Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Feb 2006 TADO™ We are trying to help people with problems. If you want to commit suicide, stop the usage of drugs, and having problems with love, or family please email us! the website has been made since jan.27.06 but has not been opened due to the lack of stories, PLEASE let us help! PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL OF YOUR STORY AND KEEP VISITING THE WEBSITE!!
08 Feb 2006 Mike - I'm Listening this is in answer to many of the posts on the page im 17 never knew my mother (she died when i was 3) my Dad and his fiance where and are lazy controlling violent arseholes so ive been through pretty much every depresive phase imaginable from self harming to atempted suicide even doing extremly out of charecter things like starting massive fights simply because i needed somebody to notice that something was wrong. Its hard to help a multitude of differnt people in a single message like this but i want all of you to remember that you are never alone. If you want more advice or just need to talk to someone send me a message and i will always reply within 24hours.
06 Feb 2006 Maria To all those reading...I used to want to kill myself and hated life.I was bullied for no reason and didn't have any friends. I was abused by my step-dad and never really had a parent to guide me. In my step-dad's eyes I couldn't do anything right but couldn't figure out what else I could do to make myself better. I was scared to go to school yet even more afraid of coming home.
Now I'm 30 and thank goodness I never did kill myself! Life was hard but I was on my own by the time I was 16 years old. I used all those things that took me down to make me a better, stronger person. I went to therapy and now see a psychiatrist. I don't care if people know that I take least I'm doing something about it instead of just being miserable and bitter! Life is definately worth living, especially now that I have an intelligent, gorgeous 3 year old son. If you kill yourself you may never get to see yourself in your childrens eyes. I have to say that having your own child love you is the best feeling in the entire world. Also: If you kill yourself you are going to HELL! No if's and's or but's about it! Anyone can write to me if you want to talk....
05 Feb 2006 kasarah When i waz 13 i wanted to die. My parents are davorst and my mom put me threw hell she still does to this day. sents i waz born i lived thew hell i waz being beeten all the time with belts fist and chock and smake when i would gasp for air and i didnt know my real dad becuse he waz in prison i wanted to die i would try ways to cut my rist i would try to dround my self till i look at my baby brother that i had to take care of he stop me hes the hero but im 16 years old now and i still feel that way only if someone new what everything waz like in my live they would know why. I live with my real dad now and still not happy still would love to leave this world it would be nice but i look at the lil boy i took care of that waz like my son and i kinda stop trying i just thout. i guess what im trying to say is TRY NOT TO HURT SOMEONE U LOVE BECUSE THAT ONE CAN HURT FOR THE REST OF HIS OR HER LIFE IF NOT TRY WHAT U WANT TO DO. MY LIL BROTHERS MY HERO FIND YOURS SOMEONE U REALLY LOVE SOMEONE U REALLY CARE FOR FIND WHAT CAN HELP U RIGHT POETRY OR SONGS OR EVEN DRAW OR DO SOMETHING WITH THAT ONE PERSON U LOVE SO MUCH THAT U DONT WANT TO HURT THEM BECUSE U MAY BE HURING BUT THAT ONE THAT LOVES U AND LOOKS UP TO U FOR UR HELP WILL BE SO SAD AND END UP DIPREST BECUSE HE OR SHE LOST U AND CANT SEE U OR EVEN SPEND TIME WITH U OR EVEN HANG WITH U SO THINK ABOUT THAT BEFOR U GO DOING ANYTHING. And if i didnt care i would not give u my adives it hurts to know im not the only one out there and u should know that to if u need to talk e mail me at ill talk
04 Feb 2006 FUCK THIS SITE i think this is sick. why would you have a site like this? a suicide kit? wtf is that supposed to mean? there are real people out there who are hurting and want to die, its not a game, its real life. I think you are a sick sad person, and if anyone in this world should die, it ought to be you.

if any one is reading this and even thinks about suicide and you need someone to talk to im me on hiprgurl7787 please i am not great at giving advice but i will listen to whatever you have to say and i promise i will be your friend, please just whatever you do, stay away from sites like these, talk to someone, and if you dont have anyone to talk to, talk to me, i promise i will listen.
04 Feb 2006   The basic steps to making changes are:
* Become aware of the behavior you want to change.
* Examine the reasons you developed that behavior to begin with.
* Have compassion for what you've done in the past.
* Get support
* Begin today!
* Make several tries. (it takes a average of at least 6 really serious tries for a person to give up smoking for example)
* Be persistent.
* If you are unable to make the desired changes on your own, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

* Enjoy your own company.
* Be as good to yourself as you are to those you care about.
* Appreciate your abilities; accept your limitations.
* Work to improve yourself; But don't put yourself down!
* Pay attention to your spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and interpersonal needs! ( That would be a pro-active interest, or one that involves putting some time and effort into these areas)
* Act like the warm and loving person that you are.
* Associate with emotionally healthy people. (take some time to do this even if you have to search out some persons outside your comfort zone or who you may think are boring. The time spent with them is worth the good effect it can have on your thinking processes.)
* Accept compliments; refuse requests without feeling selfish or guilty.
* Eat right!; rest & exercise adequately.
* Accept the fact that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to like you!!!
* Take pride in your appearance.
* Define attractiveness on your own terms.
* Ask for help when you need it.
* Remember that the habits and activities you engage in today will greatly influence your future. (that means good activities & habits too)
(P.S.)One of the things that I found helped me was that whenever I was feeling depressed, if I mentally said "STOP!" ..."This is a lie my brain is telling me!" and forced myself to thing either of something more positive. Or if I couldn't do that then something mundane. Like counting the holes in the ceiling tile.
It kind of derails your depression mood. And even if you can only do it for seconds, later it gets easier. And it, with other coping skills retrains your brain synapsis to go up a different path. I know it may not work for everyone. But for many it will help over time. And the longer a person doesn't use a brain pathway, the sooner it dies off. So if you force yourself to think non-depressing thoughts and crowd out the depression. For some, this will over time, and with meds in some cases, help alot. Although I realize not for all.
01 Feb 2006 Felicia The Great To Mouchette:

Please post this one in the help forum:

If you feel like killing yourself, do this first:

1.) Stop and start breathing. Take deep breaths and breathe out slowly.

2.) Call the Suicide prevention hotline.
1.800.SUICIDE (784-2433)

3.) Call a friend or significant other to see you immediately and if you are fainting call 911. Suicidal tendencies are not symptoms, it is an illness. Please seek help immediately because you are not in your right mind at this moment.
30 Jan 2006 samantha hi everyone :-)
ive jst been reading everyones coments and it amazes me and breakes my heart to find 12-13 year olds contemplating and/or giving advise on what to do when you want to end your life!! what FUCKS ME OFF EVEN MORE IS GROWN PEOPLE SAYING ITS THERE LIFE AND IF THEY WANT TO END IT, ITS UP TO THEM YOU'S ARE THE ONES THAT NEED HELP!!! thay dont want to end there life they just want someone to know they EXCIST, to know thay are LOVED,WANTED and NEEDED and to just LISTEN to them!!
people have NOOOOO...idea what they are saying how can you tell a child how to end his/her life why dont you FUCKING END YOURS INSTEAD it would be a better place without people like you!!!! thats why suicides are becoming higher specialy with young children they just need someone there for them even if its just to listen to know they have someone who cares. for people going through what they are going through you are not juged for feeling the way you feel OR ALONE FOR THAT FACT there is soooo...many people out there that can help you jst have to open up to whoever you feel comfortable to even if its a stranger someone who doesnt know you just PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE!!! i have tryed to end my life and came close to death it was either i get my life together or end up living a life of depression and feeling sorry for myself for not getting the help i needed in the past. i have stoped my best friend who tryed to kill herself after her dad died of cancer when she was about 12 and then in the same week her aunty fell of a cliff and died. my best friend was then told her mum had cancer and was going to die she past away 3days before this christmas gone she is all alone at the age of 20 and careing for a 17yr old brother and working 2 jobs to support them both. I was sexually abused,my parents split up and i felt so unwanted when my dad didnt want to see me i blamed myself. im now 20 and it still effects me but i got some help and relized there are worse of people than me who only have months,weeks or days to live they would give anything to have there life and live it to the fullest!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME WHEN EVER YOU FEEL DOWN OR JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO I GIVE GOOD ADVISE AND IM A GOOD LISTENER!!!!!!! im here for you just make the first move :-) -xox-
26 Jan 2006 Heather How dare you think this is a game! People are really killing thereselves because of this website. You think its just a game? These are children who have lives that have a meaning in this world. I just can't believe that there is so much evil here. These little children have families, friends, and a future. Life is a gift given to you. YOU make choices on how to live it. If you think nothing but negative thoughts, then most likely you are a negative person. But if you wake up each morning trying your best to do your best. Then it might just turn out to be a sunny and wonderful day. I know that not every day isn't going to be happy just because you think it will be happy. But every person in the world has bad days. It's just how you handle them. If it just gets to painful and you don't think you can make it and you need someone to talk to. E-mail me at Your lives are to precious to just throw away. I will be here for you!
25 Jan 2006 Amy The best way to kill yourself when you are ANY AGE is to get on this God forsaken website... I know all of you children on here are hurting one way or another but I was watching Oprah tonight and there is another... many websites out here like this very one that get into you young minds and help you to take the life that you have just begun! Myself I am 29yrs old, I have been through hell and back and then back to hell again and again and again and I have made it through and now have a beatiful family and if I would have acted on my teenage anger, I would never be where I am today! There are 2 step in getting your life on track and #1 is to get off of this fucking website! whoever started this is very sick and needs some help!! #2 is find someone you trust, if you dont have anyone, please feel free to email me, I am no concelor but I would be more than happy to take time out if my day to talk about whatever you want to! Just please guys... dont ever get on this site in your life again!!! It is very sick!!! You are better than this!
22 Jan 2006 Lisa Hey There! I accidently came across this site! It's really sad taht a lot of you have to go through such troubling times, it's only normal though! Don't think about killing yourself in order get back at someone, ur giving them the benifit of winning. I know how it feels, ive been through it. You say no one cares, but I If any of you need to talk or just someone to listen, my e-mail addy is ...i'm here for you :o) so write to me!
22 Jan 2006 looking for answers I dont believe that the people who post here are saying that physical pain is lesser to emotional pain or vice versa. i really dont believe there is a need to be so angry about this....
It seems a common factor in life that shit happens to every poor fucked on this planet. Life is a bitch then you die and worms eat ur carcass....
but for those people who are struggling and are looking to suicide as an option we shud offer them SUPPORT and not (and i quote) "a big slap in the face...
people become depressed for REASONS! no one chooses to be unhappy! if anyone wants to talk... please email me.
im always happy to listen...
20 Jan 2006 Diana I'm 19 going on 20 soon, and it seems to me that life gets harder and harder. With my parents pressuring me about college (considering I'm the first person in my family to continue my education)and wanting me to do so well, I just feel like nothing will get better but I know in my mind that it will soon.

Things in life get rough, that's how it always is. Many people think that they have the worse life in the world, but when you realize that there are many people out there (especially in 3rd world countries) that have no home, no food, no means of life... your's doesn't seem so bad.

I've thought about suicide once in my life, and I know that I will NEVER DO IT. Unlike many people that actually go through with it, I think about the consequences. I think about how much it would hurt everyone around me: my family and my boyfriend. I think about how it could possibly disappoint those people as well. I know I'm better than that, and I know that no matter how hard something seems, it will always get better.

Many people may think that what I say is stereotypical to what someone would say about life, but it's true. Everything always gets better for me, may not be as soon as possible... but it does eventually nonetheless.

So all of you out there that think about suicide, think about everything and everyone else. Think about what your life could and would be. Don't just think about yourself and your problems, but everyone else. Don't be selfish. There are many people out there that are willing to help and talk to you. They're there to take weight off your shoulders. I found my person (my boyfriend), and I know that everyone has someone they can go to.

If you need any help or just want to talk to someone, feel free to contact me. I'm always here
19 Jan 2006 Jessica My name is Jessica and There is no best way to kill yourself I will let you all know there is HELP OUT THEIR. Both my brother and my father have killed themselves. It is not the way out. Many of you dont understand and dont know how to get help. I can help you. You are put on this earth for a reason and you need to stay on this earth. I will help anyone that needs help please give me a chance to help you just email me or im me at Please dont do it
18 Jan 2006 Hello, my name is craig, i am not here to tell you whether suicide is right or wrong, but i am here to try and help those that want it. If you want porfessional advice on suicide or any other problem email me at
17 Jan 2006 Scors.b Mandy! You still thinking about dieing? I thought that was just a tempory thing!

If a gas gets people high, then there is a chance it will kill. But equally likely you could just get brain damage or something, and live. But I don't know what air ro is. If you are talking about deodourant, then the answer is, seriously, no no no no no no.

But you said your life was like a diamond necklace, dropped in the gutter. I read that! They were great words. Are you gonna pick it up?
17 Jan 2006 Scors.b "...down alot of anti-freeze. Sometimes, if to much is ingested then some burning in the throat and abdominal reigons occur but other than that it is a somewhat sweet tasting liquid and results in a peacful death."

Anti-Freeze is NOT painless. It will cause kidney failure and is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. Unless you are a marine I suggest you stay away from this.
02 Jan 2006 Ms_Legz What i dont understand is how people so young can loose hope so quickly.
Shouldnt you be thinking of all the wonderful things to come? The children who will make your life complete? Why is it that there is a page dedicated to people with serious depression who talk about wanting to kill themselves?
Its very sad that there is so much hurt in the world...
Depression is a chemical inbalance in the brain, taking of illegal and legal drugs isnt the way. Arent you looking for a solution? Wouldnt you like life to start looking up rather than taking yourself to ridiculos limits?
There are so many things out there that can help you ... it can take it away.
Try St. Johns Wort - Its available from any pharmacy, supermarket, or anywhere you buy vitamin c tablets.
You take 3 a day for a few days and you will start to feel better. and then 2 a day after that. It redevelops the ceratonin levels in your brain, which will make you feel positive.

You know how i know, because i was a teenager once, who was told by a doctor i could never do anything i wanted to do ever again. He told me i was permanantly disabled, i thought i could commit suicide too.
But i didnt, and i'm GLAD i didnt.
I had so much to live for. And still do.
Suicide isnt the answer to your problems. Seek professional help, talk to your parents, think about all the people around you who would be affected by the death of a great person like you!
When i was alone, and depressed, i always found there was someone i could talk to who made me happy again.
If you need someone to talk to about this issue, feel free to contact me.
I mean it too, any under 18's who are having trouble and want to talk to someone who is ready to listen. Just email me.
31 Dec 2005 Abbie remember iv had the same done my dad was a perv social serveses helped me all the way my new family is great and my new sister an bro said i should become a agony ante cause im so good at this stuff i stoped 1 of my m8s killing them selves and shes 20 but the other 1 was to late he neva told any1 his problms and killed him self next to me it was horrible blood spuewed all over me thats not nice i jus cant get over it he even gave me a £200 ring saying sorry it had to be done and that he loved me i couldnt stop cry but helping people is helping me if u need my help email me on

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