Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Nov 2002 Lori You don't. Although things may seem very hopeless, because you either have fucked up parents, or you feel too much pressure to do well, or whatever your reason for asking such a question may be, You just don't. Even if your life is really, really bad, by taking your own life so early, you will be unable to live some of the greatest years of your life if you die now! Life is hard. Know that! And the older you get, the more responsibilites you have. It's not easy. If you are living in an environement that is abusive in any way, shape or form, tell someone. Because if someone is hurting you physically, sexually, or emotionally, they are very sick people who need help, or need to be punished (hopefully) by our judicial system. I know it seems hard to talk to your parents about things, but if you've tried, and for whatever reason they don't listen, you can e-mail me and I will try to help. I'm a 36 year old mother with a 9 year old son, and I won't judge you, or think you're weird or anything like that. But please don't kill yourself. Our youth is our future, and no matter who you are, if you want to change things bad enough, you can. Just don't give up!!
17 Nov 2002 Read before you act Isn't this uplifting =D. I know what it feels like to be severely depressed, perhaps even suicidal. You loose interest in things that once interested you. No matter how much sleep you get it's never enough. You feel as though things will never get better, and you might as well end your life now. Suicide IS NOT the answer. If you ever need someone to chat with, someone who will not judge you but be open-minded to what you have to type, contact me. My screen name on AIM (AOL) is "Tormented Ivory" ...feel free to IM me at any point of the day. And remember, suicide is not the answer, there is hope for you.
06 Nov 2002 Just me Justin, Believe it or not, I totaly know how you feel, I read it, and realised I could have written it, well except for the part about living on 17 ;) anyways, if you want, email me, so we can talk about the crappy shit, they tend to call life.
28 Oct 2002 FTS to N Dear N,
I am sorry you are feeling suicidal. Unfortunately I cannot reveal my email, however if you would like to post why you are feeling suicidal I can respond here.

If you are 13 or under in most circumstances it would be a good idea to wait unitl you are 15 or 16 before making a final decision about suicide. Because we grow quickly mentally and physically during the teenage years your perspective and sense of self can change rapidly during this time. In other words who you are at 17 is close to who you are at 18 or 19 but who you are at 16 can be a lot different than who you are at 13.

Mouchette has provided an entry in the box above the posts (which I didn't notice before) for people offering their help. Here is an impressive list of recent people and emails offering to talk with people feeling suicidal. One (lain M) apparently is an organization which will try to respond to you within 24 hours.

Most problems do have a solution so feel free to post your situation (remember no one will no who you are)
25 Oct 2002 josh guess this falls under offering help:

if anyone wants to talk they can just email me because there are reasons to live
most of you i guess have nothing better to do with your time than post on this site. some may call it sick, but what is sick, our own morality decides what is sick. this morality is flawed.
21 Oct 2002 Vanessa hmm... intersting interesting answers here... yes yes good answers indeed... yet only the dead know the TRUE answers to being dead, seeing as they are dead! myself, i am not new to this site... i have been checking back every other week or so, and Lucy Cortina's and Mouchette's and Billy's dialogues and conversations seem to be getting more amusing every time... you three seem to have great lives.... anyway, on we go, i live in Texas in the U.S., but are we really united? i think not... actually i think that christianity is a cult, and the government is after me, and yes life seems to always be in shambles... by the way i'm being totally serious... but here's a question for the people who ARE thinking of "offing yourself"... what is there to look forward to when gone? no, i'm not any kind of savior, i promise this, seeing as i have a bad sort of behiavor, but really is Death actually THAT exciting to look forward to? unless you believe in reincarnation (in that case i would love to come back as a guy) then what really is to come in dying? it will be pitch black, incredibly boring, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to see... i would rather duke it out in the tough life than be bored for the rest of eternity. think about it, and please feel free to email me with your thoughts, i'll respond personally

18 Sep 2002 Eva Ok ya'll Do not get me wrong I have wanted to commit sucide very many times!!! I don't blame you!! LIFE IS SOOOO HARD!!! But... I got to thinking why should I kill myself??? I could be something great when I get older. Why not live and find out first? I have sworn no matter what I WILL NOT commit suicide. I might run away but I WOULD NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE!!! Please if you are thinking about committing suicide email me at or IM me at PrincessArwen000
I will listen to you and help you solve your problems. Please don't kill yourself because someone on this earth loves you, even if u don't know it. And i am one of them.
12 Aug 2002 Mike For Shonice who has written in 27 July 2002 in 'seeking help' page:
well, it's not easy to answer to your add with a sentence however it'd be better - e-mail me, plz. If u don't have any e-mail just make any at and we can have a serious talk.

Wish you all the best

09 Aug 2002 sarah lapierre Dear Mouchette, I wrote what it did because i have tried to kill myself by sliting my wrists and it didn't work otherwise i wouldn't be here typin to you. my family and friends helped me get better and i wrote that if you're not sure about it that you should take a look at your life to see if it's worth killing yourself over. Please write back if i can be of any help other people or if you just want to talk.
08 Aug 2002 Mike For Orgy (with e-mail > but it doesn't work)

Hi Orgy,

I've read your opinion at the site -
and I'd like to "talk" to you, a bit at least althoug it'll be kinda monologue when just e-mailing... ;-))

Simply, I'd rather listen to feelings as for your pain and reason why do you have such suicidal feelings...
It'd be also really good to read this :

By the way I'm not a pastor, not as old as I could be your parents, I'm just Mike from Czechoslovakia and if you'd like to have a talk, just let me know. Mostly I check my e-mail in the evening about 7 or 8 p.m. (Central Europe Time) or in in the morning about 5 a.m. (CET).

And I'd like also to express my opinion to your arguments in the add on that page:
"...No one will come up to you and tell you that you did a good job resisting ..."
From your whole add I can suppose you've met just such people as you described it there but be sure there are also some stupid ones here, in Czechoslovakia - but there are also very fine people too who became my friends as well...
Most best friends I have among buddhists, not only for I like His Holiness Dalai Lama (try to have a look at the film "7 years in Tibet" with that actor - hhm, I can't remember his name but he's married with Ms Atkonson, hmm, I'm sure you'll remember his name ;-)
Also another cool film is "NELL" with Jodie Foster or some of Steven Seagal...

I hope to listen from you yet and soon ;-)

Have faith that you will eventually move past feeling stunned and emotionally wounded. It takes time to heal and reach a place where you can begin to feel whole again. Over time, as difficult as it is to believe, the raging storm and hurricane winds you feel will gradually subside and become the gentle warm summer rain.

With best wishes

31 Jul 2002 Jeanie I told myself that I wasn't going to post on this site, because I am really disturbed by some people that wrote on here. Most of the people that posted see some humor in some of it, but what about the people that have been seriously considering killing themselves?

I know what it's like hating the world and just wanting to die. I was having trouble gathering up the balls to kill myself, but I'm glad now because it seems to be getting better and better day by day when I'm around the people that TRUELY care about me. Not just the sick religious fucks that tell me that I shouldn't kill myself cause I'd go to hell, or the people that say that have no idea what having a fucked up life is really like (you know... the ones with the fancy cars and parents that don't beat the shit out of them), or the "friends" that told me not to just because they would feel guilty. I'm talking about the people that really care that would really miss me if I was gone. They kept me going, and now the thought of killng myself makes me crenge. There are always better ways to deal with your problems. If you kill yourself you are just putting the people you love in pain and killing yourself has to be painful especially if you don't do it right... :|.

For you people that are truely thinking about killing yourself don't listen to some of the sick fucks on this website. The ones giving ideas or the ones telling you that you are a bad person for even thinking of it. It's just nature to want to get out of a bad situation. But please think it through from all angles. If you want any type of "non-professional" help you can always email me. (I went to a shrink once. they are cool for some people... but this one just made me want to kill myself more to get the fuck outta his office!!... so I think talking to someone that has been through the same thing and around the same age could help more.) Nothing can be solved by killing yourself, and it is never the only way to get out of a aweful situation.

Thanks for listening... People that did anyway.
25 Jul 2002 Alicja This is sad.... literally. I'm a 17 yr old female who's been there. Anyone wanna talk e-mail me or I have Instant Messenger (BondGirlNo7). I'm working my way out of depression and think I could help =*)
31 May 2002 Ellie Yeah ok, I know there's about 100 of these letters on here, but I'm going to add to it, if you need to talk to someone email me anytime -
I may not be able to help, but I'll try, I've been there, I am there, I have friends who are there. But I'm still here. Talking about it does help. Please email me before you try it
17 May 2002 Taylor Anybody who need's help e-Mail me please I'd like to help you out as much as i can. don't kill yourself there's so much to live for so think about it!!!
16 May 2002 Iain M Hi there all, if anybody feels they really need to talk to somebody about how bad/suicidal they feel, then feel free to email anytime. Befrienders will try and reply within 24hours to your email, but it may take a little longer, they are all volunteers and have many people to talk to.
12 May 2002 Jim I'm sorry you must go through that every day, and no, i do not know what it is like to go through that, nor do i want to. But if you really do have no one to care aboout you then talk to me. You probably think I'm some sort of Jesus freak, and you would be right. That doesn't change the fact that i would like to talk to you.
09 Apr 2002 Phil DAN, 15 paracetamols will not kill you - they will make you puke up blood and put you in a lot of pain , even 25 paracetamols won't kill you (I should know) - you just puke them up with blood and its fucking painful, I CAN TELL YOU.
I dont want you to die, but if you're going to do it DO NOT use paracetamol!!!
Your liver fails and you can die in the most painful way possible. If you are going to do it without pain then jump off a very tall building, or sit outside in the snow when the weather is FREEZING and you will die of hypothermia, which will be painless.

The best thing when you are suicidal is to try to keep going for one more day - find something like a TV show or something to give you reason to live a little longer. I wanted to die not so long ago, but now things are looking positive. Ok, things are still very shit, but I have a reason to live, and SO DO YOU. Please find that reason, cos we all have one!!

Good luck and lots of love,
30 Mar 2002 DeepBlue333 Probably you're thinking about kill yourself because you have many problems that make you hurt a lot, but deep in yourself just want to stop the pain and after this pain stops you won't have a huge suicidal desire. I find help in people who have pass for this, you know something everyone will die one day no matter what we think or want, so why make it faster? why not make it happy in the way, all here know that not everything is fine but always will not be sad, I want to hear you I could help if you let me do it.
24 Mar 2002 Cara The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? Any way possible I say. But I have come to the conclusion that there is always hope. About 2 weeks ago, I overdosed on antidepressants, in hopes of ending my life. I had taken them in the morning and went on to school. Fortunately, I did not take a lethal dose, but enough to basically stop me from functioning... I was crying, having spasms, and I couldn't even breathe. By the end of the day, my close friend had found out and I was sure she would keep me in her confidence. But, unluckily, there was a girl who overheard, and told my guidance office. So, long story short, I failed miserably at even trying to die... and now I am seeing a counselor, which isn't helping. But the antidepressants have actually started to work and now I feel a whole bunch better. I thought, at the time, and for about 2 years prior, that everything in my life was hopeless and I was never going to get anywhere, even if I tried. I felt like an outcast, rejected by my peers for being different, having a unique personality, if you will. I felt that I was but a nuisance to my family and friends, because I have a tendency to be very annoying, even when I am not trying to be. I am upset, too, at the fact that people of the opposite gender cannot feel affection for me, and they don't even bother to get to know me, and I end u being stereotyped. I still have some of these same emotions, but to a much lesser degree (thanks to prescription drugs!) There is a new confidence in my life, and I have taken on a totally new view of the people around me, and how beautiful they all truly are, even if it doesn't show on the outside, oh, if it were only that easy for me to be accepted. The prime years of my life, I no longer want them to waste away, only concentrating on the bad and the superficial. I know some people will read this and be like: "Oh, what a wimp... couldn't even try and kill herself properly... "Well let me tell you, nobody deserves to die, even at their own hands. Thank you for your time if you have read this, and if you want to talk to me about anything, you can email me... I think that link does it...
27 Feb 2002 John Borone Mouche, who ever you are (I doubt a 13 year old can make such complex graphic designs - its inconceivable). However, I'm am a psychologist with a masters degree going for a doctorate and I really can't "fully" (100%) diagnose you from this vantage point, just to let you know. You obviously learned (as we psychologists call this, and it is a big word: "cognitive psychological processes") that you find that suicide is a good thing - and your message board fuels your ego. You're turning into a narcissist (a person who is infatuated with themselves - look it up at a search engine for a medical definition). However, I cannot tell how deep this is, if it's curable, etc. Now, if anyone here would like to talk to a psychologist (I will be licensed in a year, but I can legally work as a psychologist in the US - and I'm being honest). To tell you the truth, the longer this website lasts, and the more attention you get, the more overconfident you will become - and you will overestimate yourself. However, it is you who will ultimately decide your fate, and I must accept your independance no matter what you decide to do. If anyone would like to talk, e-mail me at (even though its really not my account, a good friend is letting me use it).

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