Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 May 2005 Kel I personally know how hard it is to be young and depressed. I have been through some of the worst crap ever. Now i aint suggesting you find god or shit like that coz we all know thats not gona help right now. your upset. you want attention. you miss your ex. look..firstly..things can only get better from here. i suggest you ring the operator and ask to be put through to your local social services. there are people that can listen to you. they wont try to talk you out of anything. they will just listen and offer advice. If you are being abused or wrongly treated at home..speak to the child protection team in social services. if they feel you are not safe at home they will put you in care and take you out of your home and keep you safe. remember, anything you tell social workers will be kept confidnetial. they wont go tell your parents or the police what you have told them. death is a way out..but do you really wanna die before you lived? before you have your own family? before your happy. i was depressed when i was little and i nearly killed myself. im so glad i didnt!
20 Apr 2005 Nathalie You feel like dying as others feel like smiling
You feel like it's the best way as others feel like going outside
Suicide brings a smile on your face as to others it brings tears

But I'm asking you a chance to help...

20 Apr 2005 Nylphada When your heart would have explosed...
When tears will run done your cheeks...
When suicide will leave a sour taste in your mouth...
I'll be there... we will be there we are the the suicidal youth services team... we would love love to hear your story... and of course help you make the best decison

15 Apr 2005 ryan Here' the deal, no life is not fair, sometimes that works against you, sometimes for you. The big goal in life is nothing more than to be happy. Well happiness is not fate, you have to contribute to your own happiness. Use your energy to do something good for yourself, anything. Don't wait for the world to be good to you, make your own path. We're all going to pass away some day anyway. Life is usually less than 100 years, so just stick around and see what you have in store for you. You'll be suprised what you can do if you'll just treat yourself good and do things that make you smile. You'll also find that yes, alot of people in this world suck, who cares, you'll just love the one that don't that much more. Nobody can take your spirit away, that's yours o keep. Treat it right.
11 Apr 2005 Elliot This is one of the most offensive websites I've ever seen—and I’ve seen a few. It's so disgusting, from the original idea to the comments posted, that I actually feel sick.

Suicide is a massive problem the world throughout. Anyone feeling so desperate that they are considering taking their own life must be in a terrible, frightening and lonely place. These people deserve nothing but our compassion, not our sniggers, or nasty, wicked websites like this.

That this website is specifically aimed at children is especially sick; the owner seriously needs to consider his/her own motives. What was going through your mind during the hours it took to create this site? Posting sick comments is one thing, actually hosting a forum for such a thing is macabre, not to say pointless: there is no reason why “children under 13” should commit suicide in any other way than adults, indeed, they don’t.

For those in despair who visited this website looking for help, the Samaritans is a UK based suicide helpline. Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to and support those in distress, including those who are thinking about taking their own life. Samaritans won’t tell you what to do, won’t give you advice, won’t judge you for what you’re feeling, they will just listen and try to understand – and in total confidence. Visit or call 08457 909090.
28 Mar 2005 Star Someone once said, "The only difference between a diamond and a lump of coal is that the diamond had more pressure put on it." If that were the case, we should all be shining brightly by now.

Stress contributes to emotional upheaval irritability, anger, and depression.

Here to help you meet stress head-on and conquer it:
Give yourself a break. It's okay to goof off, cancel a lunch date, or miss a deadline now and then. In six months or 10 years, who will remember?

Put yourself first. That's right! If you aren't functioning at your peak, your work and your relationships will suffer. Find time for yourself, and try to do at least one relaxing thing each day: Take a bubble bath, or read a chapter of a favorite book.

Set boundaries. Like the stressed-out mom who sat in the playpen to keep away the children, you can erect some barriers. Decide what you will do and when. Better still, decide what you won't do and dare to say "no." Avoid anything, and anyone, who wastes your time.

Clarify your goals. Decide exactly what needs to be done, and plan a smart way of accomplishing each task. Oh, and give yourself a big STAR on the calendar every time you achieve even one of your goals, no matter how small.

Get spiritual. Get in touch with your spiritual values, and align your plans and activities with them. For instance, read an inspiring book, then figure out how to incorporate what you learned into your day-to-day life.

Take five. Right now stop what you are doing to cherish the moment. Savor whatever you're drinking or eating. Or go outside and smell the air, the flowers and the trees. Feel the wind, sunshine or rain on your face. Listen for tiny sounds. Take a moment every day to marvel at the wonders all around you.

Breathe. Yes! It's that simple. Breathe deeply, but don't hyperventilate. Inhale as though you were sniffing a delightful scent. Then stre-e-e-tch your arms high over your head as you slowly and completely exhale.
25 Mar 2005 Nylphada (SYS) When You'll want to tear all the pain of your body... I'll will be there, we will be there... We are the suicidal youth services team... we would love to hear your story
23 Mar 2005 neda im not here to tell people how to kill themselves..ive attempted suicide b4 and trust me ive been thru it all so im here to help gonna have my site put up soon and a phone line..i promise if i cant least im a listening ear.pls pls add me people..b4 u try to hurt urselves just think about talking to me..its amzing how much a stranger can help.
21 Mar 2005 Nylphada Hi I'm Nylphada from the SYS (suicidal Youth Services) We like to talk with anyone or give out advice... we have a website

an a email
16 Mar 2005 candice hey guys ppl add me i want to help yu i think that u all are wlcome to add me i will help yu and everything will be ok dont worry....ummm ya so how are yu all donig to day my day has been shit all day i have been thinking about ppl that do this to themsleves and i think that im donig the right thing and help yu all that want my help
16 Mar 2005 ben cromer my friend took about 100 2mg pills of xanax and went hiking into some mountains in colorado untill he passed out, then he froze to death. thats a way to kill yourself but if cause a lot of pain from his family and ecspecially his friends, suicide is not the answere there is always help out there, i myself have felt suicidal many times but when i think of the pain my friends and family would have to cope with if i did that it changes my mine completely, to me my friends and family are more important that me, if anyone feels like they just cant take it anymore e-mail me at and i will do anything i can to help you feel better about your life
15 Mar 2005 georgia fenton I am a student councillor @ my secondary skool so i know wot most of you guys r goin thru one way or another mail me and I'll give u personal and confidential advice
15 Mar 2005 *xox*candice*xox* hey guys im here i cnat say much my lil bro is here i have add some ppl add me but i think that more should i can help ALOT!!!! trust me
17 Feb 2005 Suzanne If anyone wants to talk, I will be glad to listen!
13 Feb 2005 Julien hey everyone, my name is julien, i am 15, i was born in england but now live in cape town south africa. i have helped tried to help people through their troubles but i found it was hard always making the first move. if u need someone 2 talk 2 please email me, i also have msn messenger if u prefere. speak up cause u can
13 Feb 2005 Cami i googled for a "how to kill yourself" website last night b/c i had had it. I felt hopeless and very troubled. Like there was nothing to turn to, nothing was true. Maybe true for other people, but not true for me. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to die, to go silently and peacefully. Luckily, right now I am not feeling so depressed, but we'll see what happens tomorrow, right?
Reading all y'alls responses on here makes me wonder how we all keep going each day. i think we are brave and strong, even though we feel weak and powerless and damaged. If you need someone to empathize, feel free: God be with you till we meet again.
07 Feb 2005 Jack O'Connor Hi, most people have come to this website because at some point they have thought about suicide. I was seriously considering it at one point, but now I am very glad that I didn't. If you are reading this and are thinking about suicide, please don't do it. Your life WILL get better, and you WILL look back on this awful time and be glad you didn't do it. If anyone wants to talk to me please don't hesitate to contact me at -
Remember, no matter how terrible you think life is now, it will improve, and you will be happy again.
07 Feb 2005 k--ro je ne comprends pas comment on peut avoir envie de jouer au suicide ce n'est pas un jeu il ne faut pas le prendre comme tel le suicide est quelmque chose de grave. Même si la vie n'est pas tjs drôle il ne faut pas penser à se suicider car cela n'enlevera pas dans la souffrance dans le monde mais en rajoutera car ok la personne qui se suicide n'a plus mal mais parce qu'elle st morte donc elle ne ressent plus rien mais les personnes proches de cette dernière qui eux sont encore de ce monde méritent-ils vraiment de souffrir autant ... la perte d'un être cher est horrible c'est la plus grande souffrance que l'on peut faire subir à quelqu'un : il faut bien réfléchir est-ce que le mal-être qu'une personne ressent vaut à faire souffir autant d'autres personnes je ne pense pas. Il faut trouver une personne à qui l'on peut parler et qui pourra nous aider à surmonter tout cela rien n'est insurmontable si l'on est à plusieurs pour le faire : il faut juste bien s'entourer. j'espère avoir peut etre ider quelq'un. je laisse mon emaiml sur le site on ne sait jamais (les tirets apès le k c'est sous le 8) A bon entendeur salut!
03 Feb 2005 Unknown If anyone wants to talk Im here to chat and listen...
29 Jan 2005 Jack O'Connor Hi, most people have come to this website because at some point they have thought about suicide. I was seriously considering it at one point, but now I am very glad that I didn't. If you are reading this and are thinking about suicide, please don't do it. Your life WILL get better, and you WILL look back on this awful time and be glad you didn't do it. If anyone wants to talk to me please don't hesitate to contact me at -
Remember, no matter how terrible you think life is now, it will improve, and you will be happy again.

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