Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jun 2006 Cel Given the fact we all know life isn't exactly the easiest thing to deal with, nor is it perfect, life isn't meant to be perfect. It's hell. we know this. Yet it's the most amazing thing to live through. We're all here to teach someone something. I've had a close friend commit suicide, he was my best friends, everything. He meant the world to her and he killed himself. Theres not a day that goes by that she thinks about him as do I. He was the most amazing person ever and we would love nothing more than to have him here with us. We understand he was unhappy but I just wish suicide wasn't the answer. Life can be so amazing. And it makes me sick to my stomach that people put up website guides to committing suicide. We need to put an end to that. Please people talk to your parents, your best friend, your teacher, your neighbor any body. A complete stranger like me. Today might suck but tomorrow could be the best day of your life. <3
05 Jun 2006 Caitlin I just found this website today and i really don't have a answer. I know life is tough. Besides being 14-16, (now 17)in and out of jail, treatment centers, and drug, and physical abuse i can relate in some ways. Its hard to stay strong and please consider talking to someone you trust or even me, a complete stranger. I'm here to listen and give any advice i know. I won't judge u. my email is
05 Jun 2006 *anna* hi ppl
suicide is not the answer! u need 2 remember. u cnt run away frm ur problems. it wnt solve anythink. think about all the ppl that love u that u wud leave behind. i no how most of u prob feel. i attempted suicide twice b4. i understand.
cum and tlk 2 me if u want...
05 Jun 2006 Carol My question is this....If this site is here to help someone commit suicide under old is the person controlling the site and if suicide is the come the people posting this site have not done it and gotten it over with...ANSWER...because suicide IS NOT the answer. I have been there...I tried it...I was unsuccessful and the truth is that life is not perfect but it is worth living. If you attempted suicide and failed then there is a purpose in this life you have not discovered yet. I am now 60 yrs. old..failed suicide at age 30 and have since then raised 5 children as a foster parent. I didn't know at 30 how much love there was in the world because I was concentrating so much on the depression that I didn't look around and see the beauty in the world. If you have 1 friend..just have found a reason to live. If you have 1 decent parent who loves you you have found a reason to live. Start looking for reasons to live...not to die and you will be amazed at what you find. If you feel you are so unloved...such a failure...go to a senior nursing home and see the love those people are willing to give for just a little love in exchange. If you feel life is too painful..go to a childrens ward in a hospital and see children who are fighting cancer to try to stay their friend...your friendship may not save them but it will help them to know someone cares enough...if they make it will have found a friend for life who knows just how precious life is all about. Go to an animal hospital or humane society and see that even the smalles of God's creatures are fighting for their life. Instead of focusing on reasons to kill yourself..focus on trying to find a reason to live...if you focus on that as much as you do the suicide you will start to find a purpose in your life and a reason for living. I found it in the 5 children I later became a foster parent to. Don't give up on life...fight for it. Those who continue to talk about depression live in that depression and sink deeper into it...depression is a tool form HELL. If you give in HELL is all your life will be. The other question you might want to ask is "Is there a God" Well...I believe there is and I draw my strength from him. If I am right and God does exist then I have a wonderful world to go to after death because Christ made a way for me...but I have to accept him and his ideas to get there. If I am wrong..then when I die I have nothing to loose. I would rather be safe and be like him because if God and Christ do exist...suicide would mean I didn't believe in them and I loose that right to the perfect life after this one. Think about it...look for reasons to live...not to life whatever you focus on the most is generally what will result in your life. So...why not focus on living and reasons to make your life and someone elses life more worth living. I am here if you want to talk. God Bless!!!!
04 Jun 2006 anna hi... my name is anna,
i am here 2 help. i no how most of u prob feel. i have attempted suicide twice. i no wat it feels like 2 be alone and depressed. i was sexualy abused. i have depression, i self harm, i have insomnia etc. so if u have a problems, and u wanna chat, then email me or speak 2 me on msn. i wnt judge u or anyfink, i will just try and help u.
my email addy is
01 Jun 2006 ricky OMG, you ppl r sik, how could you do stuff like that, theres unhappy people reading this! n they could consider this shit! THE PEOPLE CONSIDERING OFF COMMITING SUICIDE, D O N T!!!!!!!! youll gt through it!!!!! trust me there are lost of people who have! dnt b one of them people that give up!!! tlk to me at:
30 May 2006 Dee I use to be very suicidal... Ive tried so many times and yet each time i failed, someone caught me or i just did it wrong and ended up in the hospital... I thought life was worth living and I was alone... Intill one day a friend of mine wanted to die I sat there for hours while they had a gun to there head convincing them not to and everything I said made me realize life is worth something... sometimes you just need someone to talk to... im here if thats what you need...
28 May 2006 Melissa Reed Hey... just putting my stuff up here for new people. If you want help or someone to talk to... my e-mail is for messenger just take the off there... my cell number is 740-252-1580. If I don't answer leave a message and I'll get back to you. I really do want to help so don't be shy about calling me if you want to. And remember... it can't rain all the time... just wait it out and the sun will shine. Hope to hear from you soon.
23 May 2006 BE YOURSELF short and sweet messages are the best so al im gonna say is this....


the only reason other people are bringing you down is becuse their lives are so fucked up and crap they have to make someone else feel bad so they can feel better about themsleves

SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER and youll feel such relief that when your life gets better youll feel prod that you didnt make that terrible mistake you might have made

also reading through some of the stories on this site makes you see how good your life is YOU ARE ALWAYS BETTER OFF THAN SIOMEONE ELSE in this world so count your blessings and make the most of them

and also popularity means NOTHING

and lastly BE YOURSELF!! for countless years have tried to mould myself to everyone else because i didnt believe i was soecial enough...THATS COMPLETELY THE WRONG THING TO DO!!
be yourslf and people will love you for who YOU are

and most of all you wont end up like the empty shell i have become....

i should have noticed so long ago how special i really was....please dont make a stupid mistake like i did..BUT i am going to fix the wrong things in my life jus like you should...keep fighting for what you believe in and DONT give up the battle and commit suicide...


this site has really helped me see that i am not alone and that i realy do have so much to live for...thank you all, you have al helpoed me so much :')xxxxx
20 May 2006 Renee Hi, you know certain thing r hard to understand and accept, one is that things change people, circunstances and more, sometimes when we are in difficult times everything looks so gray and hopeless but like everything it will pass...

So I know what u r thinking this guy came to preach and all that... but honesty many people will kill themselves, we've all heard or know about someone who died this way, and I'd really like 2 help if u let me do, I can talk to you or listen everything is ok as far as you want someone who help ya or a new friend..... this is my msn messenger id: and the yahoo is the same but on yahoos address.... hey come on try to smile a lil :) life is too short to be thinking all the time in the bad part :o . see you. renee.
20 May 2006 a person with problems well i havnt posted here in months but o well.

First i gotta say suicide is not tthe answer. Im 15 and for years now all i wanted is death but i recently found help, and if anyone needs someone to talk to, plaese email me
17 May 2006 Chantel van Staden To everyone out there.
I was 13 when I jumped of a 2nd floor building on a acid trip. I found out I was adopted as a baby and although I have the best folks in the world my entire world shattered. I was so cross when I woke up in hospital in ICU. But today I can only thank the Lord that He healed my soul and my emotions. You have probably heard this but it really is not worth it trust me. The pain does not go away. It stays with you wether you are dead or alive. I had to go for an entire year for physical therapy and to a therapist. Email me if you want to talk at
12 May 2006 Gaby There are many ways of killing yourself really. But Why do it? Yes, I know people think 'oh, my life is shit, no one notices im here, why cant i just end it?' etc. Well the truth is there is no official was to get happiness, but the other fact is 'You dont have to die now'. It took me ages to relise this, especially after my many attempts: I tried to slit my wrist, took painkillers with alcohol, etc etc. I was depressed for ages, i still am. I hated every1 from my family, my mum is a lesbian and told me to leave the house if i didnt like her girlfriend and my dad left us both and has a new family and all that. I just realised that everyone is self heated and in the end you will die anyway so dont die now. I beleive that You cant do everything, and you are not perfect, but everyone has something special and life is a journey to demostrate it. So just hang on. Dont worry now if you want to die and if you dont you will live until 90; You wont! No one is that lucky, so enjoy life while you have it. I am not a religios creep, and all that. So take advantage of life! Drink Beer, have fun, smoke pot, sing, start a band so later you can shove it in everyone's face about how much you hate them with your lyrics! If anyone wants to talk to me. My email is, we can discuss our problems and all that. And it is nice to know someone wants to listen eh?
09 May 2006 alesia alesi people plz. dont do this i know all about ur friends dying, ur parents are preasuring u,ur confused from right or wrong, or u just dont feel comfortable in who u are. i may not experience it all but i do know half it by my friends i use to cut myslef cuz my mom and my step dad always being yelled at i couldnt watch t,v out in the living room i couldnt listen to music i could only take a shower at a certain time i couldnt do anything really and i broke free from that i beleived in myself i showed myself i am going to have a few ppl. i can lean on and then sometimes just myself but i cant be weak anymore i need to start taking care of who i am who gives a fuck of wat those ppl. think about u? u are a beautiful ,smart,strong person but if u go doing this ur just showing ppl. that ur ugly,dumb,and weak . dont let ur enimies take u down and show to other ppl. they brought u down u take the stand.i use to cut myself and burn myself and cry everynite until i sat down and thought its my life and if it goes down to hell it was my fault
i'm not asking u to get with jesus or god but if u do thats great!!!!
plz ppl. if u have any questions about anyhting plz. let me know
08 May 2006 Lynn To the unnamed person with a question about forgiveness (and anyone else that has the same question):

I have an answer, but it's too late tonight for me to give it to you here. It's a good one, too. So if you want to know, drop me an email or add to your msn messenger list and watch for me to sign in (I try to at least once a day). I promise I will do my best to give you a satisfactory answer.
04 May 2006 Jemma the lifesaver Hey all. My name is Jemma and im 15.
Please dont kill yourself, You all have a life ahead of you. None of you deserves to die. I know what you all are going through cause there were so many things that has had happened to me. If you need help then please feel free to add my - my MSN addy is - - Thank you. I will listen and to help you peeps xx
04 May 2006 Jemma the lifesaver Hey all. My name is Jemma and im 15 years old. I have been going through alot of shit since i was 3. There are so amy abusive that have had happened to me, So i know what you all are going through.. Please please dont kill yourself, You all have got alot of things ahead of you. If you need help, please dont keep it to yourself - im here to listen and to help. Please add me if you need help, My MSN addy is - Thank you xx
03 May 2006 Justice Wow! Is all I can say. Someone told me about this website that he happens to go here. I wanted to check it out and see what it was all about. I've had a couple of really good friends do it. and I had a person I was in love with do it. That ripped my heart out and for the longest time I felt what the hell could I have done to help. But during my studies of suicide the best thing I learned was to be there for someone who wants to listen. Almost everyone I have talked with has had the thoughts or tried the act such as myself growing up in a hick town who looks down on my sexual preference. I got thur it and started a carer to help people such like myself. I know that I don't have all the answers. I've went thru a lot of hell being gay and living in a hick town. A lot of HELL! But what i have is experience and gone thru just as much or more than a lot of people but I'am someone to talk to. If any of you just want someone to talk to e-mail me at It's your choice you choose.. Justice
01 May 2006 Sam Hey im sam i know exactly wot u guys r going through ive been through it myself. Im not offering a quick fix im offering help its gonna be long its gonna be hard but if you help ureself out then ull make it through it. So add me and lets help
28 Apr 2006 shanon my name is shanon....i dont want to kill myself (anymore) but i have been reading the page and i understand where so many of you are comming from....there was a time when hated the world, i hated my family, and i hated myself...thats was when i was about 14 till about the time i moved out on my own. im 20 now. i tried so many things but i never had the guts to do it....i will always suffer from anxiety issues because of a coke overdose i had when i was 17. i think about that point in my past everyday and i wonder why i just didnt do it? what stopped me? was it really fear? or was there a deeper level of sense in the back of my head stopping me? eventually i decided that it was my life and it was up to me to controll it. i could be depressed all the time, feel like shit, fail at everything i tried, let people make fun of me....or i could do something about it......i decided that i didnt want to live like that anymore and i took controll of my life....

if your really think about killing yourself because you have lost all hope...please just e-mail me before you do it and tell me why....maybe i could tell you how i helped myself and maybe i could help you to. if your gonna kill yourself then it wouldnt hurt to try and talk to me first....right? please, you can e-mail me anytime....maybe i could help?

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