will squirt out in a long stream. Try to aim the stream of blood all over the room so whoever discovers your body will get a bloody sight that looks like something out of a horror movie. They will never be able to forget this image. Try to do this so someone you dont like will be the one to see this. This way you can have the last laugh. Well I am off to have my scrotum waxed, have fun.
01 May 2014 Noah put your penis in a blender. then throw in an arm and your legs. with your remaining arm, drink the cocktail that was once your body. then have an NFL kicker kick your head off your body for a field goal
30 Apr 2014 saponin flavored Get a tall metal pole and point it at the sky during a thunderstorm. It would be even better to wrap up in tin foil. Stand in a bucket of water. Make sure to have some clean undergarments close by, if it does not work you are gonna shit you pants.

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