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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jun 2005 The Four Horsemen Listen to me.

A lot of religious types say you will go to hell for committing suicide. Whatever god you may believe in, I don't think he would be cruel enough to give you a life of pain and suffering, provide you with an easy way out, and then condemn you for taking it. If god really is that spiteful, I'd rather go to hell than heaven anyway.

Still, I don't think suicide is the way out, but I probably only think that because my life is pretty good right now. All those people who don't understand suicide or make cruel jokes about it have a good life, and that's why they can never understand how truly painful life is for some people. I used to hate my life, and I fantasised about suicide for a time, but I learnt to rise above.

Some people with pain in their lives see no purpose in life. Others turn to religion to provide purpose. If you find strength in religion, good for you. But for some, the dictates of religion go against reason. We live in a cold world, where great pain and suffering is possible. What god would endure that?

Nevertheless, here we are, for better or worse, and whatever it was that caused the universe (or universes) to form, which you may call god if you like, decided that you should exist too. We would all like to give meaning to that reality, and the best I can come up with is this: the meaning of life is to live, and no more or less than that. So live. Even though LIFE=PAIN as we all know, as humans our great strength is our ability to endure. To go on. To keep looking up, in spite of a cold world that seeks to drag us down. I don't accept bullshit from anybody, and neither should you. Every time someone kicked me down I stood up. I'm still standing.

Society tells you it's wrong to hate, but I'm here to tell you that it's ok to hate when you've been hurt. I don't want to turn any of you into serial killers, but if you see yourself as a victim you will never be happy. Don't turn your hate against yourself. Hate the world that has betrayed you. Hate everyone that has ever kicked you down. Don't let go of the hate that makes you strong. The time for weakness is over. Remember, you are the greatest person to ever walk the face of the earth - until you believe that you will never be happy. Nurture an arrogance inside of you, a real sense of entitlement.

And keep looking up.
05 Jun 2005 there is hope hi my name is robert. i have never met you but i want you to know that i love you enough that i took some of my own time to post this so you could have the opurtunity to know there is hope. i almost hung myself once. and today i tell you i am so glad i didnt do it. i have three children and a beautiful wife named karen. i have a nice home, not to big but its big enough. i have three cars, one is new. but most importantly i have happiness. i wake up in the morning and i am glad to be alive. and i want to help you to find this same happiness. my life has not always been like this and matter in fact most of my life i was suicidal and deppressed. today the joy i have in life is way better than all the hurt i ever felt. if i had to go thru it again just for a moment of what i have today i would. i beg you please do not use this misfourtune in your life to do something negitive. use your pain to fuel you to make right choices and positive steps in life to better yourself to finnaly achieve what you want in life. if you want to write me an email please do. is my email. i promise you that if you write i will not ever give up on you. i will keep on writing you for years if neccasary to help you get on the right track. maybe you just need some positive reienforcement in your life. a true friend. well my name is robert. you can email me at
03 Jun 2005 Eric Hey,
I know where most of you are coming from and its almost impossible for just one person to turn around all your feelings. Theres nothing I can say to make all your problems dissappear. In the end your the only person that can change the way you feel and I know it can be difficult. Ive been where all of you have and ive cut and tried suicide. I know some of you are here for help and want someone to talk to, so if you do, feel free to e-mail me and we can talk a little bit. I used to have the e-mail so Ive ive talked to you before and lost touch, please e-mail me too at Thanks!
30 May 2005 Ben Dear Mouchette,

I have received an email from you today concerning a post I have made a couple days ago on your site. I must say I didn’t know you emailed people so it was a surprise. Anyway, I do not think my post would encourage people to kill themselves at all. All of those who come to your site, mostly by accident, are there for many different reasons. Some are here to cry for help in hopes someone would hear them. Some come here to share their deepest pain and struggles they are experiencing or have experienced. Some come to talk others out of what fate they have already decided. Then there are some who get pissed off for a site like this one to even exist and they say things they normally would not because they have lost control of their own ignorance trying to prove someone elses.

Did my post encourage anyone to attempt suicide? Maybe and maybe not. I cannot know how every person is feeling in their heart, and in their soul. We, as people, have never learned to look inside someone struggling with emotions, depression, or any other problem that becomes an endless battle. A battle that is far too incessant to be fought alone but it always is. We always search for physical pain inside someone in need of help. Tears maybe. Scars and bruises of course. But the problem is never found on the outside. The tears, the scars, the pain that can be seen, does not matter. What matters lies beneath that bruised skin. Those bruises are only a manifestation of the aching force underneath that frowning face. When tears cry themselves to sleep, when they rest upon your dampened pillow, when they leave trails of diamond streams flowing weightlessly towards your chin, when you are alone in the midst of the echoes of your very own cries, when you know the pain that floods your heart and drowns your soul, in the end, it is a pain no one will understand but you. It is a pain you know too well. It is a storm that crushes the wings that lifted you up. Suicide becomes the only way to fix the wings that have been fractured by that violent storm. Why? Suicide brings you the answers no one else will bring. I cannot speak for everyone, every ounce of sorrow flowing against our hearts is diverse and unique in its own way. But It has the same agonizing effect to every human being.

So I guess what I have been trying to explain is there are many things that influence a person in his/her decision to commit suicide. It is not a decision that happens over night. It happens when pain becomes unbearable, and our eyes become blinded by the empty happiness and comfort suicide brings. It takes the pain away when nothing on this earth will. It takes years of anguish and heartache away in one jump, one cut, one pill. It is a way out we find when the roads we travel lead to nowhere. Hope whatever I wrote shed some light on whoever out there is struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. It is not the tear we should see, it is the drops of sorrow inside that tear. Please post this mouchette. Ben. If anyone needs advice or anything….I’m here. Ben.
29 May 2005 shawntay briylee what can i say?

i dont want you to kill yourself.
need a friend. someone to talk to?
email me.
i have tried to commit suicide before. i may have not been in your shoes but i have felt similar feelings and emotions. please email me. when you do i will give you my phone number and you can call me collect if you want. please before you kill yourself contact me. its ok and it is NOT YOUR FAULT. let me help you. what do you have to lose?
26 May 2005 weknow Gemz : Anna : Sab : Nyl
When worlds hit you,
You dont have nowhere else to go
You cant cope
You feel like "Oh fuck it i waanna die"
Theres always us, we'll help you
no matter what
Please visit
25 May 2005 Hello this is another message
Okay well obviously most of u r here because u dont feel happy with ur life and well depressed...but please remember suicide is never the last answer
For more information and to contact "S.A" please go to
we'vwe had so many success storeis and will have a guestbook soon, its free and we have many available services for all teenage problems...
25 May 2005 luigi Hi my name is Luigi, i am 37 years old, I was pointed to this website by a friend, i have been reading some of the stories here, and honestly some of the stories have really touched my heart and some even bought tears to my eyes. Please i beg all of yo that is considering suicide , that no matter how bad your situation is, tomorrow will be better. I am no professional but please believe me, i know what i am talking about. Now you might think, who the hell am i to say these things, but please believe me, i have been to hell and back. In my moments most weak, i kept believing that things can only get better, and so they did. Today i love life and whatever i went through in the past, only made me stronger to handle the world today. I wish to make a promise, even though you may never know who i am, you will always have someone and a friend to talk to, and if you like i will tell you of my past if you are interested, not to make you feel better, but to make yo understand what i am saying, I will leave my email address so that you can have someone to talk to always. My email address is

God bless you always
24 May 2005 Nylphada (SYS) Your life is hell?
The only thing you want is to die and never see daylight again?
But some part of you wants to brake down, cry and beg for help...
The other part says ''No'' you can't you have to be strong and not look like an idiot...

Well you wont look like an idiot to us... no matter what you are going threw we will listen as best we can.
email us
23 May 2005 sabbir Hiya im from
Ive seen this website and
Those that want to commit suicide really think
We really want to help you

Please visit and also we have at present 3 advisors willing to help you find best of life

Think about it and join us on

Webmaster, Suicide.cjb

15 May 2005 Brandy Mouchette ~ I was surprised to get an email from you. Maybe you send that one out to everyone who posts to your site, but even if that's the case, I wanted to answer your question. Did I think my message might encourage someone to commit suicide? No, of course not, that's the last thing I want for anyone, especially children. I have a brother who becomes severely depressed and suicidal time after time, and these are the same things I want him to know: that he is worthy of love and nurturing, that there IS joy to be found in this life, hopefully peace also. That he has no reason to believe he is a failure or that he has failed anyone else. That his life is important to ME, and all those who love him. That it hurts us to know that he hurts in a way that we don't be able to seem to always understand entirely or to be able to fix, no matter how badly we want to. That he is significant and important, and was put on this Earth for reasons, that his life and existence are MEANINGFUL. That I could never get over the heartache and pain of losing him. I wanted to express the feelings of someone who loves someone who is suicidal, so that maybe it would help someone to understand maybe in a way they hadn't considered, how those around them feel about them. I wanted to answer you, from the standpoint of a mother with a daughter your age, in sincere hopes of maybe just reaching one person and helping them to see things a tiny bit differently, for the sole purpose of helping someone to understand that they are important, and worthy of love, and significant in this life, if perhaps they were questioning those things. In regards to your other question, did I think that reading my message would distract anyone? I wasn't trying to distract anyone, that implies an attempt to fool someone. I have no desire to fool anyone, I just couldn't sit by after reading posts from children who are in so much pain, hurting enough to no longer want to live, without expressing love and validations for them. In addition, to all those adults whose posts I read, that actually ENCOURAGE these babies to harm themselves, go pick on somebody your own size. Find an adult or adult website to express yourselves. Your frame of mind is very different from the frames of mind of these children. You come at it from a whole different place, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? I hope that you all find reason and cause to embrace your life and make it your own in a way that leads you to happiness and peace, but you need to leave these babies alone, they are BABIES!! They've never even had a chance to be on their own and make their lives their own in a way that brings them joy and purpose. How can you for one second think that's it okay to help steal that away from them? It's NOT OKAY. Mouchette ~ I don't know why you appear to have thought about suicide to this degree, obviously I don't know you or much about you at all, save what I see on this site. But I can tell from this site that you are gifted, talented, beautiful, and intelligent. Anyone could see that. You have so much time ahead of you to make your life whatever you wish it could be. If you don't like what it is now, you'll be in control of it yourself before long, and you can make it whatever you want it to be. Teenage years are hard for everyone, but I know it's more difficult for some than others, I was myself one of the ones it was very difficult for. But things really do start to change as you get a little older, maybe not all at once, but they do change. You begin to feel a little more emotionally balanced, your moods aren't constantly up and down. You get older and can do things like get a job, a car, your own place to live. You can control your life and make it whatever you want to be. In the meantime, if you are in a bad situation at home, like some of the other people who posted to your site, that is the cause for most or all of your pain, can you think of any way to get help for yourself to get out of that situation? I don't know where you live, are there children's services organizations where you are? If you don't know, you can tell me what city you're in and I will do all I can to find out for you, and will post the information here for you to find.
09 May 2005 Brandy It absolutely breaks my heart to even see this website. I was troubled as a teen also, had an abusive homelife for several years, my mom split when I was 14, I'd been attacked and raped by a burglar when I was 12, my parents split when I was 9 and all of my mom's subsequent loser boyfriends/husbands were cruel, violent, abusive idiots. I had tons of emotional baggage from those things, and became seriously depressed for several years, seriously contemplated suicide a couple of times. Actually had it planned out once, pills in my hand, but the phone rang and my friend talked me out of it. So, it's not that I don't somewhat understand the feelings, I actually really do. And reading these posts, it brings back a lot of those awful memories of feeling that way. I just wanted to post and say please, please try your hardest to give yourself time for your life to start. I'm 32 now, have a 13 year old of my own, who in my eyes, is of course, just a baby. It makes me want to reach out and be able to hug all of you 'babies' out there, tell you it will get better. I'm so sorry some of you have parents that treat you cruelly, you KNOW you don't deserve it. The problems lie with them, although unfortunately you suffer for it. I know, I've been there. You are all worthwhile, significant, and worthy of love. We all have gifts and are making differences in the lives of others every day, even when we don't realize we are. I'm so sorry you hurt, I know your pain is real. But if you take your life, you're robbing yourself. Try to keep this in mind: (I can say this now that I've made it through those horrible adolescent years-and believe me, NOBODY has fond memories of their adolescence, not even the people you go to school with now who you think have the perfect lives...20 years from now they'll look back and be so glad they never have to do THAT again, that's the same for everyone) from the time you are 11 until you are about 19, your body and brain are going through so many changes, it really does freak your whole system out. So even for those who aren't being abused, etc., even small things that go wrong feel very exaggerrated and the feelings of pain are inflated. That's not your fault, you are not crazy, a lot of teens suffer from real depression. It's a very real, very medical problem in a lot of cases, and can be treated. I understand that some of you are suffering horrible abuses at home, and that will obviously compound your depression or even cause it, and if that's the case, you need to get out of that environment. I understand some of you are not in the states, do you have the equivalent of Family Services, or Social Services where you are? If you are being hurt by someone in your home, CALL THEM for help. You can tell a teacher, tell the parent of a friend, tell a family friend that you trust, or a relative, or a coach, or you can even call the police. You don't deserve to be in that environment, you are a precious, important life who is on this Earth for many reasons! And even for those who are not suffering abuses, but still find themselves depressed, feeling hopeless, try to gather the strength and courage to ask for help. It's not your fault, you are not crazy, you have an illness. Like any other illness, it needs treatment. If you had cancer, you'd take treatment for yourself, right? Well depression is an illness, you have no control over whether or not you are afflicted with it, and there are medicications that can help. Also peer support groups, church youth groups, etc. There are people who care about you, and who will help you. For many, things get better after you get to be around 19 or 20, because your body stops flipping out hormonally quite so much, and things balance out. For some, depression will be something you have to manage your whole life (I have an older brother who has suffered since early, early childhood and who is now 39 and struggles a great deal to get through suicidal feelings), but you can manage it through support and medications, lifestyle changes, learning to manage stress and working to develop your coping mechanisms. That brother I mentioned, is 39 and at this very moment in the psychiatric unit of a hospital due to another suicidal episode. He hadn't been taking his meds for a week because he has a fear of driving and didn't go pick them up. But as soon as the meds began to kick in, he began feeling less and less desperate, he's beginning to balance out again. Please seek help for yourselves, and if you don't know how, email me at and tell me where you are and I will find help for you. Please don't hurt yourselves, please know that you are significant, worthy of love, that you DO have purpose in this life, and that you CAN find joy in this life. You're just babies, you have so much time ahead of you to be whoever you want, do whatever you want, accomplish whatever you want. My thoughts and prayers and sincere wishes for your healing and happiness are with you.
1 in 5 people with Bipolar Disorder commit suicide.
That's 20 percent.
If you are feeling suicidal, even if you feel there is a reasonable motivation for it, there is a good chance you are suffering from BIPOLAR DISORDER (also known as manic depression). Brain chemistry causes "cycles" of mood swings, from depressive/panicked, to manic/ecstatic to hypomanic (happy and hyperactive).

If you've got Bipolar, you swing emotionally from feeling wonderful, and lucid, to totally and thoroughly depressed. It is this 'swing' which makes bipolar so deadly-- because unlike people who are unipolar depressed, bipolars come and go out of their depression and find enough 'clarity' to actually kill themselves.

If you are feeling suicidal, please talk to a psychiatrist or even go to the hospital emergency room. I was suicidal before. I have bipolar. There is a whole generation of mood stabilizers invented in the 90's which don't interefere with everyday life, but do stop the torrential, emotional torment that people go through. These medications have seriously helped me stay collected and deal with my problems with a real clarity.

1 in 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !
Can you believe it?

If you're seriously feeling suicidal, go to the emergency room, or make an appointment with a psychiatrist! Please! xox

monkey sue
07 May 2005 lisa i honestly dont see how some of this kids take this like a game. this is a serous thing and you should seek help and if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me. my email is you need to seek help instead of wasting your time on a site that promotes suicide depression is a hard thing to overcome i know that myself.just get help professional
04 May 2005 Kel I personally know how hard it is to be young and depressed. I have been through some of the worst crap ever. Now i aint suggesting you find god or shit like that coz we all know thats not gona help right now. your upset. you want attention. you miss your ex. look..firstly..things can only get better from here. i suggest you ring the operator and ask to be put through to your local social services. there are people that can listen to you. they wont try to talk you out of anything. they will just listen and offer advice. If you are being abused or wrongly treated at home..speak to the child protection team in social services. if they feel you are not safe at home they will put you in care and take you out of your home and keep you safe. remember, anything you tell social workers will be kept confidnetial. they wont go tell your parents or the police what you have told them. death is a way out..but do you really wanna die before you lived? before you have your own family? before your happy. i was depressed when i was little and i nearly killed myself. im so glad i didnt!
20 Apr 2005 Nathalie You feel like dying as others feel like smiling
You feel like it's the best way as others feel like going outside
Suicide brings a smile on your face as to others it brings tears

But I'm asking you a chance to help...

20 Apr 2005 Nylphada When your heart would have explosed...
When tears will run done your cheeks...
When suicide will leave a sour taste in your mouth...
I'll be there... we will be there we are the the suicidal youth services team... we would love love to hear your story... and of course help you make the best decison

15 Apr 2005 ryan Here' the deal, no life is not fair, sometimes that works against you, sometimes for you. The big goal in life is nothing more than to be happy. Well happiness is not fate, you have to contribute to your own happiness. Use your energy to do something good for yourself, anything. Don't wait for the world to be good to you, make your own path. We're all going to pass away some day anyway. Life is usually less than 100 years, so just stick around and see what you have in store for you. You'll be suprised what you can do if you'll just treat yourself good and do things that make you smile. You'll also find that yes, alot of people in this world suck, who cares, you'll just love the one that don't that much more. Nobody can take your spirit away, that's yours o keep. Treat it right.
11 Apr 2005 Elliot This is one of the most offensive websites I've ever seen—and I’ve seen a few. It's so disgusting, from the original idea to the comments posted, that I actually feel sick.

Suicide is a massive problem the world throughout. Anyone feeling so desperate that they are considering taking their own life must be in a terrible, frightening and lonely place. These people deserve nothing but our compassion, not our sniggers, or nasty, wicked websites like this.

That this website is specifically aimed at children is especially sick; the owner seriously needs to consider his/her own motives. What was going through your mind during the hours it took to create this site? Posting sick comments is one thing, actually hosting a forum for such a thing is macabre, not to say pointless: there is no reason why “children under 13” should commit suicide in any other way than adults, indeed, they don’t.

For those in despair who visited this website looking for help, the Samaritans is a UK based suicide helpline. Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to and support those in distress, including those who are thinking about taking their own life. Samaritans won’t tell you what to do, won’t give you advice, won’t judge you for what you’re feeling, they will just listen and try to understand – and in total confidence. Visit or call 08457 909090.
28 Mar 2005 Star Someone once said, "The only difference between a diamond and a lump of coal is that the diamond had more pressure put on it." If that were the case, we should all be shining brightly by now.

Stress contributes to emotional upheaval irritability, anger, and depression.

Here to help you meet stress head-on and conquer it:
Give yourself a break. It's okay to goof off, cancel a lunch date, or miss a deadline now and then. In six months or 10 years, who will remember?

Put yourself first. That's right! If you aren't functioning at your peak, your work and your relationships will suffer. Find time for yourself, and try to do at least one relaxing thing each day: Take a bubble bath, or read a chapter of a favorite book.

Set boundaries. Like the stressed-out mom who sat in the playpen to keep away the children, you can erect some barriers. Decide what you will do and when. Better still, decide what you won't do and dare to say "no." Avoid anything, and anyone, who wastes your time.

Clarify your goals. Decide exactly what needs to be done, and plan a smart way of accomplishing each task. Oh, and give yourself a big STAR on the calendar every time you achieve even one of your goals, no matter how small.

Get spiritual. Get in touch with your spiritual values, and align your plans and activities with them. For instance, read an inspiring book, then figure out how to incorporate what you learned into your day-to-day life.

Take five. Right now stop what you are doing to cherish the moment. Savor whatever you're drinking or eating. Or go outside and smell the air, the flowers and the trees. Feel the wind, sunshine or rain on your face. Listen for tiny sounds. Take a moment every day to marvel at the wonders all around you.

Breathe. Yes! It's that simple. Breathe deeply, but don't hyperventilate. Inhale as though you were sniffing a delightful scent. Then stre-e-e-tch your arms high over your head as you slowly and completely exhale.

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