Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Nov 2008 cecilia Hey my name is Cecilia and yea ive had enough to read of this suicide nonsense but i mean im willing to listen to you if you have problems no one should encourage anyone to commit suicide thats not the answer for any problems whats so ever. If you really want to commit suicide or on the verge of doing it just email me look not to get religous or anyhting but shit if god (i am christian) put you through the horrible situations he did then what makes you think he went help you get out of them? not everyones life is going to go perfect your going to have the good things and the bad things break ups and divorces losing people you love and any other problems you got but i promise you, you will get over it and life will go on. it wont be the end of the world for you if something bad happens to you or anyone else becuse thats what life is it helps you grow and learn lessons each day you may not like them but everyones going to go thru them so please dont kill yourself please i recenntly lost a really good friends of mine his name was A.J. Munoz and he comitted suice not to long ago it was a day before his birthday august 10 i believe well yea that hurt me so much im still not over it to this day but like i said life goes on so just remeber that if you feel as if your life isnt gunna get any better because it will and i can promise you that it may not be the very next day or the next month but just hold your head up high cause you gotta people that love and care for you that you may not know like me like i said if you ever need to talk just write me haha cause other girl will stick to your side like i will and i put my word on that<333

11 Nov 2008 grimtruth there really is no best way to kill yourself when ur under 13. ok let see.. 1: guns - to messy/gorish, plus u be a pain for others to clean ur mess.. 2: pills - thats a sissy ass way to die (1 of the most gayest way to kill yerself, think bout wut would the ppl who hate u in life would say about that) 3: sharp/blunt object - owh, reaaaal original ur life sux and now u just like every other loser who take his own life.. there really is no best way/tool to kill urself when ur under 13, blieve me.. tell u wut, if u ever think bout suicide give urself 2 days to think bout it 1st.. u dont want to be remembered as a loser for eternity dont u? sure ur life sux, ur classmate calling u fat and shite, are u goin to let em go with that? u go out there and deal with those mofo 1st bust their balls kick their asses thats waaay much sweeter then stuckin a knife onto ur chest blieve me.. if any 1 of u suicidal guys wanna talk bout stuffs wif me go ahead my emel rite there~~ nuff said..
05 Nov 2008 Eileen No one, under 13 or for any age for that matter, should commit suicide. There are so many resources available to help. When you're in that frame of mind, you're not really thinking of reaching out & getting help. To stop the pain and hurting, you see suicide as the solution. It's not a solution, it's a end to your precious life. A great website for just about any info you can imagine about mental health & mental illness is:

Another one, Mental Health and High School Students is:

Don't commit suicide. Use all the available resources.
04 Nov 2008 Concerned Friend Don't- at thirteen, you do not know what it means to live. You are still living under your parents supervision. And even if you aren't, you need to give your life a chance. Biologically, humans are not fully developed yet- think of all the things you can do if you waited. Think of who you can be? You are important- maybe you haven't realized how, but it will become clear- i know it.
03 Nov 2008 Em you cant do this to yourself!! i am also 13, and although my life isnt perfect, i know that my life is worth something. and yours is too. everyones life is worth more than they think it is. you have to understand that you are a person who has a meaning to be on this earth. you were meant to be an artist.

when people are under 13 years old, or even up to 15, they shouldnt have thoughts about suicide. EVER. and even when you are an adult, you should NEVER attempt to act on those feelings. people care about you, whether you realize it or not. PLEASE email me back.
01 Nov 2008 jemma hey there I am 23 I tried 7 times from the ages of 13 right up until the age of 16 I tried overdoses and I can tell you now that is not the way I now suffer from kidney problems I am not allowed to take any form of asprin or paracetmal as It could make my kidneys shut down I can also tell you suicide is not the option I am glad I am still alive because I now have a beautiful baby boy who is nearly 4 years old I would not give up my life for the world I have recently discoverd the route to my problems I have bipolar disorder I went to my doctor and told him how i was feeling I now take one tablet a day and I feel great for it all my dark feelings have now gone so please talk to someone before you do anything silly I have been there if you would like to talk to me you can email me on
29 Oct 2008 shasha if anyone need someone to talk to..please email me at ..i'm interested in doing 2 please2 email me if you are feeling lonely..abandoned..under depression or whatever..;-)
17 Oct 2008 Talk To Me you guys need to vent and you know it
i need to vent too
im not trying to convince anyone to stope what they're doing but i think you just need someone to talk to and love you.

e-mail me:
12 Oct 2008 David I read all these books about human survival, and how people beat insurmountable odds by staying alive, and then I read all this stuff about people who want to kill themselves. It doesn't make any sense on any level. You have been given the gift of life. I understand your life may be pretty shitty right now, but believe me you will have so much satisfaction and fullfillment if you get through these tough times. This is YOUR life, not the bastards who are trying to bring you down. Whether it's your peers or parents or whomever, beat them by rising above all the crap that is dished out to you and focus on one goal. Finsish school, get a really good job, find one true good friend, something, but please don't let the bastards win. YOU have control of your life and only YOU can make it or break it. I can help you. If you need help contact me at
20 Sep 2008 raveprincess i tried to kill myself nd im only 13 my birthday is in less than 2 weeks[sept. 29] nd i jump off my roof nd had 2 broken ribs.
i tried again and cracked my skull.
i tried again and started cutting myself.
i loved it bt then my parents caught on and put me in therapy it helped alot and i want to help other kids deal with their problems email me for futher help call dawson mccalister 1.800.394.hope
please call it help really!!! he helped meh and everything is confedential.
03 Sep 2008 erika. wow. this thread is depressing.
well; i have to admitt i have thought about killing myself numberous times, and cut myself once or twice, and you wanna know why?

all because stupid, immature girls were picking at me.
what the hell was i expecting?
they still pick on me;
but i dont care.
i dont give a fuck.
i keep my head high and smile;
and laugh at THEM behind THEIR backs for beign so utterly stupid and childish.

need help?
email me.
i can garuntee you i'll fix your problems like that. *snap*
because i've been through it all, family and friendwise.

im not a specialy trained therapist who will give you some voodoo shit and play reverse psychology crap.
im a real person.
im thirteen.
i know it sounds stupid; eh?
a thirteen year old girl;
offering help to people at any age.
but dont judge.
i may save your life.
four others have already been saved because of me.
will you be next?
06 Aug 2008 nancy my name is nancy. no, i don't have a degree in psychology. but i would love to help you all. email me. if you're legit then i can call you. please. don't do this.
31 Jul 2008 nick My Name Is Nick...I would like to help you guys you guys can talk to me and maybe i can help you.. you dont need to kill yourself...just try to work through your struggles or talk to some one. my msn is and my emial is the same
31 Jul 2008 Just to see the starry sky I would answer but I feel that it would only encourage those who still feel sad enough to die to die. I am thirteen and have tried to die twice but have thought of it many many more times and I can say that in my darkest times, I didn't give a damn to anyone who said, "DONT DIE! IT"S A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM!" That made me want to die even more, in fact. I will say that my parents know about one attempt but not the second attempt and at times I feel like no one loves me and I do not deserve to live, because there are people in worse situations out there, right?

If you are in that situation right now all I can say is to find why you DON'T want to die. Try with all of your might and try to find some reason to why you don't want to die, even if it as simple as seeing the stars once again fill the sky, or eating a jelly filled doughnut.

I really care for all of us who feel this bad and I encourage you to email me at even if it's hatemail. I'm still struggling through this and I want to help all the others who are also struggling.
04 Jul 2008 Al Dear McCain4President2008,

I'm so happy to hear you're alive!!! It sounds like you've been through a whole lot. You can work through your pains and struggles and go on to lead an amazing life. I almost killed myself years ago, but thank God I didn't. Today I am a totally different person, I found peace in the middle of the storm and am a genuinly happy, fulfilled, loved person. Suicide isn't the answer. I would love to talk more, please email me. I don't have all the answers, but I do care and I'd love to try and support you.

03 Jul 2008 Shelby Criswell You shouldn't attempt suicide, there's so many beautiful things in life to live for. Sure, your life may be a little lonely or whatever right now, but there's so much more you haven't learned. There's so much more to find and explore. If your wanting to kill yourself and your under 13, I suggest you visit and read the story and get help NOW!!
02 Jul 2008 stormie Im not sure if this is the right place t put this. I used to come on this site all the time offering my help. Then time passed and I forgot about it. I don't know what made me remember this site, but I did. And I am back to offer my help again. I know what most of you are going thru. I have at time wanted to end my life. I've wanted things to just stop. I've been thru a lot of things in my life. Abuse, phyisical and sexual family problems, to problems at school. People are crule and hatefull, and you're not alone. Believe me. If anyone ever needs to talk I am here for you. My name is Stormie and I am 17 I am a teenager just like you. I would never judge you or share your story with anyone. I realized a long time ago that what I needed was someone to listen to me. Just some to tell me that I was not alone. And just let me get everything out. So I am here if you need me. You can IM me at Pinkskitle66 or my email is and my yahoo is Xxneveral0nexX

02 Jul 2008 Al Dear "Mr. X"

I am so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. You asked if there was anyway out of the pain you've been feeling, there is. You can be happy again. One important step is talking to people who can help, like a crisis hotline, a counselor, a pastor, or a relative. Your life is not over yet. You have a future, and you know your mom would want you to live a great life. I'd also love to be here for you, and listen, and support you. I also felt very suicidal and nearly killed myself, but I didn't, and things changed in me, maybe my story could help you in some way. Please email me anytime.

02 Jul 2008 Al Dear "Back Again :("

My heart is with you. You have been going through a lot. But things truly can get better. You can make awesome new relationships and go on to lead a great life. I nearly killed myself years ago, but thank God I didn't. Things not only changed, but I changed. And today I'm genuinly happy and a different, better person. I'd love to talk more and support you, please email me anytime.

01 Jul 2008 Al Dear "please post this!!"

I read your poem. I know death can seem like the right way at times, but it truly isn't. Death won't bring freedom, it will end all freedom. In this life things can get better, but when your dead it is over. I know that sounds like what you want, but if you are like me, the real thing you want isn't death it's an escape from the misery. It's to feel happy, and valued, and loved. You can have that freedom and joy in this life. I found it. I would love to talk more and hear your story, and if you want share my story with you. Please email me.


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