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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Dec 2005 Linda Anyone under the age of 13 that is considering suicide should talk to a school teacher. If it during a vacation, they should talk to a fireman. Pick up a phone and dial 911. Tell them theres a fire. Yeah. Get help with sirens blowing.
06 Dec 2005 Simeon Berson look guys i almost killed myself like three times already. its totally not cool. email me at
we will talk. no judging you. no preaching . just a friend who wants to help you.
27 Nov 2005 Kristen My name is Kristen, I live in NY. When I was 13 I tryed to kill myself with an overdose of my fathers medicine. I was in and out of many phch. hospitals, I had several therapists, but none that could help me. I hates school, i always got picked on, My dad was very ill throughout most of my like he was 60 when I was born my mother was 41. I had three half sisters who hated my gutts, Because while they were going to have children, I was born. So my parents didn't have time for grandchildren. That was always thrown in my face. I had one Half brother that lives In Utah, He never hates me because my dad married my mom. I had to deal with sickness my whole life. I have a very weak immune system. I was born with it.
I was diognosed with Bipolar at 14.
i am 25 now. I'm answering this because I Young Adults, Teenagers need to know that there is life out there worth discovering. I know many have had worse times than I had, but it's getting through those times that count. I do care about them, I offer my e-mail to them aytime they can write me
I return all e-mails. It's not worth throwing your lives away. My Dad was Everything to me, I wanted my mom to die rather than my dad. I always thought my mom hated me, she nevedr had time for me because she was so busy taking care of my dad and me. Now I'm glad I didn't die my mom turned out to be the bestest friend I have ever had.
I'm dealing with a loss of a pet right now as we speak, My kitten Minkey is very Ill. My Fiance I streating me poorly, but I'm not giving up. I did want to commit suicide earlier due to my Bipolar, but nothing is worth hurting those you truly love around you.
To take your life would devostate your loved ones, even if you feel that no one cares trust me they do. Just hang in there and don't give up.
Suicide Is Never A Game it's black and white to live or to die. Death is not a game to take lightly, Death is Eternal,{permanent}.
27 Nov 2005 Christy Jo I've been through alot I've lost my father at the age of 18. I'm 24 now I have had alot of Deppression. I've been through some really tough times.
The things that upset children, are the things that we have forgotten that we faced at their age. At the age of twelve was my first suicide attempt. I took my Fatther's insolin. 600CCs the doctors were amazed I survived with that high a dosage, & considering I haven't diabetes.
I wouldn't call a child wanting to commit sucide a game neccessarily, They want our help. Some have issues that are just as real, and hard to deal with as we do as adults. They have worries and concerns that can lead to sucidal thoughts and even attepmts.
please e-mail me if you have somone you want me to help.
22 Nov 2005 CARMAN Hello All, I have been down this road so many times. I have tried killing myself and have come close to it several times. I also know how it is to be the one left behind. The person who is gone doesn't have a lifetime of pain and guilt. Wondering what could I have done? What could I have said? Maybe if I would of tried harder, maybe I could of told her/him how much they mean to me. That I would be asking thoose questions for the remainder of my life. Or maybe I can't go on. A Piece of your heart goes with the person that is no longer here. I have felt this way since my mom shot herself the day after my birthday. It has been 13 years now and I still haven't been able to put it behind me and try to live my life. But it is so hard, I'll see kids with their moms and it hurts, cause I will never have that. Please consider who your leaving. The pain is unbearable. I don't know how much longer I will be here. But I am here for anyone that need someone to listen to, someone who feels the same way. Maybe we can help each other.... Carman LOVECARMAN@COMCAST.NET
22 Nov 2005 Aj Well I hope you all know this was originally intended as a joke...

But since most of you don't...

Wait. Who the hell googles "How to commit suicide" ??

Ehh. As for the kit, I'd add a good old belt and hook. Wrap it around your neck, hang the belt on the hook, and pull back. You should pass out, and by that time the belt will be too tight, and you'll probably die. It might hurt though.

And for fuck's sake, it's NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Since fifth grade I've thought on this, on killing myself, because who the hell hasn't decided their life sucks? Oftentimes, it's true, it does! A shitty boyfriend or girlfriend, terrible parents, a lack of friends--believe it or not, it happens to everyone. Honest to god. I swear.

My dad's an unemployed ex-convict and my mom kicked me out of the house just this weekend. Parents don't get better, they possibly get worse, but though it seems like they'll be around forever...that's not true at all. Keep college in mind, keep life after college in mind, keep all the partying and sex and amazing times you'll enjoy in the future in mind. High school gives you more freedom to meet new people, and everyone changes through those years, and you can join clubs so you won't have to be at home as much and you'll meet new friends. High school is one of the scariest but most amazing times of my life so far, so don't end it before you get to enjoy it.

And as for boyfriends? I went through that in ninth grade, and didn't get over him for at least a year. I wished every day to have him back, to have someone love me and tell me I'm not the fucked up person I feel like. I'd walk home crying, and yes, I though of suicide. But I came through and I've met someone new, and I promise that your boyfriend is not the only wonderful guy in the world. It's hard as fuck to make it through an ex, but you can, it's not impossible, and what does not kill you only makes you stronger. People do love you, though sometimes it seems less than unconditional. If your parents don't show love, I promise promise promise there's at least one person whose heart would break if you were gone.

While you're alive you can do wonderful things. I'm sure you want to do wonderful things someday, I have plans, and that's what's kept me going. I first wasn't gonna kill myself till I got my period, haha. Now, I promised myself I won't do it till I've experienced prom. By then, I'll make sure to wait till I graduate college, at least. There are milestones in life that aren't hard to achieve--you just have to live the best way you can.

Think--if you kill yourself, you'll just be part of a rising statistic that scares the shit out of people. You will be nameless and faceless. And you will break hearts in your passing. But if you live, and try hard to, and someday make it on your own, you'll instill pride in those that love you and admiration in those that you'll meet someday, and you'll still have the chance to do something wonderful. You are something wonderful, you are unique, don't leave and blend in to the backround. Don't go down so easily, if you have to go, go kicking and screaming at all those bitches who have caused you harm. Prove them wrong!

I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I fucking know the feeling, like the day can't get any darker and all you're good for is fucking up, like there's no one there that could possibly understand and even if they did, they wouldn't help. I wished hard for someone to love me. I wished hard for my mother to stop being a bitch. I know the feeling that it'll never go away, that you're trapped, and frustrated with feeling sad for no fucking reason. I know it's a hard feeling to live with. And though I still have days like that, where I fold into myself and can't open my eyes to anything good, they pass. This will pass. There will be amazing times. Please don't miss out on them.

E-mail me if you want help, though everyone's said that and I don't expect it. I really don't want you to do this though.
22 Nov 2005 Pete I stumbled across this site because I've had a really bad week and I entered the phrase "my life is totally fucked" in google.

I used to think about suicide a lot when I was in high school. My parents were divorced; I lived with my mother who hated men, and a select group of kids in my school hated me before they even met me. I had no one to talk to at all--I tried twice and it was a disaster--and being called faggot regularly at school, sometimes in front of other kids, was very painful, as it was intended to be. I thought that there must be something wrong with me that only other people could see and I scoured outdated medical textbooks, trying to figure out what it was. When I was in grade 11, the same group of kids nearly killed me and laughed about it at school the next day. I didn't know how to be angry at my tormentors so I turned my anger inwards and fantasized about destroying myself. I had lots of friends but I often felt completely alone. Anyway, I survived. I did a lot of therapy to understand what happened when I got older. Even more challenging things happened to me as an adult. I survived them even when I never thought I would. I had many many experiences that I would have never wanted to miss. My life at this moment is very challenging, mainly because of financial problems. Not that I blame anyone--it's my karma. Anyway, I think I'll get through my current disaster somehow and I wanted to share some tools that I use to manage depression. I practice a kind of meditation called vipassana, which is very very helpful. Learn about it at I also know a fair amount about nutrition. Those of you with ADHD, obesity, and other problems might find some answers at my favorite alternative health site: I supplement my diet with natural anti-depressants like fish oils, especially in the winter. And, normally, when I have a working car, I exercise a lot. Okay, that's my post. Peace out.
15 Nov 2005 Nicki You all should be ashamed of yourself. This site is filling kids heads with the thought that suicide is ok. but its not! It is the worst way to work out your problem. I am coming from experence. This is not the ansewer! I am ashamed of what I did to my family. In time the scars will go away but the pain is still there. If you need help please call me. My name is Nicki. I am 14 years old and you wont believe my story. well i am here for you to talk to. My phine number is (717)938-9863 or my cell (717)574-0586. Call me anytime.
15 Nov 2005 Givinglifeachance ...I used to be suicidal...If you want someone to talk to about it, write one will know, no preaching...just someone to talk to....
14 Nov 2005 a person with problems Well.... im back offering help once again :)..... iv offered help here before but for those of you who havnt read those and are curious ill bore you with my story

Im 14, and for a longtime, since i was about 10 all i knew was pain.... i had no real friends.... me and my parents.... we just didnt get along.... and i moved a little while back... thats when my depression peaked, i found this website trin to make sure drinking bleach would kill me (it wont lol) and some of the people here talked me into getting help..... it saved my fucking life...... so i kinda promised myself that i would try and help people through this website....

so there it is... isnt that boring lol.... but i really do wanna help, so if your gonna do it just email me and wait for a reply..... i might say something to change your mind :)
12 Nov 2005 Fuck you..(babygurl) Ok then... last night submitted something in the suicide kit... got ripped into about it... :( hey i thought you guys where actually wanting to know how to kill yourselves?? guess i am wrong..
if my answer last night sounded fucked up and or offensive i apoligise..
so to make you guys understand where im coming from wih my suggestions i will tell you a lil story..
At the ages of 5 and up was molestered... by 9 raped repeately...
i have borderline personality disorder and have tryed to take my life repeatly.. unfortunetly for me ppl have stopped me.. so i end up in hospital alot... i am on pills... now which do make me sorta okish but ill never feel alright memorys of all the rape and bashings from my ex have freaked me out so much... i do want to die... but some people need to live..
i dont know your situations fuck they could be worse thabn mine by a millon.. but i do kno that if it was your daughter/son bestfriend or evan some random person on your street and they ended up killing themselves you would miss them and get all messed up thwey they are gorn.. its part of human nature do you guys seriously think that dying will make everything better? death works in a weird way ive lost 5 of my bestest friends to suicide and my ex bf only last wk he hanged himself loverly... hey i do kno a niffty web site if you want to look at the actual pics of people who killed themselves... i saw it last night in my fucked up cutting state and have thought twice about the dirty deed... :( its your life though if you dont want it.. well i suppose that is your choice ... but try a dif approach.. first counceling..maybe anti depressants.. or both.. there are alot of ppl out there who want to try and help you.. me being one of them.. i couldnt help my friends cos they keep it all bottled inside but if you tell someone close or just someone you kno they might be able to help you.. fucking hate having to use the word help like we are all mental but thier is no other word for it.. kids helpline has a on line counciling service or you could just go call them if your word seems to be darkening and you cant make it better ..
listen if anybody wants to talk about thier prblems im here just add me
11 Nov 2005 Ben Wow its been a while..I forgot about this place. It kinda brings back memories reading all of these stories. They all share a common tune of which I can still relate to. I'm sure we all know there are many answers to mouchette's question so I'm not going to post another lame way to end a life. Instead, I'll start off by saying its been quite a few months since I've been here and so much has happened.

I can bore you guys with what I went through but I won't do that. I do want to say that I understand you all. Its easy for someone who isnt alone and in the same hole as you to say that life gets better...that good things will come. I wish it wouldve been that easy for me...and for the rest of us. We don't see the light at the end of that very long tunnel...we don't see the sun rising above the trees of tomorrow...we see rain clouds and shadows, lightning replaces rainbows, tears replace smiles, lies replace truth and so on.. this is what depression is folks. You can't see the "brighter" side of things when youre depressed.

So in that note, I just like to say I hope each and everyone of you out there is ok. Life is filled with ups and downs. Maybe this is just a down point in your life. Give it a chance and maybe you'll reach that hill youv'e been climbing for. You may not be anywhere near to where you want to be..neither am I...but we'll get there eventually. No one can cheat you out of what you deserve from this life. Only you can, and you'll cheat yourself out of something special if you choose to end your life. I don't care if this didn't make any sense to everyone but I hope it made sense to at least one person. We're all in this together. Hope you all stay safe and take care of yourselves. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon sooo feel free to email me if you need help. (no not help with the suicide kit) peace!
11 Nov 2005 Suicide Helper I know that these days there are alot of things that makes you believe that dieing is better thatn living, but it's not! for example, if your are 13 years old, you might think that you are old enough to know that it's better to die, but it's not! at the age of 13 u still dont know anything about life, no matter how much u know! think like this, u r OONLY 13! there is a long life infront of u to thinkl about, you could become a great person in life when u graduate for example! and no matter how much stress u go through, there are other people who go throygh more stress but didn't kill themselves!
Life is a negative thing, so to live in it, u have to be positive! or else ur problems will become bigger!
10 Nov 2005 Sudheer Dear Friend,

Read your post on suicide. By now you must have realised that there are many ppl who feel as depressed as you and wanting to end it all. It certainly helps to express all your feelings on a site like this.
But don't you think that the real reason of how we feel at a particular moment is because of what we say to ourselves in our minds ?You know, we all keep saying many things to ourselves all day long.If we say depressing , self blaming ,self pitying things to ourselves we will feel depressed and wanting to commit suicide.
If we say positive, upbeat, cheerful , hopeful things to ourselves all the time, we will naturally feel good and on top of the world, ready to conquer anything. You know what i do most of the time, whatever my mood ? I repeat what is called positive self talk to myself. This i took from a book called "What to say when you talk to yourself " by Dr.Shad helmstetter.

If you are interested in the book, do read it. Or if you just want the self talk to repeat it, just email me, i will send you.
Yours with love
08 Nov 2005 LJ I used to cut my wrists cause I was heart broken over a guy and because I'm not comfortable with my physical appearence but let me tell you there is hope and you will realise it soon enough. I wish that I could help you all and be there for you but I guess you could all e mail me at
05 Nov 2005 LaShae You guys I know where you are at. Its not fun at all. I have also wanted to kill myself many times. But thank God I didnt. I have a pretty good life now. Look what I would have missed out on if I had killed myself. Right now you feel like there is no hope you just want out to feel pain free. But that is not the way. You are just upset at the moment. This feeling will soon pass maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but it will pass I promise. If it did for me it will for you. I am 21 years old now and to tell you the truth I still battle with those feelings at times but they always pass. Dont you guys want to travel and one day get married and have children? Have good paying jobs. Have awesome cars? You cant have all that if you are dead. You guys have your whole life ahead of you. Find someone you trust make sure you trust them because I have had my trust betrayed by someone who I thought I trusted it was not at all a good thing however find a friend or family member tell them how you are feeling maybe they can help and listen. But just DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID!!!!! think about it like I said these bad feeling will pass and you too one day will be very glad you didnt kill yourself. If you cant find anyone to talk to you can always email me or chat on aim with me its sometimes easier to talk to a stranger who doesnt know you nor can see you face to face. My email is and my sn for aim is the same pinkparrot1221. Good luck to all of you guys. Stay strong and dont give up like that. Lots of love to you all.
02 Nov 2005 FLA Just don't, too many people will care that you die even if you don't know them, I for one would CARE if you died and I don't know you, maybe we should meet and meeting me might make it worth living, cause I've met new people and think that it's cause of the new friends that I don't want to die, not my old ones! I've already told my story, now I just want to help, we can live without suicide together just contact me, AIM = flclsaga855
01 Nov 2005 mel GUYS, we should have some emailing type of thing, so that we can all email each other or another person who know how each other feel, you know? like an emailing group, where we can all contact each other, or anyone if we feel like talking. i think its a goood idea, because there are only a few people who know how we feel, and thats us.

if anyone is interested in this, or in starting a mailing group, email me at, because i really don't want you guys feeling like this. even if you aren't interested in the mailing group, just to talk.... email me. take care, guys.
31 Oct 2005 A Person With Problems hey, its me again, and again im offering help. OK here it goes

I do know what its like to want to die, i came damn near to ening it all about 3 months ago. And i have to say im glad i didnt... it was through help from this site that saved me (so you shit heads who say this site is awful can sshove a stick up your asses. And now im tryin to help other people with suicide and shit.

A little bout me: Im 14 i live in hellhole texas, i moved here from hawaii, i hate hawaii so much lol. I recently started antidepressents, which i recently learnd that if i drink while im taking them i could have a seisour... wow my spelling sucks. Im not really popular or anything but for the first time in my lifei have friends.

So please contact me if you need to talk.. ill try to help
27 Oct 2005 Hey all im here as help if u need a chat someone to take things off ur mind or 2 take some of the load im here. Im 15 and i live in New Zealand yes im a bloody kiwi. Im one of those assholes who tries 2 cheer u up as best as possible....yup of those guys wel my email is

rememba dat there r ppl who will talk 2 u and listn as long as u talk 2 us

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