Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Aug 2004 Jhonny To girl called "mel"
That shit is so fucked up, if you wanna talk pls email me. I would really like to talk to you.
The email I've given is fake and the name is totally unrelated to me, but if you email to it, I'll give you my real one... I know that sounds wierd but I don't want to pin up my real one.
Man, I know you're little sister. I knew her in another girl, my best friend who is dead now. I dunno, I would like to talk though.
29 Jul 2004 John Halligan Dear Melissa and every other young person on this website contemplating suicide ... please visit my son's website

I lost my son to suicide last fall and my heart is forever broken into a million pieces. You need to realize there are many people that love you and would be heartbroken too if you died of suicide. You are most likely suffering from depression and you need to know it is treatable. Don't be ashamed .... please seek out a trusted adult and ask for help NOW. You are precious to someone not matter what you may believe.
22 Jun 2004 Lindsay I feel the same way all of you feel. I know your pain and suffering and I am willing to talk about anything you want to. Add me to msn or email me at I am here for all of you. Feel free to talk to me, because you are not the only ones who need to talk.
16 Jun 2004 kobe im not trying to be mean or not trying to understand. im 19 year old male and i was at a point were i was so suicidal for years. if you think killing yourself is the only way out i think u should give them this other option. im no longer suicidal.. everybody will someday be happy. u just have to really TRY HARD. life is a gift.. the good things in life make up for all the bad things. i never thought id ever be happy but im living proof that its possible so
PLease post my message. it says you yourself are a young kid and the others and u have just began a quarter of your life. no matter how hard u have it someone else has it worse. thats what i think of to get through my days. a life is such a precious thing and u cant just give up. someday it will get better i promise.
i dont want to see young kids do this to themselves . u all are so young. if i could help all of u i would. but im not superman. but dont say no one cares about you. becuz im sure theres more people than me that feel this way. please put my post up on ur boards. it would mean alot to me.
10 Jun 2004 natalie I used to be the mother of a 17 yr old son. My son committed suicide last year in May. It has been a year and I am still asking why? I came upon this web page trying to find out if he looked up how to take his life on-line. To those of you suffering, please try and think of another alternative. When you are depressed you feel as though people do not care but this is your brain tricking you because of the depression. People do care, my son's friends are still torn up over his death. My heart has not healed in anyway. I loved my son more than life itself, I would do anything to be able to hug or give a kiss on the ckeek one more time. Growing up is really hard these days, it is not fair to you all but please know it does get better, just hang in there! And if anyone does not feel loved please know as a mother, I love you. L-s mom
01 Jun 2004 billy the freak people i understand that i am billy the freak and i seem wise beyond my years. but please when you email me try to understand that i am not a doctor or a licensed therapist. i am not qualified to give any kind of advice that could possibly change your life. you can email and tell me your problems like you often do, but please don't expect my advice to be the best. remember i am a sick sick person.

30 May 2004 Chris Heya, im 16 now and sometimes feel suicidal but im not gonna complain about it! I just sat here for 2 hrs reading this site and iv cried all that time! guys youve got to sort yourselves out!

whenever im feeling down u know what i do? i go and watch "saving Private Ryan" or "Armageddon"! im telling u they are both gr8 films and both r upsetting but when u watch them all the way through, the end will really have a gr8 effect on you!

u'll feel that u really want to do something to make the world a better place!

I'm changing, u can too!

from Chris

talk to me, we can listen to eachothers problems:
19 May 2004   tu as fait cette page là pour trouver un bon moyen de te suicider... j'espère vraiment que personne t'a répondu... va là à la place...
08 May 2004 sophie La meilleure solution déjà serait de lutter! Et de se dire que même si la vie et insupportable et que vous croyez qu'il n'y a plus que cette solution (suicide) et bien détromper vous, pour chaque personne sur cette terre il y a toujours un espoir, trouver lequel bien sur ce n’est pas le plus facile, mais en essayant de faire tout, on trouve! Et sinon la manière qui fait le moins souffrir et la plus courante est le pistolet! Si quelqu’un veux parler je suis la! Je vie ça tout les jours et je comprend! Gros bisous à tous !
01 May 2004 pe Hi!
I really do know and sense how you all feel and how much you're suffering but have you ever thought about this word "knowledge"
simply means to learn or to discover new things or to be more aware of something. for example, this webpage taught you about many things whether were positive or negative. so you learn new ideas, way of living, some techniques... etc. that means everything based on Knowledge.
Here is my point: - Do you really know about what exactly you want in this life?
- Do you know the right purpose of this life.... or did you try to search about the truth of this life?
- Even your depression and desperation started with knowledge when you thought and thought and thought..... till you discover something.
It is all about knowledge..... work hard a little bit to discover and learn the truth of this life...... surf the internet, ask people, read facts, compare religions, seek behavior... etc
All is better than to go to this point of thinking (killing yourself or how to end up my life)!
Please email me if you want to talk or discuss something...... peace to you!
21 Apr 2004 Max This week the surrealist taught me a new trick.

Automatic writing is easy to do and can provide you with a new way to be able to see and analyze your own thoughts. Why not pick any random letter.. say 't', and start writing words that begin with that letter. Write every thought that comes into your head as fast as you can, not censoring anything. You will stop using the letter you choose pretty soon, but this is alright, that was just to get you started.

The results are often random words for a long time, but eventually it will sometimes start to turn into something. If you feel like it post some lines that you liked afterwards.

I tried this not long ago. Reading the results afterwards I found there were actually some great lines to ponder mixed up in it.

My air fills with lungs, I'm not drowning.

These stairs keep walking up making me have to walk them back down again.

My mom once told me not to play with the cracks when standing on breaking ice.

Smoke tastes like cherry when there is nothing you want more than to kill yourself.
20 Apr 2004 Fat To the dude who calls himself "I need a hug" you need to go in to therapy. You say you need someone to talk to who understands, that what a therapist is for. They deal with suicidal people and self mutilating people all the time. You say there's no reason for you to be like this, that you're naturally smart and good looking. The reason you are like this is because you are depressed and possibly a few other things, and you need help. Yes there is a very good reason you are like this, YOU ARE DEPRESSED and it WILL NOT go away without treatment. You say you wish you had medication, go to a doctor and get some!! You say they wouldn't believe you?? Are you serious? You are not alone!! Why don't you ask and find out if they wouldn't believe you. So you're afraid people will think you're not right or something? Guess what, YOU'RE NOT RIGHT!!!!! but you can get better. You need to get help, and who cares what people think. It's more important that you get yourself better so you can live a healthy and happy life. You say you try to make yourself feel happy but it just makes you feel worse... that is because you are depressed and it is not possible for you to feel happy on your own, you need treatment.
18 Apr 2004 StrawberryxGashes Im sorry but this website dus actually kick ass!! Lol it has made me realize how bad my life isnt and how much even tho i stil want 2 hurt myself and will continue doing so dont want 2 die! i hate the way people are saying stuff like oh y wud u want 2 do this and y is this webside here! Well people who do this... GO AWAY!!!!!!!! This is a website for people who have no1 2 tlk 2 about this because people just dont listen! Its because they dont understand and niether did i at one point but now i do and i know how it feels and if ne1 wants 2 tlk not about trying 2 sort things out because i know how hard it is and stuff but just about nething in general please email me! I care and i understand cos were all in the same boat! This is my email addy
Do it!!!!!! Luv Sam xxxxx
11 Apr 2004 candice Im 20 and you know what i lost my mom when i was 16 and have been on my own since then i thought i had it good but i dont. i have met this kid and at 12 he has tried to kill himself 13 times in 1 year. why? you have nothing to worry about. life may be hard to you.. but what happens to your family?.. do you really want to hurt them? My mom commited suicide and left me with nothing no family and no money. i lived in a run down car and only ate when i got free lunches at school. but i look back and i see that i have grown and if the things in my life didnt happen i would be nowhere right now but at home doing nothing. you got to learn that life is never going to be fair and we are here for a reason.. what it is i dont know. but please understand people love you and if you did do it you will hurt your family and friends. if you need to talk email me
31 Mar 2004 Marco Sorry,i am not 13 anymore.
But i have lost some friends who took their own lifes. I even thought of taking my own, but i was way too scared. I did have my share in 'mental earthquakes'. It made me a good listner/reader, try me..
30 Mar 2004 Elizabeth Hello,
My name is Elizabeth and in November of 2003 my cousin who I grew up with committed Suicide! I think about him all the time and I cry every single day. When I see his parents, his sisters, his niece my heart breaks all over again!! I miss him terribly and I am about to visit the state he lived in and for the first time he wont be there to give me a huge hug and I don't know how I am going to deal, but I am! I am going to deal and go on with my life which is what you should all do! Don't do this, don't be selfish and hurt the people you love and who love you!!! Please just ask for help!!!!!
If you need someone to talk to, e-mail me!
Your in my prayers,
26 Mar 2004 Ace My name is Ace and I live in Lincoln Ne. I am a pro. working with kids under a program called Brothers Inc. for 8 years. If any body reads this and needs someone to talk to. I'm always ready to listen. Drop me an E-Mail.
23 Mar 2004 Max Hello.
I have read a lot of what people have said here and have wanted to add in and help, but did not know what to say. I am not a talented writer like Chris and many other people here, but I will try anyway. I am 17 and I have thought about suicide a lot. It may sound strange, but I am not really sure how suicidal I actually am or not. (I‘m moody person and today I woke up in a good mood. I might speak very differently about this if I woke up in bad one.)

So I guess the best I can do right now is say what has worked for me.

The one most important thing that, I think, has kept me alive this long has been painting. This, though, is just what I happened to be able to do, it is having a way to express yourself that is important. Painting, for me, is important because it makes me feel like I am at least doing something worthwhile in all the time I spend alone. It helps me deal with all the issues that bother me. I can’t say exactly how it works, but once I express a thought that has been bothering me in a painting it then feels like I have come to different terms with it. Although it is still there, I am much better able to deal with it.
Drawing and later painting was just what I first turned to when I started feeling like I knew there was something different about me a few years back. It could be any number of different things that works for you, so it is a good idea to try a bunch of different art forms and find what feels the best. Writing, music, poetry... there are a ton of different ways! Although you can’t expect to be very good at it right away, there is no way you will learn ant form better than if you have a suicidal dependency on it!
Also it should be known that anyone can learn to express themselves. It seems like sometimes people believe you are born an artist or you are not - this is not true in the least! Everyone has that part of the brain that you use to create art from in them. Some people just don’t learn to use it. (If this interests you, read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. It is about how anyone can learn to draw, and the more psychological side of art, what is happening in the brain and all.)
Learning about psychology also, I think, has helped me begin to better understand myself.

So what I guess what is important here is to make some goals for yourself. I want always to be a better artist. Sometimes, when I am feeling really angry, my goal is only to show all the people I can’t stand what an unpleasant place it is in my head in my paintings, in hope of making them feel a bit uncomfortable, or maybe even realize how little emotion they know. And that is ok! I don’t succeed in that goal, but it's a goal so it is better than nothing.

I also like to know how there were many great people who dealt with depression and suicide. Do any of you have a favorite? Mine would have to be Van Gogh, although there are many of them. Maybe some of the writers like Sylvia Plath would be more appealing to the large writing community that seems to exist here.

Well this is all I can think of to say for right now, if it sounds like I may have something in common with you or you want to talk feel free to Email me.
11 Mar 2004 Ace My name is Ace and I live in Lincoln Ne. I am a pro. working with kids under a program called Brothers Inc. for 8 years. If any body reads this and needs someone to talk to. I'm always ready to listen. Drop me an E-Mail.
10 Mar 2004 semyon i am not gonna write about how to kill yourself. i gave that info couple of days ago. i am however going to write is if anybody thinks they want to go through with killing themselves then could you e-mail me. i went through this suicide stage since i was 8 i am now 18 and had so many attempts i know how all of you feel, trust me! i think you should think twice before doing it even though it will end the pain but you won't get nothing from it so if you need any help from me (which is confident and free) please do e-mail me on
or on

think before you act

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