Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Sep 2005 Phillip Here's a good one how about sitting down with yourself then looking into the mirror and saying if I commit suicide will I really be accomplishing anything, when you did its not like you'll go to a magical place and be whatever you wish, which is probably distorted by the media's portrayal of a perfect person (news flash being rich and famous doesn't make you satisfied) you have to deal with the things you were put into this life with. It was none of your choices to be put on this earth, life is basically a test to see how well you can make sense out of the impossible. Shit doesn't work out for a person in the right way every single time and whoever believes that there is something special about a person on TV is dead wrong, sure there are good people on TV, but doesn't feel good to you when you can look at them knowing they are a bunch of pussies who are paided by a faggot in a suit to make money for them. There is no reason to end your life, its not an easy way out, its only that you think for some reason your worthless when really you have the potential to be 100x greater than the people you hate. Nothing was ever worth while was ever won without true effort and if you want to let some obnoxious faggot on TV, or the person in the school who consistantly puts you down, or your parents who think you ammount to nothin win.....then I think you have to convince yourself something, THAT YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN ANYTHING PUT ON THIS EARTH IF YOUR USE THE MIND YOU WERE GIVEN AND THE DETERMINATION THAT RESTS IN YOUR HEART TO MAKE YOUR GREATEST DESIRES AND LIFE GOALS A REALITY!

anyone who reads this and still has doubts please email or instant message me at:
01 Sep 2005 Suicide Helper Hey! I'm 18 and I've thought of killing my self a so many times I can't even remember how many, and once I even put a knife on my wrist but "lucky me" my best friend called me at the "right" moment! And after thinking about it, I knew that nothing (and i mean NOTHING) is worth killing your self for! although I've thought about killing my self a couple of times after that but I didn't get that far! Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that before you do anything, just think about what you are going to do, what you're going to lose and what you're about to gain from killing your self! And I'm sure that if you are fair to yourself, you won't do it! So I guess that's all I have for now! And if you need any help or want to ask me any question, Contact me @! take care and keep on living your life!
25 Aug 2005 Jill I am 13 and have contemplated suicide and cut myself. I know how you feel and want you to know that if you need someone to talk to, I urge you to e-mail me.I know from personal experience that one thing that keeps you alive is someone who cares, someone who understands. My e-mail is I just want you to know that someone cares and when all seems to be lost, think about the people you're leaving behind.
25 Aug 2005 Patricia I'm not too sure how to start this. I guess I should let all of you know that I'm twenty seven. Suicied has been a struggle for me for over twelve years now. If you want to talk about "dark days", feeling that no one sees you or listening, that no matter where you go and how many people are around you you feel just alone....I've been through all of it (and still do).

The amount of times that I have tried to commit suicied is so numerous that I don't even try to keep track anymore. The thing that I find is the most difficult is when I wake up in ICU a few weeks later with a tube down my throat and machines running for me because I've been through heart failure, lung failure, kidney and liver failure. The last time, I found myself with several seizures along with that list.

Waking up from an ordeal like that is not a reality that anyone wants to experience. Everytime that happens, I'm garenteed to be commited in the psychiatric unit for a few weeks at least.

From my last few bouts of depression I've learned that I have really bad times however oncee in a while, I do have good times. I hope that my good times last longer than my bad times and sometimes they do. The doctors are still trying to balance out my medications, which has been going on for twelve years, but my diagnosis changed from clinical depression to bi-polar and anxiety dissorder.

I've read what some of the other comments have been, some of them I may not completely agree with and some of them have a lot of truth to them.

Two things that you should always remember. First: Any kind of day your having, always make an effort to do something. If it's to get out of bed, shower...anything, at least you got that far that day and the next day you set a goal a little bigger. Secondly: Any type of exercise helps. If you don't feel like going out that day, take a walk to your mail box and back. Excercise helps to increase the endorphins in your brain, the "feel good" hormones. Thirdly: If you don't feel good and you look it, you send that energy out to others which meens that in a crud way your repelling other people. Clean up, dress like your someone important, someone that is valued. Do this even if you feel like shit. Others will see the difference but most of all, you will start to feel the difference. Sometimes it's true: You need to fake it to make it.

I truley hope that when that dark tunnel becomes so dark and starts to suffocate you, that you reach out and ask for help. When you do, you have control over this illness and you learn to manage it over time.

Hugs to all - Tricia
25 Aug 2005 Wisdom for your pain? Those who suicide are required to come back again and battle the same ordeals-this is why suicide ultimately is a waste of time and just brings additional pain.

It is better to understand why you are suffering and to learn about how to eliminate the causes that will produce more suffering in the future.

Life is a place of learning, just like school, and we are here to learn our lessons, even when we think they are 'bad' and even when they really hurt.

U can email me via hotmail.
20 Aug 2005 Maria I just have one question for all you people out there who are thinking about comitting suicide. WHAT DO YOU WIN BY COMITTING SUICIDE??? Answer: NOTHING.

I lost eight of my closes friends. They all shot eachother in the head with a gun, till this day I still can't get over it and it happend 10 years ago when I was only 9 years old. They all left a letter to there parents saying that they were better off without them. That to me wasn't a reason at all. Now that I'm 19 years old I want to help stop people young and old from comitting suicide. THERE IS A BETTER WAY OUT!!!!



20 Aug 2005 Maria I just have just a question for all you people out there reading this. WHAT DO YOU WIN BY KILLING YOURSELF??? Answer: NOTHING. I know because it has happend to 8 of my closes friends. They all comitted suicide by shoting eachother in the heads with a gun. They left a note saying that there families were better off without them. It's been 10 years snice it happend and I still can't get over it. I was 9 years old when it happend and now that I'm 19 I want to help all you people who just don't have any hopes in life. PLEASE IF YOU NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE REMEMBER I'M HERE FOR YOU I'M WILLING TO HELP YOU.


16 Aug 2005 Jesse Burns I'm not wise, I'm not attractive, I'm not handy, but I've been accused of being a good listener. I struggle moderately with the thoughts of suicide. If you want a little understanding and a sympathetic ear, email me @
14 Aug 2005 Nylphada Hi dear whoever,
I'm Nylphada, I've been throught lots of dramatic situation as a young girl I know how it feels to be suicidal, and I'm offering my help...

12 Aug 2005 Simon I was looking for the lyrics for an "Onyx" song when the search engine brought up this site, I cant believe that everyone on this site is serious. For those of you that are, I offer to be that person you can talk to, as some people request they need. Im sorry that there isnt someone close to you that you can talk to, but I hope that maybe talking to someone, anyone, will help. Please email me if you are feeling down and need someone to talk to.
28 Jul 2005 shy ok im 18 yrs old and i've made it through raising 2 kids foster-care overdosing sliting both my wrists and im still here and now im happy im not dead i think people just need some one to relate to who wont judge them. and if anyone would like someone to talk to i'll be more than happy to listen. im no angel and i seem to stay in legal trouble and life for me right now isint great but if i can make it through this fucked up world and not have to many regrets even on the stupid shit i did i think every one can or should at least give it a chance!
25 Jul 2005 Grace Nothing is ever so bad that you should have to kill yourself. It may not seem like it at the time. I've been there I know how you feel. Loads of people don't understand suicidal people but I do im here to help you. I've had my fair share of problems. sometimes I think over my fair share. im here to help you email me.

xxx Grace xxx
25 Jul 2005 Lily Hey guys, don't kill yourself. Don't even think about it. Talk to me and I'll help. Once you get to know moi, you'll kick yourself in your ass because you almost missed out on a chance to be friends with a cool ass person like me. lol. Remember that there are people in this world who do love you. Hey! I love you! So you can add a name to that list. : ) If you kill yourself, how am I going to get to know ya? lol. : ) Hope someone is smiling from this.
17 Jul 2005 Suicide Makeover Is this supposed to be a serious site because fair enough if u want to kill yourself feel free to talk about it...but whats with the whole eating dicks shite? I know people who have killed themselves as I work with people with mental health is niether funny nor amusing...if people want to talk to me feel free to email me...No life doesn't get better but you will understand it more as time goes on...I would hate to think that my sister who is 12 was going on sites like this and being taken the piss out of....
16 Jul 2005 Girl Hi people, well im 15 and id just like to say that suicide is not the way to go, i no i may not be going through wat u are but i am sure there are gonna people who will turn up at your funeral and that is enough to live. before you die you need to live your life and have fun man, go skinny dipping etc. anyways, if anyone wants to talk or ANYTHING, please add me on msn or email cos i cnt just watch you all suffer in silence.
16 Jul 2005 N/A I've read some of these posts and I can't believe what Im saying, kids at the age of 12 trying to commit suicide..
The thought alone makes me sick inside my stomach, I know life isnt easy, I probally haven't experienced what you guys have but believe me suicide isnt the way, somethimes it is and you might think so but life can indeed get better..
I dont know what else to say but if you need someone to talk to, just an ordinary person.. Im 19 years old and still a teenager, I thaught of commiting suicide but I never did.
Im no helper or work for some kind of suicide helpline..
Im a good listener and might even help you out.
You can email me at
Try to live life to its fullest, please.
12 Jul 2005 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline If you need someone to talk to and don’t know where to turn, there is help available.

There are many hotlines that provide confidential, 24/7 crisis counseling for free.

In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline # 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
In Australia, call 1-800-55-1800
In Belgium, call 078 15 14 13
In Britain, call 0 800 1111 or 01 81 896 3675
In Canada, call 1-800-666-666
In Israel, call 03 641-4508
In Italy, call 1.96.96
In the Netherlands, call +31 060432
In New Zealand, call 09 3766645

This link will take you to additional hotline numbers in different countries:

Call now. Talk to a trained counselor who will help. It’s confidential. It’s free.
11 Jul 2005 Jay Habbs dear friends, i know it gets really hard when a loved one passes away, or someone abuses you. my grandma and my dearest uncle passed away almost at the same time, and it was really hard for me. i had to go to drug/alcohol rehab because i wanted to kill myself. i know now that life can be made much better through hard work and perseverance. it is really hard when your parents etc. hit you and stuff. it is REALLY hard but you have to pull through. for if you kill yourself you are letting them win; you are letting all the abusers, bullies, molesters win. please call someone, call the cops if someone touches you inappropriately or tries to molest/abuse you. tell your school authorities; if they don't listen call 911 in USA, for they will take action against the oppressor. believe me if your family members act like nazi-idiots on you, you must seek outside help. it is really tough to bring yourself to tell outsiders about your family problems, but it is a good option. believe me, please, your friends can be a big help. you can always talk to me. please, at least, try to talk to some authorities, psychologists before you kill yourself. you owe it to yourself. my contact info is: , and iHateHippies83 for AIM. please, please, please you must tell someone about the abuses/problems in your life, for even strangers can be sometimes helpful. call 911 if anyone pulls anything on you.
y'know we are the people that make this word a wonderful place. us youth. we must not let our oppressors be the better of us.
07 Jul 2005 TREATMENT Depression is more common than you think and most people who receive treatment for depression get better. Unfortunately, many people who are depressed don't get help. There are many reasons people don't get help. Some people think that seeking treatment is a sign of weakness. Others are afraid to be seen as "crazy" for seeing a counselor or taking medication. Some people feel that their thoughts and feelings aren't important enough to bother others with. Don't be one of these people!

Depression is real and with help you can get better. Remember that you are a worthwhile person who deserves to be heard and understood. Making the choice to get help is the first step to overcoming depression and being the best you can be!
07 Jul 2005 LINKS PLEASE READ. - Wonderful site. Highly recomendedfor anyone. Has loads of great links as well. It also has an email address so you can contact Sue. Sue is very caring and dedicated. Highly recommended if you are in need of support. A very good site, this has loads of useful articles about bipolar and depression. Great site, veyr personal. Poetry, and writing also on the site. Definatly recommended! This is a very good site that I certianly recommend. Very imformative and can answer questions - Wonderful site, very imformative. If you are a teenager with depression I recomend cheching it out, it has an article for teenagers with depression and it helped me a lot ( It also has a good article for if you are a friend or relative of someone with depression ( Can answer questions and emails but doesn't garuntee. - This is very good if you feel alone. It has a list of people who you can contact who have medical degrees, have gone through it themselevs or are just very caring people. This link is for depression and sucicide. The link here: is for bipolar disorder. - This is very informative with loads of links. Maybe it is a little overwhelming if you need information quick because it is a massive site wiv hundreds of links on it. - This is a very good site with a lot of links on. Again it may be a little overwhelming. It has a good page with hints for speeding up recovery: - Lots of clear information with the basic facts of self harm. If you go to the 'pick a feature' bar you will find more articles about depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal feelings, and more. At the bottom of each article it lists webpages and contacts where you can seek help or find out more. - Good basic information about suicide and also a link for self harm ( - Depression web forums. - Edgar Cayce

Helplines websites and contact information - If you ever need to talk, these are the people to go to. They have centers based all around the UK and they are always there, even when no one else is. I have recently discoverd them and they have certainly helped me ALOT towards recovery. Unfortunatly they don't give advice and can only listen. Everything is confidential.
TEL UK: 08457 90 90 90
TEL Republic of Ireland: 1850 60 90 90 (SOBS - Survivors of bearevement by suicide) - Helpline for people who has lost a loved one through suicide in the UK.
TEL: 0870 241 3337 - Has leaflets on Talk therapies that inform you on the varoius psychological therapies. They have phone numbers for certain areas so check out there site for the number for your area.

Childline - 0800 11 11
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