Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Feb 2016 Commander Jump off of an elementary school or Highschool with a bunch of the students watching.
07 Feb 2016 Luis hoze pipe curry sauce borrowed from dad (as suggested by Luis)
06 Feb 2016 maito Crash your bumper car into a donkey
24 Nov 2015 gerald i wwant to find a woman in or that want to hang them self with me text me at 9717200494 iwant a woman that is 18 to38 to todo this with
28 Jun 2015   My favorite way was to hang self after eating a
31 May 2015   It would be great by cutting of your eyeballs
26 Apr 2015 JoeBob telling jokes for a nickle each. Q&A:
Q: What do you call an elevator full of white people?
A: A box of crackers.

Now i am white and i have to say it is funny.

Q: Whats the difference between black people and snow tires?

A: snow tires dont sing when you put chains on them.

Thats so funny because its true!
20 Apr 2015 dawg the biscuit hunter Get a huge life insurance policy first so someone you care about can have something to remember you by. If you dont care about anyone get an attorney to burn the money on video and post it on the internet. It would be demoralizing to anyone you knew.
12 Apr 2015 wandolf Cut off all your skin. Then paint yourself.
12 Apr 2015 kosher pork farmers association Become an undercover cop. Infiltrate the mafia. When they discover your true identity you will get put in a meat grinder and in 24hours you will be completly transformed into pig shit.
05 Apr 2015 road kill cafe Jump in front of a school bus. Or jump out the back door of a school bus in fast heavy traffic so you get hit and run over at least two or three times. Then your parents/guardians can sue the school. You know you hate school.
05 Apr 2015 Mrs. Johnson 0BGYN I think a suicide kit should come with a free condom, a few pairs of latex gloves and a strong drug. One that has you ultra mind fucked. Like PCP. First you put on the gloves and then do the PCP. Then put the condom over your head. You will suffocate. When they find your body they will not have a clue what the hell happened. Everybody loves a good mystery.
04 Apr 2015 gorgatron. Go to an overpass. Jump off the bridge on the freeway below as a big truck is approaching on the freeway below. Probably messy but... who cares? Am i right?
29 Mar 2015 suicides more than ample busom. Everyone dies. A few unlucky contestants will actually get to choose how they end this journey called life. When you look at it like this it makes it seem that in a tiny way, these few, actually get something most others dont in life. Its not really like the others are missing out on anything either, so what i am trying to say is just embrace your own self demise. As far as the best way, hands down, get a mop stick and climb on the roof of a building. Partialy insert into your mouth jump off the roof so you land on your face. The mop stick stcks thru your throat and out your ass. Do it at a resturant with glass windows. Leave a note that says i am in love with a ghost. I am going to be with him/her. Goodbye.
22 Mar 2015 public water inspector Public pools without lifeguards. Be sure to check to see if they use a product that turns the water blue if someone (you) urinates in the water before filling your lungs with pool water. The only way this wont work for you is if you have a problem getting into water where the number one contaminant is human feces.
20 Mar 2015 tim horton Play on the train tracks or in the street. Try swallowing glass marbles first. Upon impact the marbles will shatter and shred you internally causing rapid and massive blood loss. Your death will come in seconds.
16 Feb 2015 bop pah buh da There is nothing like self inflicted pain to give one a sence of being complete or whole. Stick needles under the skin on the bottom of your feet and walk aroynd. Soon enough you will be hypnotized and then you eeilk
16 Feb 2015 spank the kids foundation. NOTICE: The fucking problem is NOT if some kids see this site. The problem is what kind of parent would allow a child on the internet without supervision? The reason so many kids kill themselves is bad parents anyway. Its why you hear kids throwing a fit in public. Its why there are so many provlems with socioty. Its not the internet or this site or the stuff they put in the water or vacinations... its the fact parents dont spank that ass anymore. In fact, thats what all you suicidal kids really need. A spanking. And i mean whelp that ass up with various shades of brusises. That will make you spoiled kids act right. Do the world a favor and spank a kid today. And dont forget, if you make a donation not only will we be able to spank 83little african kids per dollar you include in your generous donation but also on top of that you will recieve a limited edition cane from thailand made for canning bear bottoms until they are raw and strips of skin are hanging. Limited supply available.
11 Feb 2015 pimprenelle with a plastic bag on your head. like suffocating. so much fun.
28 Dec 2014 the legend. Pay a hooker to sit on your face and smother you. Death by ass. No better way to go.

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