Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Oct 2006 Rae Hey this is RAe again. you sent me an e-mail. here's my reply.
i was put into the hospital for attempted suicide. no fun. There all i wanted to do waz die. Their only care is that you don't die. they don't care if your hapy or not. But when i came out i found all my friends waiting for me. They all loved me so much. Sad to say though two days later i took a lot of sleeping pills and wishkey and tried yet again. that night my stomach hurt like shit and i threw up a million times. That didn't work. To anyone that is reading this. If you suicidal just think about it. what is there after death. will it be worse than this? if you need someone that you can talk to, someone who wont try and change your mind but will just listen then message me its
to the ones that make fun of sucicide victims calling us emo and shit. wow get a life. your not the only one living this one so don't be a bitch to the others.
the the girl that invented this site. do you really want to kill yourself or is this for a paper or a sick joke. anyway suicide is not something to kid about asking people how to kill yourself if your under 13 is not good. if your under 13 then u've haven't had life yet. wait it out. and see what happens.
14 Oct 2006 Ami-lee im a 16 year old female, and have had depression for 3 years. I have tried so many ways of commiting suicide like gettin a towl and spraying body spray into it and inhaling, over dose on all types of drugs or injecting my arm with metho, slitting my wrists so deep my veins loose that much blood that i end up passing out, and the list goes on. But none of them wroked so then i tried talking to someone but they ended up back stabbing me, so now i dont talk to anyone. If u wanna commit suicide do it good and proper, dont fuk around and stop at the last minute, if your sick of life and you dont think its worth living do it. Dont listen to anyone, noone can tell u wat to do its none of their buisness wat u do to your body, but if u want to stay alive and live life dont even consider or think of the word ''suicide'', coz u obviously wanna live. Guys and chicks are nothing to commit suicide over they're a waste of time, i learnt that lesson along time ago. If your not quite sure on wat to do with your life and your confused email me at, and i'll try to help u in anyway possible
08 Oct 2006 brett wtf i wrong wit u people just because life is hard on you doesn't always mean the easist way to releave the pain is o be succicidal plz add me ppl i will try to help the pain:) plz i dont want innocent loving people dying!
05 Oct 2006 Rene ICV Hey! I'm back again, well probably if you're reading this page right now you don't feel very happy instead you're depresed and sad.... somehow it seems it's so hard that you don't wanna go on... I'm not here to blame anyone or preach you a lot... but! I'm here to hear you... to talk... to be a friend... maybe I can help...... I've gone trough this too... it's really painful and probably you feel really lonely then somebody who is there for you would be important.... remember
I'm here at msn messenger: and feel free to talk 2 me about anything...
Rene ICV
01 Oct 2006 Jacob I thought I should write another message as the one I wrote above seems to have mixed responses. I wrote that message in response to what i thought was bad advise from another person. The point is scaring people out of suicide is not the way. we are lonely and helpless... we need positivity, encouragement & support... not 'the afterlife is worse... or people will forget about you' that just makes us feel more helpless.... worse.
It is not my intention to encourage people to do it. I am alone but some people have taken the time to write me and are supportive... that's what we need. People who care and are happy to listen.
I am also very confused and my emotions and thoughts change daily.... on a forum (or whatever this is) that is titled 'What is the best way to kill yourself when your under 13' You can expect some pretty confused and messed up thoughts. The world is pretty confusing when your that age. I'm a lot older than 13 & if I can misread the intentions of this webpage.. I'm sure confused kids will also do the same.
But as i said before in the above post... you are too young to consider such a move. You cannot grasp the world until about 23-24... the brain is still developing until this point... You have to hang in there.. and I know you don't want to hear about school.. but I am learning now why I should have tried harder at school. When you hit 30 and don't have an education... that's when things REALLY start getting tough. And another thing I'd like to mention after reading a post above from a kid doing ecstacy.... I was right into the rave scene for many years... have done everything except Ice... You want to know why I can't control my depression?? Because I've fried my brain when I was too young...
I would give anything to be in the shoes of the kids posting on this forum and be able to start again and do things right. yes I understand the world is confusing.. and you have no freedom.. but you can still decide what your life will be like... you can still fullfill your dreams. When you hit your 20's... that 10 years of your life will be the best you've ever had & ever will have. So be strong... do the best you can at school (cos you only have one shot at it) don't be an idiot with drugs & don't touch them till your brain has finished developing.. and even then.. make sure you know what your doing... don't trust all those fucked up kids you meet at raves.. they're the ones who will all be in Psychiatric hospitals or homeless or dead in a few short years, believe me ... i went to the funerals. Keep your 'experimenting' recreational.
And finally take my advise on parenthood. Think very hard and carefully about having children... it can be a world of hopelessness and pain if you become a parent with the wrong partner, or at a time when you have not built a home and security.
As I said before I am hear to listen if anyone needs to share their thoughts. f you think your parents don't understand you.. give me a crack.. 'm sure I can put things in perspective for you.. I'm not a stiff like your oldies.

oh & my name is not really Jacob.. I wanted to be anonymous... if you write me I will tell you my real name.

27 Sep 2006 xxx___scaredxshitlesss so i want to do right?


i dont and if i did than seriously,
that would suck.

i got over my suicidal shit.
you can too.

if you need any further help.
or just want to talk,
feel free to email me.
24 Sep 2006 Allen It sounds like many of you are going through a lot. Let me tell you from my personal experience... THERE IS HOPE. Life can really be terrible sometimes, it can seem hopeless, but its not. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can get better. You may not realize it right now, but you have a purpose for being on this earth. You're not here by accident. I would love to talk more. Please email me. My name's Allen.

- Allen

PS. I highly recommend you talk with a professional about what you're feeling. You can call for free anytime a crisis hotline @ UK Suicide Crisis Helpline: 08457 909090 (UK) or in the US 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They have trained people who can help.

PPS. You might appreciate this website about God.
22 Sep 2006 Stormie I dont understiand why people try to change people's mind about suicide. In my opinon you should just do what you want,its your body so its your choice.
If you feel unhappy, You should do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Im not saying that you should kill yourself,But if that is the only thing that would make you happy then yea sure do it, But dont do it for an easy way out.
Iv been throught what most of you people have gone through.

Cutting,Molestion,Family problems. And let me tell you something it gets harder, but in the end things slow down and start to settel and you start to think hmm this is not that bad.
I started cutting when i was 12 im 16 now. My parents found out and sent me away to some treatment place that really dint do anything for me. I lied and pretnded that it was all okay.
My thyrapist used to tell me that she could not help me untill i wanted to be helped. She was right. You cant get better untill you want to get better.
All i needed was for someone to listen to me.
So if anyone ever wants to talk or whatever You can E-mail Me at Or IM Me Pinkskittle66.
I wont judge you in anyway, Im no better then you. I wont try to change your mind about anything. Ill just listen.
In the end its all up to you.
19 Sep 2006 Here to help I won't tell you the best way to kill yourself. Yes I want to kill myself and I have tried many times but I always seemed to fail... obviously I mean I'm still here. If you want to commit suicide that's why you're on this site. This site is to "help" you commint your suicide attempt but I am here to really help you. If you ever, ever, ever want to talk about you're problems to someone who has been where you are or who at least knows what it is like to want to die I am here. I will talk to you whenever I can and whenever you may need me. So I might not be there 24/7 but I will be there whenever I can. Just so you all know I'm not an expert but I am here. Even if you know you are going to kill yourself you have me here before you go. I hope that I can help you and don't be afraid to contact me. IM me at underseasyco or email me. Hope I can help because if no one else cares in your life... I do.
18 Sep 2006 Chelsea Hi, My name's Chelsea. I know some of you out there think that sucide is a way of getting rid of all your problems, but it's not. And if you need help or someone to talk to I'm here for you! I won't judge you at all, i'll listen to everything you have to say! I'm on the internet everyday and i can guarentee you 100% that i will do everything i can so i can help you!! Just please, when you start thinking you're life isn't worth it, just take a few minuites of your time and tell me your problems, i WANT to help every single one of you as much as i can!! You can e-mail me ANYTIME at , or LikeLightning33 (for AIM) PLEASE!! Just let me try and help you before you think your time is up! Because it's not!!
16 Sep 2006 Ashley McBride life has its up and downs just try the best to get thruogh and suicide does not do the job!! talking to someone can really help!! believe me. cuz cutting makes it worse!!! and talking to your bff or some one u trust can help too. so please contact me here for some help ill help in any way so that youll please stop!! i dont want to see you go thruogh this then not have anyone there to help i know i can help and i know if you trust me youll beable to stop so please stop and take a good look at what risk your taking!! and for all the people who are influencing this kids or teens to do it, your not any help contact me at
15 Sep 2006 Yizhe Wu I have posted a post that i'm going to help some times ago, but it was largely ignored. So again, I say here I do understand why people are suicidal and I will help you if you are...IM me at vivaitalia1989 or send an email :)
14 Sep 2006 Meghan PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!

I'm not here to say that your crazy or creapy, or anything, your a person just like all of us! And if you think that there's no way in hell that you cant live your life anymore, or that everything hurts so much, your wrong...very wrong!! I want to help you, even though that sounds so stupid, its true, I have been down that path once before, and I asure you that I can help. If you want to regain your life back, PLEASE im beggin you, please contact me!! I dont know how else to explaine it, but i want to help everyone, and I know that I cant, and it really hurts me that i know i cant, but if i can try and help as many people as posible.... I KNOW I CAN HELP ... its just the fact if you want help ...
11 Sep 2006 Alexander Alvonellos You don't have to die... You can always talk to me at
11 Sep 2006 Austin what is your point?
"I've recently discovered that an unexplained tendancy to comit suicide revolved around lack of sleep. I'm one of those people everyone wants to be, Tall fit & good looking, nice big house, new £30k sport coupe, £4k stereo system, my own recording studio & record label - I want for nothing. So why did I constantly feel like ending it all? Sleep depravation was the main factor for me. Try getting a good 9 hours for a couple of weeks & see what I mean. Of course there are other things that put you in this state of mind, and that's all it is - a state of mind. This can be caused by the above, or a chemical imbalance in your brain, or by exposure to traumatic events. In any case, there is help out there. Why not try and find it, it's easier than you think? what have you got to lose? You can only gain from saving your own life.
Feel free to email / msn me if you wanna talk."

How, in any way, does that make people want to kill themselves? that is an explaination of my situation, and lets people reading it know of at least one method of releiving the pain of suicidal feelings, and that there is help out there. it's also an invitation to email me for a chat, to see if i can offer any support. I recieve 3 - 4 emails off people PER DAY who have read that and ask me for help / support, and many of which have now sought professional help as a result.

So are you interested in helping people get out of there mess in a proper way, or are you really some kind of sicko looking to help children kill themselves?
09 Sep 2006 Kait Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! email me. I am here to help you. Please email me and let me listen to your story. Even if all you need is someone to listen to you... I AM HERE AND I DOOOOO CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!
06 Sep 2006 Kait I want to hold each and every one of you and make all of your pain go away. I know this sounds really dumb, but you're life will get better. Here's the only catch, you musn't dwell in your own self-pity forever. I was abused from the age 5-about 13. I no longer live with my father and it took me 2 years to stop thinking "my life's horrible". I stepped out of my self-pity and began to live again. My life has since changed so drastically and I'm finally happy again. I know that right now it feels like you have no choice, but you do. You can escape your pain and your hurt and even your guilt. I promise, we can do this together. If you want to talk to someone who knows how you feel and will HONESTLY help you, please email me. I won't tell you to kill yourself or do drugs or drink your issues away. I will tell you how to live again and try to help you. When life begins to crumble around you, I will help you pick up the peices.

I've been where you are. Trust me and let me help you!
03 Sep 2006 Austin I've recently discovered that an unexplained tendancy to comit suicide revolved around lack of sleep. I'm one of those people everyone wants to be, Tall fit & good looking, nice big house, new £30k sport coupe, £4k stereo system, my own recording studio & record label - I want for nothing. So why did I constantly feel like ending it all? Sleep depravation was the main factor for me. Try getting a good 9 hours for a couple of weeks & see what I mean. Of course there are other things that put you in this state of mind, and that's all it is - a state of mind. This can be caused by the above, or a chemical imbalance in your brain, or by exposure to traumatic events. In any case, there is help out there. Why not try and find it, it's easier than you think? what have you got to lose? You can only gain from saving your own life.
Feel free to email / msn me if you wanna talk.
02 Sep 2006 Stephanie I have posted on here a couple of times but I felt I should post again. I have a passion for people and feel for those who are trying to kill themselves. I know sometimes u say that I don't want her pity, but it's not pity I offer I offer support, love and prayers. I helped one person on here and kept them from killing themself. I hope I can do the same for many others on this site. I know it may sound stupid for talking to a complete stranger but maybe talking to a stranger may work better than talking to a family member, friend, pastor,deacon, rabbi or someone like that. I say this to all who post on here or ever thought about killing themselves. I beg u to talk to someone. I would like to say to everyone who posts here if u ever need anyone to talk to my ears and heart is always open. My Email Address is and if anyone here needs someone to talk to I am here for u and will help you with anything u need help with or anything u want to talk about. I will be here for u and no matter what u want to talk about no matter how silly u may think it is I will always listen

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